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Props to the NRA Carry Guard fashion show’s organizers. They used “real people” to model concealed carry holsters and clothing for their first runway extravaganza. Real people embody and project the NRA’s core message: firearms freedom for all. (Click here for more images from That said . . .

Where are the Carry Guard babes and the himbos? (Not to mention people of color, ’cause that would open-up a whole ‘nother can of worms.)

News flash: sex sells. Whether it’s gun rights or garden hoses, holsters or hand soap, products sell better when the people hawking them have sex appeal.

NRA spokesperson Dana “Clenched Fist of Truth” Loesch is easy on the eyes. NRA Commentator Dom “Abs You Can Trust” Raso has plenty of sex appeal, if you’re that way inclined. Where were they on the night in question?

It’s also worth noting that the NRA’s use of, shall we say, “unsophisticated” models reaffirms the anti-gunners’ prejudicial belief that gun owners are hicks. A conclusion that this Dana and Dom-less crowd shot does nothing to dispel.

But forget the crowds. Think Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. As TTAG hunting editor Liberte Austin will tell you, glamor equals views. And views are what the NRA and holster vendors need. So . . . time for a rethink for next year’s show? I know a few Israeli models who could git ‘er done.

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  1. I don’t know. For this sort of clothing in particular, it makes a lot more sense to show a lot of diverse types of people (body types, in particular) to see how it conceals. May not be “sexy” but it makes sense.

    • Uh, no, let’s not do an OFWG Chippendale’s routine* of ripping off cover garments & drawing pistols for the cameras. It’s already bad enough they couldn’t get some juggies to do it.

      As to the ‘why’ of the article, the fact is that drawing from concealment is basically stripping off clothing to a limited extent, and the NRA likely didn’t care for the optics of putting attractive women on a stage in front of cameras to rip off jackets, pull up shirts, or draw heat from flash-bangs. Since the whole spiel isn’t really all that serious (i.e. realistic) they probably felt safer having random guys make fools of themselves for the press. Not to mention the ramifications of any potential ‘holster malfunction’ (read: wardrobe malfunction) are perhaps less damaging. Guys aren’t dropping trau or whipping out underwear guns when they draw.

      But we get it; you wanted to see Dana rip her shirt open & draw a pistol from her bra, lol

      *RIP Chris Farley & Patrick Swayze

    • exactly!

      The commie press will not doubt pearl clutch and gnashing of teeth about guns, but a model in a g-string trying to CC a desert eagle in gold tiger stripe won’t be on the list of outrages.

      I have no doubt such media exists, rule 34 applies, but I am glad they didn’t roll it out for this fashion show.

    • I don’t think he needs guns to defend himself; didn’t he break some dudes arm, arm-wrestling a couple years back?

  2. Perhaps the NRA Carry Guard folks should drop by the Next USCCA concealed carry fashion show and check it out. They have copied everything else.

  3. So TTAG needed filler bandwith today? There’s a huge chunk of the internet out there for your inner 14 year old to look at boobs Mr. Fargo if you really need to.

    • Maybe sex sells less than it used to because anyone with a smartphone can see more vaginas in a day than a gynecologist would in his/her career prior to the internet?

    • Really?
      You must be older than me fella, I’m on the wrong side of eighty, and she don’t do anything for me.

  4. Most of the hot babes work for Dillon. Someone should send NRA a catalog so they can get the idea.

  5. NRA is getting complacent. They seem to be more interested in selling an overpriced and questionable product at a fashion show,rather than fighting for 2A rights.In case people have not noticed, there has been no significant legislation passed, national carry is not a thing, and the Supreme Court is pretty much static. They did not grant cert in Peruta, which was widely thought to be the vehicle to secure 2A rights outside the home.

    While the 2A is treading water, NRA is having a fashion show.

  6. It appears the Mr. Farago is stooping for the low-hanging fruit.

    I have my issues with the NRA but this certainly isn’t one of them. I may or may not renew my membership. This show made me lean towards renewing.

    I would have loved to see an article that actually covered some of the best conceal carry holsters in the show, not kvetched about the “models”.

    Stupid article.

  7. The NRA could have used LIVE! NUDE! GIRLS! for their models. Of course, if they did, concealed carry would prove — well, let’s just call it “challenging.”

  8. More and more younger women of all races are carrying guns well wearing there ultra tight FMP’s to CrossFit. The NRA needs to modernize there fashion approach a bit. Let’s face it painfully hot women are a reality when it comes to concealed carry fashion. I am not saying don’t have all types up there but don’t ignore the fit younger generation that carries.

  9. I’d think you’d be happy they were using “regular” people and not the “pretty people”. Makes the NRA look better in my opinion.

  10. “Guys aren’t dropping trau or whipping out underwear guns when they draw.”

    So much for the element of surprise.

  11. I’m still waiting for news about release of the M-1 rifles South Korea wants to send us…the 186,000 that the last administration did not allow re-importation of…

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