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“You combine the high tax load along with the fairly restrictive and fairly anti-gun stance that the state has, it makes it difficult to do business selling a product that the state doesn’t like.” – Just Right Carbines GM Anthony Testa, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new gun-control law targets gun makers [at]

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  1. Best Comment

    Abraham Collins
    Running off skilled individuals who would work hard and create great amounts of tax revenue solely on the basis of disgust for rights enumerated in the US Constitution?

    You are unmatched in your foolishness. The Bill of Rights is not to be trifled with, and chasing off productive members of your state economy is perhaps the most idiotic and foolhardy display of pride anyone could ever display. Sacrificing your golden goose all for the false promise of statist tyranny. It’s incomprehensible. . .

  2. No, it makes normally-law-abiding folks desperate enough to enter a very lucrative black market which was artificially created by ridiculous legislation.

  3. Born in NY, raised in NY, still live in NY…but I won’t die here. I’m headed for greener pastures as soon as I can. Firearms manufacturers, dealers, enthusiasts aren’t the only folks that this state is running off. It’s a shame, but I believe their rotten little house of cards will have to collapse before any meaningful changes happen here. There’s only so much blood you can wring from your citizens.

    • I wasn’t born there, but lived there twice…just left. NY (the state) is one of the most beautiful places in the lower 48, and it’s a shame that it’s run by NYC-centric imbeciles. I miss the state and most of its people, but not its govt.

      “You combine the high tax load along with the fairly restrictive and fairly anti-gun stance that the state has, it makes it difficult to do business selling a product that the state doesn’t like.”

      Truth is, it makes it hard to sell or produce even the things the state does like. There’s a reason industries of all kinds (except wine, whine, and Greek yogurt) are deserting the state, and have been for the better part of a century.

    • An awful lot of Ayn Rand’s stories are like that. Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, Anthem.

      It’s not amazing, it’s absolutely terrifying.

        • I’m not an objectivist, she stated once that you either agree 100% or you don’t. I don’t agree with ALL of her philosophy….

          But I am a fan of the overall theme in Atlas Shrugged. I am a fan of the producers pulling out an letting the corrupt system burn itself out. Overall if it were to come down to revolution I would like to see it happen this way, the message would be much more clear than a shooting match.

        • It would appear that Texas and some other southwest states are becoming de facto “Galt’s Gulch.

          States that wish to benefit from the idiocy that is statist legislation and anti-2A mindsets in Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C, California, etc., need to start promoting themselves with the line, “John Galt welcomes you to…(name of state here).

    • I once tried to read Atlas Shrugged. I didn’t even make it through the first page. It was some of the purplest, heaving-bazoom romance prose I’ve ever tried to read.

  4. There’s a reason New York is called the “Empire State”, they’re just taking their time doing it.

  5. I just don’t get this guy. First of all, his nonsensical legislation does nothing to prevent gun violence, but sure has a clever name. He either does not understand the issue, or thinks common folk are stupid sheep and will believe based on the name the SAFE act is a good thing. Considering the fact that something like 84% of NY Counties have passed resolutions supporting a repeal, this was a FAIL.

    I also think a motive was political gain, again FAIL. Passing harsh gun laws will not bolster your presidential aspirations in a nation opposed to such measures. This is an upside as the SAFE act will hopefully be a kiss of death to his political career.

    • Dude, he’s a socialist. That’s all there is to it. He knew exactly what the new law was all about and that’s why he pushed it through in the middle of the night under a “message of necessity”. NY state as a whole is not completely nuts. If this dog crap unSAFE Act had seen the light of day for the standard three day seasoning in the legislature IT WOULD NOT HAVE PASSED ! If our wimpy and spineless RINO Republicans in the NY senate had not caved to threats for witholding state aid for Hurricane Sandy damage IT WOULD NOT HAVE PASSED ! There are not enough expletives and uncomplimentary adjectives to adequately describe was a monumental POS this scumbag Cuomo is. What a party we are going to have when the law, or at least significant portions of it, are struck down by the courts.

    • He wants to run for President in 2016. He is a democrat, in order to be elected in the primary he has to show how left he can be. He is a politician, and the life is just a show as long as it satisfies his ego.

      He does not give a crap about results, its all about the emotions

      This is all a game for 2016

      • Thankfully, he has no shot in 2016. I’m more interested in getting him out of the governor’s mansion in 2014.

    • The ACORN doesn’t fall far from the tree. Uncle Mario, his poppa, drove the state into the ground. George Pataki lifted it up somewhat given the limits a Socialist legislature would permit only to have the Second Cuomo attain control.
      NYS is done.
      They have all that energy underground they refuse to drill for . That could pay for all the liberal fantasies for 50 years. A few well off counties dictate what the entire state does. You can’t run a state off wine, tourism, and 40K high earners in NYC.

    • Stand and fight brother. The elitists hate it when the great unwashed masses have the temerity to tell them to f*ck off.

      • NY is a lost cause unless the courts intervene. The SAFE Act, passed in the middle of the night, would have to be repealed… and thanks to the population of NYC and Albany, there will never be the votes to override the governor’s veto. The same Gov. who is basically elected by the five boroughs. The same five boroughs who get to make their own firearm laws, unlike the rest of the state (Sullivan Act).

  6. If Remington were to leave Ilion, that would be a shock wave that would be noticed. Until then, NY gun makers are just pulling a Magpul, making a lot of noise and doing exactly d!ck.

  7. I live in a rural area of upstate NY and I vomit in my mouth everytime the safe act comes up. I also get a little taste of vomit every time someone says “just move”. If it was that easy to “just move” I would have done it already. I could just move if I wanted to live in my van and work at mcdonalds in some other state but I have my standards. thats below my standards. i am making a concentrated effort to find comparable employment in a state that has better gun laws (freedoms)/economic climate/weather. the best way to stick it back to our leaders in Albany is if you’re a working stiff, take a job somewhere else and when you go, so goes your contribution to NY State income tax.

    • I’m in an urban area down state and the same applies. I’m looking too, but it isn’t as easy to pick up and move as some would make it sound. Find a new job, sell your house, pull your kids out of school, etc. Oh yeah, you may also have to convince your significant other that it’s a good idea. Mr. Farago has a very portable skill set. It’s not so easy for the rest of us…doesn’t mean we’re not trying though ! In the meantime, fight the socialists everywhere they rear their ugly heads. Make no mistake about it – they are ugly people and they do need to be fought. You can’t just hide in TX, AZ, FL, SC, etc. The folks in VT, NH, VA, CO (states with mostly good laws that have sizeable populations of socialists) know what I mean. Maybe it is stupidity and not malice for most of them, but they are motivated by a conscience that says they are going to make things “better” for you whether you like it or not.

    • At this point, the best thing you could do is leave. It’s called voting with your feet. Changing enough minds to make any difference is a practical impossibility. It’s unfortunate, but true.

    • I’ve moved several times over the years and predict I’ll do it again. Sure it’s a bitch but you spend the time to save some money, or sell things, to fund the move. Ensure your skills at making money are portable(or learn new skills) and start researching where you can go.
      Take a short vacation to an area and see what it takes to get there.

      Then do it,
      The alternative is to watch your vote get diluted by fraud, overruled by the masses, and ultimately your local reps are told that’s the way it is.

  8. I suspect that even if a pandemic begins spreading through New York along with mass starvation, economic collapse, daily temperatures exceeding 130 degrees, and an immediate drop in all types of violent crime then Cuomo will still be pushing for even more gun control as his daily priority.

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