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Gun Toting Teachers

“The critics of our plan will say things like: ‘Guns and kids don’t mix’. They will say things like: ‘It’s a bad decision to put guns in the hands of non-trained people.’ They are people who believe in a police state. They believe that the only people who should be armed are police or military. I think that’s a scary idea at best.” – Harold (TX) Independent School District Superintendent David Thweatt in Teachers With Guns [at]

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  1. Putting a gun and a kid’s hand is not like throwing water on a gremlin…

    They can be taught. They can be educated. They can act with integrity. Kids aren’t a stupid as the anti-folks make them out to be.

    We are suppose to be trying to get smarter as a society, not dumber. If you’re not striving to make your kids better than yourselves, then you’re part of the problem. Gun or no gun.

  2. This links to a very dramatic, multi article presentation, much like the newspapers used to do with major events, attempting to cover every angle of the story. Thweatts comments are meant to expose the “Texan attitude” angle, portraying armed teachers as wannabe cowboys. Check out the teaser for the “police attitude” angle;

    “One gun, four murders. Sgt. Luke Laterza knows the weapon is out there, somewhere. He’s not closing the case until the gun is recovered and in his lab.”

    I guess the gunslinging teachers should be informed that serial killing guns are on the loose, and may in fact sneak into the school in one of their holsters.

  3. Wow! The article collection on guns is surprisingly balanced for CNN. I expected this to be the token, and only, pro-2A piece. They did seem to paint a picture of Texas as ‘different’. But still, unless I missed something – kudos to CNN for at least trying to present a balance of different viewpoints.

    • Modern journalism has stooped so low, and turned so far left, that any measure of balance is a welcome change. That is a sad state of affairs. If the anti-– gunners really wanted a balanced conversation, it is there for the asking. The MSM is much more concerned about ratings and sensationalism than actual facts. It isn’t completely lost, but it is definitely on life-support.

    • Yes. God bless Texas.

      If he could bless Texas with commonsense open carry laws and reasonable bar carry that would be really neat!

      • Elections have consequences, and last month’s Texas gubernatorial election is expected to produce open carry in the new year. It’ll probably just be licensed open carry at first, which isn’t perfect, but it’s better. Besides, the perfect is the enemy of the good. Make progress where we can, then lock in those gains, and keep going. We’ll get there together, my friend.

  4. The police can’t be everywhere at once. People need to take a hand in their own safety, and it’s nice seeing someone in edication voicing opinions like his, instead of the other way around.

  5. If you step over the edge of a cliff, you are going to plummet to the ground below — no matter how detestable that fact may be to some people.

    Likewise, if an evil person sets out to harm the staff and students at a school, armed parents and staff at that school are the most effective way to reduce the carnage — no matter how detestable that fact may be to some people.

    Evil exists in our world. Burying your head in the sand does not make the evil go away. You can either be prepared for it or be abused, assaulted, raped, robbed, or killed.

  6. It only takes one psychopath to ruin a lot of lives.

    Thankfully, Mr. Thewatt and others like him understand that and take appropriate action to prevent tragedies.

  7. I’m in favor of teaching teachers to carry and use firearms effectively. Now if teachers could also be taught to actually teach, that would be an even bigger accomplishment.

    The odds of your child being shot in school is far lower than the odds of your child getting a decent education.

  8. The teachers at my kids’ school would pee themselves if you used the word “gun” in the same paragraph as “kids”. Most of the parents would laugh at the cowardly teachers.

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