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“Society has made African-Americans and black people feel that the Second Amendment wasn’t for us. Initially it probably wasn’t for us. Our point is, you are as American as anyone else, as any white person in this country, and the Second Amendment is for you too.” – Dickson “Q” Amoah in The Age of Trump Is Producing More Black Gun Owners [via]

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    • My first reaction, exactly.

      How about we just call ourselves “Americans,” and knock it off with all the hyphenated subcategories and divisiveness that comes with them. If you’re an American, you have rights–no more and no less than any other American.

      • The “drop the hyphen” talk is naive in a country that has a very violent history of denying its citizens’ Americanness and rights on ethnoracial grounds. Japanese-American Internment and related behavior towards Italian- and German-Americans come to mind, as do less violent matters such as Alien Land Laws. And of course, for 2A matters, we know quite well that “gun control” was meant to tread on Blacks long before anyone used the words “African American.

        • Hi. I’m going to refute your dislike of hyphenated Americans by naming as many examples of hypenated Americans as I can in 140 characters, as if that actually addresses anything.
          85% of the people in the US went to elementary school after desegregation. This continual focus on imagined institutional racism in the 2010s, combined with a refusal to even acknowledge the existance of the CSA and the KKK, is a descent into madness as the less racism there actually is, the more is imagined, and the louder the cries.

      • ” If you are an American you have rights ”
        First all life has the “right” to defend itself.
        B: I am not an ” American “. I am a citizen of the ” United States of America “

      • No l am the REASON YOU should carry so that when I stomp your racist ass I will get a new ( to me ) gun. Just saying.

  1. Good. All the rights for all the people all the time. And if somebody walks up and says “not this one, not for you and not here” you kick their teeth in. Get out the mindset that you must be explicitly allowed. Liberty is yours for the taking. Get off your ass and take it.

    Too bad they didn’t interview Maj Toure.

  2. And what “society” is making black people feel like the 2A wasn’t for them? Oh, gee, it’s the leftists. Because no gun rights proponents I know of want black people to be defenseless. Big surprise.

    • I believe it’s more the black community as a whole rather than leftists telling blacks that guns are only for whites. Many articles have been written by black gun owners saying their families and other blacks say that they shouldn’t have guns, that guns are for drug dealers.

      • Then why not say the “black community” instead of society. I think you’re giving the person too much credit.

    • Historically speaking, slaves were not considered citizens but property, all the way up to the Civil War, and therefore had none of the rights of whites. Judge Tanney, a southern racist and then chief justice of the Supreme court, made this explicitly clear in the Dredd Scott case, which concluded that escaped slaves, being property, were subject to seizure wherever found, and that northerners were obligated to assist in their capture and return. After the war, now that blacks had been freed (and granted full citizenship, at least in theory) many state passed laws specifically to bar the ownership of firearms by blacks, thus assuring black Americans continued subjugation to the whites in former slave states. The southern states were bastions of the Democratic Party. These barriers did not fall until the 1950s and ’60s. The allegiance of Blacks to the democratic party has much to do, I suppose, with the fact that it was a Democratic President (Johnson) who signed the Civil Rights Act and began the war on poverty, programs that directly benefited blacks. (It is rarely noted that it was the republicans were the party that had pushed for years to pass the Civil Rights Act, but were unsuccessful until Kennedy took up the banner and Johnson pushed the bill through.)

      • Maryland’s current permit scheme was devised after the ’68 riots and was directly designed to limit the ability of blacks to carry firearms for self protection.

        If you are a member of the white business owner club then MD is effectively Shall Issue. If you’re black and own a business the MSP will dig up petty charges from 50 years ago and use them to now deem you prohibited and revoke your permit. True story.

  3. Yeah, that’s true, until the Democrats you keep voting for in overwhelming numbers take your 2nd Amendment rights away.

    • And maybe, just maybe, owning guns and being comfortable with the right to keep and bear will turn some minds away from the nanny state.

      Civil and human rights are for us all. Blacks, whites, lgbttvqrspwhatever. It’s a big tent.

      Just not the Irish.

    • Yes. And someone should inform “Q” that the first gun control laws in the country were created by southern Democrats to prevent blacks from defending themselves.

      To this day, gun control laws in this country disproportionately affect black people who have the greatest need for self-defense.

  4. This is what I replied to David Welter, my state rep, in regard to the Illinois FFL licensing scheme after he responded to my NRA form letter. The last section was in response to what I felt was a condescending section of his response letting me know that I could call his office any time if I had questions. Like you need to tell your boss he can ask you questions.


    I believe you grossly misunderstand rights and the constitution. The second amendment of the US constitution does not afford people any right. The second amendment of the US constitution recognized the right of the people, all individuals, and restricted the US government from infringing on that right. Governments, not the US general government not the Illinois government, do not give their citizens’ rights, governments are tasked with protecting their citizens’ rights.

    If you have any questions, you are free to call me and leave a message, and I will be happy to call you back at my earliest convenience and assist you.


    • So call him back and see if he does what he says he’ll do. Debate on your position. Debate on the issues before the legislature. Engage him as a citizen.

      • Here is what he wrote me:

        Dear Omer,

        Thank you for taking the time to contact my office regarding Senate Bill 1657. There has been discussion of amending this legislation, but in its current form, I am strongly opposed to the bill. Any bill that strips away the rights of law-abiding citizens afforded to them my the Second Amendment, I firmly oppose. As the end of Session approaches, I will continue to monitor any progress or changes in this legislation carefully.

        As always if you have any questions, please feel free to contact my office.


        I just took offense to the notion that my right come from the government. He’s just ignorant of the way rights work, as are most people.

        • Thanks for contacting your rep. MY reps are lowlife democrat scum in Cook County. Yours sounds like a good guy!

  5. So that pic..,

    At first glance it looks like somebody got a pinkish white light saber with a WIDE beam.

  6. The more gun owners, the better. Every law abiding citizen is more than welcome. As JWM pointed out, even progressives may learn some self reliance through gun ownership.

  7. I am just glad when anyone not a aggressor wakes up and realizes that their life is in their own hands.

  8. Owning a gun will not magically make anyone a 2A supporter any more than standing on American soil makes someone magically an American.

    • ^This…while it is nice to see certain segments of society tooling up, we can’t assume that will make them begin to really reassess the Constitution and their own philosophies. We hear all about minorities beginning to arm themselves, and while everyone has their personal reasons for doing so, it seems to me that the majority are doing so out of fear (which is perfectly valid) of conservatives, Republicans etc. They’ll continue to vote Democrat and stick to liberal policies for the most part because most of them probably figure they’ll have no need to defend themselves with liberals and Dems running the show. I wouldn’t expect minority gun ownership to foundationally change many minds.

  9. “Society has made African-Americans and black people feel”. BS The problem that Blacks have is that they have sold themselves into the slavery of the Dems/Progtards.

    • I guess white people living in America descended from Boers or Moroccans could be African-American, and not black? Just throwing it out there, it is a strange distinction to make.

        • Only get to be called white? You mean I don’t get to be an ultra-hypenated Irish-Scottish-Scots Irish-Welsh-English-German-Danish-Norwegian-Swedish American? What am I supposed to do with all my free time?

    • Should I try to define those terms by example?

      Colion Noir is Black. And an American.

      Barack H. Obama Sr is African on his father’s side. And American on his mother’s side.
      He’s African-American, or Halfrican.

      I’ve heard white people talk about African-Americans but nobody has ever called themselves that in my presence.
      Therefore I’ve been waiting 20 years for the opportunity to ask an African-American which of their parents is African, and which country that parent was born in.

      • Barack Jr. was the President. Barack Sr. was the African – if you accept that he was the father, and not Frank Marshall Davis.

  10. The history of gun control in North America is the history of violent White supremacism and the efforts of its proponents to create for themselves a “safe working environment”.

    Unless they’re assigned as bodyguards, the police are NOT there to “protect” you as an individual. They simply don’t have the physical ability. In some cases, they don’t even WANT to.

    My grandmother was in Chicago for the 1919 race riot in which the Chicago Police Department REFUSED to protect the Black community from roving bands of White arsonists and rioters, including not coincidentally, future Mayor Richard J. Daley father of future Mayor (and gun control fanatic) Richard M. Daley. Returned Black doughboys armed themselves with personal weapons and those taken from National Guard armories and defended the community where the police REFUSED to.

    When I moved to NE Ohio in 1986, one of the first local news stories of which I became aware was that of a Black woman and her children who moved into a near-West Side Cleveland neighborhood.

    From the start, her property was subject to vandalism and arson.

    Then one day, a mob of drunk Whites surrounded her home, trapping the woman and her children inside, bombarding the house with rocks, bottles and fireworks.

    The woman repeatedly called the police who professed not to see the mob. Giving up, she desperately called a friend for help. He put his 12ga. shotgun in the trunk of his car and headed for the woman’s home. Arriving, he had NO problem seeing the mob attacking the house. Retrieving his shotgun, he gave the mob a “whiff of grape”, a la Napoleon. Strangely, the Cleveland PD was able to see HIM. He was arrested.

    Fortunately for the friend, he retained competent legal counsel who subpoenaed the 911 recordings… which showed dispatchers and police LAUGHING about the woman and her children’s peril. The friend walked.

    If you’re a Black person and WANT to be subject to the vilest racial slurs, refuse to endorse invidiously racist gun controls when a White anti-gunner ORDERS you to. Been there, done that.

    Scratch an anti-gunner, find a Klansman.

    • Save us the anti-white “history” lesson. Since big bad America is so bad, what don’t you take the advice of Marcus Garvey and G T F O. Bye, Felicia.

  11. Gee willikers ALL the gun ranges and shops around me(NE Illinois and NW Indiana) have a multitude of brown folks buying and shooting. Certainly not a problem “embracing” the 2A here-but a massive disconnect who supports those rights.

  12. Of course the Second Amendment is for you.

    Equality will never be yours, however, until you bring yourself to stop asking for it.

    “Martin Luther King Jr. expressed a dream that one day all men would live as equals, however the broader thrust of his message to black Americans was ‘Be Equal’. He did not call for a race of people to ask for equality so much as he asked them to accept their own equality, to be the equal that they were, regardless of the reaction it evoked. This is the equality most widely achieved the most widely prized, envied, sought after and attempted to be imitated. It is this liberated culture that became the most readily integrated into our modern American culture. It is the equality that is left to be the Societal determination that it will regardless be; the equation drawn between individuals’ values, and what each accepts as allowing themselves to be equated to. . .

    Requesting equality is equivalent to the coveting of something one does not have [to be equal]. It is the reliance on something else for substance, without which the being of the thing would be ethereally unattainable. Being equal is the quality of something temporally fleeting, the juxtaposition of two things vying for superiority, two horses neck and neck in the home stretch of a race. It is however, unburdened by the request of need from the other. Equality is acceptable, and however denied, does not long suffer ignorance without a usual shift in burden of the ‘quest for equality’. (J.M.Thomas R., TERMS, 2012, Pgs. 114-115).

  13. Yeah, 2A is for everyone. The problem is that some people will jump at the chance to trade their rights for free sh!t.

    The Democrats are the party of free sh!t. And urban black communities have been built on free sh!t.

  14. I’m trying to understand why anyone would think that? I’ve never heard any person “of” the sports make a reference to that effect?

  15. The only people who think that the 2A doesn’t apply to you are the democrats you’ve probably been voting for.

  16. Gee, at gun range I frequent we get all races and both genders, number of nationalities from countries that do not have 2nd Ammentment Right. The look on their faces is priceless!

    • According to the text, the Fourteenth is for “citizens” and “persons”. The authors could have specified former slaves if they’d wished, but they didn’t, and wrote an amendment that applies to all.

  17. All my “Racist, White Privileged, Redneck, NRA member, Republican/Libertarian Male” friends are strangely absolutely the opposite of how the media portrays. You will not find a crowd people who cares less about race, religion, sex, etc. Will they joking rip on you, yeah, will they be there to help you with whatever, yeah! I truly wish more minorities and women, anti-gunners would go to a shooting range with a safety instructor at least once! We love the 2A and all the freedom and enjoyment it provides. Lastly if I were black I’d be so pissed at the media and liberal democrats! The media only provides stories of blacks+guns committing crimes. The liberal democrats want to blame everything but the black individual for gun crimes. That’s like saying….well you can’t blame the guy who committed armed robbery because he was black and we all know blacks are predisposed to gun violence. If I were black I’d be PISSED! Democrats are just as racist as they were before the emancipation proclamation……they just got smarter by pretending they care and slowly but surely making minorities dependent again. Whether being owned by rich plantation owner or being owned by the federal/state government…..Slavery is slavery.

  18. “You’re as American as anybody else”…if and only if you don’t feel the need to stick the word African in front of the word American when describing yourself…

  19. There are very few African-Americans in the United States. I’m pushing 60 years old and have been all over. I have met about a dozen African-Americans. They immigrated from Africa. Just because you are Black doesn’t give you the right to call yourself African-American any more than it gives you the right to claim slavery as why your life sucks. Everyone in America is afforded the rights endowed by their creator whomever or whatever they believe. Governments DO Not give rights, People allow governments to control their rights by dividing us then slowly taking our rights by playing one group against another.

  20. This is all fine and well—until you read that the uptick in black people wanting to own guns IS BECAUSE TRUMP GOT ELECTED and they’re scared of being killed by white people.

    Really? The majority of murders in the US are black on black, or black on white. White people rarely kill blacks—and when they do it’s because that black person was doing some nefarious shit.

    Oh, and cops shoot blacks a lot—but more whites are killed by cops than blacks.

    Scared of white people.But if a bunch of white people had the balls to say they’re buying guns because they’re scared of blacks—which is a statement supported by statistical data—-the media would call them paranoid racists.

  21. Yep, just think the US Constitution is for all, no shit. The libs, are trying to change history, because they and the kkk are one along many, many more things. 2A is for all, the more the merrier. Lets all stop these do gooders. Just think vote Trump in again or a Republican, the libs will be jumping of bridges, we won’t see them again. No more masks, fire burning no flag burning, window breaking and etc. You can be sure that the Tea Party, the NRA or the GOP do not have these asses around us. Yep we even pick up after ourselves. Oh well getting a little political. Be safe out there and your powder dry.

  22. So, it takes hysteria over a fake Republicon to make them realize that Democraps have been lying to them for decades?

    This utter fucking bullshit is why my Scotch bill is getting out of hand.

    A pox on all your houses.

    • I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that. Get your sister to call the free clinic. Be a lot less poxed houses if she would.


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