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“TSA doesn’t want to infringe on anyone’s right to take a firearm with them when they travel, we just want to make sure they do it the right way.” –┬áTSA Regional Spokesman Mark Howell in TSA: Let us show you the right way to fly with guns [via]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Californians Punching Back Against Gunpocalypse Laws">Previous Post
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  1. The “right” way is the same exact way I travel with my gun by any other means… On my hip.

    • The TSA exists for 2 reasons. First, to provide travelers with a false sense of security when they travel. And, second, to provide jobs to people who are otherwise unemployable.

      • #3 Teach a generation of children that being poked, prodded and fondled by agents of the state is normal, acceptable and necessary.

        • “As far as I’m concerned, all of this airport security, all the searches, the screenings, the cameras, the questions, it’s just one more way of reducing your liberty and reminding you that they can fuck with you anytime they want, as long as you put up with it. As long as you put up with it. Which means, of course, anytime they want!”

          -George Carlin

      • As a business owner and former employer I’ve run across a number of people who would provide more social utility by living off the welfare system.

      • Many of them foreign nationals (because hey, we want the shakedown from “our” guys overseas).

        Next we will teach you how to bow!

      • I have a picture of a TSA reading her phone while supposedly checking people coming through the Xray system. I had a student who was a TSA tester and he was able to get 5 dangerous items through Xray including C4, a gun, knife, pepper spray and box cutter. TSA is worthless. Let’s do the Israeli system and talk to people as they come through – you can see who is lying and who isn’t and tag them for investigation. This includes women in burkas whom I have seen let through without any check or Xray done to them! When I objected they told me they would take away my ticket. I filed a complaint with their supervisor and never heard back. Since then we drive if we can – screw the TSA and our worthless government.

    • I hope it’s a .45 loaded with Safety Slugs. Poking holes in the fuselage is not good for the other passengers.

      • Nonsense. There are already a couple of holes built into the fuselage on purpose and they aren’t really all that small. UA Flight 811 lost a huge chunk of the forward fuselage around the cargo door that had issues and managed to make it back to the ground and land. And a cargo door is waaayyy bigger than any bullet hole could ever hope to be.

        • Dangerous decompression from small holes in the fuselage is indeed Hollywood nonsense.

          I’m sure everyone’s more concerned about the potential for small holes in the fuel tank or lines, or the hydraulic lines responsible for moving control surfaces. Or electrical wires that could spark fires.

        • Handgun rounds most certainly *can* penetrate an airliner pressure hull, it just can’t cause an explosive decompression.

          Turbine bleed air can easily compensate for a few bulletholes…

        • You’d be surprised. An aluminum skin along with the insulation and internal paneling makes it very hard for anything other than ball ammo to even make a serious dent. Go take a 9mm handgun and shoot it at a piece of aircraft grade aluminum. You’ll get a lot of dents, but no penetration from a single round.

      • Bullet holes in an airliner fuselage are a total non-issue.

        And to prove the point, Mythbusters actually pressurized a commercial airliner fuselage and demonstrated it.

  2. 15 years since 9/11, zero terrorist attacks thwarted, a shooting at LAX by one of their own, countless people violated along the way. Talk about diminishing returns. The TSA shouldn’t exist.

    • The TSA is what I like to call “security theatre,” where they run in circles, scream and shout for the amusement of the stupid.

      If you know anything about security, you can see the TSA are utterly ineffective at securing airline travel in this country – or any other. The best security I’ve seen when flying was El Al, and they’re very upfront about it. If you’re going to try to take down an El Al airliner, they’re going to find you, and then they’re going to do very mean things to you, up to and including kill you dead right there.

      TSA? Well, after feeling you up, they’re done with you.

      • agree on El Al…that 2 person interview, with one asking questions, and the other wearing dark glasses, just steering into your eyes looking for sign of nervousness, plus dogs wandering through all bags, etc, is so effective, and efficient, at finding those people/bags needing actually extra screening. what we have with TSA, with low skilled workers in large numbers essentially doing nothing but waste money, is a joke

  3. The TSA, making choke points in airports… And then putting that bottle of water, (suspected bomb), in the trash can. With all of the other bottles of water. (Suspected bombs). So as to make an even bigger “bomb”. Right at the choke point where everybody is. Including the majority of them.
    Yup. Them ar smart guys!

    • I cured the TSA water bottle problem. Living in the sub-tropics of Florida, I find airliner cabin air drying as hell.

      So I bring an empty 1l bottle through the TSA line, and fill it on the other side…

  4. Ya know, for how safe the scanner is _supposed_ to be, do I see bones in the legs? That looks more like regular X-rays to me.

    Oh, and Greg & Shire-man, right on!

    • I was noticing that, too. Looks like their magic rays penetrate more than just clothing.

      Interestingly, it’s only the shins, kneecaps, and skull that show; the bones that aren’t covered by layers of muscle and flesh.

  5. I’ll try to put this politely: Fuck the TSA.


    The TSA is the Republican version of a jobs program. They are the “fries with that” of the security world. Not only are they stupid, but they are maliciously stupid in that their “security” measures are *only* meant to harass us.

    Bottles full of supposedly dangerous explosive components all dumped in to a giant bin together so that they can leak and combine in to their volitile end mix? Brilliant!

    Humiliating passengers by forcing them to take off their shoes, *and* creating a clot of potential victims at the pre-security area? Top shelf!

    The list goes on.

    The one thing GWB ever did that I agreed with was say that we did not need another massive government bureaucracy in response to 9-11. But then he allowe Cheney and other business minded cronys to change his mind.

    • Herr Bushler changed his mind, or he was always a cocksucking liar?

      “They hate you for your freedom, so I’m going to hold your freedom for safekeeping and to protect you from their hate”

  6. 95% miss rate. That’s all we need to know. Oh and rousting 80 year old white women in wheelchairs. And 3 year old little girls in the same chair…

  7. I wonder what it will take for the average American to say “enough already!”. The humiliation of TSA groping children and the elderly, Democrats importing terrorists by the thousands, jobs disappearing, and our rights being stripped away every day. I used to believe that the people would have a wake up call. I’m not so sure anymore.

    • Another massive attack with a plane, or a Brussels-style suicide bombing at a TSA chokepoint.

      Unfortunately, short of a president making it a top priority of theirs, massive loss of life is the only thing that has a chance of making this worthless, harassment agency go away.

      Of course whatever replaces it probably won’t be better. It’s why I’m never flying; I’ll take a train or boat.

    • Crobar – I have not flown since 2010, do not have a passport, do not have an enhanced drivers license. I would love to travel/tour Europe but refuse to succumb to the invasive requirements of airline travel. Chicago to Minneapolis is just as fast driving if you figure in a two-hour early arrival; and I avoid the expense of a rental car.

      I’m not sure what else we can do other than complain to our lawmakers.

  8. What are they even going to do if they did catch a terrorist? You ever taken a close look at TSA agents? It’s either someone so obese, they haven’t seen their dick in forever, or so clueless looking they wouldn’t know what to do even if they saw a terrorist.

  9. I have traveled via airline with my guns several times. I actually agree with the quote. The TSA has never given me any flack about the way I pack my guns and ammo. They generally go with whatever the airline policy states so once the guns get to them, they figure it’s all good. They are just looking for undeclared items or swabbing for chemicals. The problem I usually run in to is a clueless ticket agent.

    BTW, WordPress says this is my 1,001st comment on TTAG. Yay! Give me a swag bag!

  10. I grew up in Chicago and have flown out of Ohare more times than I can count. Security screening really isn’t that good and their employees aren’t great (hey, we can’t have Einstein working at McDonald’s either).

    However, I think the problem is more of complacency. After not seeing anything for so long, no airline terrorist attacks, you just stop caring because you think it’ll never happen. All jobs have that.

    I’m really surprised no jihadis have snuck into the ground crews yet.

  11. Simple. Don’t fly. Make the airlines hurt so bad they have no option but to turn on the TSA.

    I’m doing my bit.

    • Yes.

      And No.

      Look up TSA VIPR Program in your favorite search engine. The list of places TSA wants to be in that are not airports is actually kind of scary. Bus stations, rail stations, highway check points, NCAA tournaments, and many more.

      And for entertainment value, look up the Savannah Train inspection where they screened people getting OFF of the train. Wouldn’t any terrorist have done whatever terroristy thing they were going to do already?

  12. What’s the difference between a vampire and a TSA agent?

    A vampire gets more useful work done during the day!

  13. The training for the agents at the gates is extremely rigorous. It takes weeks to get them to stop saying, “Would you like fries with that, sir?”.

  14. TSA…. 8 Billion dollars a year to protect us from the last threat to aviation.

    Some of my favorites from that wonderful organization:

    You have to take off your shoes and put them through the scanner so we can see if they have something in them that wouldn’t normally show up in the scanner all because that one idiot tried to put something in his shoe that even if we was successful would only have killed himself and the couple of people sitting immediately around him.

    Liquids have to be in 3 ounce containers and you are limited to the number of containers that will fit into a quart size zippy bag. I can get ten containers in my baggie for a total of 30 ounces. Somehow my 30 ounces of liquid explosive is rendered safe by virtue of being stored in 3 ounce containers. Pay no attention to that empty 30 ounce container in my carry-on, it’s empty and absolutely no threat at all.

    This one is my absolute favorite…. You can’t take your bottle of water through security because it is more than 3 ounces which makes it potentially too dangerous to fly. Why don’t you just drop that bottle into this garbage bin, the one that is full of half-empty bottles right here, because its not like it is dangerous or anything.

    Eight Billion Dollars AND they charge you another $12.50 per leg of your trip just for the privilege of delaying you on your trip.

    • Ah, and there’s the $25 I had to pay to Delta for the ONE bag I had to check because it had a bottle of fine scotch in it which was NOT going to make by those eagle-eyed minions of the TSA. Of course, I suppose I could have just let them confiscate it but I would prefer making my $75 bottle of scotch into a $100 bottle of scotch rather than give them the satisfaction.

  15. I fly with guns all the time and I haven’t had any problems so far.

    I haven’t been patted down yet, but if some TSA clown wants to do so [s]he’d better buy me a couple of drinks first. And maybe play some Sinatra.

  16. Watching the video, the TSA guy demonstrates by pulling back the orange pistol’s slide, verifying there’s no round currently chambered, releasing the slide, then removing the magazine.

    I’m just an old J-frame guy… but it’s been my experience that what he just demonstrated is actually the procedure to LOAD a pistol for a single shot.

    He’s not a real POTG; he just plays one in TSA’s Security Theatre.

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