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“If there’s no real intent, there’s no real threat, no real weapon, no real harm is occurring or going to occur, why in the world are we in a sense abusing our children like this?” – Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern, Oklahoma bill would ease school policies on imaginary, toy guns [at]

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  1. The real solution to this kind of thing is to not let your children go to these government indoctrination camps called “public schools”.

    • THIS.

      Understand this: if the government schools are crazy enough to abuse students over toy guns, or imaginary guns, or Pop Tart guns, what kind of other things are they doing to your children?

        • I saw the first glimmerings of the propaganda mill in 4th grade in the mid-1950’s. There was in item in the “Weekly Reader” called, “The little Яed Schoolhouse” (actually, the ‘R” was a stylized hammer and sickle) which was about how Russian kids had to study only what they were told and only heard propaganda. I asked the teacher, “Well, how is that any different from us? How do I know this article true and they’re not doing just what they say the other guys are doing?”

          The teacher got really, really nervous and changed the subject.
          I guess that was during Joe McCarthy’s reign.

      • My kids did elementary grades in public school. Then private schools through middle and high school. Yes, private schools can be just as goofy as any other institution, maybe even more so, but I did find the administrators and staff at the private school generally more open to input and willing to discuss parental concerns, probably because we directly paid their salaries. But I have good friends who attended larger, faith-based (primarily Catholic) private schools, which were even less responsive than public schools. As hard as it is to accept as a parent, the difference between what you want from a school for your child vs. what you actually get is a crap shoot.

        I like this bill because the whole zero tolerance being applied to toys, breakfast snacks, and imaginative use of fingers is way past stupid. I hope the bill is a real thing and not just posturing.

        • She’s probably for real. She turns 68 this year and is term limited after the 2014 elections. So she’s probably not plotting her way to entrenchment. She’s been a teacher, herself, throughout much of her career. So this is probably something she regards as part of her life’s work.

      • I had a Medical Doctor take my NRA Basics Class with his “Home Schooled” child… and I covered Rifles and Pistols. Personally, I wish his family did a Private School for the community. He and his children will probably be the most prepared for the coming Hillary Presidency.

        • I may be off topic here, but I want a Hillary presidency about as much as I want another hole in my head.

        • There is a way to vote against both Hillary and whatever RINO gets the “R” – several, actually. My recommendation used to be Libertarian, but I’ve become enlightened and decided to just up and run, for the fun of it. I’ve got the whole interwebs here at my fingertips, so what the hey! – and the thing is, maybe I’ll make that a catch-thingy – Vote for me just for the fun of it! You know you’re going to get screwed either way anyway, so a vote for me would be the opposite of the “lesser of two evils.” because your sole motivation in doing so would be so you can giggle and say, “I voted against both of the barstids. He won’t win, but at least when I go to the Pearly Gates and St. Peter checks his book I know he won’t say, “Hmm. It says here that on blahblah date you voted for evil. Hmmmm….” and I say, “But it was the lesser …” and he says, “Any compromise with evil is all evil. ‘Bye!”

          Write-in Richatd McCally Grise – poke the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate right into the Establishments eye! Bwahahaha!

      • Most aren’t any better, but some are… My children attend a small, private academy (around 200 students) and the kids bring toy guns all the time, nobody cares.

      • At least my kids private school in Massachusetts wrote me a letter on letterhead so I can legally concealed carry on premises.

    • Zero tolerance- which means zero justice; all our laws are based in what you do is judged by intent; back your car over a child accidently versus on purpose; you’re charged differently; with Zero tolerance; a child is charged the same, whether what they did was by accident or by intent. How obscene!

      When you enter a school zone; you enter a Gun Free Zone- which means you enter a homicidal maniac empowerment zone.

      When you enter a public school zone- they don’t allow corporal punishment anymore; so to control an unruly child; they either prescribe psychoactive drugs;or they prescribe speed, otherwise known as Ritalin.

      So when you place your child into a public school zone- You, as a parent, have placed your child where they are free to be murdered by homicidal maniacs, violated by having no justice; and if you’re child isn’t absolutely obedient to the school authority; they will be turned into legal drug addicts. And at the end of it all; they probably will not be able to read the diploma they just wasted 12 years and hundred of thousands of dollars of our tax money in acquiring.

      Yep; the parents that place their child into that type of environment should be charged with child endangerment and/or abuse.

  2. This from elsewhere in the article:

    “The proposed legislation removes local control from teachers, counselors, administrators and local school boards”

    That’s the real problem. I’ll be the first to admit that I have, on occasion, struggled with reading comprehension but I am fairly certain that “education” is not an enumerated power.

    There was a time when a town had a school because a teacher moved in and wanted to teach. They had a church because a preacher moved in and wanted to preach. They had healthcare because a doctor moved in and hung up a shingle.

    • That works on the prairie. Not so much in an established city.

      The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 provided for a township school.

      • First, completely off topic, I love the Northwest Ordinance. Written when northwest = Minnesota. To me it’s a sign of our growth…

        But as far as the ordinance specifically, is a 200 year old overreach any better than one that happened 2 days ago? Actually, if we really want to look at everything in that particular ordinance, they were overreaching their constitutional authority before it had even been ratified.

  3. No No No anarchy will rule if we don’t protect the children!!!!
    Can you just imagine all the kids pointing their finger at the teacher and going BANG.
    Oh the humanity………………….

    • I had that when i was young… but back then living in NY i could point my finger and go bang more than seven times without hving to reload… mass finger pointings happened every day… oh the humanity

    • You are right here…. the teacher’s Unions will be a “twitter” about it and it will only be a matter of time that federal funding cuts to those areas will force teachers to have to teach the children to Read, Write, and Math… instead of the appropriate Socialist Propaganda. Can you imagine where that would lead???

    • True story. In the neighborhood I grew up in the police chief lived down the road maybe a mile or so from our house. He would pass our road on the way home. Before the whole world decided to become PC and creep out at the site of a plastic toy gun, we would all play army that crossed all the neighboring yards.

      One summer as it was getting dark and after a long afternoon of playing war with our plastic guns, three of us were walking home to go to supper. We all had our plastic guns. As we crossed my yard the chief rolled by in his car. He stopped his car, his passenger side window was down, he pointed his finger and went “pew, pew, pew” and we all fell down as if we had been shot. We all got up laughing and cracking up and we could see the then police chief laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes. We went over to car, and he talked to us like humans.

      He gave us all a stick of gum, told us to wait to chew it until after supper, and told us to stay our of trouble and to enjoy our summer of play and went off with a honk of his horn and a wave. We all ran home to supper.

      I have no idea what the hell happened since that time. At sometime the ultra PC crowd took over and all reason, logic and humanity seems to have left the world. There are many people who barely know their neighbors.

      And now we have this….in early December of last year a package was mistakenly delivered to my door. It was mixed other items I had ordered and I opened a package that was not mine. I belonged to a neighbor three doors down from me whom I have not met. I thought, I will take a walk and deliver them this package. I saw cars in the driveway and lights on, so I thought I would knock or ring the bell. I tried several times, and no answer. I left the package between the storm door and the wooden door, and as I turn around there is the local PD coming up the driveway telling me to put my hands up. After explaining what happened, showing my ID, I was let go without an apology.

      This is the new world we now live in. It has little to do with the laws versus how people have changed.

      In many (not all) communities we have become insular and that translates to everything else in the community including the schools — it is far easy to just say — “I am just doing my job” than to use any logic whatsoever

      It is sad really.

      • Pascal wrote, “At sometime the ultra PC crowd took over and all reason, logic and humanity seems to have left the world.” (emphasis mine)

        That is the very problem. We the good, decent, and truly reasonable people let the PC crowd take over.

        And I can tell you why: because our historical faith (and to a lesser extent our culture) taught us to be meek, humble, polite, respectful, quiet, and never angry. Somehow, just about everyone appears to have missed the part of our historical faith that also tells us to admonish wrong and preserve our culture and nation from destructive endeavors.

        Is it any wonder that havoc has filled the vacuum that good people created with their silence and inaction?

      • Your misdirected package reminded me of the story of the Maryland mayor who had a package directed to him (that was supposed to be picked up by some drug guys instead), and resulted in his house being broken into by police and the execution (by police) of his dogs. It is indeed a %@$#ed up world.

      • That’s one hell of a story. We have allowed a bunch if socially dysfunctional s.o.b.s to take over our country. There is no need to wonder what an invading alien force would do to us; we didn’t need the aliens; they are no different from what an alien invasion might look like.

        And we allowed this to happen, while we were asleep at the wheel. And woke up to find someone else driving.

        • “And we allowed this to happen, while we were asleep at the wheel. And woke up to find someone else driving.”

          Well, I’ll try not to dislocate my shoulder patting myself on the back, but I saw this shit coming when I read “1984” and “Animal Farm” and stuff.

          But for some reason, nobody listened to me. Now I’m being plowed under by the collateral damage from the thing I was trying to warn against. What’s a fella to do?

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought the reason zero tolerance couldn’t go away is that schools would lose federal funding under the GFSZA if they didn’t have a zero tolerance gun policy.

    How is a state level law going to fix that? Will OK replace the lost funds? Or are they just setting this up for a future GFSZA legal challenge?

    I mean this is great if it works but I thought this particular turd sandwich had to be disposed of at the federal level.

    • There’s nothing in that law about imaginary guns. Don’t kid yourself by thinking there’s a rhyme or reason to some of these policies except lazy thinking.

  5. It’s really sad that someone would need to make a bill for that.
    What the hell has become of our society that a child playing pretend with toys is reason to punish as profusely as expulsion from school?!? These school officials are monsters and shouldn’t be allowed to work.

    • On that note, what we really need are rules stating that when
      teachers and school officials overtly take school regs and push
      them to absurd levels said people will be not only fired but
      banned from teaching for a period. Unfortunately this could
      never work. There would be far too many “do-gooders” arguing
      that a teacher has gone to far by making students learn the
      alphabet or multiplication tables, not to mention what would
      happen to a teacher who dares profess that history didn’t
      actually happen as the MSM preaches.

  6. I said this very same thing about 30 years ago: “There are only two ways to change the attitudes of the people in the middle East…. 1) indoctrinate their children through massive government education, or 2) Nuke’em and let the ashes fall where they may.

    Sorry to say….but those words were actually taken and used against us here at home. Just wait until Iran gets all their Nukes up and running…. they will put an end to the indoctrination here at home.

    • Oh, bullshit! Iran has never attacked anyone! Don’t listen to the bloodthirsty warmongers. Iran just wants a credible defense for when the Psychopath-in-Chief decides to start another of his mass murder campaigns. For about 30 years, the Soviet Union had almost as many nukes as we had, and somehow we survived.

      And Iran won’t attack Israel unless the bloodthirsty warmongers who live there assault them first; then it won’t be attack, but self-defense.

      Please don’t drink the Kool-Ade.

      • So when the President of Iran and its most senior cleric call for the total annihilation of Israel, not once but many many times, we should just ignore them, because, after all, they are really just children playing with finger pistols? And that Saudi Arabia’s fear of Iran is completely unfounded? Or that Iran sending men and munitions to Syria, Lebanon and Iraq is merely a gesture of peace and good will?

        If a full scale war erupts between the Sunni and the Shi’ia, Iran will be at the center of it.

        • “If a full scale war erupts between the Sunni and the Shi’ia…”

          Not if, but when and exactly where. It’s just a question of time.

        • Iran, or Persia, as the Mad Mullahs insist on calling it, is the #1 supporter of terrorism on the planet. Financially, morally, physically. Saddam was a sad second placer compared to them. And once the Mad Mullahs have a working A bomb they will use it. If the entire population of Iran, er, Persia, is wiped out in the return strikes the Mad Mullahs will be elated for they will have all died for their god, Satan. Russia was never going to simply start nuking random targets, they did not want to destroy the world they wanted to control it.

          As for the old chestnut”all the 911 attackers were Saudis” YES, they were. And all of them were under sentence of death in their homeland well before 2001. That is one reason they were all in America, even if they failed and were caught they knew they would not be sent back to Saudi Arabia BECAUSE of those open death sentence decrees.

        • And just to be clear, Mark and Bill, there has been an open state of war between Sunni and Shi’a since the very hour the Profit of Satan Mohammed went to burn in Hell. They just take breaks to murder other children and women than their own from time to time.

  7. The people pushing these zero tolerance policies, the people charged with educating our children, are so lacking in common sense that they don’t even realize that what they’re doing is counterproductive to their cause. They want children to grow up fearing guns, but guns are all over television and movies, and they make guns look cool. The only education they get on firearms comes from Hollywood. They not only are drawn to guns but now they’re dangerously ignorant about handling them safely. More broadly, they think they can stifle masculinity in boys and all they’re accomplishing is making school a toxic environment for boys.

  8. Wow, how did she sneak in there!?!?!

    Until we can start punishing teachers and administrators for being a$$holes none of this sh*t will ever go away.

  9. Oh no old guy reminiscing!

    I remember in high school most of the cars in the parking lots (both staff and student)
    had guns in them during hunting season. right after school everyone hit the woods for some hunting. We never had any school shooting, very few fights, and actually learned the 3Rs. How did we fall so far so fast.

    again just an old guy thinking.

  10. Zero Tolerance = zero thought; zero responsibility. No need to think, just point to the written “policy” that treats holding a Pop Tart shaped like Idaho in the same way as shooting someone. Stupidity enshrined.

  11. School intolerance is a great reason for home schooling. And with most of America unemployed, I’m sure that the parents can find the time.

  12. ” …why in the world are we in a sense abusing our children like this?”

    How else are we going to teach them to fear their own freedom and be good little government-dependent sheep?

  13. When common sense contradicts the goals of a culture war, common sense loses. Unless it’s about “common sense” gun registration and such, of course.


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