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“There is no reason that when these (gun control) bills are being considered people should be flooding their representatives with petitions imploring them to stop the “gun-grabbers”. No legislation that has been proposed imposes on the rights of an ordinary, law-abiding citizen. Gun control laws are aimed at preventing the people who shouldn’t have guns from getting their hands on them, not the other way around. We need to stop being so concerned with a mythical dystopian government where we have no guns that we neglect to do anything to help save some of the thousands of people a year who are actually killed with guns.” – Jacob Kowalski in Dear America: No one is going to take your guns [via]


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      • Especially a child with a Dylan Roof style bad haircut.

        Hey Jacob. Out here in the real world, not your fake sheltered college world, the candidate for President that I’d be willing to bet you are voting for, has said someone like me is an enemy. And she’s proud to call us enemies. Keep pushing and eventually there is nothing left to lose. That’s when bloodshed is inevitable.

    • Kid needs help, tragically there are many like him that are susceptible to the fantasy world view of gun control zealotry. Hopefully he is not a danger to himself, family and friends and society. That kind of delusion could lead to almost anything like it did in Stalinist Russia, and Ottoman Empire genocide etc.

    • So a fool who has willfully ignored the last 8 years, shocking..

      PS anyone else notice how much this guy looks like Adam Lanza ?

  1. In the past I would admonish the kid to stay in school, he just might learn something. Nowadays, I believe I would advise the opposite.

    • You are correct. A quick review of his FB page reveals a freshman caudled his entire life. Spf 50 is not adequate.


        • They made good cannon fodder in Vietnam. Unlike the educated all volunteer military of today who questions orders

          (Sgt Jones, take out the garbage… Why me? I’m a sergeant…. Why? Because I told you to says the E7 and because the garbage needs to be taken out… That’s not an answer. I’m going to file a complaint.) Imagine that happening in a combat situation.

          the less educated rarely questioned orders from senior NCOs or Officers. The military has become so politically correct and seniors kiss up to juniors rather than the other way around.

    • “After graduating from a 4 year university in arts/humanities/sociology you will will be dumber then the day you walked into the university.

      If you followed up with a doctorate degree, now you will be dumb AND dangerous.”

      Dennis Prager

    • “A lie gets half way around the world before the truth gets its pants on.” Churchhill
      Pretty sure that’s correct.

      • He said this also:
        “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.”

        ― Winston S. Churchill
        I have a hunch that this kid won’t recognize the truth when it hits him in the face with a 2X4. He sure ate up the propaganda, though. And drank the Kool-aid.

        • If he’s lucky it will only be a 2×4. It may be more like 9mm or .40S&W coming from the criminal that doesn’t care about the boy’s laws.

  2. Name one law that will prevent the wrong people from getting guns. Then explain exactly how that law will accomplish that end.

    I’ll wait.

    • Apparently ‘critical thinking/logic’ classes are no longer part of the high school curriculum. The tragic results of which are illustrated by this doofus.

      • They don’t need no stinking critical thinking because they got the ‘feels’ down pat. That’s all it takes to establish themselves with their peers.

  3. They sure have been trying awfully hard for 90+ years to accomplish something they apparently don’t really want to and never would do.

    Instead of asking me to take a rest and relax hows about you folks take a rest and relax?

    • Should someone invite Jacob to live in south side Chicago in the poorest of a black neighborhood, perhaps then his highly educated UConn mind might understand the significance of shall not be infringed, regulated, restricted, documented, educated, and lockered arms.

  4. Had a friend who posted this sign on her refrigerator:

    Dear _____(name of teen),
    Please get a job, a place of your own, and pay all of your own expenses. Since you already know everything, this should be no problem.

    Mom and Dad

  5. Well at least the title is ‘No one is going to take your guns’ as opposed to ‘No one wants to take your guns’. Other than that, the naivete runs deep in this one.

    • “young and dumb” is right on. Many of us have forgotten more than this dweeb is apt to ever learn. When I stopped filling the air with all I already knew, and learned to keep my eyes open and to listen to those with far more education and experience in life, I began to grow up. That’s when I recognized the country was a train wreck looking for a place to happen under the guidance of Democrats…and they were nowhere near as bad as progressives.

  6. It all depends on their constantly changing definition of who is allowed to have guns. Cops might find themselves disarmed if BLM has their say.

  7. Poor timing given Wikileaks release of HRC’s plans for Executive Actions.

    So yes, no legislation has been proposed – because legislation is too much effort for Dems nowadays.

  8. If you continue to speak in euphemisms, aka, lies/spin/obfuscations, then you have no credibility and essentially forfeit all expectation to be heard on the subject, let alone taken seriously.

    For example, if you’re out there like this guy spouting off about “universal background checks”, as opposed to “banning all private sales of firearms and violating citizens’ privacy through creation of a national firearms registry”, then just sit down, shut up, and start crafting an apology to your mother as to why you turned out to be a lying, conniving douchebag despite her best efforts to raise a halfway decent human being.

    • What makes you think mummy was trying to raise a “good boy”? Given odds and demographics, she’s probably a liberal Shrillery supporter just like her son.

  9. Jacob Kowalski = paradigm illustration of the brain-washed, intellectually dead, aspiring Statists American Universities and society are producing today. Part of me fears we are already too far gone over the Marxist, Socialist, Progressive precipice for anyone to restore America’s greatness again.

    Vote Trump!

  10. 1. “Universal” background checks would make it illegal to give a firearm to a family member unless we hustled to an FFL for a NICS check. Same with loaning a weapon to a friend at the range. Need a check when I hand it to her to fire 5 rounds, and another when she returns it. Sounds like infringing on my rights to me.
    2. Several politicians have stated they do want to collect our weapons. California Senator Feinstein, N.J. State Senators on an open mic. The Australian style gun control advocated by Obama and Clinton is out right confiscation, regardless of whether they “pay fair market value” (using our own tax dollars) or not.
    You aren’t paranoid when they really are out to get you.

    • # 3 , U.N. Arms Trade Treaty ; and it’s domestic counterpart ==> U.S . State Department Publication # 7277 , Plan For General and COMPLETE Disarmament : ( Includes Small Arms .. IE- Grandads shotgun / rifle ) .

      It’s plain as day , even if the NRA ignores it , don’t you be that stupid.

      • #4. “No legislation that has been proposed imposes on the rights of an ordinary, law-abiding citizen.” The magazine capacity limits imposed by many states, in addition to outright firearms format bans (a.k.a. “assault weapons” bans), impose heavily on the rights of ordinary, law-biding citizens…and this is the same kind of legislation HRC wants to bring at the national level. She has stated that she wants to reinstate a national AWB. So this PFY is a flat-out liar.

    • Through the magic of the “constructive possession” doctrine, UBCs can also be construed as criminalizing the simple act of leaving for work in the morning, leaving another family member in the house with your guns. Also, the same applies when you come home from work.

  11. “We need to stop being so concerned with a mythical dystopian government”

    You mean like the one Chicago’s had since my grandmother was a young woman during WWI?

    • I think he means the mythical dystopian government that is logging all phone calls it’s citizens make, that has tech companies read everyone’s emails, that has a Homeland Security department that is proposing to “take over” the next election, that has the office of POTUS becoming increasingly dictatorial and imperial, that has a DOJ that attempts to destroy people over perceived racism, that……well, I could go on and on and on and still leave a lot out. It’s ok, though, this college kid, with his wealth of life experience says that dystopian government is mythical.

      • When people learn that the Russian government is supposedly planning to hack and hijack our presidential election and they think “Well, it may not be as bad as what our own government is doing to rig it”, then we’ve pretty much blown past any pretense at government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Sorry, Abe, if it hasn’t perished from the Earth already, then it’s on life support with Dr. Kevorkian as attending physician.

  12. Proggressives have been pushing disarmament for the longest time, in no uncertain terms. But when pro 2A folks mention this little fact, we are wearing tin foil hats………..riiiight.

    • If Progressives were leading the crusade to reinforce and expand our right to keep and bear arms, there would not be so many (dare I say even most) firearm owners accusing Progressives of moving to take our firearms.

      Saying it another way, show me two examples where Progressives have decreased legal impediments to keeping and bearing arms in the last 20 years. If you cannot even show two examples, how does that jive with statements that Progressives are not moving to take away firearms?

  13. I agree with man child. I know that no one is going to take away anything listed in the Constitution from me or anyone. That sort of evil, that will not begin to grow because of the vigilant attention by people who value their rights. I fault no one for defending their rights. You find a way to save those people without violating the rights of the much larger number of people. Unless, that’s not part of your goal?

  14. So I guess that’s why we have all these states seeking to pass “assault weapons bans” and major cities like Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York City, etc…that are run by Democrats that outlaw guns as much as possible, and so forth. But no one wants to take our guns :::eyeroll:::

    One problem I think with a lot of people like this guy is that they do not actually understand the gun control movement.

  15. “No legislation that has been proposed imposes on the rights of an ordinary, law-abiding citizen”

    See here’s the issue, your idea of an “imposition” and mine are clearly different, and probably determined by the fact that one of us owns guns and the other, clearly, does not.

    All of the magazine capacity restrictions, modern sporting rifle bans or restrictions, NFA bullshort, fees to exercise rights via permits reqs and training, etc, etc, ARE impositions. The just don’t effect you, or your idea of what you think SHOULD be allowed, so you don’t care.

    People like you are dangerous. It’s a short jump from applying restrictions on something you don’t care about or agree with to applying restrictions on people you don’t agree with.

  16. ‘Gun control laws are aimed at preventing people who shouldn’t get their hands on guns from getting them’…..this sums up the agenda. Who gets to define which people ‘shouldnt get their hands on guns’?

  17. “No legislation that has been proposed imposes on the rights of an ordinary, law-abiding citizen. Gun control laws are aimed at preventing the people who shouldn’t have guns from getting their hands on them, not the other way around.”

    I think I need to go to the range after reading that.

  18. I graduated from an inner-city high school, one of the largest in the country, very heterogeneous, with 92% of its graduates going on to higher education.

    If this version of Pajama Boy had gone to my high school, he would have been beaten up regularly and robbed of his lunch money. He also would have learned something.

  19. Big war coming, stock fat and deep.

    The USSA is the modern day USSR, and will suffer the same fate.

    God willing.

    Y;all sold one to many aborted baby parts imho,

    and dint do chit about it.

  20. Yo, silly! There are already 20,000 gun control laws in this country, since you think this is all so simple and aboveboard, how about explaining why more than 5 are needed, or start *repealing* them, rather than proposing more?

  21. Uh, gun laws were much stricter 20-30 years ago and we had the highest murder rate this country has seen. We have greatly relaxed those laws and we are at about half that number. Correlation doesn’t mean causation, but there is no evidence pointing to more gun laws reducing murder to Euro levels. Especially since most murders are in certain neighborhoods, in big cities from people participating in illegal activity. What makes this “myopic genius” think those people will magically follow those new laws?

    These laws only serve to chill the exercise of a right.

  22. If Mr. Kowalski believes his own nonsense, he is very confused. Forcing law-abiding people to pass background checks and register firearms does not stop a criminal from doing anything.

    If gun control actually did only half of what the statists claim, we would already be living in Utopia by now.

  23. Obviously, by putting this guys picture on this article it is supposed to delegitimize his point. Just because he isn’t wearing a wife beater, has a van dyke and probably showers his point is moot. Grow up and listen

    • You are right. It doesn’t matter that he looks funny and that so far he spent his short life consuming what schools fed him.

      What matters is what he has to say. I did listen and now I’m convinced it’s pure undiluted bullshit!

  24. Though the picture of young Mr. Jacob Kowalski has a very pungent dweeb vibe to it, and his written piece has a very strong BS odor to it, I would like to thank him for his endeavoring to sway people from doubting the all powerful state, it is refreshing to read such a well written and thoughtful article that clearly delineates the line between skeptic and boot licker. I am happy that he feels so assured in the truly benevolent work of politicians in the statehouses and the nation’s captiol.


    You my young son are at that tender age of ignorance where the world is fresh and new and you notice nothing.

    Well, next time you climb up on that University soap box of yours you might consider activating ye olde Google Search and researching some actual reality based FACTS and not your baby anti-gun rhetoric you tiny shill.

    Grow up kid, and stop burying your head in feel good banalities and political shine jobs.

  25. I don’t think badly of the young man. He is a product of his teachers. Don’t forget his generation does’t think the way the chess pieces are moved. He believed Bernie, when told college should be free. He believes Hillary. It’s just a sad thing that people who have never worked in life for real, should have so much influence.

  26. “No legislation that has been proposed imposes on the rights of an ordinary, law-abiding citizen.”

    That’s just a plainly wrong statement. Most states require some kind of background check before you can buy and own a firearm. Many others have a waiting period. Some limit how many/what kinds of guns you can own. Some have magazine limits. Some states won’t let you carry concealed. Others require you attend a class before you can carry concealed.

    These are ALL impositions on the legal gun owner. Jacob, please name another constitutional right that makes a law-abiding citizen submit to background checks and acquire permits before they can exercise that right.


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