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“People like to have a good time before the game, during the game, people get emotional and angry during the game. I think the idea of introducing loaded weapons into those situations is just ridiculous.” – Arkansas state representative Greg Leding in New Law Allowing Guns At SEC Football Games Seems Like A Good Idea, Right? [via]

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    • When I saw that picture my first thought was, “is that the best picture his staff could find from the photo session?” It’s not like some photographer snapped it on the street. That’s a professional, studio photo.

  1. People get angry and emotional watching sports at home, too. Plenty of loaded guns around when that happens.

  2. Well that certainly worked for that guy who wore the Dodgers jersey to the Giants stadium a couple hears ago. He may still be on a feeding tube, but at least his attackers weren’t hurt.

    • “… but at least his attackers weren’t hurt.”

      Exactly. And now we see the real motivation behind civilian disarmament: ensuring that attackers can attack with impunity. Whether or not those attackers are “angry fans”, two-bit thugs, or government agents is neither here nor there.

    • You got that backwards. A Giants fan got beat to the point of being a vegetable by Dodger fans. But no one talks about the Dodgers fan who was stabbed and beat to death by Giants fans after a game up in San Francisco just a year or so later.

      • Ah… I was going to google it but I couldn’t figure out exactly what to google.

        These things just don’t seem to happen at Twins and Royals games.

        • There seems to be a high thug/moron attendance at ball games in CA. Raider games are full or nut cases, Dodger, Giants, San Diego Chargers, etc. I wouldn’t go to a game in that state, just not worth dealing with those idiots.

  3. What does the Securities and Exchange Commission have to do with football? Oh, wait…

  4. it looks like the top half of his head is twisted from the bottom half… of maybe I’m still drunk lol

  5. … people get emotional and angry during the game. I think the idea of letting those angry people pound on other patrons without the disincentive that a firearm represents in those situations is just ridiculous.

    If only Arkansas state representative Greg Leding had this attitude instead.

    No. We must ensure that rowdy fans will not suffer any serious injuries when they beat on other patrons.

  6. And why would alcohol sale and consumption be acceptable at such a contentious event?

    Once again – Follow the Money!

    • Ah, but getting drunk to the point that you engage in fisticuffs or other forms of violence such that having a firearm is a risk, is just having a good time. After all, the alcohol lobby pays good money to ensure their continuing presence at SEC football events, drunk violence or driving is just a myth.

    • This cuts to the core of what’s going on here: liberal dishonesty motivated by money and power.

  7. There is a ridiculously simple solution for this. Stop paying insanely high prices to go to these games. There is no better way to view a game than from your living room with a big screen TV. You can have all your friends over, drink or not drink, and be armed at all times among people you know and trust. Feeding the NCAA machine with your money so they can keep covering for rapists and gangbangers (college athletes) who couldn’t pass simple 9th grade level tests without help (cheating) is only perpetuating the problem.

  8. So do you bind the hands and feet of attendees? Can they not bring pencils and pens to games (wonderful stabbing implements)?

    ‘Cause I can guarantee you that if people aren’t being killed at games today with those available, guns wouldn’t be an issue either.

  9. If alcohol is not being used, I agree. Sadly, guns are not always operated correctly by people that are intoxicated. Guns are made for killing and alcohol clouds the judgement. There are many out there that may think they are just fine, but mob mentality and alcohol are not a fit with guns or any other machinery.

    Vehicles operated under the influence are operated poorly, guns used by the same people could end up worse. The purpose of cars is different from the purpose of guns, guns are made to incapacitate people or animals(as well as train the shooter), that training with a diminished capacity caused by alcohol intake is a place we should not visit.

    • …… what exactly do you purpose people being beaten by drunk mobs of rival fans do to mitigate that circumstance? Stab em with their EDC knife? Pepper spray? Smash a beer bottle in their face? Or just get beaten till they’re vegetables?

    • Firearms are made to send a projectile in a certain direction. That direction is determined by the person using it. Otherwise mine are all defective as they have killed no one. At least the ones I’ve bought new. Can’t say for the mil-surp ones.

  10. Apparently Rep. Leding & Chancellor Steinmetz don’t want responsible gun owners associating with the irresponsible fans they sell beer and football game tickets to.

  11. “…Think about it. The stadium now has to allow concealed carry permit holders to bring their weapons into the football game. But who is responsible for making sure they are not too intoxicated to safely discharge that weapon? What is the standard for denying someone entry with a gun? Who pays for that screening?”

    I find the double standard to be so glaringly obvious that I think it would be more comfortable to stare directly into the sun….

    First, the arrogance in the statement of someone/someplace being forced to ‘allow’ guns somewhere that I am and I don’t like guns so how dare they!

    Second, ‘these people’ are just allowed to run willy-nilly completely unsupervised! No one is making sure they don’t overindulge on cheap stadium beer. And I know when I get drunk on my first beer I get angry and violent and that guy has has at least four beers and is looking at me with that hungry look in is eyes.

    Third, even though we have to let ‘them’ in, surely there must still be a way to get around it, there has to be some way we can block access to those people. Maybe if we make them use a separate entrance and force them all to sit on the other side of the stadium. Maybe even make them use different concession stands and use different water fountains.

    Fourth, I don’t want ‘those people’ getting in AND I don’t want to pay for the resources required to keep them out.

    You can’t be a bigot based on someone’s skin color or religion any more but gun owners….. you can hate on them all you want. Some group will even encourage to hate on gun owners, they’ll even give you a list of insults to use
    and colorful metaphors that will make your bigotry seem like it is something as much as ninety-two percent of the population agrees with you.

  12. WE must blow off games and DEFUND in that manner.They harm the youth later in life. To much hoop la to commercilized. IMO

  13. Rather than deal with those who would do us harm, let’s disarm everyone.
    Liberals don’t mind letting terrorists move into our communities but they fear guns.
    Why don’t we deal with the evil and stop focusing on a life preserving tool?

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