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“We will keep building on our strategy, putting more officers on the street in summer months, proactively intervening in gang conflicts, partnering with community leaders.” – Chicago police commissioner Gary McCarthy in 22 Shot, 2 Dead in ‘Unacceptable’ Chicago Gun Violence [at]

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  1. Yes, the first thing Chicago should do is fire that ignorant thug McCarthy. By any measure he’s doing a terrible job and any well run city with a relatively clean government would can him. I guess this is what happens when a corrupt Democrat machine runs a city. Someone like Craig would be an excellent replacement, but then even I could do a better job than McCarthy has done.

  2. It’s sickening that ‘unacceptable’ is in quotes, I get that they’re literally quoting someone else but it also conveys that they think it’s not.

  3. Dah Bears. Dah Bulls. Dah Police State.

    So, who’d win in a fight, Coach Ditka or the Police State?

  4. So unacceptable that they will flail around and try everything… except what might actually work, based on the experiences in other towns.

  5. So how many people got bludgeoned or stabbed within the same time period? Or is other violence completely uninteresting?

  6. The Streetlight Assassin will likely be out by fall, using the excuse of his minor grabber a couple of months back. Rahm can then appoint a black Supt just ahead of February’s mayoral election. That’s the rumor anyway.

    Illustrating Chicago Crime, Murder and Mayhem at

  7. “proactively intervening in gang conflicts”. This is why you are and will remain behind the eight ball

  8. The definition of insanity…

    Trying the same thing 1000 times and expecting a different outcome.

    Chicago needs this idiot like a fish needs a bicycle.

  9. I wish they’d call it “Gang violence” instead of “Gun violence.” After all, it’s the gangs causing the violence.

  10. So why is Dan posting a picture of the tin pot dictator Muammar Gaddafi of Libya?

    Oops; Sorry Dan, it’s easy to mix up tyrants of third world countries.

  11. Honest question here: who are these “community leaders?” Is there a concrete definition? Is it an official position?

    • A “Community Leader” is any Democrat who could potentially deliver two or more voters to perpetuate Rahm’s machine.

        • That’s what I thought when I read “community leaders”. Maybe if they STOPPED working with (and started arresting) the high-ranking gang members, they might begin to permanently solve their gang violence problems.

  12. Want to be depressed? This mockery of a law enforcement official is probably making more money than 95 % of the people here. Altough incompetent, he won’t be fired. He barely has to work, and when he finishes his “career,” he’ll be rewarded with a cushy retirement.

    Of course, having a pathetic work record makes him perfectly qualified to be a well-paid Democratic speaker for champagne liberals, ritzy dinners, and graduations from liberal colleges.

  13. What they are afraid of is bringing in someone like chief Craig and things actually changing. . . It would be make them look weak, ineffective and stupid to have a real reformer be successful. Then people would question other areas of liberal leadership. And then cats would sleep with dogs and there would chaos.

    • They are afraid that a real reformer would go all Internet and expose/try to clean up all the graft, cronyism and corruption in Chiraq.

  14. “proactively intervening in gang conflicts”….what does that even mean?….gonna like pick a side-then shoot the opponent? What the $@/!…

  15. The stars on his collar represent his rank… Chicago’s shootings represent his accomplishments.. which tells me it doesn’t take accomplishments to move up in rank in Chicago, just a damn good set of kneepads.

  16. Awww c’mon…they’re sending in ATF agents to stop the gang warfare. Magic ATF agents. And the weather has been gorgeous in the 70’s with low humidity. Hot & humid tomorrow. I do think an 11year old girl getting shot to death by a stray bullet( at a sleepover) might get the brave ATF agents attention. Oh yeah the Tiny Dancer got “emotional”. Gotta’ love “em…

  17. You know what’s really sad about this whole situation. Even after being an abject failure for decades people will STILL vote for the same old candidates that fail repeatedly. Rahm doesn’t have to do a thing and he’ll still win, Hillary could shoot heroin, drop acid, pop E, and eat a live baby on national TV and still carry California and New York easily, and libs say we’re brainwashed…

    • Yep Chicago where they will vote dem until the day they die….. and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again…………………………………….

  18. “I’ll kick things off with an admission: TTAG publishes a lot of stories highlighting police incompetence, arrogance, lack of accountability and general thugitude. These articles invariably unleash a stream of anti-cop comments. Does that make America’s most popular firearms blog anti-cop? At the risk of alienating a significant number of law enforcement officers who participate here . . .

    Yes. Yes we are.”

    — TTAG, Sept. 2012


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