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“I really wish the Supreme Court justices who opened up the floodgates on guns had to take the calls I get at 2 o’clock in the morning from police sergeants and lieutenants about shootings.” – Chicago Alderman Will Burns quoted in Chicago City Council Passes Strict Gun Store Law [via]

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  1. @ Will Burns

    Then how about you folks start trying to improve your rough areas of town and actually do something about poverty instead of creating bullshit laws that just make you feel good inside since you, “did something”?

    • Exactly. Try working on your gang problem instead of throwing platitudes around and then come back and we’ll talk.

      • Easier to pass the blame on the tool than to have to stand up and admit you and every other politician have no idea how to curb violence.

        • Everyone’s on a roll today ……. except this political hack, Burns.

          Ya know, Mr Burns, if you people actually attempted to address the extent that corruption in your own town disenfranchises your own citizens, you might get a glimmer of the crux of the problem.

          I’m sure the members of your constituency would all love to have a suit and tie like yours.

    • Except, of course, for organized crime and the employees in city government who are in bed with them.

      It’s a shame. Chicago has some great things to offer. Too bad it’s rotten to the core. I remember people cheering for Obama in 2008, so enthusiastic about how we have a president who isn’t another beltway product. Yeah, you traded beltway politics for Chicago politics. Idiots.

    • I had the exact same question, how is this a new problem???? Was Chicago the land of rainbows and unicorns and ever blooming flowers until last year when the “floodgates” opened????? Floodgates???? Really???? Hasn’t the city been knee deep in violence for the past 50 stinking years???!!! Where has this guy been since 1960? And just how far is his head been buried in (comment self moderated).

  2. Something tells me the gentleman above would argue Chicago can’t get control of their streets until the guns are gone. Chicken and the egg sort of thing. Of course the evidence that contradicts that thought is vast, vt is my favorite example. In 2011 they had 5 murders, 2 were committed using guns. No state gun laws ? No permit to ccw? Yep. For some reason they can Co exist. Does Chicago have a gun problem or gang problem? Gee, I think I’ll cast my vote in the gang problem category.

  3. Just what I was thinking, Jack. When did the Police start calling Aldermen in the middle of the night?

  4. Why do you think Chicago was the template for Gotham city? Because it is a place in desperate need of common sense and concern for your fellow man. Oh, and Batman!

    • Funny, I always hear NYC referenced as Gotham (when the name pops up), not Chicago. not LA.

  5. I think the Chicago criminal element don’t obtain their guns at the local gun shop – regular Joes do. Seems they are not concerned about the gangs firearms, but those of regular Joes.

    • I’m pretty sure they just phone in one of the politicos to find out which train cart to break into.

      • Chicago likes it’s guns like it likes it’s drugs. Smuggled in, sold by criminals to criminals and the bosses are in on the deal.

    • To be fair, some do get their firearms through straw purchases. There was a federal criminal trial recently where a guy got convicted for buying guns at local shops and gun shows and selling to the gangs. But the percentage of straw purchased vs. stolen guns on the street has to be extremely low. Which has a higher profit margin and a larger market, a stolen Glock 19 or one that you had to buy at a store for $550 plus sales tax?

  6. Typical craven politician. It’s just so much easier to pass new laws than to enforce old ones. It doesn’t matter to them that the only people who wil obey are the one who always have…for now, anyway.

  7. Maybe he gets called in the night because criminals he has on the payroll keep getting killed? Just a thought.

    • Or maybe the criminals have him on speed dial? And butt-dial him as they hit the pavement?

  8. Chicago, where gang members get spanked and law abiding folks get murdered. If I were one of these hybrid LEO-POLITICO fellows I’d have a difficult time sleeping too. Good tip for anyone entering this career…enroll in Data Science and Marketing with a strong minor in Being an Effective Lier.

  9. This is like those multi-millionaire Hollywood actresses complaining how “tough” it is to be a Movie Star and a Mother…no sympathy possible.

  10. It’s like the whole town government has blinders on and the rest of the town just follows along like sheep. You slap them in the face with the obvious, gun control doesn’t work, and they turn around and tell you how/why it is. You try and tell them to let the people have their 2A rights and they’ll tell you why they shouldn’t.
    Maybe it’s all in the fact that we have a “for profit” judicial system. they can’t figure out any other way to make the city money so they just let crime reign, all the while saying that they don’t understand why the crime rate is so bad and the gun laws are working.

    Chicago, elect people that aren’t afraid to talk about & go after the gangs & drugs and really cleaning up the streets. then and only then will you EVER see change.

  11. To all those who wrote that Chicago has a gang problem: Ding Ding Ding! That is the correct answer. This article explains how the pols in Chicago are controlled by the gangs. Guns have nothing to do with it. Also, those same atrocious acts were being perpetrated by scum on innocents and other scum alike durring Lil’ Dick Daley’s no guns heyday, so all those wonderful gun laws that the mean people in the robes made them do away with weren’t doing anything but keeping the law abiding defenceless. But, alas, I sing, rather poorly, to the choir.

  12. The criminals don’t obey the laws and so far all you have done is allowed the criminals and gangs to rule the streets of Chicago. The law abiding have to rely on the police who cant get there fast enough to make more chalk outlines.

  13. And don’t forget the aldercreatures in Chiraq are allowed to pack-one of the perks of office.


  14. Oh Boo Hoo, Alderman.

    Your phone rings at 2 am? Cry me a river.

    Go ride a night shift in your city or walk the streets at 2 am. THEN maybe you MIGHT have something to say on the subject.

  15. Opened the flood gates…? The Supreme Court…? In Chicago…?

    That’s like complaining about littering at the city dump.

    • Isn’t this just amazing, though?

      The implication here is that all of a sudden, due to concealed carry being “forced down their throat,” Chicago has a violence problem, AND they now get to pin all the violence (that has always existed) on the CC-ers.

      It will be quite interesting to see what the crime stats are for the city this year and next.

      I thought the ‘blood in the streets’ meme died a while back? Didn’t they give that one up because it has been proven false?

      Oh well. Keep hope alive, Alderman. Someone will believe it even still.

      • I’m going to guess that exactly zero criminal shooters in Chicago have a CC license, and probably zero have as much as a FOID.

  16. What about the gang violence that spills out of Chicago and into nearby cities? Do these people even look outside their city…their state? Do they even wonder why they are the murder capital of the US, that no other city in the US experiences those numbers? Do they even wonder why cities that support the 2nd Amendment wholeheartedly have far less murders than Chicago? I am so sick of these bozos from Chicago who are so steeped in their totalitarian views that they cannot even once consider that the data proves without a doubt that their ideological views are completely false.

  17. yeah, i wish somebody else had to deal with the crappy parts of my job too. he’s got part of pilsen, bronzeville, kenwood, and hyde park to deal with. all bordered on the east by lake michigan. the university of chicago and all that areas’ architecture and wealth, and straight ghetto. with that much diversity he’s bound to get a few calls.
    none of those calls are prompted by an illinoisans newly legal ability to defend oneself. he’s just kissing tiny dancer’s (thanks mr.’s joravsky and miner) and mcbeernuts’ (thanks mr. hale) keyster.

  18. They’re probably calling him because the shooters have Frank Nitti style CCWs on the back of the alderman’s business card:

    To Whom lt May Concern.
    Please extend to the bearer, Mr. Gang Member, all possible courtesy and consideration.

    Will Burns
    Alderman of the City of Chicago

  19. Houses are springing up everywhere. I blame the availability of hammers. If we could restrict construction tool ownership, perhaps we would have more green space. Also, the more hammers someone owns or the bigger the hammer, the more likely they are to build a house.

    • You lost me right at the end there. The bigger the hammer, the more likely I am to break stuff. Maybe that’s the answer. Sledgehammers for everybody!

  20. I wish the aldermen in Chicago who stifle the legitimate ownership of firearms there would have to be the ones making 2am calls to police because of the home invasion they just suffered.

  21. I wish city council members (politicians in general) would stop equating legal gun ownership with criminal activity.

  22. $20 says he is up for re-election and this is red meat to the slaves in his ward. . . . easy to blame all of the rich old white dudes in DC (yes, they call Clarence an Uncle Tom) than on his failings as a man and politician.

  23. Hey I live south of Chicago. We do get violence from the city. With an estimated 150000 gang members(!) what the h#ll do you expect? Yes there are straw purchases but I believe the vast majority of guns are stolen. Most get a slap on the wrist…unless you dance for Obama. And there’s NO death penalty in Illinois either. Chicago is an unfixable cesspool of democrat violence & corruption. I try to avoid it completely.

  24. I say bull$h!t. Cops calling pols at wee hours over legislation…..wait…..let’s say it is true……you ARE a public servant……serve and stop bitching and moaning.

  25. What “floodgates” it’s he talking about? Seems a wee bit exaggerated if you ask me.

  26. If we are going to start wishing, I wish all the dopers and bangers would disappear. Poof, 80% less murders and who knows how many other less problems.

  27. My guns are locked safely away in the safe. Crime going down yet?? No??, Hmmm, maybe the law abiding are not the problem then….What say you now Mr Anti Civil Rights politician??

  28. Right Alderman Burns — it is the U.S. Supreme Court’s fault which explains why Chicago was awash in firearms and had a high murder rate BEFORE their decision. Oh, wait …

  29. Hey Burns. You people piss me off. And by ‘you people’ I don’t mean black people. I mean you little local-yokel politicians. You posers. Narcissists. Puffers. You know, people who puff the Ten Foot Wood.

    C’mon. Who in the hell from the popo is calling you at 0200 when some banger gets shot? Unless he’s you buddy, that is. The cop or the deceased. Whichever one.

    Otherwise… I doubt you’re gettin’ any calls.

    Let’s see the incoming call history on your cell, hero.

  30. Let me get this straight Alderman, sir. You’re saying that gun rights should be severely restricted to the point they almost do not exist, BECAUSE YOU DON’T LIKE DOING YOUR JOB – the job you volunteered for and even campaigned for the chance to have that job. Is that what you are saying?

    OK, well maybe we should give your job to someone else!

  31. That’s odd. I clearly recall DC being the murder capital of the world when guns were banned there.

    And it wasn’t to long ago that handguns were banned in Chicago yet they still had 400-500 shootings per year.

    perhaps this incompetent douchebag Alderman has a short memory.

  32. All arguments for additional restrictions and laws regarding firearms rest on two premises 1) toughter laws will stop violence. 2) Individuals who are lawless to begin with, will obey the laws or restrictions that are passed

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