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DON’T bother with the “phallic symbol” thing. They don’t understand what it means, and the ‘inadequacy’ they feel is a bit more layered than that. They might feel inadequate physically, but it may just as easily be mental or emotional. Often, they feel unprepared to compete in the modern world… because they are. DO call them out on their fear, weakness and inadequacy…but BE EMPATHETIC. Be SYMPATHETIC about their shortcomings. It’s the one thing they absolutely cannot stand. Especially when you point out that the gun itself only proves their fear, weakness and sense of inadequacy. Make them face their demons, and force them to regard the gun itself as a symbol of their fear. Do that, and they’ll eventually come to hate it on principle.” – Richard Rowe, How to Win and Argument With a Gun Nut EVERY Time! [at]

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  1. Hahahahahahah, armchair psychiatry from someone whose only experience with the subject was received lounging on a sofa.

  2. I know many “gun nuts”. I have met many types and I would use many words to describe them. Fearful is not one of them.

    • Absolutely.

      The doctor is projecting his own fear IMO. Some gun owners are fearful – however many just want to be prepared and are typically quite courageous.

      Now relate this to the doctor who is afraid of guns …and… Unprepared.

      • Exactly; the good Mr. Rowe doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.

        Before speaking on a topic with which he apparently has no practical experience, he should go to a range and engage the subject by taking shooting lessons and becoming acquainted with some gun owners both experienced and newbie’s, and become familiar with what guns and the people who lawfully use and own them are all about.

        Instead he chooses to erroneously assign psychological gibberish to antigun rhetoric all the while burying his head in the sand while his ass is hanging in the air waiting for the first bad guy to come along and give him a…hard time.

    • The only thing I’m afraid of is the persecution of the state should I be required to use my EDC for defense.

      “…the gun itself only proves their fear, weakness and sense of inadequacy.”

      What my gun proves is that I understand exactly how weak and inadequate I am to defend myself against an armed criminal or group of rowdy thugs. Admitting one’s own inadequacies and compensating for them with proper training and tools is not a sin. Should paraplegics be denied the use of a wheelchair? An injured athlete the use of a crutch? When I am armed I know that I only have to be cautious, NOT fearful.

  3. From that link: “Even if you believed you stood a chance…get real. You’re not going to bother. A few nutjobs might “make a last stand” here and there, because they’re suicidally tired of living in fear and inadequacy. But the majority are too busy taking the kids to school, waiting for next month’s McRib, buying the new Camaro and holding Walking Dead parties to stage a pointless “revolution” that will almost certainly kill them. That’s life. There are easier ways to deal with things, and most of them don’t involve becoming a martyr before the series finale.”

    Wow. Just wow. There’s an incredible insight into how genocide is enabled by the very same folks it’s being perpetrated against.

  4. Just in case some gun grabber is lurking and snickering I will remind them that according Freud that, yes guns are phallic symbols, but the people who fear guns are inadequate, not the people who own them, and of course wymen don’t like guns out of penis envy.

    • And to take a page from L. Neil Smith: If they are phallic symbols, what does it say about those who want to take the phallic symbols away?

  5. Another guy with a penis fixation. I wonder if these anti gunners with their penis envy are built like a Ken doll?

  6. “Shall not be infringed.”

    The right to bear arms is ALREADY “infringed” for many, and for very good reason. Here’s a short list of things that could easily happen if we were to give you your way, remove all “infringements,” and completely deregulate the Second Amendment:
    A career felon could walk out of prison, and purchase a full-auto AK-47 from Walmart
    Your psycho ex could buy a sniper rifle and silencer from “some guy” for $100
    A mentally handicapped child could get a pistol from a vending machine
    Known terrorists and those with terrorist affiliations could easily purchase Stinger missile launchers to shoot down airliners, and RPGs to blow up your Hummer
    Any nutjob could walk out of the asylum, buy a grenade launcher and flamethrower, and visit your kids at school.’

    Given the hilarious impotence of the Brady Law, rest assured a bad guy can still very much buy an AK anywhere he darn well pleases, Wal-Mart or elsewhere.

    • Incidentally, flamethrowers are not federally regulated.

      And criminals, if they have the black market connections and the cash, can already get their hands on serious firepower. Look at the narcotrafficantes; private gun ownership isn’t a thing in Latin America, but they’re armed to the teeth anyways.

      We’ve also been handing ordnance out to terrorists since the ’80s; as a result, they’ve got a whole bunch of anti-aircraft missiles already.

      So your point is what, exactly?

    • Weakest attempt at trolling the site I’ve seen to date. Move along kid, grown ups are busy protecting your right to be a d!@&khead on the internet.

      • Hey, wait, let he/she/shim talk. I wanna know where I can get a sniper rifle and ‘silencer’ for 100 bucks.

      • ST was just quoting the article. I don’t blame you for not reading it, that article was just a rambling and non-nonsensical fustercluck.

    • Full auto AKs at Walmart, pistol vending machines, RPGs blowing up hummers, Stinger missiles shooting down planes, flamethrowers and grenade launchers, and $100 sniper rifles wielding GFs…

      Wow! You’ve gone complete off your rocker, haven’t you?

    • The right to bear arms is ALREADY “infringed” for many, and for very good reason. Here’s a short list of things that could easily happen if we were to give you your way, remove all “infringements,” and completely deregulate the Second Amendment:

      Okay.. I enjoy it as much as the next guy when a person wants to set up a fictitious reality for the purposes of their argument.

      “A career felon could walk out of prison, and purchase a full-auto AK-47 from Walmart”

      Maybe instead we should ask why career felons are being released from prison if you don’t believe they’re rehabilitated enough to own a firearm.

      “Your psycho ex could buy a sniper rifle and silencer from “some guy” for $100”

      Tell me more about that guy, sounds like a hell of a bargain.

      Besides, that is already legal as-is, except for the silencer/suppressor part.

      “A mentally handicapped child could get a pistol from a vending machine”

      …yeah there are just vending machines for consumer products everywhere these days. I’m sure guns would follow.

      By the way, how did that “mentally handicapped” kid work that machine?

      “Known terrorists and those with terrorist affiliations could easily purchase Stinger missile launchers to shoot down airliners, and RPGs to blow up your Hummer”

      Why are these people allowed in the country to begin with? Great argument made for closing the US borders.

      “Any nutjob could walk out of the asylum, buy a grenade launcher and flamethrower, and visit your kids at school.’”

      A repeat of your first point. Why is a “nutjob” walking out of an asylum?

      “Given the hilarious impotence of the Brady Law, rest assured a bad guy can still very much buy an AK anywhere he darn well pleases, Wal-Mart or elsewhere.”

      Since Walmart sells firearms via the normal NICS 4473 background check process, are you saying that background checks are ineffectual? Why that’s what we’ve been saying all along as well, but it’s nice to hear you admit it, even inadvertently.

      If your record is clear, nobody knows whether or not you’re a “bad guy.” Same goes for employment background checks and anything else in life that attempts to separate “bad guys” from “good guys” when a lack of background information on the individual exists.

      Getting a gun elsewhere? We call that the black market. You cannot eliminate it. Good luck though with your new “war on drugs.”

  7. “And you can still carry an AR-15 around with a .45 in your back pocket. ”

    No, you cannot, in states that do not respect the 2a. Like MD, NY, NJ, CA, RI, HI, IL…

  8. Unbelievable. Very epic fail.
    Sorry no feelings of inadequacy here. Just someone exercising a freedom guaranteed by the second amendment.
    Just like you are exercising your freedom guaranteed by the first amendment…. meaningless drivel that it is.

  9. In counterpoint of this arrogant and condescending philosophy I offer: the American Revolution, WW2, and every successful defensive gun use in history.

  10. This whole article is so bad that it was almost physically painful to read it. It’d be interesting to see him espouse these views in person, just to see if he was much of a smarmy condescending prick in real life as in type.

    I do like that he discourages the phallic argument in this quoted section, not because it’s a poor argument or in the case of women makes no sense at all, but just because we wouldn’t be intelligent enough to understand it.

    • Lets try again,

      What a joke, I’m still waiting for my comments to show up. I really hope he takes RF up on the debate offer. I suspect he will find his arguments are not quite as effective against someone not made of straw

  11. I’ve never seen anyone win an argument with a gun nut, and I hang around hippies about 90% of the time.


    • Logic and facts beat emotion and lies every time. In an argument, at least. Doesn’t seem to work so well in legislatures.

  12. To Mrs. Rowe (sorry ) Mr.,
    The gun, bat, hammer, chain, pipe and…….∞ are all tools. Extensions of the body which amplifies force applied or concentrate force applied. Ask a criminal if he would go into a home unarmed or better yet if he would enter a home or attempt to commit a crime against some one who was armed. These things are inanimate they cannot act on their own. See if you get robbed or beaten by a criminal and keep that belief of phallic symbolism for long after. I’m quite certain you won’t be spewing it was a phallic symbol in the hand of your attacker.

      • If you are on a PC you can use an alt code….

        hold down the ALT key and type 236 (ALT-236)

        If you are on a mobile or mac you will have to find your own set of codes.

    • I think that this is the text book definition of someone who didn’t take his meds in the morning. He is describing laser firing aircraft and other imaginary weapons of war that the gubmint will use against us? All I can say is WOW! He tries to describe us a filled with fear, when his WHOLE rant is dripping with fear.

    • “The representation of the penis as a weapon, cutting knife, dagger etc., is familiar to us from the anxiety dreams of abstinent women in particular and also lies at the root of numerous phobias in neurotic people.”

      – Sigmund Freud

  13. So he likes guns, he just doesn’t like the second amendment. And he cites antebellum prohibitions on black firearm ownership as proof that all his ilk wants is common sense gun safety laws.

    This was a pretty articulate anti gun piece, and he still conveys that gun control is more about disarming political opposition than safety. Oh, it’s on a site called Americans against the tea party.

    Stay classy.

    • There’s a difference between liking guns and claiming to like guns. The “I own guns” claim is no different than the “I respect the 2nd Amendment, but…” one. It’s similar to the racist who marches out his one black “friend” in an attempt to prove he’s not racist. Or, when Alec Baldwin poses for a photo-op with his gay hairdresser to prove he’s not a homophobe. The level of sincerity is what one can truly judge.

  14. “Stop harassing the members our peaceful protest. If nobody got shot, it’s a peaceful protest.”
    No, they’re not, and no it’s not. There’s nothing “peaceful” about displaying killing tools to get a reaction.

    Clearly only one side of the debate is allowed the First Amendment Right of Freedom of Assembly.

    • There is no right to “peaceful” protest. The right word is “peaceably”. That word does not mean non-violent. A group assembled and blocking traffic is not assembled peaceably. The concept of peaceable assembly is related to the idea of disturbing the peace. If you mow your lawn too early in the morning, or blast the stereo too late at night, you disturb the peace of the neighborhood. By peace, it is meant the normal, unhindered and unmolested flow of day to day events. When a group blocks a sidewalk so that folks cannot pass in a normal manner and go about their business, you have disrupted their peace of mind. On an individual basis this may not be problematic, but when it has risen to the point of disturbing the day to day comings and goings of a measured portion of the community, you are disturbing the peace of the community, and are not assembled peaceably. Too many confuse the concept of “non-violent” as a synonym for peaceable. Protest permits are a means of allowing for protests that do disturb the peace to still occur, by giving the community the ability to plan around the event and lessen the disturbance to the community. Of course, if you are legally armed, and some people take that personally, that is not your problem…you are breaking no laws.

  15. The “About Richard Rowe” section is all you need to know about this clown. The guy mentions how many words he’s written in the last four years, yet he’s mired in anonymity when searching his name on Google. So, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it…

    • Well played. I had a similar thought. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen someone brag about the number of words they’ve written before.

    • While we’re on the subject, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone actually list their “gun owning/firing credentials” in an effort to obtain credibility before. Most people in that position let their actual writing do the talking for them. Open a Car & Driver or Road & Track and tell me if you see any of the reviews start with a rundown of all the cars the reviewer has driven. I suppose in this case he feels he needs to try to get his creds out there early, because the actual writing and support is pretty crap.

      • that comment makes me suspicious this is a false flag. That tactic is a common meme “I own guns but…” that, plus the fact that his stats seem to come straight from Brady campaign literature. I want to see actual gun porn. Note the slash too “owning/firing.” too many people are conveniently assuming he actually owns those weapons. My bet is that he owns none of the above and if called out we’d get crickets.

  16. This is too rich. Can you say projection? Also, I don’t really remember and correct me if I’m wrong but, isn’t a gun a phalic symbol, but it’s people that ARE afraid of guns that feel inadequate? So literally the opposite of what they always say? This dick joke shit is cute actually. Keep it coming and eventually you’ll work your way up to “my dad can beat up your dad.”

  17. I would like to see how he would react if someone started infringing on his right to free speech. Calling him an idiot, with a very low IQ who sleeps with anything with an anus. I mean, who needs this much free speech anyway? I think, we should only allow authorized persons to speak their mind and exercise free speech. We can trust the government to regulate who can and can not have free speech. Right? First we should implement a background check system. After all, we don’t want people who have certain political views to use free speech. Then we need to start telling those that pass a background check what they can and cannot say. Free speech has it’s limits after all and we can’t have just anyone saying what they want. What if they misuse it? Still, there will be some people who just want to speak their mind because they feel inadequate. It’s all about genitalia or lack their of. We should prosecute them promptly.

    • And further, having passed their background checks, they can disseminate their opinions only through the use of hand cranked printing presses and quill pens. The internet did not exist when the bill of rights was ratified, so it is notg covered under the First Amentment.

  18. So much fail it hurts. I dont even know where to start with debunking his baseless points. Full auto at walmart? Guns from vending machines? Has there ever been an anti with “legit” information to support their stance?

  19. Posted to their comments section…

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Kiddo, I’m not your equal. I’m your better, the concept that someone like you can consider themselves my equal is laughable. I’m faster, stronger, smarter, wealthier, and more educated than three average gun control cretins put together. The reason I cary a gun has nothing to do with “inadequacy” except the realization that in a violent altercation with a criminal, I want the deck stacked as heavily in my favor as possible. Not because I’m afraid of the criminal, but because “the only fair fight is the one you lose”. When my life is possibly on the line, I have no desire to fight fair. That’s called a rational conclusion. You may not be familiar with those because you value emotion over logic and reason.
    The simple fact is that cops will never be around exactly when you need them. You have a better chance of hitting the lottery than of having a cop around at the exact moment you are being made the victim of a violent crime. In fact, average 911 response time in even dense urban areas is, at best, several minutes. Do you understand what several minutes represent during a violent altercation? I do. They can mean the difference between survival and death. If you are unwilling to realize that, you are delusional as well as ignorant. Bottom line. YOU are your own first responder.
    Next let’s get on the topic of legality of gun control. Am I delusional when I understand the concept of an INDIVIDUAL right as ruled by the Supreme Court of the United States? Did you not read DC vs Heller? How about US vs Miller that ruled that the 2nd amendment protected weapons useful for a militia? (Like those AR15s that you wet your pants over.) In fact, do you miss the point that under a strict interpretation of Miller, the 2nd amendment would protect every piece of equipment issued to an average infantryman? (As most militia units were traditionally used as stand-ins for line infantry formations.) That would include M16s, M249s, M240G, grenades, SMAWs, etc… I’d bet you’d be catatonic with sheer impotent rage if anybody could walk into a gun store and buy an M60. But hey… Now you’re going after weapons that are basically toys compared to the items intended for protection by the clear meaning of the 2nd amendment. Have fun with that.
    Now let’s talk about the concept of a “militia”… Did you not get the part that the militia is a stated purpose and not a limitation? Do you not understand that militias are traditionally armed with the personal weapons of the individuals called up and not from some government stockpile? Do you not understand that the whole point of a militia is to have an armed force nor reliant on fixed, and therefore vulnerable, supply points for initial equipment? Oh wait… You know about as much about military theory as you know about the law… So I’ll leave that alone.
    Have fun with your rage kiddo. You have lost the war on gun control. All across the country, we are taking our rights back. Every state in the country now allows the carrying of concealed weapons. Similarly, the majority of the sates allow at least some form of open carry. (Both numbers have increased in the past few years.) On the federal level, your movement is so pathetic as not to be able to get a bill past the one house of Congress your sycophants control. Next up, you’ll see mandatory recognition of concealed cary licenses across the country the same way you see the recognition of drivers licenses. (It’s already in the CotUS under the due faith and credit clause.) After that, you will see a gradual repeal of all federal weapons bills and federal preemption of any state statutes in violation of the 2nd amendment.
    I’ve got news for your kiddo. Your movement is on their way out. You’re a social anachronism. The concept of gun control is as dead in this country as prohibition. Have fun in the pages of the history books that will describe your movement as having caused far more harm than good.

  20. I admit, I carry because of my inadequacies. My skin is not adequate to turn the point of a knife or stop a bullet. Also, I cannot shoot fire from my eyes and bolts of lightening from my arse. Poor, poor, pitiful me.

  21. I dunno, to be honest I carry my gun because of “fear, weakness and sense of inadequacy”… but hear me out. It’s not the kind of fear they think it is- it’s a healthy fear, one that caused me to grow and learn. I put that fear aside, and replaced it with confidence when I learned how to safely and effectively operate my defensive handgun.

    “God made Man, but Samuel Colt made Man Equal”, as they say.

  22. Robert, sometimes destiny calls in strange, whiny voices. Still, will you accept the call?
    This guy sounds like an excellent debate candidate.

    Ring, ring, bitches.

  23. At least once a week I think about what really matters to me in life……….then I check to see if it is still there.

  24. This guy is intelligent, but far from smart. Most of his arguments are straw man fallacies. I guess the feels really good inside when he wins a debate against an idiot?

  25. So does this also hold true for the young black men in central cities in the author’s view? Seems like lots of guns around there where our own government run publik skools have left them unable to compete in a modern world.

  26. If I had no fear, I wouldn’t carry a gun much of the time, except for plinking, etc.

    Of course I have fear. The same way I have fear when I’m in a car, so I wear a seatbelt. Or the same way I have fear, and so wear a helmet on a bicycle. If he’s looking for fearless, I’d suggest starting in a grave.

    And as to the penis analogy, eh, fair enough. I keep mine with me but don’t whip it out unless there’s a good reason, so I suppose that’s about right. Course, some people like to pull the iron out in public thinking it will somehow normalize penises… 😀

  27. There is just so much wrong in that article. I am proud that I forced myself to read the entire thing. The statistics he uses to justify his arguments are even more out there than those published by the Brady Kids. And his sense of history is just as superficial. I had no idea that the “US GOVT” won WWII all by itself. Hell, it (sic) beat the Third Reich and Japan! It isn’t just that he’s wrong on the gun thing, but is so very wrong on so many others. That speaks to a system problem – how he things/writes – than to an issue problem – e.g., gun nuts.

    The rather significant involvement of allies-at-the-time sort of had something to do with it, as did entities known as the American soldier, airman, and citizens involved in the war effort. And the idea that “we” beat the Germans? You need to go back to school, little man. “We” never faced more than one-fourth to one-third of the military forces of Germany. Nothing against our boys, but the facts say that the Russians (with some of our support) beat the Germans. Just in one battle alone, the Russians suffered over 1.2M losses and Germany and her allies suffered 900K losses. That battle was Stalingrad. One freaking battle. Total US losses in WWII was 416K.

    Dude, you need a better perspective engine. Good luck with that, as you are the type that speaks without listening, writes without reading, and counts yourself wise because you have an opinion.

  28. Why do I own guns? Because I like ’em. They are fun. Not because of fear. When I purchased my first handgun, the self defense aspect was never a major priority just a beneficial side effect, I just wanted to learn to shoot.

    Don’t think your sympathy toward what you perceive to be my inadequacies is going to make me hate them, you condescending piss ant.

  29. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people – including the comments section of TTAG – who provide these people fodder for those examples, ranting about Obama, “libtards”, etc.

    • Obama being an incompetent president is an entirely separate issue. Unless of course I missed Obamacare actually working, the debt not increasing at an unprecedented rate, multiple scandals, fighting against 2A and 4A freedoms, the alleged tax cuts for the middle class, transparency in government, or campaign promises being honored. This is an audience that deals largely in facts, and the facts supporting the effectiveness of the Obama administration are few and far between.

  30. It’s my experience; both personal, from my own past, and from interactions with others who hold views similar to this author that this sort of comment is a projection of his own feelings of inadequacy.

  31. You know what would make me feel inadequate and like a failure? Being forced to watch myself or my family/friends get shot and with no defense because I decided to pretend like not having a gun meant I was a man.

    Also… be empathetic and sympathetic… to piss them off? They don’t know the meaning of those words if the goal is to make someone angry.

  32. I have a rather sizable penis so that nullifies his whole argument and you can cite this message when rebuking his claims to back it up.

  33. So… how does this apply to female firearms enthusiasts?

    Are they all supposedly compensating emotionally?

  34. A old joke, in summary: A cop pulls over a little old lady who is driving a little too fast down the highway. After asking her for license and registration, the cop asks if there are any weapons in the car. The lady then gives a laundry list of various guns she has. One in the console, one in the glove box, one under her seat, one in her purse, and one in the trunk. The cop, suprised that anyone would drive around with an arsenal in their car asks: “My goodness ma’am, what are you so afraid of? ” The woman looks the cop right in the eye and says “Not a damn thing.”

  35. “The United States passed its first gun control laws prior to the Civil War, criminalizing possession of firearms by blacks. Be honest, what’s your opinion on THAT one?”

    Could he be more politically obtuse? It was the Democrats who formed the KKK and pushed for laws to disarm blacks. While the NRA taught freemen how to use guns to defend themselves against racists. So is it no surprise that the politically progressive cities with the most blacks (eg. Chicago, DC, LA,) have the strictest gun laws? Gun control is racist. And he wants more gun control. But in his mind the 2A people who want blacks to be able to have guns are racist.

    “90% of all murders are committed by people with four or more adult felonies. Which is exactly why we’re trying to keep those people from getting guns.”

    Putting aside it is already illegal for felons to own guns, and has been for a very long time. It should be obvious from that the indicator for murder isn’t gun ownership, it’s a history of violent crime.

      • That’s like saying that rich, white people like Charlie Sheen can do all the drugs they ever want without ever having to fear jail time. Oh, wait…

      • Yes, it is, and it always was. Afaik, the first drug law in the U.S. was in San Francisco to supposedly keep Chinese from luring unsuspecting white women into opium dens. Similarly racist hysteria against blacks and latinos was used to ban cocaine and marijuana.

        The War on Drugs is also the root cause for most gun murders. And those killed are disproportionately black.

        • The way I heard it, the white supremacists were terrified of the black jazz musicians coming up the river from Nawlins to impregnate their daughters. But the end result is the same.

  36. Its like listening to my girlfriend argue. She also connects far fetched dots than calls it “proof” or simply makes absurd statements then says “end of story” as if that makes her statement fact because that’s how she feels.

  37. So what are some valid counter-arguments? 😉

    “Is that flaccid, or otherwise?”
    “what about girth?”
    “Do you carry a ruler with you?”
    “It is a bit scary looking”
    “So are you saying that your a bigger dick than me?”

    To easy to turn it around and make them look like the school-yard fool.

  38. How strange. Here we have a guy who hates guns explaining to us how we also hate guns – so strange.

    How to win an argument every time? More like how to annoy someone trying to reason with you to the point where they give up and leave so you can assert yourself the “winner” for making claims based on fiction against a person you don’t even know.

  39. I have a very tiny Ruger LCR .380. I also ride a super quiet motorcycle and a teeny, tiny Ford Ranger. If I’m compensating, I’m clearly not doing it right.

  40. Sometimes I hold my revolver over my crotch and go pew pew. But then I remember it’s only a 4″ 357 and not an 8″ 44 🙁

  41. Rowe? That’s pretty similar to roe, innit? You’re so insecure about your penis that your last name is a homophone for a mass of fish gametes!

  42. To a hoplophobe, a gun and a penis are indistinguishable – they’re terrified of both, and they don’t know how to properly operate either.

      • What does Shannon Watts have to do with it? I haven’t actually fact-checked this, but I’m willing to surmise that she probably doesn’t even have a penis. As to whether she can operate one, I don’t know of anyone who has raised that particular question yet. It would be kind of interesting to hear her position on that thing down there.
        <snarky winky-smiley>

  43. And as expected….. posts with a dissenting point of view tend to disappear.

    Not all of them because that would be noticed, just enough to keep the spin going their way.

  44. I got into guns simply for one reason…I wanted a hobby that did not involve sitting on my butt. I figured I love the outdoors and fishing, could take interest in hunting. And I had been a dang good shot in Boy Scouts (granted .22 rifle) and though it would be fun to get a gun for a hobby. A SA revolver. .357 magnum.

    I never kept it loaded at home, only bought ammo at the range. I only started keeping it loaded after a series of armed robberies right in front of my apartment, and a few attempted break ins. When I moved near DC (but conveniently in Virginia) I brought it with me, but never fired it. Even though not in the nicest neighborhood, never loaded it.

    Only got into guns for defense relatively recently. And only as in reaction to an attempted robbery/assault of my person. I was saved only because the idiots had robbed someone else at the same locale and the cops were already on their way…and the PD station was 3 blocks away…so very stupid robbers.

    Now what inadequacy is that? The inadequacy of being a couch potato that wanted a hobby?

    • “Now what inadequacy is that?”

      In my case, it’s inadequacy to hold my own against a street thug who, if he wanted to, could pick me up, tear me in two, and beat me over the head with my own ass.

      • As Ron White says, “I don’t know how many of them it was gonna take to kick my ass, but I know how many they were gonna use.”

  45. HAH! How to win an argument with a gun nut? Well I guess if by argue they mean make shit up and scream hysterically, then yes they win every time. Now if they mean an actual conversation, there’s zero chance of a liberal coming out on top. And need I point out he ignores women?
    I think this man is feeling a good bit insecure about himself, and his world view. Maybe he’s writing this because he’s trying to compensate for something himself.

  46. Basically, she wants you to get bystanders to think that all gun owners own guns because they are insecure (I acknowledge that some people do own guns for that reason.) instead of using facts. Now all the “gun nut” has to do is point that out and then back up themselves with facts (I recommend using because they have properly cited sources).

    • You bet I’m insecure. I’m 64½ years old, 6′ tall, 165#. I wouldn’t have a chance mano a mano against a 21 YO 6’2″ 220# ripped thug who wanted to have his way with me.

      Well, not unarmed.

  47. My incredibly small penis is seething with impotent rage at the truth bomb this obviously well-endowed male laid on me

  48. I love getting into arguments with these kind of idiots. The smug college kids who come into it armed with a few crude stereotypes or whatever infotainment junk that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert fed to them the night before (I’m back in college now, so this has been happening a lot lately). I so enjoy the look on their faces when I go off their script immediately and they realize the one really effective talking point they thought they had won’t work now.

    Oh, they scream, they yell, they toss out profanities and comparisons to the Third Reich, but it does no good; they just learned the hard way that arguing with a thinking adult doesn’t play out like it does against a strawman in the movies, and that simply cursing someone out or calling them a Nazi isn’t the magic bullet they were hoping for.

    I should feel like a jerk or a bully for it. It is, after all, the conversational equivalent to boxing a five-year-old. But hey, it’s not my fault if they want to keep stepping into the ring, now is it?

    • It really illustrates the depth of their abysmal stupidity when they start comparing pro-2A folks to the Big Bad Man of WWII Europe. Have you asked them if they know that it was his disarming of Europeans that opened their soft underbellies to him?

  49. I went and posted a couple of snarky comments at AATTP and responses have been showing up in my email and I feel somehow … dirty.

    Dude, I’m FOR the Tea Party! I’m a Radical Libertarian Loon! At least the TP and we RLLs have fiscal responsibility in common, and I think there’s a lot of tenther influence in the TP. Well, time will tell. I gotta at least check for responses to my latest zinger – who knows, it could be fun!

  50. “Richard Rowe, How to Win and Argument With a Gun Nut EVERY Time!”

    But, you don’t win every time, I do…

    Because no matter how hard you argue I still have my guns. The winner is the one who gets what they want at the end, you don’t want me not to have them, I want to keep them, in the end, I win 🙂

  51. It’s funny any grabber that I have spoken with always uses the same arguments. “For our children…, Are you compensating for something?… Why do you need a…?”, and “Just call the police”. I guess they think invoking emotionalism over logic will work everytime. Even after you counter with how are you protecting your children when you yourselfcan’t even protect your family, Asking them why them why they drive a $60K car when they don’t need it, and informing them of the national average for 911 response time. Most grabbers fail to realize that more and more law abiding citizens are purchasing firearms daily dispite what few crack pots might say is “fact”. Yeah I am talking about you Shannon Watts! Personally I think Shannon Watt’s name change on her group is her subtle way of compensating for something or in her case not getting something.

  52. This guy is a huge arrogant turd!Anybody could out debate this idiot .He,of course,starts out on what a big gun owner he is,typical liberal. ;I support the 2nd amendment as I pee on it” .Then since he can’t win a debate ,CAUSE THE CONSTITUTION SUPPORTS PRO GUN ADVOCATES,not him, he has to go to phallic symbols cause HE’s got a problem( flame throwers ,Barrett 50 ? Really?And your firearm expertise is?…….,military?,police enforcement?NRA Conceal Carry Instructor? I think not,Idiot ? Yea that’s it.
    Anybody can own guns ,doesn’t make you an expert.
    Hey if you want to live in crimeville,we don’t allow guns except for criminals and you need to get raped and robbed and murdered and be happy about it,ville,go ahead stupid bozo,but keep your liberal BS over there,please don’t come to my state.
    NObody gives a crap you can win a debate in New York or California,New Jersey,Wash DC,those states are already written off cause Nazis occupy the govt there. But the rest of us live in America with the Constitution,Bill Of Rights and oh yes,the 2nd Amendment which is as valid today the Bible is,even thought that was written in “ancient” times too!,Nobody’s looking to “repeal’ that document,gee talk about old idea’s .Ya,I know to a liberal,it’s not the same thing,that’s why you’re a liberal cause you have” common sense gun solutions”(Ben Franklin will be turning over in his grave”

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