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Amy Schumer’s related to New York Senator Chuck Schumer, though their genetic connection is unclear even to Schumer herself. Some sources say the leather-clad comedian is the New York pol’s second cousin once removed. Removed? If only!

But seriously folks, what’s the opposite of “In this business you don’t cut funny!” And while you’re doing that math question: did Ms. Schumer steal any of this part of her routine? It doesn’t seem so.

And yes, I know: we’re a bit late to this game. But you’re welcome that we spared you the aforementioned breast moisturization bit (or the rest of her “horribly unfunny” routine).

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  1. Been seeing this garbage at the top of my Netflix screen for over a week now. How do I get it off there?

    • Easy, just cancel your subscription, get Kodi, and set up Exodus to run on it.

      Between this and their dumping most good movies and shows to make room for more of their “original” junk, Netflix can go eat a chode.

      • I’ll second that. I’m pretty sure Netflix is run by a bunch of gun haters. For example, in the one episode of Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” where he goes shooting in New Mexico, the thumbnail caption for the episode describes their activity as the “underbelly” of New Mexico. I thought that was an interesting choice of words for a small group of guys going target shooting in the desert. Anyway, I canceled my subscription and got a Roku and Amazon prime. Most of the stuff on Netflix is garbage B movies anyway, and they have no decent gun-related programming, save for a couple seasons of Top Shot. Also, with a Roku, you can download Guntalk for free and that channel has all kinds of cool reviews.

        • After reading Bourdain’s filthy insults at Trump over Trumps culinary choices I refuse to watch anything he does.
          Just because he is a trained COOK doesn’t make him the expert of anybody’s food choices.

        • Oh no, did you say illegal? Hmm, who is the sucker here? The one paying 100’s to cable and other services or those that don’t? I have never paid for a single song, application, movie, or cable in 15 years. The internet is a wonderful place. I say cancel Netflix, I just watched the first season of Iron Fist for free (BTW it blows). There are plenty of sites that let you watch any show you want from any season for free.

    • I started it and let it run for a bit (sound off) while I read my latest American Rifleman. I then exited it a gave it the rating it deserved…It will continue to show up in my “Continue Watching” section which means I can give it a “Thumbs Down” when they change over to that system. That unfunny woman is truly disgusting!

    • The LOW reviews over at Netflix have promoted her to say “The Alt-right is conspiring to down-vote my show”.

      The funny part is readers over at Jezebel (seriously feminist left-wing sight) are themselves saying it is terrible. Not much to say when you are being eaten by your own.

      And because of all of this, Netflix is now going to change its ‘star’ rating to a crappy You-tube’esque ‘Thumb up/down’ system. Wankers.

  2. That “comedy special” has a 1 star rating. Genuinely. I think Netflix is trying to get more people to watch it so they realize it wasn’t a complete waste of their time and money.

    • Someone at work brought up the no-fly list thing to me at work the other day. I managed to get them to sit down long enough to see that republicans said “no problem, just go before a judge and make your case” and that the burden of proof was the government, not the citizen.

      He was amazed democrats didn’t like the bill, as it appears to would have done something while respecting civil liberties. He then went on a personal mission to learn more about gun control.

      I now have a convert. You can convert logical people. You can’t convert sheep.

      • After the fact approval is *not* due process. “Because the president/etc said so” is not a burden of proof, either, when it comes to restricting your liberties. Trump/Cornyn’s bill also give you three days upon rejection to book a court room, fly cross country to a federal No Fly List court, then have your claim rejected out of hand because the alleged evidence supporting your disarmament is classified because it was probably collected illegally.

        Who could possibly object to that?

    • That isn’t actually a 1 star rating. It’s Netflix estimating you would give it 1 star based on other reviewers and their algorithm looking at your viewing and voting history.

      I’m getting 1 star as well, and the only comedy specials I’ve watched are Jim Gaffigan’s (all 5 stars). I think reality may be that you’re right and _everybody_ is giving her one star.


      Senator Schumer must be leaning on Netflix something fierce, the way they’ve been helplessly pimping this crappy routine of hers. Probably got a net-neutrality carve out or something for their trouble.

  3. Fun fact from Wikipedia regarding Amy:

    “When she was 21, she and her sister Kim were arrested for grand larceny, as part of a shoplifting scheme. During an interview, she said that it was her connection to Senator Schumer that enabled her to plead down the charge.[81]”

    Also, whoever sold her on wearing that outfit for a stand up routine played a cruel joke upon her.

    • Cruel joke, reminds me of the joke about Stevie Wonder killing his hair dresser after regaining his sight.

  4. She tries to be “shocking” but there is no substance behind it. No real cleverness. Talk about her vagina does not make her funny or smart. Just dumb. I can talk about my weiner all day long but people would think I was stupid.

    • Exactly.

      She’s yet another example for the hypothesis that women simply aren’t funny.

      Women don’t have to be funny to get what they want, so they’re not.

      Most female “comics” are just repeating the same act, over and over, with different ‘jokes’ stocked with ever-more crude and perverted phrases. Schumer is really no different than Silverman, who is no different that many female ‘comics’ who came before her.

      But when female comics wander outside their well-honed forte’ of using vulgar and scatalogical jokes to shock a laugh out of the audience, and instead they start trying to make a political joke… this is where we really get to see just how big a mistake we made in giving them the franchise.

      • How sad… don’t you remember the long list of seriously wonderful and funny female comedians in years past? Lucy Ricardo, Lily Tomlin, Carol Burnett, Phyllis Diller, Gilda Radner – the list is actually quite long.

        This Schumer broad does NOT fit into this category, by any means. She’s a product of the current “gender” insanity, and all the other special snowflake PC crap. And yes, her choice of wardrobe simply highlights her poor judgment and lack of character.

        • Like I said in another comment, fortunately there ARE some good comediennes out there. Rachel Feinstein is my favorite.

        • Joan Rivers. What a BITCH! So funny she brought tears to my eyes, even when she was insulting me.

        • Of all of those on your list, I’ve seen none of them in a stand-up situation, eg, at a comedy club, alone, on stage telling jokes. Several of them were funny in skits with other comic actors. Burnett is obviously a legend in her production of her show, which was hysterically funny and had an excellent collection of talent into one place.

          What Schumer is doing here is going out on stage, alone, with no props, trying to amuse an audience. I used to take in many shows at the Comedy Store when I lived in LA, watching people try to do just this: Go out on a stage alone, with no safety net, and try to make a room of people laugh. I cannot recall even one female comic who could come out on stage and really have the audience laughing. To be fair, most men fail at it too. Most women I remember from then, even in the 80’s, were running pre-cursors of Schumer’s act: Try to look like a nice girl, then juxtaposition their (then) shocking language.

          You mentioned Phyillis Diller. Here’s an observation about Ms. Diller. While I never saw her in a stand-up situation, I agree that on TV and in film, she was often very funny. There’s two things to NB:

          1. I don’t recall her using vulgar humor, ever. Perhaps it was because her venue was mostly TV and shows, perhaps it was a real deal. I think she’d be appalled at what female comics are using as “humor” today in their jokes. I mean, seriously, when a woman is telling the sort of stuff on-stage that Schumer does… there’s not a lot of room left for become more off-putting other than watching an autopsy.

          2. Diller was often self-deprecating. Rodney Dangerfield used this same formula to go a long, long ways too. Diller’s self-deprication was in her act, in her writing, in her jokes. She was self-deprecating about her looks, which is something most women will never touch. Diller joked about getting face lifts – in a day and age when no one talked about such things. Today’s female comics possess more than a little hubris and self-entitlement about their looks.

          Lastly, I’ll NB that few comics of the era/age of the women you listed would start making such overtly political tirades (posing as humor) on stage. To this day, I have no idea what Carol Burnett’s politics are. She had many, many of hours of TV in which she could have let that slip, but there’s nothing I can recall being overtly political.

          Today’s female comics bash the audience over their heads with the comic’s politics, and it gets tiresome after about two minutes.

          • To be fair, a lot of male comics are just overt with their low-info leftist politics these days.

          • “Today’s female comics bash the audience over their heads with the comic’s politics, and it gets tiresome after about two minutes.”

            Which was my point. 🙂 I never went to stage shows or such things, only saw the good old comedians on TV. They were funny without being insulting, vulgar or ugly as far as I saw. I wouldn’t cross the street to see any of the modern actors and actresses myself. I’m so old I still miss the radio shows such as Fibber Magee and Molly. It was seriously painful to watch some of the Lucy shows, and others, simply because of the graphic portrayal of sheer dumb human nature. But they were hysterically funny because I could see myself in so much of it and could not avoid enjoying my membership in the human family – warts, mistakes and all.

        • not standup, but as far as gals go the skits performed by elaine may with mike nichols (we went ‘cuz mom was a fan, same with peter cook and dudley moore post firesign theatre) were very entertaining for my pre teen self.
          and again, not standup, but fran allison was hysterical live at goodman’s, and that was as the foil for burr tillstrom and his puppets.

          “you’ve got herpes ‘cuz i’ve got herpes. byeee.”

        • i think a notable exception may be moms mabley. in the vein of pigmeat markham, not quite rudy ray moore.

        • I’ll agree with you that there were many women who were funny in their parts as members of a group or in a skit. Tons of women fit into a comedy act or skit, and get huge laughs.

          But I’m talking about the stand-up role, where there’s no one else to be funny, or a foil, for the woman to play off of. In stand-up, it’s down to “Is this one person funny, or not?” and in that role, I’ve yet to see a woman be actually funny.

    • Actually, the schtick you’re thinking of is “You’re not funny; you’re just an attractive woman who talks frankly about sex!” We all know there’s a whole boatload of that set out there, and it’s been a winning formula since the earliest days of comedy. Schumer is rather obviously lacking a core component of that formula, hence she is simply repulsive rather than titillating. Maybe it worked better earlier in her career when she was younger & maybe thinner, but by the time she was artificially placed into this position of media prominence she has by her benefactors it was long gone. At this point it’s more of a Honey Boo-Boo bit where the audience is laughing their asses off at the delusional clown who thinks they earned their limelight, but even then Schumer is too entitled and serious for that to be funny, either.

  5. Even before she came out as a leftist shill, I found her too disgusting to be funny. Call me a sexist or whatever, but dick and fart and sad sex jokes just don’t work when it’s a woman telling them. To be honest, they aren’t the funniest kind of humor from a lot of male comedians either.

    Rachel Feinstein is an example of a comedienne who stays just on the good side of the ‘too much’ line when it comes to sexual and body humor. She’s hilarious. Amy Schumer is not.

    • We don’t need a crystal ball to see that politics are probably in here future. I mean she is the perfect model of the left.


      • I dunno, she’s said too many horrible things on stage to be a good politician. I know, I know, Age of Trump and all that, but a LOT of people who vote Democrat because their dad did etc. will be very turned off by any old sound byte you can grab off of the Internet. The attack ads against her would be hilarious.

        • And hitlary signed off on the uranium deal to the Russians, lied constantly, was buddy buddy with that clan guy, and well how much more time do you have to read? The left and the demoscum don’t care about what the person has done as long as they racebait, claim to be for the little welfare guys/gals, say they’ll change the environmental cycle of the earth. Dumb is dumb and votes for louder dumb.

        • Right? The attack ads would play like a telling of The Aristocrats (probably literally). Would be an odd course of action on the heels of Trump. As with Trump, Schumer could eventually become palatable as our culture continues to corrode and become coarser and more primitive, but I think that won’t be for a good number of years, yet. Maybe when she has some grey hairs and can pretend to be a grown up, like Al Franken (she’s already got the vote-rigging machine in place, so she’s a step ahead of where he was)

  6. Well actually by all accounts the entire show was just awful all around. One of her worse performances and not to mention we now have a report that she ripped off one of Dave Chappelle’s jokes from back in 2005. .

      • I actually think she stole from both of them. The video I saw ran side by side a shot from Chappelle’s jokes from ’05 and a clip from this new special from Amy. Other than switching the gender perspective to fit the joke Amy pretty much directly copied the joke from Dave.

  7. If you’re fat and you have enough money, you can have a premier chef and trained dietitian prepare all of your meals and hire a personal trainer to work with you every day to fit exercise around your schedule and over time you can lose the weight.

    If you’re uneducated, you can use the magic Internet machine to get information about any topic on which you may be deficient and explore not only the basic facts but every relevant point of view around an issue before you come to your conclusion.

    But ladies and gentlemen, even in the Buck Rogers year of 2017, you can’t fix stupid. Stupid is forever! ?

  8. I see nothing wrong with this statement outside of the fact that none of it really needed stating. FLAME DELETED The REAL point you all would do good to remember is she is a mouthpiece for the enemy, and it’s great news when they tank on their own…no matter color gender etc. I’d hate this EXPLETIVE DELETED just as much if she looked like Kate Upton and did the show naked….but I’d probably watch a bit more than the two minutes I could stomach this for.


    What’s wrong with blind people owning guns? Do they all have poor judgement? Of course right, if they want guns they must be gun nuts who’ll fire wildly without knowing wgat’s around. BFS. There’s a blind guy on youtube who reviews guns, he just has a place where he can shoot. It’s not that hard. It’s too bad he can’t aim visually, but shooting is a feast for the senses, I’m not surprised he enjoys it.

    • Neither is the bottom, the face, the voice, humor, or politics. That show looks like it would likely be offensive to all five senses in person, also.

      • Yeah. On one hand her body type isn’t my affair, on the other she’s putting me in negative boxes because of, first the private, personal choice to be a gun owner, and second my principles. So it’s her slander that has me thinking there’s something wrong with her, and I’m no worse for considering stereotypes. Heck, D-list “celebrity” wants to weigh on on my principles, why should I read their bio or take them seriousely as intellectuals? No reason. Superficial judgement us what they deserve.

  10. I wish people wouldn’t make such negative comments on women’s appearance. Was it a bad choice of wardrobe? Absolutely! Ad hominem attacks are a sign of intellectual weakness or laziness. Vicious body comments just fuel the notion we’re all crazy misogynist gun-nuts with small dicks. The comedic act referenced above has ample material for criticism without the need for personal attacks. The fight for preserving gun rights is going our way. Please don’t enable our enemy’s ability to dismiss the strong logical arguments in our favor by fueling their stereotypes of us.

    • I agree. Plus, it’s not like she’s completely without talent. She had tons of luke-warm roles opposite Kermit the Frog in all those Muppet movies. Lest we forget.

    • You are correct. What I said was wrong. It’s not right to attack someone for their appearance.
      My inner child came out for a minute.
      I just really can’t stand this woman. Come to think of it…. no one I know finds her funny. Not even my friends who are anti-gun liberals.
      The high Point of her career is being a sidekick to a Muppet should tell you all you need to know about her talent level.

  11. A Stevie Wonder blind guy joke? I’m sorry, but that is simple comedic malpractice. So is the idea of a gun nut who talks like an extremely caricatured redneck – it’s a completely exhausted trope. And a sad story.

    All in 5 minutes. Alt-right trolls surely have better things to do that spam the Netflix reviews for that waste.

  12. this…person… is so unfunny it hurts. i watched her comedy way before she opened her gravy trap about guns and even then it was unbearably unfunny. she is the most untalented comedian I have ever seen. You heard back in the day that people would say comedians like Eddie Murphy just got up there and cussed and were not funny. While we all know that was bull, in this case that is EXACTLY right. She literally just finds ways to overly describe vulgarity. To me, she is EXTREMELY immature and that is why she has NO good material.

  13. I watched the whole show, knowing what to expect. Even her live audience didn’t laugh much for the first two-thirds. Then she dropped her gun-control bomb and that completely killed whatever laughs might’ve followed.

    The ideal target audience for her type of sex-oversharing humor is drunken bachelorette-parties and sororities. For the rest of us, not so much.

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