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When a brace of Australian Olympic swimmers posted a posing pic featuring firearms their Olympic Committee had a hissy fit. The AOC banned Nick D’Arcy and Kenrick Monk from social media and all post-Olympic festivities. And now it can be revealed [via]: “The national federation organised a so-called team bonding session at a Canberra rifle range in 2007 . . . Five years ago, on a camp that [Australian Olympic swimmer Eamon] Sullivan attended, Olympic gold medallist Libby Trickett was snapped firing a vintage pistol with her teammates watching on [above], apparently in an exercise to build team harmony.”

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    • “see, when the US constitution was penned, they thought that Muzzleloaders would be the most advanced guns would ever get, which is why only they should be accessible to the hands of the civilian.” -Any Anti-Gun Politician

      • And this “advanced guns not coveered by the 2nd Amendment” approach does not apply to 1st Amendment “freedom of the press” and radio, TV, or the internet. The writers of the Constitution KNEW those would be developed, even back in 1776.

  1. “at a Canberra rifle range in 2007 . . . Five years ago”

    But, but, but. . . that was then. This is now!

  2. Can’t have your role model swimmers handle firearms. The children might get interested and vote us out of power!

  3. Australian Gun Control. Another great country destroyed by progressivism.

    There was a time I thought of moving there, because I relished a life of greater freedom. Not anymore.


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