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“Studies show the single most effective way to stop a completed rape is a gun. Why would we ever deny someone the right to avail themselves of the single most effective way of [stopping] completing a rape?” – Utah Rep. Kim Coleman in House approves allowing concealed gun permits for Utahns as young as 18 [via]


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  1. ‘Cause gunz are eeeeeviiiillll. /sarc

    As someone noted on another post: punish behaviors. Most of us know a 16 year old who’s more mature than some 30 year olds.

  2. I’ll be the first to say it: “OMG, there will be blood in the streets”

    Bonus quote: “What about the safety of our children!!!”.

    • Yep.

      They want to keep citizens disarmed because rapists’ blood in the streets is worse than rape victems’. … because they are O K with kids getting killed by whack jobs nobody can stop, and suicides with anything but a gun.

      They don’t want you having a gun because in the end, you’re not worth the costs of protecting, and too stupid, reactive n biased to protect yourself w/o making things worse. (You might shoot a rapist n we can’t have that. You might have protected yrself, n what’s that worth, reall?) In the end “responsibly” means to their benefit, not yours n they like everybody more than they like you.

      In the end they don’t give a damn about “safety”, or they’d talk about “violence” not guns. Or, rather, they don’t care about your safety. The rapist n the whack job, them they care about.

      In the end, they don’t want guns around kids, because some of those kids might start thinking … that they’re worth protecting … that tools are just tools … that they can do for themselves … that they can make their own choices about risks.

      The banners’ “reasons” are distracrion n chaff. As the joke goes … “You’re not here for the hunting, are you?”

      • You MUST remember, a LIBERAL views a woman raped & strangled by her own pantyhose in an alley MORALLY SUPERERIOR to a woman explaining to the cops how here attacker received a fatal gun shot wound. That poor rapist could surely have been rehabilitated & made a member of society; NOT.

    • I don’t know that it is bad for the state. But people within the state have goals and ideals for how they live their life, and how everyone else needs to also, and you being compliant and cooperative are part of those goals.

  3. monsanto mommy wonders what all the fuss is about women needing guns. Doesn’t everybody have armed bodyguards provided by kapo bloomberg?

    • Nah, Shannon and her hench(wo)men claim that armed self defense doesn’t happen. Ever.

      The Armed Citizen section of American Rifleman monthly disagrees.

  4. The article states 18 year olds can already carry legally but only openly so how will concealed carry make a difference? And then there’s this gem

    “Utah teens and young adults have a high suicide rate already and guns are the most successful method of committing suicide.”

    because being able to carry concealed is going to cause suicides to skyrocket.

    • That’s the exact nonsense my state rep tried to pull when he refused to support Constitutional carry here in NH. He said it was a bad idea because suicide.

      Must be some nonsense “I don’t know WTF I’m talking about” fallback response triggered whenever the word “gun” is heard.

      Constitutional carry should be signed into law today. 🙂

  5. I love it when conservative women make gun rights a women’s issue. Stop the Democrats’ war on women!

    The left hates it when we use their identity politics against them.

    • I think more accurately, the left hates when anyone uses any form of facts, logic, independent thought process or sense of personal safety and/or responsibility against their “All guns are evil, and if you own one you’re either a mass murderer waiting to happen or you’ll be killed with your own gun” rhetoric.

  6. I would argue that while a gun is the great equalizer when it comes to rape,(or any other crime of violence) without proper training, regardless of age, a gun can be taken and used to victimize the owner. I would not hesitate to allow concealed carry permits to under age citizens IF they could demonstrate good situational awareness through training and be tested practically to demonstrate their ability to make good decisions. If they fail, they should still be allowed to carry non lethal instruments (Stun guns, mace, air horns etc) many of which are NOT allowed.

    • Broken record, sorry –

      I defy you to show me where in the 27 words: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” is included anything about the age of the people, or the authority of the government to mandate certain levels of training or situational awareness before the right may be exercised.

      Still waiting.

      And the answer is not, “Because 5 lifelong government operatives selected to the Supreme Court say ‘shall not be infringed’ is a flexible concept and does not apply to regulation in the government’s interest.”

    • Who would set the training standards? The government?
      Who decides who passes and fails? Government employees? Government certified trainers?

      If you don’t see the fundamental flaw in that then you don’t understand the Second Amendment. If the government can decide who can exercise a right and who can’t, then it’s not a right.

      The whole concept of the government deciding who can and cannot carry a gun is exactly what the 2A was designed to prevent.

    • If the guy is already raping her , one can assume he is either armed or physically over powering enough to kill her bare handed.

    • It’s not your job, or the government’s, to dictate the terms of someone’s self-defense. Sure, it’s a good idea to get some additional training, but no, it’s not necessary to accomplish the goal of protecting yourself.

      The thing is, I believe you. I genuinely believe you’re a decent person who is anti-rape (who isn’t?), but who also does care about women using a firearm without making the situation worse. I get it.

      However, that’s an adult woman’s decision to make for herself. If she doesn’t have the will to shoot and the rudimentary proficiency to do so, then she probably shouldn’t carry a firearm. That’s her choice, though.

      The problem is that there are vast hordes of statists out there, both in office and among the general population, who just want government to control people’s lives. Rugged individual issues like being pro-firearms, especially concealed carry, tend to erode people’s reliance on government across the board. That’s bad for people in the government controlling people business.

      So they must resist all initiatives in the direction of freedom and personal accountability. If some women get raped and murdered along the way, that’s fine with these statists. It’s for the greater good and their accumulation of power.

      These sick, cynical people with these evil, ulterior motives will play upon your sympathies and exploit your call for common sense, by abusing such licensing and training requirements. They’ll take your sincere interest in people being safe and turn it into a scheme to deprive people of freedom and expand their own empire.

      • “It’s not your job, or the government’s, to dictate the terms of someone’s self-defense. Sure, it’s a good idea to get some additional training, but no, it’s not necessary to accomplish the goal of protecting yourself.”


    • Not a squick reaction, but a puzzled reaction. How does one stop an act that’s already been completed? Of course, I’ve never been elected to any political office. WTF do I know?

      • A person can be guilty of sexual assault without penetrating the victim’s vagina with his penis. “Completed” means he accomplished his mission. Merely attempting it make him a rapist and subject to the victim’s lawful use of deadly force.

  7. Rape only lasts 30 seconds, murder is forever.

    (/k/ posted this on the Brady Bunch’s Facebook page and they actually reposted it all over the place thinking it was something they made themselves)

    • That is one of the most stupid things ever uttered by man. Oh yea, sure, after the rape, the victim just goes on about life, no long term issues there at all. While I am sure that counseling helps eventually, I think the damage would heal faster for the individual who perforated the would be rapist, as “justified” and “self defense” carry some psychological weight.

      Never been in that position, so IDK. Just another Internet .02.

    • I have a friend who was tied up in her own bed and raped repeatedly, over and over again, for several hours. She sustained wounds to her hands in the course of defending herself against the scumbag’s knife attacks and she will never regain complete manual dexterity.

      Thirty seconds, my ass. The dude got twelve years. Twelve gauge would have been more appropriate.

      At the time, she owned neither a dog or a gun. Now she has both.


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