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“Like I told them, you could get shot everywhere that we go. Every Chick-fil-A that we pull into, every gas station, when we’re in Target’s parking lot — somebody could shoot you. Somebody could roll up right now and shoot us where we stand. That’s life. That’s America. It could happen. You hope it doesn’t, but it could.” – Melanie Bradley in The Little Superheroes of Townsville [via]


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  1. Welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway, where the scenarios are made up and the facts don’t matter.

  2. Or you could get hit by a truck, or struck by lightening, or drown in a hurricane, or trip and hit your head, or get cancer or an inoperable brain tumor….
    That special snowflake better just stay in bed, get fat and die of complications from life. Much safer that way.

  3. Actually, unless you’re in the black ghetto or into criminal enterprises, your chances of being shot is real close to zero.

    • We cannot overstate the importance of that fact.

      Now, throw in one additional tid-bit: if you are a woman and immediately remove yourself from an abusive boyfriend/husband, your odds of someone shooting you are statistically zero.

      So, to summarize:

      If you are a woman who does not engage in criminal activity, does not visit nor live in ghettos, and does not stay in abusive relationships, the probably that someone shoots you IS statistically ZERO.

      • If anyone wants to claim that they should not have to avoid ghettos in order to avoid being a gunshot victim:

        People who waltz into swamps in Louisiana expect to have deadly encounters with venomous snakes and alligators. No one in their right mind demands that government remove all venomous snakes and alligators from all Louisiana swamps. Those dangers are inherent in the swamps. Either you have effective measures to protect yourself from the dangers of swamps or you don’t go into swamps … or you go into the swamps unprepared and die.

        Ghettos are analogous to Louisiana swamps — they have a relatively high number of dangerous violent criminals. Going into a ghetto is inherently dangerous. And government is either unwilling or unable to eliminate the dangerous violent criminals. Either you have effective measures to protect yourself from the dangers of the ghetto or you don’t go into ghettos … or you go into ghettos unprepared and die.

    • Or have your dick cut off and have all your skin ripped off, and then be dismembered and hung off an overpass.

      • They’re nice enough to slit your throat and pull out your tongue (Colombian Necktie), and then stuff your severed member back in your mouth…

  4. Cars kill more people per year than guns once suicide is taken out of the equation. And I would be willing to bet there are more guns than cars. That’s life. That’s America. Hell, that’s damn near every country in the world.

  5. Yeah, you could. That’s why we have these wonderful things called “CCWs,” “BOBs,” and “truck/trunk guns.”

  6. “That’s America.”

    That’s anywhere. Evil exists. The difference in America is you can have the means to shoot back.

    • Exactly.
      The fact that more and more of the ‘good guys’ are packing heat actually make it less likely that you will get shot on your way to Starbucks or Target…

  7. Or, you could go live in South Africa—another Socialist Paradise that one of our Supreme court justices liked So much. Because of its “Excellent Constitution/ Bill of Privileges that the S.A. Government has to honor, and it has no 2nd amendment…Was the main sticking point! Unfortunately, this SCJ from her Ivy tower forgot to mention that there’s a really good chance a person could die horribly. By things in nature, or Robbed/Murdered/,and your internal organs removed for primitive tribal occult uses…Or, very similar to getting ambushed in Brazil and waking up in a tub of ice with your kidneys removed! Or how about Mexico- another paradise where you could die horribly. Actually, America is much more safer than any of these places.

    • Wrong…

      Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia are ironically more safer than our 3rd world hellhole of a country.

      I don’t see spree killings happening in these countries on a daily basis.

      And me having to repeat myself as usual…I don’t see these countries turning to fascist hellholes.

      The “gun rights” movement. in this very country is turning into one with it’s constantly debunked lies, propaganda and it’s roaming death squads of “law abiding” gun owners attack innocent people everyday due to their twisted nihilistic BS ideology that the world is an “evil” place along with suppressing free speech and human rights under the guise of “patriotism”.

      And yet you people refuse to see the irony in your own actions.

      • Hard to imagine a post more rife with inaccuracies, ignorance, and general stupidity. I’m not sure where you live, but literally none of what you have posted here is true or based in reality. Not one thing. It’s off base to the point that I wonder if you’re not a bored pro-gunner doing some trolling and having some fun, because if you’re serious, you’ve managed to come across as spectacularly hateful, uninformed, and dim.

        • You are being too nice. Let’s call him what he is – damn lying liar. Very repetitive. And with bad eyesight.

      • “Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia are ironically more safer than our 3rd world hellhole of a country.”

        Please feel free to move, if you dislike life in the USA. Assuming of course that you have a useful skill said country wants, or you can claim refugee status.

        Perhaps you could qualify for the latter if you claim you’re being oppressed. By all the guns, you know.

      • “And me having to repeat myself as usual…I don’t see these countries turning to fascist hellholes.”

        Your repetition is a choice, not a mandate.

        As to the rest, check out Europe’s hate-speech laws as a for-instance.

      • “roaming death squads of “law abiding” gun owners” Where are these guys at,because I want to steer clear of those areas. You must be talking about Chiraq or Baltimore, except those roaming death squads are bangers not “law abiding” gun owners.

      • Roaming death squads???

        Your basic concealed carrier is 50 years old, drives a Camry or similar midsized sedan, is wearing cotton Dockers and a polo-style shirt today (because casual Friday), and is probably at this moment ordering a burger at Applebee’s, in defiance of his diet and his wife, but what the Hell, it’s Friday. Some bloodthirsty savage he is not, I assure you.

        Your apocalyptic fantasies and detachment from reality are disturbing. You probably shouldn’t have a gun, which you probably already know. To take the sting out of that realization, you demonize every gun owner so you don’t have to feel alone as being a menace among us.

      • And none of those countries have a culture of glorifying violence and crime among a large minority population either.

      • I’ll add another comment, just for the sake of defeating his arguments about America becoming a “3rd world hellhole”.

        The homicide rate per 100,000 in the United States is currently at a 50 year low. Homicides committed with firearms have been literally halved since the 1990’s. The only places where “gun violence” has risen are in a few large cities, run by vehemently detached anti-gun Democrats. So if there is anywhere in this great nation that could be accurately described as a “3rd world hellhole” it’s in pockets of the cities run by people as delusional and mentally unhinged as you.

        We get it, you’re mad. You’re angry because despite a few victories rammed through by totalitarian progressives in states like California and New York, the overall trend has your side losing, and losing badly. As more guns enter American society and as American gun ownership diversifies and increases, the violent crime rate continues to tumble. It’s got to be extremely frustrating having to work against reality to further your deranged agenda. Which is why you arrived here and spouted off your drivel.

      • Gun rights people suppress free speech? Since when? Also America is an extraordinarily peaceful country with all the guns we have. Two-thirds of our annual gun deaths are due to suicides. We know that the suicides are not influenced by guns because if they were, then that would mean that the other Westernized nations have a severe suicide problem as they ban guns yet have suicide rates similar to ours. Some of them, like Japan and South Korea, have even higher suicide rates. The other one-third of our gun deaths are homicides. 80% of the gun murder occurs in the inner cities due to the gangs. Blacks are 14% of the population yet constitute 50% of the murder victims. The other 20%, about 3,000, are homicides ranging from justifiable homicides to murders that occur for various reasons, but even if tied to guns directly, that would be 3,000 murders in a nation of 311 million people.

        The inner-city gang violence problem is a complex one and one that won’t be solved anytime soon for three reasons:

        1) No one knows fully how to solve it

        2) The Democratic party will not allow policies like putting the murderers in prison for long sentences, as this would mean putting loads of blacks into prison and thus targeting one of their core voting demographics

        3) Many Democrats ideologically do not believe that long prison sentences are the answer and thus would be against it even if politically it was okay for them to support it.

  8. When you’re on the road, at any time one of those big trucks could decide to cross the centerline and take you out. The barrista where you grab your morning coffee could poison you. Some huge guy could be waiting behind the door of the restroom waiting to bash your head in with a rock.

    They could, but they don’t. With very high reliability, they don’t. You’re not safe because you have control of what other people could do, you’re safe because 1) most people have no intention of causing you harm, and 2) most of the remainder has some fear of what would happen to them if they tried.

    So stop obsessing about controlling people who mean you no harm, and make sure those who do know you can bring the hurt down on them.

    • “Some huge guy could be waiting behind the door of the restroom waiting to bash your head in with a rock.”

      Simple solution to this problem. Just challenge him to a fist fight. You know, sportsman like. Black mask helpful but optional.

      • My way is not very sportsmanlike. (But I’m a lot more likely to win.)

        And by the way, people in masks cannot be trusted.

      • Yeah, challenge him to a fist fight. Then while he is pulling on his black mask (or whatever) shoot him in the back of the head and walk away. Anybody waiting for me behind the door of the restroom with a rock best be ready to take his hits. And *certainly* will have no reason to expect sportsmanlike conduct from me.

  9. And is 2015 you were 5% more likely to be killed by a texting driver than in 2014. Where is your outrage at that? Hmm.. 5% is to esoteric. Let me rephrase that. In 2015 nearly 2000 _more_ people were killed by distracted drivers than in 2014. With statistics like that, how do you get out of bed lady.

  10. I have to admit that at this stage, I am officially sick of The Trace and all MSM propaganda machinery.

    Their lies and hoaxes are out in the open now, and they just keep doubling down. No apology, no “we’ll try to do better.” Shoot…not even a “We’ll get better at hiding our lies!”

    It’s incredible. They know we know they are FoS so deep mushrooms should sprout off their heads, and they keep coming with this crap.

    From CNN editing videos to falsify “protest” reporting to crap like The Trace spews…just sick of all of them.

  11. I’d think you’d be a mite safer in Chick Fila. Christians who close on Sunday. I bet a whole bunch of good folks carry guns legally while there and might even protect your worthless azz…now I want one!

  12. “Somebody could roll up right now and shoot us where we stand. That’s life. That’s America. It could happen. You hope it doesn’t, but it could”…. but you’re all paranoid for wanting to defend yourself because when does that stuff ever happen!?!?

    ^anti-gunner logic conundrum

  13. “That’s America”

    No, that’s everywhere. Someone could try to kill you any time you’re in public. Being a coward won’t protect you.

  14. Yes, that is a possibility.

    It is pretty low on the list of possibilities, at least for me it is. I will spend a bit less time worrying about getting shot at Chick fila and a bit more time worrying about getting run over while riding my scooter.

    I am funny that way by worrying about things that are more likely to happen and worrying less about things that are unlikely to happen.

  15. “To help a community be brave again”. Thanks Wally World your the best.

    Where was the bravery standing up at school board meetings demanding their children be protected by armed teachers or security? Where was the bravery to get funding? The community was never brave before, during and now after. And why do communities write checks for clean up and not protection, because they don’t want to do the heavy lift, rather prefer to ink paper denying then accomplishing anything to do about ending an attack.

  16. I agree with the speaker in the article. Knowing that you all won’t shoot me, I could get shot at any of the places mentioned and more. Therfore I carry.

  17. That quote is from The Trace? Hard to imagine a more compelling reason to carry a gun for protection. Way to go, Trace!

  18. Hey, girlie, a doctor in the hospital is more likely to kill you than a stranger in a parking lot. So every time you put your heels in the stirrups, you’re facing death. In America! With Obamacare!

  19. To be honest she’s right. It could happen. It could happen in any country on the planet too. Just like you could be attacked by a horde of wasps or an angry goose. You could be killed by a plane falling out of the sky or by a gas line explosion. Theoretically you could stub your toe on an overturned tractor-trailer and then be killed by a derailing train.

    Saying something “could” happen in this context merely means it’s not impossible therefore her statement applies to any parking lot or restaurant worldwide.

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