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“People will argue about guns for more hours than ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ has historically been broadcast, but guns remain an important part of many, many lives, so it’s only natural that Santa was very busy crossing state lines delivering guns big and small.” – Michael S. Rosenwald in Santa delivered a lot of guns [at]

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  1. Gotta love how one of the first comments is another retard perpetuating the “more likely to shoot yourself or a loved one” myth…

  2. I just read through most of the comments on the original page….. A lot of people really are buying into that liberal crap the MSM and nutjobs have been peddling…. sounded like a total mish-mash of every argument for the anti’s have ever spewed.

    Oh well, let them live in their perfect, safe little Utopian worlds. As for me, I have to load up the range bag for a range date with a pretty lady today, because we live in reality!

    • Yeah, I loved the comment from this idiot:
      Joseph Smith – 12/27/2014 4:28 PM MST “What if the NRA took a case all the way to the Supreme Court for a black man who simply wanted to defend his family? ”

      The NRA and a bunch of other gun rights groups did exactly that: It’s called “McDonald vs Chicago”, at the US Supreme Court website.

  3. Good to see Matt Bracken follow up and comment, along with others as the pics skeered the straights again.

    But facts matter not to the urban elites that tell me that because the box says M&P, that excludes me from getting one.

    • All those anti’s with that “M&P means it’s military only” should make sure to never buy anything with “aircraft grade aluminum” unless they have a pilot’s license.

    • I’m pretty sure that the Marines are throwing out their M-16s and replacing them with Smith & Wesson M&P-15 22 rifles. It is a rifle designed exclusively for military use, after all.

  4. And yet our numbers will not change. Even though we have seen the largest couple of years of gun buying with millions being sold they will say that there is 300 million guns in the US. There has been 300 million guns in the US since I was in high school. They will run some ridiculous poll and say that less than 50 percent of the households have a gun (so it is just gun nuts buying extra guns) but the number of new concealed carry permits are skyrocketing and 22lr still cannot be readily pick up at the local Walmart. They will never talk about the wait for a suppressor being so long because of such a increase. And they already did all they could to sweep the Pew poll saying the gun rights were more important than gun control under the rug.

    With Santa bringing more guns it just means one thing: we are winning and now is the time to push a progun agenda.

  5. Amazing how national newspapers devote so much newsprint to the subject of guns, written mostly by people who don’t know much about guns, don’t own guns and don’t know anybody who owns guns. Whereas, on most other topics, they will seek out experts. On the subject of guns, the only “experts” they ever seem to seek out are people with “social science” backgrounds spouting statistics. If they include input from gun owners, it’s usually from some loudmouth yahoo, like Ted Nugent, whom they can depict as a fool.

    • Note that every time they ask Robert Farago for advice on guns, the article/quote is usually not used. The bias in the mass media is strong.

      • They figure he’ll slip up and show his inner domestic terrorist since ammosexuals are all extremist militant crazy gun nuts so its only a matter of time before our masks slip. All his logical arguments have no place in modern state journalism!

    • Well, to be fair, the “experts” they seek out on other subjects are generally the ones who can promote their pre-determined story line (see “climate change”)…

  6. Ok, from the top; guns are bad and the majority hates them but more were sold than ever, because fewer people own multiple guns but 80 percent of kids live in a home with loaded guns on the kitchen table even though gun accidents are at a 100 year low, and we can be sure there will be more murders despite the fact that homicide is dropping despite our large prison population. I am a liberal, and my whole life depends on you buying this horse s**t.”

    • Oh really. Then who was that fat bearded basterd that I shot in my yard Wednesday night? His raindeer made such a clatter, I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter. Away to the window I flew like a flash, tore open the shutters and threw up the sash. Which is what happens when you eat spoiled sash.

  7. “We have a red sleigh down! I say again, we have a red sleigh down! It appears to have been hit by groundfire while over Chicago!”

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