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“For years, the gun lobby quietly dog-whistled to white supremacists. But as gun sales plummet under this administration, they are now openly trafficking in paranoia and fear, and inciting violence in order to advance an increasingly radical ‘more guns for anyone, anywhere’ agenda to sell more guns.” – Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America in NRA seeks to mainstream — and monetize — the “alt-right’s” paranoid, racist talking points [via]


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  1. Pull the other one, shannon. OBSCENITY REMOVED

    PS- Are you ever going to fix the comments, required fields, on this site?

    • jwm,

      Of course it should never have taken so long to fix the required fields for comments. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised of the TTaG staff have their hands full staying ahead of the flooding from hurricane Harvey. It might be a couple weeks yet before they can get to it.

    • The words ‘racism’, ‘Nazi’, and ‘fascist’ have lost all meaning through gross overuse by the left.

      • What’s all this talk about “racism?” “Racism” exists only in the mind of the beholder. There is no blood test for it. It doesn’t show up on x-rays. There is no objective test for it.
        If someone is bothered by “racism,” they must recognize that the problem is their mental state, not anybody else’s. They should seek psychological help. I know of several psychologists who could cure them in a dozen sessions, but they must want to be cured first.
        The proper response to any charge of “racism” is “So what.”

        • Hey, according to one of the founding members of the BLM, white people are born racist. (I am not sure what that means, actually. Kind of a “you should feel guilty because you are white and should give all your stuff to brown and black people” thing, I think. )

        • Mark N. – Why did you leave out red and yellow people, you RACIST!

          BTW, I fully admit that I am a racist – a HUMAN racist. Skin colors and varying degrees of pulchritude (in the eye of the beholder) do not separate humans into races.

  2. Another rich white liberal declares that she is going to protect me from an organization that I pay membership dues to.

    The irony is laugh out loud funny.

    • Another rich white liberal declares that she is going to protect me from an organization that I pay membership dues to give in to her irresistible urge to tell me what is best for me.

      — There, fixed that for you!

  3. I’ve heard accusations of racism against every Republican candidate, Conservative speaker, and organization that supports or is supported by the right for so long that it no longer means anything. It’s the boy who cried wolf for 20 years straight. Meaningless.

    • This is simply another example (of millions of examples) of Leftists making their only play: portray their political opponents as stupid, crazy, and/or corrupt.

      Leftists know that the masses do not like Leftist policies. So Leftists hope that the masses find it more loathsome to support stupid, crazy, and/or corrupt people than bad policies.

      Ben Shapiro does a fantastic job explaining the process in detail. You would be well served to hear is presentations.

      • That strategy can work. What the leftists didn’t expect was for it to benefit Trump instead of Hillary.

      • There is a definite and growing effort to demonize all “right wing” speech by the democratic party power elite, aided and abetted by the media and the silico Valley “media” elites like Google, Fecebook, and YouTube. YouTube has been demonetizing not just gun sites, but all right or conservative speech, including Paul Joseph Watson, and just yesterday, former congress critter Ron Paul who posted a video condemning Trump’s policies in Afghanistan. Everything right of center is now defined as “hate speech” and must be banned. this is a well-established technique for political domination: first, control the media, and second, control the message. When there is only one message, the sheeple will fall in line. Or at least most of them, and that’s all that is necessary.

        • “Everything right of center is now defined as “hate speech” and must be banned.”

          Yep, that’s exactly what’s happening.

          There has to be a way to attack that through legal means.

          Anybody got any ideas on *how*?

          (I’m beginning to think PwrSerge was on to something with treating F-Book, Y-Tube, ect. like monopolies. Because you can bet your ass they *will* weaponize this in the future to strangle political speech…)

  4. Here’s what is truly bizarre: Shannon Watts believes if she keeps calling me nasty names, I’ll finally ‘come around’ to her side and vote for her democrats. It doesn’t work that way.

    She’s just reinforcing what a terrible, terrible human being she is. And the last thing I’ll ever do is vote for her ilk.

    • “Here’s what is truly bizarre: Shannon Watts believes if she keeps calling me nasty names, I’ll finally ‘come around’ to her side and vote for her democrats.”

      What Shannon is doing is not bizarre in her mind. Many people (especially Leftists) have an abject fear of being “on the outside” if you will. That fear is so strong that those people will accept obscene insults in order to join the “mainstream” (as they perceive it). Thus, Shannon’s strategy is to quite literally browbeat people into submission.

      It is actually a “smart” play (in a ruthless, maniacal sort of way) since gun-grabbers have no facts or reason to kindly persuade the masses.

  5. Please. Shannon watts does “paranoia and fear” to stir up her base vastly more than the NRA.

    And what the NRA has said – it isn’t wrong, melodramatic maybe, but not wrong.

  6. Gee I watch the lamestream news and from what I can see the vast evil is the leftards. And except for FOX, Donald Trump, Rush,conservative media and some Christian media NO ONE gets it right. I’m not rightwing-just RIGHT. I’ll buy more guns mainly to protect me and mine from the leftloons…

  7. Seems I put this on her website by boo boo.
    Hope I don’t get a sh&tload of responses with my email there.
    If I do I guess Ill just have to defend myself.

    What a crock of crap statement.
    But in line with everything else this hired gun parrots time after time.
    Good thing for most that see her or read her comments. See her for the joke she is………….and don’t pay any attention.

  8. Most of the people who comment on this site clearly have a very right wing political outlook beyond gun rights, but there are many gun owners who identify more with the Democrats than they do with the Republicans, even if they may disagree with the Democrats on gun issues.

    Which is why I think it is regrettable that the NRA under Wayne LaPierre has taken such a partisan position, and even worse than that more recently he has taken an explicitly Pro-Trump position. Watching YouTube gun channels recently they are playing this Dana Loesch ad from the NRA that basically parrots Trump’s stump speech complete with invocations of “fake news”!

    I am one of hundreds of thousands of Americans that see the world in general through a liberal worldview, who just think that the Left is currently getting it wrong regarding guns. Private gun ownership is clearly the Liberal position in the historical/international/academic sense. It is only in contemporary American politics where the definition of “liberal” has been somewhat bastardized where individual gun rights are not part of that worldview.

    By explicitly siding with the Republican tribe, and even worse specifically with the toxic Trump identity, the NRA is pushing more and more people to identify tribally and viscerally AGAINST gun rights. Why shouldn’t black people, latinos, muslims, etc, be able to be brought onto the pro-gun side? Many prominent figures in black history were explicitly pro-gun, many latinos and muslims yearn to assimilate into American culture, and I think it is a very promising opportunity. But if the NRA is explicitly associating with a strain of “tribal white rural” politics exemplified by Trump which explicitly rejects other identities, it will turn those potential advocates into enemies.

    • “tribal white rural”

      Nice dog whistle. While firearm ownership may indeed be ‘liberal’ in the classic sense, Tom, and I also have voted for democrats in the past, all of the toxic name-calling, identity politics, and hatred comes from your side. Most of us couldn’t care less about ‘gay this’ or ‘trans that’. It’s all B.S. virtue-signaling, and you know it.

      It’s why I left the Left, and you should, too.

      • @Tim the left is worse regarding identity politics but it has always been there on the right and recently it has gotten stronger on the right. I would agree if you said that it has been the identity politics on the left that has been a major driver of identity politics on the right, but to say that it doesn’t exist is imo to be blind.

        There are very many people, especially white residents of exurban and rural areas, that are part of this tribal allegiance where they their own culture as “hard working, god-fearing, real americans” and see people from urban areas as “lazy, moral-less, non-patriots.” And its all bullshit because it’s proven in polls and statistics that these exurban and rural people are actually less productive and less moral than urban people with in many cases higher incidence of criminality, drug use, and divorce, it’s just a tribal identity.

        There are also tribal identities amongst urban people that have a negative tribal outlook against rural people. My point is that it is a problem on both sides. But it’s an impediment to expanding gun advocacy because the “white rural identity” is exclusionary against lots of people that would otherwise be supportive of gun rights.

        • “….are part of this tribal allegiance where they their own culture as “hard working, god-fearing, real americans” and see people from urban areas as “lazy, moral-less, non-patriots.”

          Truly, those are amazing powers you have, Tom. You know exactly what all those awful, bigoted, white conservatives think, just by looking at the color of their skin.

          You’re way-better than the rest of us.

        • @Tim you are living proof of not only the white tribal identity, but also that some of those tribalists are as easily triggered pansies too.

          I never claimed to read minds, I only claimed to read the clear-as-day statements of the politicians that they vote for. Increasingly also reflected in the rhetoric of the NRA under LaPierre.

    • NRA started putting allegiance to the GOP ahead of protecting gun rights long before Trump came on the scene. I let my membership lapse over their willingness to overlook the pro-control positions of both President Bushes, and their adopting an antagonistic view toward environmentalists at time when access to hunting land is probably the greatest challenge to the sport.

      • @Serpent_vision exactly what does destroying nature have to do with gun rights? What does backing the police in borderline-acceptable police shootings have to do with gun rights? What does banning muslim immigrants have to do with gun rights? LaPierre is backing the gun rights movement into a corner.

    • Cant say that I agree with your opinion of the NRA pushing anybody but OFWG’s away, the NRA has made it very clear within the past year or so that the 2nd Ammendment needs to be inclusive of all races, religions, and genders to carry on through the coming generations,band I think they are pushing hard for it. Colion Noir for example is an eloquent example, though some like to think he’s just a figurehead of the movement. Pete Brownell, the new NRA President has also made it very clear he will try and focus on including everyone he can, because the 2nd IS for everyone. Personally I think I fall into the camp of many in that I dont personally care what other people want to do with their lives. Where I take issue is when the Left decides that they think they know whats best for me, and try to force me into submission. Their fight against the 2nd is just one of the more obvious cases of that.

    • Oh Tommy your just precious. You put up this wall of text lamenting the partisan position of the NRA, and somehow you haven’t noticed the Democrat Party has adopted gun control as a plank in it’s national platform.

      • Ahem….Last I checked, the NRA was not a political party, but under La Pierre, it is fast becoming one. NRA members such as myself want the NRA to focus on gun rights and hunting area conservation, its strengths and the core of its membership.

        • Aaaand BOTH of those things are highly political, aren’t they?
          ‘Gun Rights’ are a flaming skewer in the eye of the Liberal Left–you know, those people that will vote for a Democrat despite their being shown eating live infants on national television. ‘Hunting Area Conservation’ is likewise code for ‘OFWGs Killing Bambi and Thumper with Assault Weapons in Public’ to Liberals, who strongly believe that meat comes from the back of supermarkets already wrapped in plastic.
          EVERYTHING that you think is your ‘right’ in this modern day IS ‘political’–your ‘right’ to own a firearm and to use it, your ‘right’ to speak freely when your speech is unpopular to someone, your ‘right’ of free association, your ‘right’ to earn a living–pretty much everything you thought was a ‘right’ guaranteed in the Bill of Rights is fully dependent upon the vagaries of politics, and CAN be changed, curtailed, or removed by political action, and enforced by Government of the Liberals, by the Liberals, and for the Liberals.
          If there is no organisation larger than a mere handful individuals that WILL take political action to ensure the preservation of your ‘gun privilege’ and your ‘hunting privilege,’ who else is there to do it? Politicians?!

          • Difference between “political” and “political party”. When the NRA is willing to overlook the transgressions of politicians who are Republicans, it sends them the clear message that the NRA’s got their back as long as they aren’t as bad on gun rights as their opponents (or, in the case of Mayor Guinta in NH-1’s US House race, they were willing to hide him having an even worse record than his Democratic opponent). Sending Republicans the message that they only have to be less bad than the Democratic opponent is not helping to protect gun rights. Overlooking the 1st Pres. Bush’s “assault weapon” import ban is not helping to protect gun rights (why protect the reputation of the guy who made a spectacle of quitting the Association after their accurate but unpopular “jack-booted thugs” characterization of the ATF?) Calling the 2nd Pres. Bush a champion of the 2nd Amendment after he publicly declared support for renewing the 1994 “assault weapons ban” is not protecting gun rights.

  9. Yeah right all gun owners have got to be white supremacist Nazis. I keep my swastika bandana hidden away for special range days. LOL what the hell is wrong with this woman I couldn’t stand her since day one cares more about making a headline and being in front of a camera then actually the cause that she’s so calls Moms Demand Action LMAO. What a joke and a clown of a person.

  10. Nice to see Salon giving her the same love they give pedophiles. Seriously, is there really any difference between the two philosophies?

  11. So it was the NRA that created BLM and ANTIFA, and got them to enact violence on the streets, all to sell more guns? That’s some masterful 4D chess…

  12. The “gun lobby”:“ … now … advance an increasingly radical ‘more guns for anyone, anywhere’ agenda….”

    The agenda always was “more guns for anyone, anywhere.” That should have been clear all along even to dim bulbs like “Not Enough” Watts.

  13. I find this to be unintentionally ironic. Racism is to assign negative attributes to a person or people based on race. The stated view is that white guys own guns and are racist. The statement itself is racist as it is based on race.
    It appears as though the shoe doth fit on the other foot.

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