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“The rejection of these new gun laws might give state legislators reason to rethink their unending assault on Californians’ Second Amendment rights. Maybe they can instead look into why aloe vera was deemed a carcinogen earlier this year by the state Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment.” – David Hoy in Finally, some pushback against Sacramento’s ‘war’ on guns [at]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Anti-Gunners 'Shocked' by United Way Gun Auction">Previous Post
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  1. This guy is assuming those California legislators are sober, free-thinking and logical in their thinking.

    I suspect he fails on all three.

    “The rejection of these new gun laws might give state legislators reason to rethink their unending assault on Californians’ Second Amendment rights.” No, I suspect when these new laws continue to fail (or accelerate the violence as they leave the good guys less able to freely defend themselves), they will be back with a new round of lunacy.

    That’s why it’s expensive as can be to rent a UHaul for a one-way trip out of California, but cheap as hell to rent one from the other 56 states on a one-way trip to Cali.


    • other 56 states???? add Kalifornia to the 56 and you have 57. Is this an alias for the golf-loving, fund-raising, anti-Louisiana and “Come-on-up” Martha’s vineyard/Washington, DC resident in chief?

        • Well, let’s see here…we’ve got Canada (our 14th Colony), Japan (our planned 49th state), Puerto Rico, Guam, Iraq, statified DC, and Mexico…am I missing any?

    • ” . . . I suspect when these new laws continue to fail (or accelerate the violence as they leave the good guys less able to freely defend themselves), they will be back with a new round of lunacy.”

      Reminds me of the old Sir Ernest Benn saying, “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly & applying the wrong remedy.”

  2. “The rejection of these new gun laws might give state legislators reason to rethink their unending assault on Californians’ Second Amendment rights…”

    Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Yeah, no. That’s not gonna happen.

    • You are most likely correct. Anyone with this idea that the California government and its lackies will ever correct themselves needs to read the last 200 pages or so of “Atlas Shrugged”.

      Even with the entire world collapsing around them and their system and John Galt explaining, in detail, exactly what was necessary to solve the problem, they were entirely incapable of accepting that it was they and their policies that caused the destruction, or of doing anything different in order to fix the situation.

  3. I wish them well.

    Unless/until we start electing presidents who appoint pro-Constitution judges and Justices, the tailspin toward tyranny will continue.

    • Like it or not, the sheer size of California’s population, economy, and hold on the media and popular culture give it a gravitational pull magnitudes greater than any other state in our Republic.

      As California goes, so goes the Nation. The only stop-gap short of revolution is to appoint politicians and judges who respect the limits of the Constitution, and who will fulfill their duty to stop the unending encroachment of the State into individual liberties.

      • “as California goes, so goes the nation” I am SO tired of that hearing that overused refrain. First of all, there are plenty of roads California went down that the rest of the nation saw as the folly that it was (the cult phenomenon of the 70’s, the lack of local electrical power generation that led to the 1990’s brownouts, the restriction of certain auto fuel additives that makes California have some of the most expensive gas in the country, etc.) .

        Secondly, California has been encroaching on gun laws for many years, but outside of the usual suspects (NY, NJ, MA, CT), no other state has followed with such extreme laws as those that required things like the bullet button, etc. Places such as Colorado that have started down the road to “full retard” have done so more because of the influx of Californians who brought their crazy ideas with them rather then a change of the typical Colorado resident’s thinking.

        In many other parts of the US, firearms freedoms are increasing while California goes in the other direction. Many see it for what it is and won’t be in a big hurry to follow.

  4. It’s time to take back our country. DO whatever you can do, vote, talk with people, call you political representative, go on Facebook and get kicked off……LOL. Do something people. I’m trying……..

  5. ‘The problem is that the 800+ chemicals listed in Proposition 65 are not devised to protect consumers, but rather serve as a cash cow for private trial lawyers to sue small business and reap the hefty settlement payout. Since 1986, nearly 20,000 lawsuits have been filed, adding up to over half a billion dollars in settlement payments by business owners.’

    This is what you get when you let Democrats run the asylum.

    I remember a few years ago Coke and Pepsi had to change their formulas because there was something in the caramel color that was found to cause cancer in laboratory mice. The problem is that the amount of the stuff they were giving the mice was the equivalent of a human drinking 1200 cans of Coke a day. So logically the state was going to force them to put the ‘Warning, this product is known to the State of California to cause cancer’ label on their cans. You’d think that they’d have lost all credibility by now.

    • When I was a kid my dad got me this movable sandbox shaped like a turtle. When he bought sand for it the bags said that California had determined the sand caused cancer. He laughed about that for decades. Still does I imagine.

        • or flipping cig butts. i had to mount a can on the fence for ol’ kleitsch’s dead squares. took me weeks to get him to admit that he was the one tossing them.

      • I suppose if you eat enough sand… Not sure about the sand mines, but I’d avoid eating them just to be safe.

        I don’t think these people have a clue how they’re undermining they’re own authority. Same could be said about our universities with some of the drivel they’re pushing. Sooner or later the kids are going to figure out that those aren’t the smart people.

  6. California has the most firearms owned of any State, and is roughly equivalent to CHINA in total firearms, per this information TTAG posted on Facebook recently:

    There is a referendum movement titled “Veto Gunmageddon” to put the latest tyranny of the State Politburo to a vote by the People. If we cannot win some of those Veto votes, we California Gun Owners are a sad lot indeed.

  7. We need to stop making stupid people famous.
    And start holding people accountable for what they say and do. People like matt damon. Beyonce. Kanye west and his dumbass wife. Dont give them a pass cause they are famous….. they are no different than anyone else. Once the sheep wake up and start realizing this….. cali wont be a pop culture center anymore than iowa is now.

  8. Kalifornia is a failed state. Run by a pile of Lefty control freak A-Holes. It truly sucks living (if one can call it that) in this blue cesspool.

  9. So in California you can’t pass down so called “assault weapons” to your children when you die, but they claim they are not coming for your guns.

    • Well, they are yours until you die. Then they become the government’s., because “you can’t take it with you.” At least for now.

  10. What exactly would be the benefit of this initiative, beside a Pyrrhic victory, at best? Even if successful (a very big “if”), it will surely be ruled unconstitutional (like many previous worthwhile initiatives) by some corrupt state judge whose specious ruling the corrupt attorney general won’t even bother appealing. Better to spend one’s time and effort arranging a move to a less corrupt state.

    • We are well aware of the temperature, but we do not control the heat. And many of us do not have the option of jumping out of the pot.

  11. So:
    (a) a few people acquiring signatures on a petition for a Fall ballot
    (b) that petition requires 365,000 signatures to make the Fall ballot
    (c) the Fall ballot would repeal California’s “gunmagedon” if it get enough votes
    (d) and we all know it will not get enough votes

    Forgive me for being harsh and speaking the truth: the above is nothing but busy work so that someone can say that they are “doing something”. It will accomplish nothing unfortunately.

    Firearm owners in California need to do one of three things:
    (1) Shut up and accept all bullying from the State.
    — or —
    (2) Put in the EXTREME effort to REALLY organize and mobilize all 9 million of themselves for 100% voter turnout and 100% turnout for First Amendment activities that will actually provide incentive for politicians and bureaucrats to reverse all of their obscene, unconstitutional laws.
    — or —
    (3) Move to a state that respects their human dignity and fundamental, unalienable rights.

    Someone may have mentioned a fourth option as well for the firearm owners of California that would require some unpleasant activities. I will not comment on such an option in an open, unsecured forum. Furthermore, if the fourth option involves what I think it involves, I believe it is not necessary since 100% participation in voting and related First Amendment activities would be equally if not more effective and doesn’t require anyone “getting their hands dirty”.

    • It is more than just a few people. I stopped by one gun store (out of four or five locations in a small town) that had the petitions and there was very steady traffic of people who came in for no other purpose than to sign.

    • There is another option. It might require forming political alliances with groups that gun owners at large might not agree with. Get on the ballot a initiative that if passed imposes civilian gun bans and restrictions on all law enforcement agencies. Given the demographics of the state, that would have a better chance passing. And it would expose the hypocrisy of the political establishment. All of the leftist elected officials from Jerry Brown down would be lining up to denounce it. Barring that there is only two options left on the table, large scale defiance and civil disobedience. Kamala Harris would be itching for mass arrests, never mind the fact that the prison system is overflowing. Or trying to secede from the state and forming a separate state. That is not likely to happen nor will the progressive control freak politicians would allow that to happen.

  12. I moved from California in 2012 after having lived there 16 years.For the people that still live there, they still view California as the place it was 20-40 years ago. It looks some what the same, but it is not. My friends there keep telling me, after every crappy law is passed(not just gun laws), that people are going to rise up. No, they are not. The illegal immigrant problem there is horrible. I have had people here in Colorado tell me about the illegal problem here, and I have no choice, but to laugh out loud. It was a very hard and sad decision to leave there, but I felt I had no choice. I feel badly for my friends that have family there and can’t leave.

  13. Lifelong Californian here. It saddens me that so many out of staters don’t seem to understand that California is GROUND ZERO for gun rights. Be as smug as you like about living in a free state but gun control is a Cancer that has started here and is already metastasizing in Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Colorado. Your free state is next. Yes, California is ruled by traitorous tyrants but their influence is trickling to the statists who reside in your state capitals. For God’s sake, Texas is going blue! You cannot argue with demographics.

    I really wish that we were receiving money, political pressure and reinforcements from all 50 states as we should be. There are a lot of good, patriotic, pro 2A Americans in this state. Free staters always post, “Vote them out”. How can you vote out any politician when you are outnumbered by tens of millions of naive, brainwashed people who vote Dumbocrat no matter what? If we had a lot more money, political resources and outside pressure from other state leaders, we would have a chance of voting out the a-holes who are raping and pillaging this state.

    But instead, we get, “just move”. A simplistic suggestion for a complex, multi-layered problem that will not solve the whole country’s upcoming 2A problem, it will exacerbate it. What’s happening here and in the other Communist states is coming to your state soon. Especially when the Hildebeast is at the helm and if the Repubs lose Congress. The forces of tyranny don’t rest and don’t sleep. They will be coming for your guns soon, just like they are here on the left coast.

    • A lot of them are of the attitude “I live in Texas, none of this could ever ever happen here.”

      And that’s the kind of attitude that sets up a situation where you turn around and everything has changed, slowly, without fit noticing it.

      If you feel exempt from this kind of thing, no matter what state you live in, you need to check your vigilance.

  14. Yikes-aloe vera REALLY?!? Cali is doomed…jus sayin’. Gun owners get off your duffs and take back your state. Aloe- the gift from God…

  15. California’s Agenda:

    Ban Aloe Vera!
    Ban Guns!
    Ban old age!
    Ban accidents!
    Ban freedom so accidents never happen!
    Ban heart disease!
    Ban Cancer!

  16. Push back my ass, there is NO recourse when legislators openly say they ignore the Constitution and create voting districts for a Democrat majority to which its impossible to vote them out. The only push back to resolve the infringement in California is a 1000 men with rifles storming legislators in the state capital and creating piles of brass.

    • It is big city liberal democrats who pass city and county ordaninces restricting gun rights at the local level.
      Now that California is a one party state what have the Democrats done to reverse the gun control laws passed by republicans?????

      I know libertarians have worked to put things into their bodies.

      Have they worked to put guns in the hands of law abiding people????
      Have they worked to keep guns in the hands of law abiding people?????
      Who have they elected to help keep guns in the hands of the people????

      Don’t talk to me about Gary Johnson and his anti gun, anti AR 15 law signing governor now VP pick William Weld. You will embarrass your self.
      I all ready know “they support putting things into their bodies. “

  17. Having been born and raised in California I have seen it fall from the inside.
    Marijuana and great gay and straight sex are the things most important to them.

    The homosexual leadership is anti-civil rights.
    The Marijuana lobby is anti-civil rights.

    Personal pleasure is the number one thing to the majority of voters.
    The socialist and libertarians have done a good job of distracting people with personal pleasure.
    State Welfare systems have also broken up the traditional family making California tax payers the “father” of millions of single mothers with children.
    The California government is very much involved in the private sexual lives of poor people. It also keeps them disarmed.

    When the tax base start to collapse in the cities you will see violence sky rocket.
    Richmond and Stockton for example have amazingly high crime rates.

    Good luck people. You guys in the rural counties I think will be ok. You folks in the major cities I suggest you buy base ball bats or the machete garden tool.

    • ^ This.
      And it pretty much sums up Seattle culture for the under Forties.
      Hold your nose and delve into the cesspool that is The Stranger – home of the execrable Dan Savage – and behold the ads for vaping, weed shops, sex toy boutiques, strip clubs and… Let’s see, have I missed anything? Oh yes,
      But me, owning firearms, I’M the freak…

  18. I agree with Chris T from Kentucky. I lived 30 years in California and it is much too narcissistic and hedonistic to survive. That mother will fall. Our enemies are not pleasure whores.

  19. Just to clarify my statement about “our enemies”……this planet is a tough place now. Foreign enemy/immigrants that gravitate to Kalifornia will take it out even if the Kalifornia liberals don’t. It’s a soft target in a hard world.

  20. IMO civil-minded citizens still incarcerated in CA should visit the legislators who authored and voted for this crime against humanity and empty a CA approved ten round magazine into each of them.

    if you are for gun control, it means one of two things- either you are too stupid to be allowed to vote or hold office and need to be sterilized immediately for the good of humanity, or worse, you are a gun control activist because you are planning something so heinous that any reasonable person would shoot you immediately if they found out.


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