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“I am writing this anonymously because my family already fears for my safety because of the headlines about Chicago gun violence that appear on the national news. Knowing how close I was to a shooting would have people coming to pack me up for somewhere safer. But I don’t want to go. I love my neighborhood, and I love Chicago. To borrow a phrase from the gun rights folks, I will stand my ground. I like to believe this can still be a place where a mom can take her son to get a cupcake without happening upon a crime scene, but a lot of shit is going to have to change. It’s not going to get better on its own.” – Anonymous in ‘Cupcakes and Guns’ at []

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  1. ” Guns are dangerous and need to be regulated”
    Um, they already are. Why, heck, they are even gluten free…

  2. The core problem with Chicago is that it’s run by a panel of thoroughly crooked people. If the US Attorney pursued cleaning up the town, the number of political criminals would be so high they’d need to build a new jail.

    So long as Chicago Aldermen keep cutting deals with gangs to win elections, the body count is going to go up.

  3. “I was just trying to buy a cupcake with my (look at this) baby when the NRA imported a crime gun and gave it to a disadvantaged youth, who of course at that point had no choice but to rob and kill an innocent bystander. This happened in MY neighborhood, so gun nuts thousands of miles away need to surrender their firearms.”

    This entire letter in two sentences.

    • Sums it up nicely.

      No logic. Just emotion. No real thought. I can see a reaction like that initially, but the inability to think further and deeper after the fact is pretty poor.

    • Yep. The epic failure that is the 19th Amendment, perfectly encapsulated and laid bare for all to see.

  4. That post is referencing this incident: where a convicted felon was told to “wet the shirt” of another gangbanger and missed his target. But, it’s the self-aware firearm’s fault at issue here, not the low-life jagoff pulling the trigger.

    This is the second incident this month where a convicted felon (both in for attempted murder) ended up killing someone soon after getting out of prison. Cabela’s needs to put a stop their “Just got outta the pen” sale.

    Illustrating Chicago Crime, Murder and Mayhem at

  5. The incident being referred to happened in a relatively safe neighborhood on Chicago’s far north side and right around the corner from where I live. There is a cupcake shop just down the street. This was an extremely unfortunate incident of senseless crime that has shaken our neighborhood and is making everyone question what safety really means. The previous article about police response times is very poignant in this case. If the victim had been CC it may or may not have made a difference, but if others were, the perpatrators would not have gotten away so easily…

    • 1. Rogers Park is a relatively safe area? Good luck with that.

      2. The victim was shot in the back.

      3. The perps didn’t get away (unless by “get away” you mean they were arrested rather than shot by an armed citizen).

    • I’m in Rogers Park frequently. IIRC the body count is up to 5 since the first of the year, which begs the question as to how safe it really is.

      I haven’t noticed the basic demographics of the area changing, and new investment seems to be occurring (Jewel moving into the empty Dominick’s, and what appears to be a new fast food joint in the same area). It leads me to believe that there must be a turf war among the gangs. Perhaps our friend from can shed some light on things.

      We certainly can’t expect candor from the official sources.

  6. ST hit the nail on the head, the alder creatures in Chicago have been corrupted by gangs and their money/muscle since the Capone days.

  7. Nothing will change unless people want things to change. That means not voting for the same politicians over and over again and expecting a different result. It mean economic development so that gangs do not offer the best jobs around. It means fixing the schools. It means fixing generational poverty and other problems. It means the police actually put the resources necessary to stop the crimes.

    There is in many cases a lot of rhetoric with zero actual action.

    Words may make many feel good, but action actually makes change that those words desire.

    • Exactly. But demanding actual accountability and results from the political class in Chicago would mean voting for someone else occasionally, and the residents of Chicago won’t do that. They’re bought and paid for, and they wear their chains well.

  8. We can’t dismiss gun violence by saying it’s just gangbangers killing each other. Other people get shot.

    The gangbangers are the ones pulling the trigger, and until you declare war on the gangbangers and put them down, its never going to stop.

  9. Note to Windy City dwellers… See Detroit? Gear up. YOUR top cops may disagree, but the crime rate WILL drop if a bunch of bad guys drop, or fear they will, at the loud end of the gun of a “victim.”

  10. Putting faith in our local and federal governement to change anything for the better is a mistake.

    When I was younger and when this country was different, this notion would have been very unpopular and un-American. Sadly, it is the truth today and I see the failure of our government every single day. I know there are people that mourn the loss of their communities, but it may be time to ‘pull the ripcord’ and move.

  11. Whoa…wait a minute. You think Rogers Park is a safe neighborhood? I deal a lot with Direct Auction at Western & Touhy. And I lived in the city for years. This is not in any way a safe haven. Maybe not the south or westside but crappy. Sorry if I ragged on your neighborhood but 2 or 3 nice streets( with speed bumps ) does not make up for the rest.

    • Everyone needs to read that link.

      Reporters who state the the truth, will be PNG’ed (Persona Non Grata – IE, turned into an unwanted person.)

  12. Please understand that Obama controls a vast network of Propaganda artists (as well as a illegal gun distribution network, as well as a growing private army to use them)
    We are witnessing the overthrow of America in real time

  13. If Chicago were cleaned up and the crime problem controlled, Rahm and the rest of the Chicago political machine would have to create a new crisis to maintain relevance and control.

  14. Detroit is getting safer, Chicago is becoming a cartel-town.

    Detroit police Chief attributes citizens arming themselves as part of reason in the reduction in crime, while Chicago police chief blames a piece of paper with words on it as the reason for the crime increase (lax gun laws).

    IL is broke and Detroit is broke, but one place is seeing a reduction in crimes being committed while the other is seeing an increase in crime.

  15. Despite Chicago’s horrible governance, its psychotic Chief of Police and its awful gang problem, crime in Chicago is way down.

    What the article really shows is NOT how bad Chicago has become, but how dependent the people have become. Generations of “progressive” politics have produced an electorate that has no idea of what it means to be adults and to take some kind of responsibility.

  16. “I like to believe this can still be a place where a mom can take her son to get a cupcake without happening upon a crime scene, but a lot of shit is going to have to change. It’s not going to get better on its own.”

    Yeah, no shit. Firstly, a complete repeal of Chicago’s gun control laws. Secondly, mandatory issuance of concealed-carry permits until such time that Sillynoise becomes a “Constitutional Carry” state. Thirdly, a complete purging of Chicago’s city government — to include the mayor — as well as a complete purging of the Sillynoise state legislature. While we’re at it, purge the courts, too. All of them. Lastly, keep all of your violent thugs in their cage for their entire sentences and do not under any circumstances allow someone with 30+ arrests to roam your streets!

    That is what would absolutely need to happen at an absolute bare minimum.

  17. More “Mom” drivel. As someone has already pointed out, guns ARE regulated–they have been pretty rigorously since at least 1968. These brain-dead pundits that expect their “mom” status to trump the necessity for any kind of factual knowledge and rational thought are giving motherhood a bad name.

    • Oh, and BTW, that reference to poverty as another root of the problem is also not particularly helpful. The poorest county in the country is Owlsley County, KY. If you discount the meth manufacture/distribution/possession offenses, it is also pretty crime-free. Other factors are obviously at work in Chicago.

  18. The best thing about politicians is they are gun retards . The ATF is to do what they are told to do by Obma. Not think not help law abiding citizens , but make us need the
    Goverment .
    How ever you cut it WE THE PEOPLE need to help each other.
    More guns = less crime . No matter how many police chiefs say the opposite .
    If you carry a gun and defend each other and get rid of these politicians WE THE PEOPLE can take back our America .
    The cure for politicians is the same as for stupid

  19. “I think a great gift for the President would be a chocolate revolver. And since he’s so busy, you’d probably have to run up real quick and hand it to him.”


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