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“A St. Louis area gun shop refused a sale to an African-American woman because, according to the clerk, St. Louis police informed gun stores that Darren Wilson will not be charged,” reports. And told them to remove their firearms from the premises in case “protestors” choose to do a little affirmative shopping. “To be clear, this was not an instance of racism (not in the traditional sense, anyway) — the shop was just in the process of removing all guns and ammunition from the premises, allegedly on the order of police.” You didn’t know that? Apparently the media didn’t get the memo. Literally . . .

Did you notice the tractor trailer back there to our loading dock?” the man asked the woman, who responded with an affirmative. “All the guns are already packed in, and we’re taking all the pawns out of here too, just to protect our customers’ merchandise.”


“They’ve been saying that they’re gonna target gun stores and pawn shops,” the clerk told the woman. “This came from law enforcement; it’s what they told us. They sent out memos and everything.”

I don’t think this “proves’ the grand jury will no-true-bill Officer Wilson; taking easily located stockpiles of guns away from the site of possible looting is the dictionary definition of common sense gun control. IMHO.

[h/t Vhyrus]

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    • They probably got the cops to agree to arm the protesters in that list of demands that was circulated.

  1. Reminds me of that Bible verse regarding the oil lamps. Get when you can, ’cause it might be too late later.

  2. Sounds like the woman had the right idea, but picked the wrong shop. For what its worth, I wouldn’t wait for a memo by the PD to get my valuables out of Ferguson ahead of the grand jury announcement.

  3. Unless they have a clandestine location that they are not trusting to law enforcement then this is just bad all the way around. I wouldn’t hand off my stock and merchandise for safekeeping to anyone outside of immediate family, much less let a tractor trailer driven by anyone else take it.

    Maybe I’m jumping the gun here and this is all funded and controlled by the rightful owners but it smells pretty bad.

    • I’m thinking that the truck was hired by the pawn shop to remove the merchandise. I highly doubt the Ferguson PD is sending trucks around to collect guns and pawned Playstations.

      • You already put more thought into it than this lady did, just some race baitin from a “protestor” trying to make her lack of preparing/properly filling out paperwork into something else.

        • I guess you missed the part in the video where she says she already paid for it and attempted to buy it last week and could not, most likely either cause she got a NICS delay or her driver’s license had the wrong address on it. People who have never bought a gun before don’t know what is required. I find it hard to fault her for not getting it right the first time.

        • But she openly states her address was correct on the license and the paperwork in the video. 4473s are not made to be intuitive in any way, I dont imagine any .gov paperwork is. There is a serious clerical FUBAR going on imo, because the story changes throughout the video. If this lady left the store after being told she wasnt in the system and had already paid some of her money (he states she has a balance late in the video after she tells him its about her job for the second time after stating “You do know I work with enforcement?”), I find it hard not to blame her for said bad decision, especially if her DL info was correct.

          However, this video seems to be made to be intentionally inflammatory, its on a youtube account with no other postings and its made to capitalize on the current Ferguson madness as she clearly states about the release of the verdict.

        • The article that links the video is intentionally inflammatory, but I don’t see the video as anything other than “These guys won’t let me get my gun.” I could be reading it wrong though.

  4. If I had a business in the area, I would be closing it up and permanently relocating somewhere else if at all possible. I feel bad for business owners that will be risking being burned out, looted, and possible injury and death if they try to defend there livelyhoods.

  5. Is this corroborated and/or verified by other sources? If memos were sent, like the guy in the recording says, has ANYONE seen them?

    I mean, this could be a single shopowner being overly cautious and taking steps on his own, while saying it’s under instructions from local law enforcement.

    This is…disturbing.

    • LE may have made a ‘suggestion’, I highly doubt it was an order.

      If a pawn shop does any kind of volume they have a back room (or rooms) several times the square footage of their showroom.

      I seriously doubt the owners would clean out all pawns and inventory. Guns and gold, maybe.

      I’ll also lay money they’ll be heavily armed and in their shops and / or on the roofs.

      I doubt they could get their customers pawns moved out in 24 hours and have any hope of easily keeping it organized. That’s half the battle in pawn shops, having an organized way of finding the stuff when customers redeem it.

      One black DVD player pretty much looks like most every other black DVD player. And now you have a stack of 40 black DVD players to find the right one?

      They’re tooled up, their friends and family are giving them a hand to ride this one out.

    • That’s been observed before, I like this new twist of repeatedly making it sound like its coming tomorrow, so everyone races in from all over the country to get in on the fun, then nothing happens until a few days later, when it becomes apparent that tomorrow is the big day, rinse and repeat. If you came and stayed, it’s getting expensive and boring, if you’re “commuting” it’s getting expensive and boring, some will surely lose interest, if not all. I’m sure Jesse and crew will be ready, but what if it’s Wed, just before Thanksgiving? Or it’s snowing? I think they’re doing great.

      • You don’t think Dept of “Justice” and the other Obuma welfare agencies and “NGO”/activists groups aren’t funding this thing??? That every “protester” doesn’t have SNAP card, housing voucher, Obumer phone? Really?

        • You wouldn’t stand for the government making foundationless accusations, but why hold your self to the same standards right?

  6. Just reminds me of the old western movie line, “Get out of Dodge before the sun goes down.”

  7. I think that a city government should not have the power to make such an order or even request. If they need more officers to protect these business, use some of the national guard or the 100 FBI agents sent down there. In fact I think putting two FBI agents with their service handguns in front of each of these stores would be a good use of their expertise. It might give the people some idea of the force necessary to restore order.
    Just as in the Trayvon Martin trial, I think our federal agencies have come down on the wrong side of justice.

  8. No one looted the gun stores during the first riots because there were armed guards protecting the stores. The stores that were looted had no security and they were robbed blind. The rioters didn’t want to get shot the first time around, so they chose the soft targets.

  9. What really burns my ass are the comments at the bottom of that article. How do you fix opinions like that?

    • I had only read the comments on the youtube video until I saw your comment, man they are equally infuriating/mind numbing as those on the article itself. Then again, when a website author posts “Valerie is a lifelong progressive activist, a mother, ” as the bio, I expect nothing less than turning the derp knob up to 11 and ripping it off.

      You cant fix stupid. However, as a caveat to that, I used to have some stupid ass shit awful views on things, but I was at least willing to be semi-objective (as much as it hurt at the time) about things and eventually came to a realization that I was wrong. Sadly however, I feel this may be the exception and not the rule.

  10. Have you noticed the celebrity race baiters have disappeared lately?? Sow the wind. Reap the whirlwind. They smell a disaster methinks.

    • “Rev” Al (God, I can’t keep from laughing everytime I say that) is supposedly coming back for the verdict, esp if there is 48 hrs notice given to the family. Wouldn’t it be great if the 4 Season Hotel (Al’s choice of residence when he gets to STL) put him next to the elevators and ice machine? 🙂

      • No doubt he’ll “pray with the family in this time of great need(ing money from whoever has the deepest pockets)”.

  11. I’d be telling LEO that they were VASTLY overstepping their authority and to not let the door hit them in the ass as they were leaving. ANY decent vendor of firearms should have a secure facility that makes it difficult for
    thieves to break into and makes afterhours theft, especially of firearm enormously difficult. That’s common sense.
    But of the minions of the states machinery to make such dictates…..BULL.

  12. I get the impression that what is going unsaid here is that “if your skin is dark, you don’t get to buy a gun because your skin color demonstrates your criminal status.” This is how gun control got started in this country historically. Initially, it was about keeping guns away from the Black community who had been suppressed and abused for centuries, and might have an expectation (and a real need) for resisting the hostile factions surrounding them. This report suggests that the concerns expressed by the Black community about the Ferguson PD is not unfounded.

    • I didn’t watch the video in its wntirety, but I did read the entire, linked article. I must have missed the mention of what pawn shop this was, or where. Is it even in Ferguson? It could be in Jennings, Pagedale, or one of the several other, surrounding municipalities.

      Even so, do you seriously tbink lical LEO *ordered* shops to lock up their inventory? Really?

      It couldn’t be that LEO merely sent out a memo saying they expect a certain response to the GJ decision, and *recommended* that local shops take prudent steps to protect their goods. That would be far too un-controversial.

    • If blacks would stop committing violent crimes at a rate several times that of whites, then maybe that bad image would go away. Facts can be uncomfortable things.

  13. I think that Wilson will walk. I think the protests will be mostly peaceful and there won’t be any real looting or chaos. The eyes of the country are on Ferguson, and it would make the movement look terrible. It’s for that reason that I think the community organizers will preach peace. Ferguson will be tense for a while, but just like with Trayvon, I think this whole thing is overblown. It’s all just programming for the 24 hr news media.
    Now, I do expect numerous revenge-attacks across the country over the next several months, just like Trayvon.

    • Oh yeah, it’ll be a regular kumbaya moment. These thugs from all over are just arriving for the pleasure of meeting Sharpton. They all just want peace. Just kill a bunch of whiteys and there will be happiness everywhere.

      • That’s not what I meant. I knew they’d ask for peace (and continue to absolutely push dependence LarryinTX), but I figured they’d, I don’t know, not destroy their town. Shame on me. Way to prove that prejudice is based on reality, Ferguson-rioters.

    • Yeah… Never mind on that post. Way to teach me to try and raise the bar, Ferguson-rioters. What a bunch of savages.

      • Who are you calling savages? The protestors or the rioters.. There is a difference you know.. The protestors are there to be peaceful and accomplish a goal.. The rioters on the other hand just want to be destructive.. And remember, among both the protestors and the rioters there are people of different backgrounds and ethnic groups or did you not notice that?.. Also.. Did the police ask the store owners to remove the gun in case their shops were broken into and their inventory was stolen or, did they tell owners not to sell weapons to anyone in the area? Big difference their as well.. Because if the police ask them to do it for reason #1, I can understand.. Who wants stolen guns on the streets.. But, if the police told them different or the store owners took it upon themselves not to sell to the people in the area then that may very well be considered discriminatory.. And we all know that discrimination is against the law.. Just asking..

        • The protestors are just the useful idiots of both the rioters and the race-baiters (as much as those two groups differ). If they weren’t protesting, they wouldn’t be providing cover for the rioters.

  14. I went to the pawn shop that Monday when the lady was there. I was going to pay on my pawn and layaway when she told me what happened. I frequent that pawn shop regularly and the people there were always nice so this is the first time I’ve heard anything like this happening. I;m friends with some of the employees that work upstairs where the guns were being sold. So me and her went outside and started talking about what’s going on and she needed it for her job so I’m glad the manager got it her. The pawn shop name is Piazza’s Jewelry and Pawn off I-170 and page. I also work at cabelas in Hazelwood and we haven’t removed a thing.

  15. The guy said he’d refund her. She couldn’t just go to Metro Shooting Supplies, Cabela’s, Sharp Shooters, or one of the other gun shops not so close to ground zero?

    • yes this is the overland area…..well all the other stores were packed, especially cabelas and not too many people even know of piazza’s pawn

  16. I dont think local PD has the juice (jurisdiction) to “order” a pawn or gun shop to remove guns and defacto cease and desist business operations. A judge does however and supposedly a governor can declare a state of emergency and or martial law and shut down some businesses like liquor stores, alcohol sales, etc. and I would assume gun sales. Not sure it’s constitutional and I am sure it could be challenged in court after the fact but I am just as sure the Po Po can’t legally do this on their own. I would have said: “show me a court order otherwise would you like to pawn or buy a gun?” If they carted me off to jail, well then that’s what lawyers and bail bondsmen are for.

  17. I would think any responsible gun shop/pawn shop owner/manager would do this anyway, or at least lock them all up in their safes.

    Things are coming to a head all over the place and I just hope cool heads prevail.

  18. If the shop has a time machine that lets them “temporally” remove the firearms, can’t they just use it to find out whether the store is looted in the future?

  19. Precaution? Sure, a good thing, if the store owners indeed actually feel that the risk and the chance of would-be looters…er, looting their stores, is rather high, under the current climate. but, that kinda makes owning a gunstore with armed employees a moot point, no?

    while, obviously, no one should ever risk lives when not necessary, but, one would think that there would come a time, where and when ‘drawing a line in the sand’ to “protect what’s your own” has reached a point of inevitability. no??

    plus, if you’re too afraid to own a gunstore… well, why bother?

    like it or not, in gunnies’ world, there is something to be said about an actual gun owner & employees, who had a chance to fight off criminal element with his own store’s smallarms, and did so, and not ‘hide’ (store inventories and otherwise…including the self) away, no?


    that said: Ferguson PD Tell Gun Stores and Pawn Shops to Remove Guns

    always weird reading about a bunch of employees telling their employer bosses WTF to do, or not to do.

    • During the Los Angeles riots the Chinese sat in front of their shops locked and loaded and they did not suffer from the riots.

  20. I have room in my safe if the Ferguson dealers need a place to store their guns. And unlike many residents of Ferguson, I can actually pass a NICS check.

  21. this thing has somehow taken on a life of its own. This is about more than a cop and a 6’4″ thug. I have my theories and some facts, but it would be a long post. Something about mixing genetically inferior people with an absence of good food, education, and jobs. (there are genetically inferior white folks, too, but they don’t all congregate in one section of town and blame it on others)

  22. It’s really too bad that decent folks who have never considered that they might need a gun to protect themselves are now finding out how screwed up it is when they can’t GET one in a critical time of need, no matter WHAT the reason.

  23. What a waste of money and time. Do like Mayor Daley when MLK was assassinated. Tell police and National Guard to shoot to kill anyone starting a fire or carrying a Molotov Cocktail and shoot to maim looters. Drop the rubber bullets and honest citizens will stay home and who cares about the others.

  24. Unless, these FFLs are moving the weapons to another “Licensed” location, they are in violation of the “Gun Control Act of 1968, as amended” PERIOD. Weapons in Inventory, MUST stay at the Licensed Location, unless they are in the Physical Possession, of the Licensee, PERIOD. Any such Order, by ANY Local, State of Federal LEO, excepting an ATF Agent with a Warrant, OR a US Marshal, Is an Illegal Order, and puts the FFLs License in Jeopardy, as a violation of the ATF Rules. I am sure few if ANY local LEOs understand the Federal Statute’s intricacies, and are just trying to do the “Right Thing”. HOWEVER, this is just like the LAPD, going into the local Gun Shop, during the “AK47 Bank Robbery Incident” and “Borrowing” some “Hunting Rifles, and Ammunition” in this “Emergency”. This was in DIRECT Violation of the GCA of 1968 as amended, because the ATF4473s and BoundBook Entries, were NOT done, and put the FFLs License in Jeopardy, for failing to follow the ATF Regs. Just say’en, If Law Enforcement, can’t follow the Federal Statutes, just WHY, should the rest of us be prosecuted for not following the SAME Statutes…. I mean, DUH……

    • Thanks for that explanation. I was actually in the process of asking whether the local police even have the ability or jurisdiction to make such a ‘request’ of the gun shop owners.

  25. Did you notice the tractor trailer back there to our loading dock?” the man asked the woman, who responded with an affirmative. “All the guns are already packed in, Yeah, and you can ask a certain gun shop (Pro Fire Arms and Supply) on the North West side of Indy how well that all works.

  26. The stores in Ferguson have been boarded up for days in advance of them not indicting Wilson.

    If they want to get rid of them all they have to do is hand out work boots and job applications.

  27. Cops have no business telling people to pack up inventroy and no right to warn them of a verdict that had not been public yet.
    I don’t speak pig latin.
    Hope this goes nationwide and the tree of Liberty is refreshed.

  28. If I had a business any where near the surrounding areas I would pack it in and take my losses or hire a full time 24/7 professional security service. These people are looking for any reason to loot and burn. Respond accordingly.

  29. Frankly, I would pull everything from the gun shop and move to a safer town. Who would want to sell guns to violent people destroying the town?
    Under these circumstances, I see that it is a good idea, however, I question the authority of any police to demand the shop be pulled.
    “Asking” the shop owner to pull it would be more lawful and respectful.

  30. It’s a difficult situation, Racism as inspired by the White House, MSM and numerous ideological provocateurs. I think many of us in the ethnic majority seeing the news and government abuse of power also harbor a certain fear of what our nation and the police are becoming. After all we have been accused of clinging to our religion and guns and most of us raise our hands and gleefully say guilty. Then go out and buy more ammo. 😉

    I also know that there is a certain thug mentality in certain economic/ethnic/geographical people groups. It’s just the way it is. And that culture predisposes towards crime and puts them automatically at odds with law enforcement. Remember the police face a job few people could actually do and have rights too.

    So it seems we live in an evolving police state, swat teams, no knock warrants, beating homeless women, illegal laws, abuse of power, thug culture, gang raping, race baiting politicians and social activist society with views of a dystopian future. At least that’s how a great many people see Americas future.

    That’s not my personal desire but in seeing what groups like ISIS are doing in the middle east I know for a fact these cultures do exist. It’s not race. It’s not the honorable police officer. If you truly understand how we are being manipulated then you will understand Americas woes. It’s so omniipresent its almost invisible.

    Back to the woman. She has every right, regardless of color to buy a weapon to defend her life. What she does with that weapon is her responsibility.

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