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“I do like it. I’m a competitive person. You know, you put a gun in my hand and say the object is to shoot something, I’m like, ‘All right! Let’s do it!'” – Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan in Elena Kagan: How the Supreme Court ‘Hazes’ New Justices [at]

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      • Her idea of preserving hunting rights would likely mean…

        1) Your hunting rifle would be stored at the local Police station.

        2) One month in advance of your hunt you could apply to pick up your rifle for the hunt, and returned to impound before the meat has a chance to cool.

        3) Etc, etc, et-fvcking cetera…

    • You know, you think being a lesbian she would be pro gun and encouraging the LGBT (whatever it is) to CC in case of an attack on them.

      • You’d think! My partner and I – both women – carry guns and think it’s a smart idea for most LGBT people to do the same. Sadly, most lesbians I know hate guns, but I feel it’s only because they associate them with gay-bashing rednecks and wife-beaters. I’ve been doing what I can to change that, but sadly too many are oppressed by “identity politics”

  1. She Is overwhelmingly one of the worst justices in the history of the court, has 0 care for the constitution. an activists judge in the worst way

    • The silver lining is that, relatively speaking, her jurisprudential intellectual firepower is on the low end of the scale. She’s not likely to persuade anybody to come over to her side of an issue that isn’t already there.

  2. I don’t care if SHE likes to shoot guns. I’m waiting to see how she votes on the bench in regard to laws that protect or infringe.

    Politicians/judges of her stripe have a long history of seeing one set of rules for themselves and another set for the rest of us.

    She’s in a position of power. What she does with that power (or said better, how she restrains it) is the measure I’m watching.

    • Yep.

      Plenty of the “rights for me, but none for thee…” types at all levels of govt.

      I’ll believe something when I see something.

    • Exactly, JR.

      She would hardly be the first anti-gun pol, and make no mistake; judges of her ilk are pols too – they’re human – and are more than happy to not practice what they preach.

      For example, there was the recent arrest of anti-gun Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed while drunk in public and walking in the roadway. Despite being staunchly anti-gun, she has no problem with personally exercising her Second Amendment rights through gun ownership and legal CCW, likely as a result of enhanced legislative privilege. Yet she would deny the same right to her constituents in keeping with her party’s platform. What bigotry!

      And she was carrying while impaired no less; what stupidity and lack of good judgment. But then she IS a Democratic State Senator and member of the progressive minded Democrat crowd which requires a serious dose of narcissism in one’s character to be in good standing.

      At this point, I see Kagan in the same light, though I’d like nothing more than for her to prove me wrong on 2A and other issues, such as ACA, immigration and other hot button ‘political’ cases that will come before the court. Wouldn’t be the first time an appointee turned out to defy expectations.

      One can only hope, but I’m not holding my breath. I’d expect a mixed bag…at best.

    • It’s a puff piece, but if you give People the click-through, you’ll see that Scalia actually introduced Kagan to shooting, and they are now regular hunting partners. Well-played, Scalia; well-played.

  3. Of course she is okay with her having guns… But, what about us lowly peasants?

    She is an NYC liberal, they’re typically fine with gun ownership by the wealthy or memeber anointed by the almighty G.

  4. Yes, and I bet she really, really digs having access to free, reserved, Supreme Court Justice parking spots at Reagan and Dulles airports, too (when she isn’t just conveniently dropped off at the terminal by her taxpayer paid car and driver). The spoils of the ruling class, the trappings of power, membership has its privileges, and all that.

    I get it, but what does that have to do with the price of 22lr in China? What matters is her interpretation of the Constitution, the freedoms it guarantees American, and the strictures it places upon government. On those counts, she strikes out.

  5. After reading the article… wow. Might just be the top “liberal learns the truth about guns” story of the decade. Will have to see how she rules in the future to see if she takes it to heart.

  6. This doesn’t mean ANYTHING. Even Barry Soetoro has a photo op of him shooting a shotgun(?). Like the English landed gentry and the serfs who toil on their vast estates. To quote Quato “you are what you do”.

  7. I’m not aware of Kagan ever casting a pro-gun vote or authoring a pro-2A monograph or making a pro-2A statement in her life.

    The only Constitutional rights she seems to favor are those that aren’t actually in the Constitution.

  8. We all start somewhere.

    Scalia starts by taking her hunting and shooting. Shotguns and bolt action stuff.

    It’s a base to build from.

    What would certainly have been an anti-gun vote now could be more of a Kennedy flipper.

    Progress is often made in small steps.


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