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“The Rev. Dr. Jonathan McPherson, co-owner of Scott-McPherson Funeral Home in Fairfield, said, ‘Rather than getting better, our community is getting worse. We wonder what would the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. think about this violence.'” – How Funeral Directors Cope with Growing Gun Violence Across the City [via]

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  1. The good Dr. King was no stranger to violence, although of a different “color”. What would he and some of his old followers prescribe for the issue? A firearm perhaps.

  2. We wonder what would the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. think about this violence.’”

    Only someone over 60 would wonder that. The only kids who would even think of MLK, are not the kids that anyone needs to worry about. Malcolm X has been the touchstone for the Soros employees and their followers while burning a QuikTrip or smashing a Stabucks. The kids doing actual violence everyday? They take a bit too much to heart when they listen to whatever today’s NWA equivalent is.

    MLK would be irrelevant now. His inner circle have become the worst type of race-baiting, self-serving, greedy people. King’s message required people to think and have some personal accountability, not to pursue handouts and jobs they didn’t earn just because of the color of their skin.

    • Sometimes I wonder how MLK Jr. would have ended up, had he not been assassinated in Memphis that night. Would he have stayed the course, and would race relations have been much better than they are now due to his influence? Or would he have fallen to greed and party politics and become another John Lewis? I fervently hope it would have been the former, but the man was far from perfect.

      • No man or woman is perfect. I like to believe MLK Jr was better than that. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m not.
        He had a dream. It wasn’t for himself. It was for others.

        • Very well spoken. And then on the other hand you have Malcolm X a pimp and a hustler arrested multiple times for violent acts that preached if a white man puts his hand on your shoulder kill him. That’s pretty much racism to the point of taking somebody out behind the Woodshed and blowing their brains out with a shotgun kind of s***. And of course he survived and Martin Luther King didn’t figures huh.

    • If only they looked to Malcolm X for guidance. Yes, he was an angry and violent man. But, when he turned to religion, he did not see a divider or reason to continue that path. He saw that there was a better way, that we can accept of each other even when there is evil in the world. He saw that change isn’t a national movement, but a family movement. Many believed that he had not changed, but I think he did.

      How much better would we be if the young men and women who have lived violent lives understood that they can leave that behind them, that peace and positive relations are not just for the choir boys, but that any person can strive for good? How much better would our inner cities be if rather than looking to the government or Al Sharpton to make their lives better, we saw families looking at how they could make themselves stronger?

      • “He saw that change isn’t a national movement, but a family movement.”

        THAT is the key.

        Find 1000 families raised with “traditional values” and you will be hard pressed to find any serious violent tendencies whatsoever, much less violent criminal convictions.

        Unfortunately, families raised with “traditional values” are virtually non-existent in our urban enclaves where violence is rampant.

        Restore the “traditional family” in our urban enclaves and rampant violence will disappear faster than a puddle on a Phoenix sidewalk in September.

        • Step one is to eliminate AFDC, let them die. When the government promises to force productive citizens to support deadbeat leeches, forever, we will have endless increases in the number of deadbeat leeches, at a far greater pace than productive citizens. Yet even most productive citizens would not be able to get behind “let them die”, or even “Future AFDC payments will be subject to proof of permanent sterilization.” Until we get there, we are going down the rabbit hole, and producing more deadbeats who will have to die. Kids in their early teens who learn that all they have to do is screw around, and they can quit school and hang out doing drugs, will never decide to take the hard way, regardless of what their parents say.

      • Are you on crack man? Malcolm X was nothing more then a racist piece of garbage that preach violence started riots ended up killing dozens of black followers of his due to the fact that he set up riots and then conveniently exited out the back with private security as his followers got the hell beat out of them and shot. Talk about some s*** that you were actually present for how about that. Malcolm X give me a break guy was arrested for pimping promoting prostitution violent acts of aggression on law enforcement the list goes on for about 17 pages he was a creep and a piece of garbage and now you have these people wanting to follow him nowadays retards every last one of them.

      • WONDERFUL that he turned to the “religion” of Islam. I’m sure if other Muslims hadn’t assassinated him, he wouldn’t have ended up being just as violent, hateful, and racist as most other Muslims.

    • Very educated response thank you. Yeah what about the Reverend Al Sharpton and his ridiculous prophecy of hating the white man. He was one of those followers of dr. King and look how he turned out another racist piece of garbage. May I remind the African-American community on this Earth that we the white people of this country haven’t owned slaves for over 225 years can I please get a freakin break. In the name of the Lord Jesus. LOL

      • Do I understand correctly, Funeral Director conduct funerals? With all due respect Sir, STFU and key up Amazing Grace.
        My family never owned slaves and really tired of hearing this “put upon” BS.

      • Take this crap to AFRICA, where they keep slaves *today*, and where they sold the slaves to American traders 350 years ago. Have never even slowed down, for literally thousands of years.

        • There wasn’t an “America” 300 years ago…the slave traders were mainly Dutch and Muslims! I’m tired of the blame being put on the US as our Founding Fathers worked as hard as possible to end slavery as quickly as they could for the times!

  3. WWMLK do? Apply for a CCW permit and when denied surround himself with armed security and preposition arms in every corner of his home.

    Negroes and the Gun: The Black Tradition of Arms
    Nicholas Johnson. (Amherst: Prometheus, 2014. 379 pp. Paper, $19.95.)
    J Am Hist (2015) 101 (4): 1235-1236. DOI:
    Published: 01 March 2015

    • Never preposition your arms to end a sentence with. OK, I have to be a nerd: It’s “pre-position.”

  4. “Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars… Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

    Martin Luther King Jr. was pretty clear about many things. If he had not been Murdered, and been able to help the world move to what his stated vision was, we would live in a much, much better world and the corrupt malignancy of race hate would be a almost forgotten, irrelevant paragraph in history books.

    • That is why in the end MLK choose to be protected by the Deacons of Defense and others rather than carry himself.

    • Resident CT,

      While that sentiment is attractive, I don’t see it comporting with the real world. The proper response to a violent rapist is to immediately use whatever force is necessary to immediately stop his assault. “Loving” that rapist isn’t going to stop his assault.

      I also see that sentiment as a false dichotomy. We have to be willing to apply both: love AND violent self-defense.

      Unfortunately, there are some evil, bad apples in the world who simply like darkness and violence. Such people give us no choice other than to use violent force to contain their bloodlust.

  5. WWMLKD”

    Steal someone else’s work and pass it off as his own.

    Commit adultery multiple times.

    Hang out with communists and join communist front groups.

    • Absolutely true that MLK did a lot of bad things and associated with questionable people. Those thing are true, yet they are used to dismiss his best messages, the same way Thomas Jeffersons’ great truthful ideas are being dismissed by focusing only on the bad things in Jefferson’s life. Great people are often created through the actual experience with sin and failing. They may fight it all their lives, but from that experience can come strength to do great good thing, or in the case of others further corruption (eg Sharpton, Clinton) IMO the important take away is that the truth of his ideas live. The essential part of his truthful statements is that he predicted current circumstances and warned against the violence and hate of today:

      “The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral; begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy. Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it. Through violence you may murder the liar, but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth. Through violence you may murder the hater, but you do not murder hate. In fact, violence merely increases hate. So it goes. Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” (1967, Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?. p. 67.)

      How do I reconcile that with being a lawful gun owner and carrying one for self defense, simple. I don’t carry it out of fear and hate as gun control zealots claim, I carry it because,

      1. it is a deterrent to violence, the human predators that prey us are thwarted at the mere idea that they might encounter someone that can stop them.

      2. When confronted with real, immediate violence, the real and rational way to stop it is to use the tools that will work, showing that you can stop it often stops the violence, and if that is not the case application of those tools in a justified setting will.

      Carrying a gun for self defense is not violence, it is the opposite.

      • “Carrying a gun for self defense is not violence, it is the opposite.”

        What of using the gun to stop violence, is that not of itself still a violent act?

        Not to be contrary, but it seems that violence has a time and place where it is appropriate. Good, evil, right and wrong are oftentimes subjective notions anyway.

        • Of course violence is appropriate. There is a time when it is – self defense. Always, and forever. Make no mistake: we live on a violent planet, solar system, galaxy, universe. It’s rough, violent. Nothing wrong with violence – but it must be appropriately used, at the right time. For us – the civilized – it’s appropriate when used to defend ourselves, loved ones, property (YES, property too). Let’s not be fooled by the use of the word ‘violence’.

        • Good question. Someone in these pages (maybe Masoob?) states that “You are armed in order to have force available. You will respond to unlawful violence with lawful force.” I think the distinction of violence vs force is narrow but important.

    • George Washington: shameless land speculator, married for money, negotiated back pay settlement for soldiers – and kept it – spent the money to help individual soldiers in hard times. Served as commander of the Continental Army without pay.

      • Washington married big money, true. Yet, his mother made a small fortune in the white slave trade, the commerce in indentured servants.

        People have difficulty realizing how different, unreconcileable the past is to the present. Until about 1820 a Pennsylvania employer could beat his employee without legal consequence. And so forth….

  6. I once heard it said that the best thing that happened for Kennedy’s legacy was him being assassinated. It left him a visionary hero for the country, before he had time to do something seriously wrong and before things like details about MM could get out into the popular consciousness.

    As for Dr King, while I have great respect for the man’s message, the path his followers have taken since his assassination, especially in the past few decades, leave me somewhat questioning of his judgment re people’s character.

    What might he have thought? I suspect something along the lines of be armed, but don’t be the first one to pull the gun. But nobody can really know. Certainly not those who claim to speak for him these days.

    • Kennedy was a weak president.

      He folded under pressure and at the last minute pulled air support for the Bay of Pigs invasion that he previously approved. The last minute change was a major factor in the failure of the invasion and the death and imprisonment of many of the invading army.

      He could have stopped the invasion but did not.

      These actions assured the rule of Fidel Castro’s communist government that endures today.

      Don’t tell me how good he was.

      • The Cuban Missile Crisis was deemed a big Kennedy victory over Khrushchev, when in fact Kennedy secretly agreed to remove US missiles from Turkey in exchange from the removal of Russian missiles from Cuba.

        He also ramped up our presence in Vietnam to help out the Catholic Church.

        His massive tax cut was the best thing he did while in office.

        • “He also ramped up our presence in Vietnam to help out the Catholic Church.”

          While there is that, the way the military explained it to me was that Ike introduced 600 American advisors into Vietnam (our first presence) at the request/insistence of Senator JFKennedy. Then Kennedy, once elected increased the presence to 13,000 “advisors” (with quotes, this time). I happen to believe some accounts that claim, if he had not been assassinated, he would have withdrawn all of them before the end of his first term, he had discovered he had been snookered by his father and Francis Cardinal Spelman, into participating in a Catholic war of conquest. That may have been what led to his death.

          Still, the Vietnam war belongs almost entirely to LBJ and his lies. Maybe 57,800 of 58,000 dead.

      • Let’s look at the first graf above, shall we? “I once heard it said that the best thing that happened for Kennedy’s legacy was him being assassinated. It left him a visionary hero for the country, before he had time to do something seriously wrong and before things like details about MM could get out into the popular consciousness.”

        Who is calling him a great guy?

        • Gents,

          Thank you for making my point.

          Kennedy, at the time he was killed, was generally portrayed as a visionary leader. 50 years later, with some historical perspective and information that wasn’t available at the time, we have a more complete picture of what he did and did not do. I will note that this site’s population is more generally educated in history than average, if I speak to older members of my family they still talk about Kennedy as if he had a halo.

          I suspect something of the same thing is true of Dr. King. I don’t mean this disparagingly, just that he had human failings like the rest of us. It’s just easier to see those without a veil of martyrdom, especially when there’s a perception of a life cut short in its prime.

  7. Meh…who cares? As mentioned the surviving civil rights “icons” have moved enmasse into poverty pimpdom. I imagine the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. would have followed suit. He had a left bent after all. Would he carry a gun now? Probably of the “gun for me-none for thee” variety. Endless “what if” from 60’s dudes. The onlything I know…the brothers wouldn’t have burned down the Westside of Chicago in 1968…

  8. I fail to see the point in speculating on the opinions of a dead man.

    To me, this is akin to discussing what any other historical figure would think about modern times. Everyone’s ideas are colored by their own personal bias towards the person in question and therefore irrelevant.

  9. The Reverend dr. Martin Luther King would have absolutely chastised President Obama’s behavior and his racist overtones put down upon the American people. President Obama was nothing more than the worst racist African-American you could ever put in the office. He’s the reason why our country is so divided right now and racism hasn’t been this bad since the sixties in this country because of this humongous pain in the butt we had. We would have had no better luck if a Klu Klux Klan member would have been elected that’s how racist President Obama was absolute ridiculous. Not to mention his terrorists Muslim Brotherhood that killed many of people while he was in office and he blew it off like a workplace violence what an a-hole. We can pretty much take all the progress we’ve made between the races in the last 45 years and flush that down the toilet with a big picture of President Obama on top of it because that’s exactly what he did. God Bless America and thank God for president Trump. Me there never be a racist again elected into the office of President of the United States of America just doesn’t work that way in this country.

  10. While few would agree with me, at least not openly, MLK was the reason for a lot of this violence. Him and the New England liberal progressives who started banging on the hornets nest. Back when those same progressives actually treated Blacks in the north worse that the Blacks in the south were treated. Oh those liberals would smile to their faces, but Blacks still couldn’t be a partner in a law firm, or join the country club. The progressives showed their true colors when it came to voting for the Civil Rights Act, when it came to busing Black children to White schools. To northern liberals, Blacks were no better than Jews. Strange that northern Jews continuously support liberal progressive causes and support liberal progressive candidates who treated them no better than Blacks. MLK sided with the same people who fought for slavery, and continued long after the Civil War. They still do, only today they want to enslave all who disagree with their world view. Throughout modern history, the progressives have done nothing but provide Blacks, Native Americans, illegals, etc, with excuses to behave badly; to disobey laws, to set themselves apart in order to remain in power. MLK did nothing which actually helped Blacks. All he did was become a dupe of the Dems.

  11. What Would Martin Luther King Do?
    He finally recognized the failed policy of non-violence and succumbed to Common Sense and supported the
    Deacons For Defense and Justice.

    And after Mr. King toured the South it was the Deacons For Defense that remained in place to support
    the Black community without which would have been many more murders.

  12. He’d probably yell “I fuck for God!” while beating up prostitutes.

    P.S.: Also “reverend”, “doctor” only with proper scare quotes for this guy.

  13. Anyone think North Korea, China, Russia, Syria, Cuba, etc. would set aside a holiday or erect a statue honoring anyone who wasn’t a commie? Yet we got conned into honoring a socialist/commie… who most Blacks don’t care about… and they want to tear down statues honoring the men who gave us this country.

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