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Dallas Safari Club Outfitter montage (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

With a nod to TTAG’s Year of PC, I resisted the urge to plaster a snap of an attractive woman at the top of this post. Nick’s reader survey clearly indicated that we needed to tone down the site’s supposedly salacious content to avoid alienating the weaker sex. Did I just say that? I was kidding, I swear. That said (or not), an image of female beauty would probably have been less incendiary than the hunting collage above – at least to those who can’t stand the idea of shooting animals to protect them. Looking at the astronomical prices of the hunts on offer in Dallas, I reckon the hunting industry pours tens of millions of dollars into the African economy. At least fifty dollars of which ends up in locals’ hands (and I ain’t lion). Enjoy the photos after the jump, once it is safe to do so . . .

Safari Club International Female Booth Personnel No. 1 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Safari Club International Female Booth Personnel No. 2 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Safari Club International Female Booth Personnel No. 3 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Safari Club International Female Booth Personnel No. 4 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Safari Club International Female Booth Personnel No. 5 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Safari Club International Female Booth Personnel No. 6 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Safari Club International Female Booth Personnel No. 7 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

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    • It doesn’t really go well with the more cerebral articles about legal battles and culture war, does it?

    • Some of us like that. If you don’t, there are plenty of alternatives for a guy like yourself these days.

  1. Oh my goodness…the Rockwall model is beautiful, in a girl next door amazing smile way…which is the most attractive to me…sigh

    • Oh yeah, I see the smile now, 🙂
      The last lady is very attractive as well.
      Who am I kidding, they’re all attractive!

  2. Robert, what did you say to the 4th woman that she gave you the death-stare?! Inquiring minds wanna know?

  3. There are other blogs and sites to see pictures of models. Why offer reason to the critics to discount the message of gun rights for all?

    • You and Nick are of one mind. I reckon putting the images after the jump makes it OK. Am I wrong? Anyway, Dan and I are thinking that we’ll do the same thing at SHOT: a picture of something else, make the jump for the glamor shots.

      • Isn’t this just the equivalent of the car ads showing a guy in the cool car with a hot chick implying that if you buy this cool car you will have a hot chick too?
        So to the single ladies, if you hang out with guns, guys will flock to you too! Quack, quack, quack…

      • Robert, if you pick women like XS Sight Systems’ Tanya Gorin, Pyramyd Air’s Elise Venditti, Shilen Rifles’ Chelcee Juricek, or Kentucky Gun Co.’s Laura from Shipping (not Lauren in that photo—she doesn’t actually work there), all of whom aren’t just pretty faces, but actually work at the companies they’re repping for, I don’t think it matters where you put the photos.

        Oh, and if you happen to run across Tereza Otahailikova, her too.

        (I realize that all of the first four photos are from the NRA Convention in May, not SHOT Show. But my point stands.)

      • There’s nothing wrong with what you did here. Not only did you put the pictures after the content giving people who don’t want to see it the opportunity to skip over it, you used tasteful fully clothed pictures. But your still going to have people complain, it’s like when they banned smoking in bars and restaurants here. The non smokers followed us outside and continued to bitch about us smoking in their presence.

      • I agree with Nick too.

        I posted some constructive criticism below too, RF.

        I love your writing man, but this is one glaring blind spot. If this were a piddly but fun little blog like ENDO it’d be different…

        But this is the preeminent blog at the front of a culture war.

        • How about a compromise. Open a topic like “Babes from other articles” and when there are images to post, put them on the “Babes” topic and link to them in the main article.

  4. Firearms, a good cigar, a spectacular Tennessee sippin’ whiskey & beautiful women. What could be better?

  5. Could this be from the Dallas Safari Club show, because I am pretty sure that I am going to the SCI show in a few weeks in Las Vegas.

    • Yes, this was the Dallas Safari Club convention this past weekend in downtown Dallas.

      There were several other booth babes there who were equally ‘talented’ to those posted which RF missed (or is keeping to himself!)

  6. I am a guy, and there is no doubt these women are attractive. However, I do not like going to shows and having them there. It makes me feel bad. These women are some other guy’s sister, daughter, wife, girlfriend..etc. They are not objects, but human beings. It just feels wrong. They are not really into it and they all know why the guys are talking to them. It is fake and makes me feel cheap and superficial. I always walk away from these things feeling like a bad person and less of a man.

    • Models who are only there to model don’t do a lot for me. See my comment above about the women who actually work at the companies they’re repping for.

      • I agree with your point, but they also know how they look and what they are there for. The companies do as well.

    • All women are somebody’s sister, mother, daughter, cousin, etc. For these, it’s their job to be eye candy. Nobody forced them to do it. If they wanted to improve their human usefulness by exercising their brains, they would. But they don’t. It’s their own damn choice. This is the thing they’ve chosen to be good for, you can’t elevate them by curbing yourself. Quit pretending that they’re something they’re not. It was their own choice. Accept reality instead of towing the liberal line… Be a man, dammit.

      • LOL, well I can’t. I guess it boils down to what I like. To me, being with a woman who finds me attractive and wants to be with me is much more of a turn on than being with a woman who is hot and is only acting interested in me (or my money) for fake reasons.

      • It’s not a liberal thing to hope we can elevate gun culture above the red neck/white trash stereotype that the media pins us in.

        There are booth babes everywhere, for instance, at Comic Con. However, if you go on a blog for comics that is reporting on new stuff at Comic Con, you don’t see:

        “Hot girlies hur hur hur” (paraphrased).

        If you WANT to see pics of booth babes (as I usually do), there are blogs devoted to that or pic reels.

        As such, I think it is absolutely ridiculous that RF keeps pushing the envelope on this matter. I wish this was a blog that I could share with female coworkers… but as of right now it’s not.

        Even after getting told not to post Israeli models and agreeing to it, RF STILL posts them. Dude, if you say, “I’m not allowed to link models like I used to, like /this/,” it is still linking models.

        This whole situation frustrates the hell out of me too because I love this blog, I think it’s the best firearms blog out there, and I love RF’s writing and tend to agree with him except for if females are mentioned at all. At that point it becomes cringe-worthy.


    • The booth babes themselves realize that a slightly less sexy presentation would probably be better for the business they’re repping. If they were a bit more approachable (inspiring less drool, more conversation) they could front the product better. Tell that, though, to the exhibitors who keep asking for a hot booth babe. Wonder why? Boring lives? Underestimate of the purchasers in the crowd? Booth babes intimidate most men. From my point of view, I don’t pay attention to women who aren’t in any aspect part of my world, and can’t be. What would be the the point? Making myself vulnerable to a bad deal? I don’t go drinking with salespeople, either.

        • Agreed.

          I am not PC by any stretch of the imagination but I am a businessman and I understand marketing.

      • Back in the day, I had enough game to take home the auto show babes on several occasions. I bet I could’ve done the same with the gun show babes, but I made the wonderful (and yet also tragic) decision to get married. Ah, well. Even sisters and daughters want to have fun. If you can make ’em have fun, who knows when and where the night will end?

  7. If you go to the del-ton booth, there was (NRAAM) a wonderful woman from England there selling their products. She was really nice.

  8. As the line goes…”if you think women are the weaker sex,… Try pulling the covers back to your side on a cold night”

  9. They look great, Probably look better with less clot… Opps I mean with guns in their hands.
    Nothing wrong with this.

  10. One of my favorite memories of the good ole, pre-pc days was in the early ’80’s, at a local Chamber of Commerce business expo, the local Budweiser distributor showed up with a half dozen bikini clad “Budweiser Girls”. It was a real hoot listening to the catty remarks from the rest of the females in attendance. Got some good pictures, too! I tried to paste one here, but could not do it.

  11. Wait.. Uhm.. What were we talking about. I keep scrolling back up, then down again. I get lost!
    That grizzly lever action is SWEET!!! The grain on the wood work is awesome.
    Oh yeah the models were nice too lol.
    Now head on over to IWI and report back!!!

    • “What were we talking about. I keep scrolling back up, then down again.”
      I just click from tab to tab.
      Hmm – I just discovered that ctrl-tab cycles tabs to the right, and ctrl-shift-tab to the left.

  12. …sigh.

    There’s no point in not posting the photos before the jump if the article is written like kryptonite to women.

  13. I’m really glad there are so many sensitive men here. I get so tired of the guys really liking to look at girls and stuff. NOT
    Next step, hot cocoa and Dr. Denton jammies in a government ad.

  14. I just cant see why people shoot these animals!! Im a hunter and have been for YEARS. But I shoot a duck, deer, pheasant ect and I eat them. That is what hunting is about, to put food on the table! To see people kill a Lion, elephant ect sickens me! These are really beautiful animals and are rare and people kill them for sport! I cant wrap my head around it, I have seen videos of “hunts” and really they are rich assholes that get on a jeep in africa, drive up to the game, shoot it and stuff it. Really?!?!?! killing something for a trophy.

  15. So I just want to shed light on the person who said that all “models” choose to not improve their human minds. I am a promotional model (the red head above) and I work very hard to stay in shape and look good for these shows. I never degrade my self to wearing something I would not feel comfortable in around my parents, brothers, boyfriend, and friends. I am a strong believer in the Christian word and follow my beliefs. Therefor, at events, I do not dress slutty, act slutty, act dumb, or in any way come off as something I am not. You live in the United States where we (those who do not try to live in the early 1900’s) have evolved to realize that not all women who are pretty are dumb. I get paid a lot of money to dress nice, sit on a bike/hold a gun, and smile for pictures. It is honestly the best job I have ever had. I am constantly meeting new people and have learned to market my self and believe in my self more than most people I know. I by no means am a BIMBO and I exercise my brain on a constant basis. I am a law student with a 3.75 GPA that volunteers constantly and is always lending a helping hand to those in need. Girls can be hot, smart, and nice. Surprising Right? I do my job because I enjoy meeting new people and learning a very important skill in life. Which is marketing my self while learning to interact with any type of person. For my future career I feel this skill would be very important, therefore in my job I am not only exercising my brain but also improving my self! Please do not generalize all models and begin to learn that women who are hot can think for themselves. Also, guys who are against us, we do what we do for many reasons and they do not involve looking hot and making you think we like you. I love taking pictures and making memories with a multitude of pictures. Do you know how many men and women I have been able to make smile just by interacting with them and treating them like an important human being for a minute? I truly find about every person I meet fascinating in some form. Of course at every event I do have one guy or girl who goes over board with their emotions, but not all are rejected. If you are a creep trying to hit on us, we most likely do not want to talk to you. But if you are a friendly guy/woman who wants to have a conversation, I personally, love interacting with you. It is through meeting new people and learning different aspects of life that you grow. I do not fake liking you and I do not sell my self for you to like me. I am a promotional model that is fully clothed and representing a certain product. I am neither a stripper nor a prostitute; so do not regard me as one. Oh, and for you all who do not think we know what we represent. I personally love hunting and shooting in general. I may not be a perfect marksman, but I do enjoy the out doors, four wheelers, dirt bikes, guns, make up, and nail polish. Please, do not judge me if you do not know me, I tend to be completely different then what you assume. Thank you to all for the nice comments and I hope to see you at a new convention soon.

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