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“This bill is a menace to New York and would allow potentially dangerous people from other states to carry concealed weapons in our grocery stores, movie theaters and stadiums, without even notifying the police. It is a nightmare for our law enforcement officers and the community, and I will fight this legislation tooth and nail.” – New York Senator Chuck Schumer in New Yorkers slam Texas Republican’s effort to accept lax gun law [at]

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    • Sure those people are more dangerous than the potentially dangerous people from other states, but they’re from New York. As a Senator, Schumer represents all the criminals of New York, from the petty street criminals to the Wall Street criminals.

  1. See, cause in NY the criminals call ahead of time and let us know where they’re going. That’s why there’s no gun crime in the big apple.

  2. Well, with that sort of violent talk, I feel threatened by Sen. Schumer. Fighting with teeth and nails sounds like it would create a potential nightmare for police, so I think we should just confiscate his teeth and his nails, so the rest of us can feel safer.

      • Right, but not assault teeth. Start with canines and incisors. He shouldn’t be allowed teeth designed specifically to tear flesh, and muzzle devices are scary and illegal. After all, the way he’s shooting his mouth off…

  3. It is a known fact that the most dangerous place in Washington, D.C., is between Chuck Schumer and a news camera.

    • The most dangerous place in D.C. is between Chuck Schumer and a 22-year old intern. Camera is a close second.

    • Chucky has been a camera whore since day one.
      I don’t think he has ever met a camera he didn’t like or stick his ugly mug in front of since his days as a congressman.
      Meanwhile can anyone even come up with one useful piece of legislature he has ever been involved with??
      I cant.
      As an ex NYer.
      He was the kid we all beat up on at school.
      He has been taking that out on us since his 1st run for public office.

  4. Wasn’t New York supposed to have been walled off ala Escape From by now?

    Those asshats love to dictate how everyone in their state, everyone in their region, everyone in this country and everyone on this planet should live the moment even the suggestion of their attitude being improper is made it’s the end of the world to them.

    Get over it New York. You aren’t one-third the shit you think you believe yourself to be.

    • Amen to that. I have no desire to visit NYC, much less live there. I feel for Upstaters though. What must it feel like to have all of your policies dictated by smug, insular busybodies who’ve never set foot outside their “Rotten Apple”?

    • Even more than most big-city dwellers, New Yorkers love to think of themselves as cosmopolitan and everyone else as provincial bumpkins. I’m small-town born and raised, (you couldn’t pay me enough money to live in a place like NYC), and I’m not a big traveler either, but I’d lay odds that I’ve seen more of America than 99% of all New Yawkers ever will. Tell me again…who are the real provincials here?

  5. “potentially dangerous people from other states”

    What he means is people that haven’t been trained to roll over for a liberal belly scratch.

    My apologies to the few people stuck there who can still recognize freedom.

    • Only for the purposes of trying to figure out a sleazy work around, like that “Constitutional Scholar” in the White House.

      • Me thinks a Federal Judge in Texas may have just tied a knot in that “Scholar’s” tail! And contrary to the BS coming from the White House and DOJ, the Appeals Court is likely to uphold the Texas Judge.

    • He had to read it that one time to help twist the right of privacy into permitting the aborting of babies into the 9th month (aka…..infanticide).

    • Why should he care about the Constitution, he holds dual citizenship with another nation. He would be more at home in that nation. Schumer shows the failure of our immigration system. We should have ended all immigration in 1800.

      • I guess, then, that people like me whose ancestors came to the United States after the civil war (and on one side, in the 1930s) can just piss off then?

        You’re disgusting.

        • Steve, how is it disgusting discussing people in government. Positions of power possessing dual citizenship? Do you only believe in the 2nd Amendment and not the 1st?

        • If you’ll note he said ALL immigration should have been ended in 1800. That would cut out the vast majority of people who live in the United States today.

          I share his profound annoyance at people like Schumer but blaming everyone whose ancestors came to the US after 1800 for asshattery like Schumer displays is itself making the same error Schumer makes–putting bunches of people with an irrelevant characteristic into one bucket and assuming they will all act the same.

          That is a disgusting attitude. He has a right to hold it, but I am going to call it disgusting.

        • Asshattery, that’s good! Btw, good post, agree for most part, I think the original poster wanted to really direct his post toward dual Israeli citizens in position of power here in the US.

        • Hahaha! I’m still sneaking in under the bar! My maternal ancestors owned half of Staten Island when New York was still New Amsterdam.

          Nothing to show for it now, of course; they sold it all for peanuts and went out west (I come from a long line of poor financial decision-makers).

        • I know a few who’d say 1491.

          Geez, maybe if it would get rid of people with attitudes like this we should go for it. /sarc.

        • @Ing, unless every single one of your ancestral lines (not just your maternal line) was here before 1800 or 1642 or whatever line these asses like to draw (and I know Grindstone was being sarcastic not serious), they are telling you that you shouldn’t be here. Do you still qualify?

          It shouldn’t even matter; I focus on what someone themselves does and thinks, not on when their ancestors came here.

        • @SteveInCo, yeah, I’d only half-qualify at best. My paternal great-grandfather immigrated to Utah as a Mormon convert in the early 1900s.

          It’s a ridiculous argument, so I thought I’d throw out a ridiculous (if half-serious) answer.

          As for the serious part, most of my ancestors — French Huguenots and Mormon converts — came to America because they were seeking freedom of thought and conscience that were denied elsewhere. Many of them, as early Mormon converts, were early Utah pioneers — an exodus they made because a lot of people (as the progbots do now) thought that freedom and tolerance meant that everyone had the “freedom” to think exactly what you wanted them to.

          So, knowing my family history, I take civil rights (and America’s “melting pot” nature) very seriously. Anyway, kind of off-topic, but there it is.

  6. NY already has dangerous people from out of state who are a danger to the police. I believe one of them came all the way from MD to NYC to kill two cops sitting in their car. And it is neither the first or last time.

    His entire statement is nonsense and only makes sense to the people who bow to government as if they are high priests or have some twisted notion of how the world works. If someone wants to go to NYC to kill some cops, the law or the lack of one will not stop them.

    The USA has yet to see an ISIS attack and I pray it never does, but nothing will stop the madmen or the nut jobs or determined jihadists but this law will prevent someone from defending themselves during an attack. The fallacy of course is the police are always there when you need them.

    All not passing the law will do is prevent those who want to do no harm from protecting themselves.

    NY politicians always make me laugh, they have no problem passing a law that says a 14yr old girl is allowed to have an abortion without the consent of parents and at the same time have a law that says if you are 14ys old or younger and simply walking to the corner store to get milk, your parents can go to jail for up to a year.

    They would make it easier if they simply came out and said they simply want to control every aspect of your life from the time you wake up until you go to sleep and if you allow us to spy on you in your own home, that would be great. At least they would be clear and honest.

  7. This same a-hole helped push the Violence Against Women Act because of a supposed link to interstate commerce.
    Yet he backs NY States continually ignore federal law regarding interstate transport of personal firearms. And he supports making it easy for Criminals to pick out victims that they know to be unarmed. That being anyone driving a car with out of state plates. His actions do have an immediate impact in interstate commerce by making all out of state travelers targets for instate criminals.
    Conceal carry reciprocity makes all travelers safer.

  8. The comments in NY Daily News do not disappoint! These panty wetters ought to build a wall around that precious big apple.

    • Or hook a big tugboat up to Long Island and the city and just pull it off into the ocean to sink. Those of us in the slightly less crap areas of this state would be pretty happy to see it go.

  9. Perhaps New York should secede from the US. The city is so contrary to the founding principals of this country that it makes absolute sense to me. It makes more sense than the red states and counties seceding, because frankly, this country is nearly all red. Lets call it irreconcilable differences. They want tyranny cloaked in social anarchy, a facade of security, and class warfare. We want real freedom for every man, woman, and child regardless of race, religion, level of success, or political creed. Cannot be more irreconcilable than that.

    • If only.

      If only they’d take Mass, Illinois, Maryland, DC, and California with them (among others).

  10. You mean, as opposed to the current laws, that prevented a “potentially dangerous” thug from out of state to come up from Baltimore to New York City, walk up to two NYPD sitting in their patrol car, and shoot them both execution-style, all without even notifying police beforehand?

    That incident generated a few headlines; perhaps you remember it, Chuck?

    Apparently, you need the same reality check as that dolt professor down in Florida: criminals don’t follow laws.

  11. let’s check the criteria:
    #1: He’s from New York
    #2: He looks like a movie villain
    #3: Obviously super liberal
    conclusion: Yup, not taking anything this guy says seriously.

    • Agree, don’t take his rhetoric seriously, but we should all take this guy very seriously. He’s the brains behind all the crap that went on while Harry Reid was in charge, the evil genious for whom Reid was just a front man.

  12. Chuck Schumer surely would oppose any effort to create a shall issue permitting system in NY. Our “other” Senator is Gillibrand, she used to sleep with shotguns under her bed (her own words in a newspaper article). That was back when she was an upstater congresswoman, now as a state wide Senator she spends all her time in NY city and seems to hate guns. I’ve met very very few people from downstate who see guns as anything other than dangerous. Statistics mean nothing to these people, nor do personal rights. They will slowly remove our “rights”, as their supporters cheer until we reach a European or Canadian style system of privileged ownership. It won’t end there however……

    • Upstate NY should secede. I grew up a stones throw from Lake Sacandaga, good people, great country, it’s just too bad you’re still tied to NYC.

      • Depends how they do it. I believe under Federal law, for a new state to be formed from territory within an existing state requires the consent of the parent state. Since NYC and surrounding counties effectively run NY State anyway, I don’t see what they gain. Now, it could still work in Colorado, since Denver could go full commie if they were to kick out a subset of counties.

    • UNY – From a Long Islander, the last time I looked, Albany was, upstate. But I understand your point. Westchester and below has become a liberal cesspool and unfortunately outnumbers the entire upstate voting population. I voted with my feet and moved to Virginia where the Constitution still has meaning, somewhat. But we have the same situation with Northern Virginia (NOVA). All of the D.C. liberals live in those suburbs and their number approaches the rest of the state conservatives.

  13. What’s the matter NYers, don’t like out of towners telling you what to do?

    How’s that irony tastes? A little bitter?

    • I imagine you saying that while drinking a soda out of a 40+ oz Big Gulp mug, and that puts a smile on my face.

  14. Having your permit is like having a legal binding paper that says you have not been convicted of any of the crimes they are claiming.
    Criminals don’t get CCW permits.
    Having one means I have been a good little trooper, not being able to get one or having one revokes means I was bad.

    How can you state that letting CCW people into your state is letting in criminals?


    • Shhh. You just used “logic” and “reason”. These are known to cause liberal politician’s heads to explode, so they are trained to allow it to go in one ear, and out the other. For safety.

      • It’s because they have also made sure there is no brain matter in between the ears to slow down and block the passage of such dangerous and explosive substances.

    • Having a CCW permit issued even in New York state doesn’t mean all that much in certain places. I have mine, but can’t carry my firearm into Manhattan, why, that would be insane!

      There are so many discrepancies in handgun law in this state it boggles the brain, I was able to get my CCW permit in under 30 days from start to finish, but my brother in law, in the neighboring county took over 13 months, and his application had to make a trip to Albany even. If we can’t get along with ourselves we are going to have a very difficult time with national reciprocity. Personally though, I say sign me up!

  15. Waaah!

    I like the picture of the shirt that says, ‘Guns don’t kill people, it’s mostly the bullets’ with the caption underneath that says, ‘The National Rifle Association, which backs Cornyn’s bill, seems to make light of gun dangers.’ Like that’s Wayne LaPierre or something.

  16. There is no safer place on the planet than a store filled with people who have their CCW license.

    Especially in NYC.

  17. Ah yes, that good old douche canoe Chucky Shoomer. I am looking forward to him holding Senate with the Late Sen Lautenbooger in the bowels of hell.

  18. Just says NY elected politicians do not trust any of their constituency enough not to kill each other at any moment of the day. Must be the people that have such violent tendencies are in NY and the few other states when 40+ states can carry guns without war in the streets.

  19. First off criminals never follow the laws. So the main people carrying in your state are criminals and the NYPD who has a terrible on target percentage as it is. Second, normally law abiding citizens who care about themselves and their families carry anyway. A few years ago I was in NYC for Christmas with a pistol in my pocket with dreaded hollow points. I even struck up a convo with an NYPD officer. The 2nd Amendment is my carry permit. i know the risks, which is why I rarely go to NYC and if I do and take the subway I don’t even carry. However if I am just walking and taking buses? Definitely carrying.

  20. Hey that’s cool, Chuck. I wouldn’t set foot in your diseased excuse for a city without my sidearm anyway, so I see this a a self-solving problem.

  21. Maybe the states that have concealed carry should start to refuse to honor out of state drivers’ licenses from states that do not have concealed carry licenses. Do you think that would bunch up Chucky’s shorts?

  22. “This bill … would allow potentially dangerous people from other states to carry concealed weapons in our …” – New York Senator Chuck Schumer

    And there you have it. Chuck Schumer admits the true mindset of gun grabbers: even good people who have no criminal record are “potentially dangerous”.

    Remember, only people with no felony criminal record can obtain concealed carry licenses. Who, then, would ever be good enough for gun grabbers? Their answer is NO ONE.

    • You got it. Hell, pretty much everyone who can physically make their way out into the public is “potentially dangerous”.

  23. Is it me, or does Chucky look like evil-incarnate in that photo? He looks like he just oozes evil and contempt for people.

  24. When our beloved NY SAFE Act gets overturned again and we go back to 7 bullets in the gun “clip”… will it then be “more ok” for people from other states to carry in NY, Chuck?

  25. There are 53,000 prisoners and 36,000 parolees in NY State prisons or on parole. This does not count federal prisoners who were/are NY State residents.

    I’d worry more about these folks than someone legal with a CHP from another state.

    CHP holders are 15 times less violent than off duty police officers.

    Never let facts or common sense get in the way of your goal.

  26. “The bill “would create a lowest common denominator that makes the weakest state requirements the law of the land,” said John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety, a group funded by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg.”
    EXACTLY. Since the lowest common denominator is the US Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. This entire discussion opens the festering wound which is gun control and exposes why all gun laws are unconstitutional, period. It is funny how we somehow survived the first 158 years of our nation until the 1934 NFA or the first 217 years without background checks. These are the same people lobbying for marriage reciprocity among the states for the LGBT community, but for us law abiding CCP/CWP holders no joy. How they hate the common folk that don’t vote for them.

  27. I’m guessing the Dems are about to re-discover “federalism” and “state’s rights” . For limited purposes, of course.

    • “rediscover”? Ah, no, both sides of the aisle will fall back even on the constitution when it benefits them to do so.

  28. “Potentially dangerous people”….

    yeah those crazy itchy tigger-fingered looking for blood CCW holders that data have shown are less likely to engage in violent crime than the police..

    oh noes…the childrenz

  29. I don’t know to say this, but…I’m kind of a big deal. People know me. I have a study filled with leather bound books and a study that smells of rich mahogany.

    Watch me stare meaningfully into this camera. I’m important. Your rights are not.

  30. A better allusion would have been: Senator Schumer or Senator Palpatine? (i.e. the Phantom Menace). Certainly has the right look going.

  31. Concealed Carry = Bad because somebody could be carrying a weapon anywhere – even in a grocery store or movie theater and they wouldn’t have to notify police and we would never even know about it!

    Open Carry = Bad because people are carrying weapons, even in grocery stores and movie theaters, and we can see them and it makes us nervous!

  32. To clarify, He will “fight tooth and nail” to keep law-abiding permit holding Rights bearing full American citizens from participating within the current liberty provided by the Constitution of the US of A.

    This is the views of a traitor and belongs buried in a prison being given anal feedings until he pops. How do these people get in office?

  33. What really concerns me is who are the people who vote for these asses over and over again…..This guy has been a jerk for a long time.

    • with electronic voting how do we really know who is voting for whom? Never mind the current system that controls which 1 or 2 individuals that we get to choose from.

  34. Politics these days is so easy. Ever have trouble knowing what is truly best for this country? Just look at anything Schumer, Bloomberg, Obama, or any other fascist hates, and support it.

    By the way, ever notice that it’s pretty much only leftist politicians who look undeniably evil?

  35. I’ve never seen a more brazenly elitist people than those of NYC. They literally think applying their collectivist edicts on every state, city, and town in the nation would solve all problems forever, even though a supposedly backwards hick state like Texas has had a healthier economy than theirs for quite some time. I honestly don’t even understand why they’re so pants-p!ssingly afraid. For decades people bought, sold, traded, and carried guns of all kinds throughout the five boroughs legally and “blood in the streets” never happened. Then again, people also used to accept that death was a part of life and some people just faced theirs earlier than others. Murders were sad, but you shed a few tears, took a deep breath, and moved on with a sense of being thankful for what you had. Utopian fantasies like “ending violence” in society didn’t exist because people knew they were impossible. Now that a lot of very childish people think they are, the destruction of any and all liberties in pursuit of that false utopia is considered, by them, a virtue.

    • NYC has a very fascist mindset, which is perfectly in line with who they are. Unsatisfied to live in their own failed utopia, they invade their innocent neighbors with the arrogant, vile goal of enslaving them to their own will. Sound like a certain Austrian turned German from the early 20th century.

      • Nice to have you commenting regularly again, I always liked your brutally honest writing style. Yeah my pops spent 15 years in Manhattan. His first business trip to Columbus made him realize just how many awful people he was surrounded by. The sad thing is the ideologies these people believe in have been put to practice too many times in the past 100 years alone, and the only thing tens of millions of “the people” got in the end was a one-way ticket to a mass grave. I honestly think they want, but will never admit, to be the ones wearing the hobnailed boots in the next go-around. And yet, without a doubt, these fools would have been some of the first to be purged from any 20th century dictator’s cabinet.

  36. ” It is a nightmare for our law enforcement…”

    **** this guy. He has no idea what law enforcement has nightmares about, but he’ll try and hide behind that excuse.

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