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“It’s freedom for a certain kind of person who sees every man as an island, with some islands more volcanic than others, and fancies himself ready to withstand any nearby island’s eruption. It’s freedom for the pessimist who believes the best about himself and the worst about others, who believes it’s a jungle out there, and consequently endeavors to make the out-there especially jungly. It is the freedom to fulfill a self-perpetuating prophecy of violence. It is the freedom to be a corpse-making misanthrope. And it is increasingly the American way.” – Adam Weinstein, It’s Really Hard to Stop a Bad Guy With a Gun License [via] [h/t JA]

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  1. How they never see the irrational paranoid place they speak from is the same place they attribute us to belonging never ceases to amaze me. Every piece like this can be summed up “I’m angry, hostile and paranoid and shouldn’t have a gun so nobody else should either.”

    • Go read the article, it’s even worse than that. He actually does have a CCW, which means he’s either very Jokerian in his statements on the duality of man, or (more likely), Feinsteinian in his hypocrisy.

      • The author of the linked article has to be a complete shill for the gun control crowd, everything he says in his piece is just a regurgitation of MDA lies and obfuscations without even hinting at the fact that they have all been fact checked and proven to be wrong and/or falsifications. A perfect example of “carrying the water”.

  2. I read the first paragraph, which is enough. My only question is what makes these people think that people who are willing to murder would be dissuaded by the inability to carry a gun in public legally? Why can’t these people figure out that people willing to break big laws might be just as willing to break the small ones?

  3. Weinstein, indeed. It figures. I cannot understand the lemming tendency of many of my coreligionists to forsake their heritage and convert to liberalism.

    • I think the theory goes “if society is less cohesive, it can’t band together against me.” Given their history it’s an understandable attitude.

  4. The words of a man who is willing to forfeit his right to liberty carry no weight, and indeed are not spoken by a man so much as a mouse.

  5. Well, it is a jungle out there. People like Weinstein pushed non judgmentalism on us say who are we to judge what makes someone feel good. Since the worst thing they said we can do is hurt someone’s feelings, according to the Weinstein’s of the world, we now have a world full of emotional infants that won’t/can’t think logically with their brains. It’s not my fault you pushed programs infantizing the public and now they turn their uncontrolled emotions on others because it makes them feel good. I’ve never ever taken a life, injured an individual with a weapon or even committed a misdemeanor while Sylvester Lewis has a long rap sheet and a 10 year old on his body count, because I learned to control my emotions and Sylvester was taught to not do so.

  6. “There was something called liberalism. Parliament, if you know what that was, passed a law against it. The records survive. Speeches about liberty of the subject. Liberty to be inefficient and miserable. Freedom to be a round peg in a square hole.”

    –Aldous Huxley, Brave New World.

    • “But I don’t want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.”

  7. “It’s freedom for a certain kind of person who sees every man as an island, with some islands more volcanic than others, and fancies himself ready to withstand any nearby island’s eruption. It’s freedom for the pessimist who believes the best about himself and the worst about others, who believes it’s a jungle out there, and consequently endeavors to make the out-there especially jungly. It is the freedom to fulfill a self-perpetuating prophecy of violence. It is the freedom to be a corpse-making misanthrope. And it is increasingly the American way”

    It’s a freedom for a certain kind of person to see every man as an appendage of the whole, with all islands peaceful, and fancies himself safer for having forcefully capped all volcanoes. It’s a freedom for the pessimist who believes the worst about all others and even himself, who supposedly believes there’s no jungles, yet you are still a potential (yet declawable) jaguar. It is the freedom to react to life difficulty with legislation, instead of personal responsibility. It is the freedom to force others to die for you. And it is increasingly the American way.

    Turnabout is fair play right? Nice strawman, though, PERSONAL ATTACK WITHHELD. :p

  8. So being prepared is a self fulfilling prophecy? Savings accounts make things break in your house. Spare tires ensure you will get a flat. Health insurance makes you get sick. Having a generator makes the power go out. Having a basement means that your house will be hit by a tornado. Leaving for work early will always make you late. Costco makes people starve.

    • Yes. This is the root of Anti’s craziness. They do believe in magical thinking and fetishize the items in the world around them, simply because they cannot take responsibility for their actions and the results of their choices.

  9. Licensed concealed carriers commit all categories of crimes at a lower rate than law enforcement officers. And yet Mr. Weinstein is totally okay with armed law enforcement who are demonstrably more dangerous than the good people who carry concealed in public. Once again a gun-grabber demonstrates their hysteria.

  10. I have an in geology and I’m offended and uncomfortable with this guy’s using geomorphic terminology in anthropomorphizing firearms.

  11. This is proof yet again that the ability to express oneself eloquently does not necessarily mean that the underlying thought has any logic attached to it whatsoever. And also proof yet again that this problem afflicts the left repeatedly on gun issues.

  12. That article was all over the place. It is a roundabout way but not courageous of saying he doesn’t have the fix.

    What fix is there?
    Should the students have armed themselves? They could have legally.
    Calling the police on him earlier seemed like a bad idea.
    Folks here wouldn’t want his gun rights removed. Or would you? If so, when?

  13. I’ll back that up!

    Ignorance is bliss.

    If you can pretend to live in a world where bad things and bad people don’t exist, then life for you seems void of evil, you only have to worry about what the Kardashians are doing or if your neighbors grass is getting too high.
    Pay to have your car cleaned, pay to have your house fixed, pay someone to watch your kids, pay to have someone teach your kids, pay someone to handle your finances……pay someone to protect you from the bad you pretend doesn’t exist. If something bad happens, it was a fluke, or a lapse in the system, that’s all…..

    Ignorance is bliss, but you cant be blind to it while its blasting you in the face like open carry does. Remember, its always somebody’s fault, not yours, someone else.

    Our local authority having jurisdiction has informed our Fire and EMS department that they want to have the state troopers do more first responder work and have the first responders blend to help law enforcement, this way we function better as a team.
    One of their topics was the purchase of body armor for Fire and EMS so that if an officer or civilian was injured or in need of emergency assistance and the scene was not “safe” yet, that we could go into the “warm” zone instead of waiting while an officer or civilian dies during something like a stand off.

    When I tried to bring the topic up at several meetings I was basically told I was crazy and we didn’t need to do that sort of thing.
    Ignorance, pretending you don’t need it or it doesn’t exist, erases the fear.

    So I guess our law enforcement officers need to be medics in the field now if they want to save their own asses.
    I put it this way, they would take a bullet for me, why wouldn’t I do the same?
    Training or not, that’s somebody’s dad, mom, child, friend, out there.

    Keep ignoring it… baaahhh

  14. Violence is not inherently immoral…

    Like money, it’s only deemed moral or immoral based on how it is used.

    Use violence to knock off a store- immoral.

    Use violence to stop a rape- moral.

    Donate money to charity- moral.

    Score some smack and give to a kid- immoral.

  15. “It’s freedom for a certain kind of person who sees every man as an island, with some islands more volcanic than others, and fancies himself ready to withstand any nearby island’s eruption.”

    Anyone else see that as a good thing?

    • That is the fundamental difference between those that are free versus those that have embraced being the faceless cog in the body of the whole which requires one to be powerless, helpless and defenseless. The hive mind writ large.

      To those of the latter type, we, and the freedom we represent, are a nightmare incarnate.

  16. There seems to be one common element to most of these mass shoitings. They have been primarily by leftists, liberal/progressives.

    The philosophy that says that people can’t be trusted to manage their own life. That looks at all people as boiling cauldron of homicidal rage just waiting for the chance to explode into a whirl wind of unstoppable and bloody death.

    I believe that we should accept their estimation of human nature. The human nature as expressed by and about liberal/progressives.

    • But what is the rage based on?

      Having grown up on the west coast in the Bay Area, I can say that much of the philosophy is based on a deep seated self-hatred of oneself as a human being. The liberal/progressive is taught that they are a plague on the planet. A destroyer of the mother earth and all her children.

      The other self hatred that is taught is that as an american, we are an instrument of tyranny and oppression upon all of the innocent people around the world.

      So then, on top of which they are taught that as an adult, they are incapable of managing their own life, that only their betters in the god called government can make the decisions that are important in their lives.

      So with all of this self- hatred based upon being a human plague upon the planet, an instrument of tyranny upon the all people upon the earth and being taught to be powerless and helpless, it is a wonder more liberal/progressives/ leftists don’t end up going on a mass murder spree.

      • “Having grown up on the west coast in the Bay Area, I can say that much of the philosophy is based on a deep seated self-hatred of oneself as a human being.”


        The real kicker is that they feel really-really good about that very self-loathing.

        They *seriously* get off on it.

        All warm-and-fuzzy on the self-righteousness of it.

        What’s the shrink terminology for that type of mental illness?

        • I believe it has something to do with the human psyche that gets an adrenaline/ endorphin rush from being extreme as well as being “special”.

          So for someone in this mindset, there is a rush from feeling as if one is the worst person imaginable. Instead of the norm of human psyche of believing one is the best as a person or,as a group, for instance the blind patriotism of those super patriots, “my Country, right or wrong” types; we have instead those that feel they are the worst, most terrible people on the planet. It makes them feel “special”, which gives them a “rush” even if it is in a negative way.

          This is, of course all subconscious. Instead of consciously telling themselves they are the worst people on the planet and the self-hatred that it feeds, they transfer that loathing, self-hatred and the rage it produces on those of us that don’t have that same helpless, powerless, and self destructive self-loathing. Law abiding gun owners.

          This is why, I believe, once the people that have this psychosis act out in a blind homicidal rage and murder as many people as they can, end up killing themselves. This because they were acting out the rage they actually feel towards themselves.

  17. Mr. Weinstein, when the time comes, it is your duty to protect yourself and your family. With police response times in larger cities averaging either 9 or 13 minutes, and for small towns, response times can easily be between 30 minutes to more than an hour, who are you going to rely on to protect your family? I certainly am not going to protect you. Let me guess, for home defense you have a baseball bat by your bed, which seems to be the go-to weapon of the inner city Progressives out there. So, if someone invades your home, your plan is to bash him over the head with the bat, which unlike what the movies portray, it is deadly force. You would undoubtedly kill someone with a baseball bat to protect your family, which you probably think is noble, but if I defend my family with a firearm, you think that is evil.

    • “Let me guess, for home defense you have a baseball bat by your bed, which seems to be the go-to weapon of the inner city Progressives out there.”

      Nope, he holds a carry permit. Proudly states he comes from 3 generations of gunsmiths, no less.

  18. Ban seatbelts in cars! Because I know I’m a good driver, and protecting myself from bad drivers is just paranoid! Nobody needs a seatbelt because there are laws against reckless driving.

    See, I can say nonsense too.

    • …and as a corollary, know what else is “becoming the American way”, Adam? Lower and lower violent crime rates. For the last several decades, as more and more Americans legally own firearms. I’ll bet that baffles you.

  19. Progressives have a problem with impulse control and in today’s politicized personal environment they only come into voluntary contact with like minded individuals So they tend to view All people as lacking In their ability to control their emotions. Conservatives By their very nature are very self motivated and can exercisrexercise self control. Before thd personal became political even Progressives could see people as individuals with varying degrees of behavoir.

  20. Humans live and die based on making distinctions. We may all be loosely connected, but sometimes you have to cut loose…with a barrage of lead. If not, the other guy might cut you loose.

  21. How in the world do these know-nothings ascend to such levels of influence?
    He writes for the gawker. I’d like to see a profile of their average reader, speaking of ignorance…

  22. I’m going to keep it simple….who care what this guy thinks…..I buy guns because The constitution says I can. Pretty simple concept

  23. Is he talking about people exercising their second amendment-protected rights, or police officers?

    Note: that’s not a dig at police officers. But if his premises are correct, why would police officers need to carry firearms as part of their duty gear? And what keeps police officers from becoming “a self-perpetuating prophecy of violence”?

    In fact, non-LEO with firearms permits commit crime an order of magnitude less-frequently than LEO. So his entire premise is specious.

    • As I have stated before Chip, gun grabbers have no interest in having a true conversation. Rather, they spew anything and everything in the desperate hope that something “sticks” and we give in. Their positions are incoherent because their minds are incoherent. They are truly hysterical.

    • I did it…Wow, there are some seriously low information, fact free, emotional responses in there. If you say anything about personal freedom, then the nanny staters go ape sheet. When they say that gun owners don’t trust others, I have to laugh. The adult children have zero trust in their fellow man. Critical thinking and basic research skills are dead.

    • I dunno…I found this one which, of course, is being shit on by the rest. Its under the very first comment, you have to click the “replies” talk bubble icon underneath it:

      “Anti-rights true believers have been so accustomed to the expectation of total security from the state that they no longer can even conceive of the necessity of risk inherent in a classical liberal society such as the founders created in the constitution and bill of rights. Constitutional liberty is not a cocoon of laws to prevent all harms and thwart all dangers, it is a limitation on the ability of government to encroach on specific inalienable individual rights. It doesn’t matter how you put this to them, or how well you argue why liberty is more important than security, because their minds have already been made up that security is necessary at any cost, even if that means they are less free. They don’t want to be free, they want to be secure, and those are two very different things. It’s obvious to people who value their liberty that bad things will happen and have always happened, and that rights will be abused. Power of all kinds will be abused, and the only real question to answer is who ought to have the power. By the constitutional model, it is We the People who are meant to have the power of firearms as both personal defense and defense against the state or foreign invasion. It is an unfortunate reality that a lot of people today no longer believe in the document at all, and their vehement hatred of the 2nd amendment is just a symptom of that larger ill.”

  24. “…freedom to be a corpse-making misanthrope…” . Mr. Weinstein has made a totally idiotic comment that really doesn’t rate a response. Right up –or down, I guess– there with Feinstein’s “it’s legal to hunt humans” bilge, they get so pathological they don’t even realize what they are saying.

  25. Does this guy really not understand that it is his OWN fears he is discussing? Why else does he have a problem with my armament, unless he is hysterically afraid of everything?

  26. As far as I can tell, this is your basic gun control proponent’s thought-pattern:

    Fact #1: The U.S. has a lot of violent crimes committed with guns.
    Fact #2: The U.S. has lots of gun owners.
    Fact #3: The overwhelming majority of those gun owners are law-abiding enthusiasts to whom the ownership and use of their guns is important to them.
    Fact #4: The overwhelming majority of gun crimes in the U.S. are committed by common criminals, not gun enthusiasts.
    Conclusion: Ignore Fact #4. Pretend Facts #2 and #3 cause Fact #1. Decide the elimination of Fact #2, instead of Fact #4, will change Fact #1.

  27. I took the fight to them, as I am wont to do whenever there’s a gun-related article on a Gawker blog. Within a few hours I was called “worthless”, “selfish” and many other things, just because I chose to express my support of the Second Amendment and self-defense. My detractors were typically “learned” types from New York or California, whom never have experienced direct violent confrontation. Basically, the Gawker family regards anyone with a firearm as an atavistic throwback, and this includes the police and the military, the very bodies they supposedly entrust to protect them.

    So, if they deny us the right to self-defense, and they also decry the police and the military, whom do they suggest pick up the mantle of defense of self?

    • They don’t want anyone defending themselves, and they personally feel that they shouldn’t even have to, because everyone should always be nice to each other.

      Even though it was their own neo-liberal economic policies that lead to de-industrialization of the inner cities, leaving a lot of unskilled workers — mostly minorities — out of the job and no way out of their deteriorating neighborhoods.

      Even though it was their own neo-liberal economic policies that locked many non-violent criminals out of the legal economy and barring them from receiving temporary benefits to include student loans with their continually escalating “Get Tough on Crime” initiatives, leaving them no choice but to become recidivistic and violent to protect their new criminal enterprise.

      Even though it was their own neo-liberal gun control policies that leaves their would-be victims defenseless in the face of the protected criminal class that their economic policies deliberately created.

      It is a truly sick pathology that is trying to become a self-fulfilling prophecy, fueled not by compassion but thinly-veiled hatred for those more successful under an economic system that they detest. They hate independence because it makes them less relevant, and also less powerful. They hate independence because it breeds intelligence and wisdom, enough to distrust their beloved State whom many (but not all) neo-liberals see as an Almighty god unto itself. They hate independence because it takes away their voter base, on whom they depend to usher in their socialistic policies which have utterly failed in literally every place and every-when they’ve been tried.

      There’s a very specific reason why Lyndon B. Johnson said this as he signed the Civil Rights Act into law: “I’ll have them n***ers voting Democratic for two hundred years.” — Said to two governors regarding the Civil Rights Act of 1964, according to then-Air Force One steward Robert MacMillan. Source: Kessler, Ronald (1996). Inside the White House. New York: Simon and Schuster. p. 33. ISBN 0671879197 Modern neo-liberals are simply following through on his words, keeping them on the government plantation for as long as they possibly can.

      After all, the Republicans took their slaves away. 😉

      • The Liberal/progressive Pathology.

        I don’t believe this particular psychosis will be listed in the official book of pathologies by the psychiatrist/psychologist professions.

        If they did, most of them would be at the top of the list as needing professional help, if not institutionalization.

        • Then that is a sad irony, being that it was modern neo-liberals and self-anointed “Progressives” that also de-institutionalized the criminally insane en mass as well. Their government plantation needed more voters, after all.

          Their penchant for creating the very situation where they feel that their agenda is needed is not too far off from every other tin pot dictator that has ever come to power. Unless of course you also want to count the ones that our own government propped up through the police state apparatus that neo-liberals helped to establish to begin with through their dogmatic demagoguery.

          After all, neo-liberals are often found wearing shirts with Che Guevara’s face plastered on them; a well-known racist with brutal totalitarian tendencies that were brought about a a direct result of his Marxist-Communist ideology.

          It pays to be well-read of the idols of your adversary’s politics, especially when you come to know far more about theirs and yours than even they do.

  28. It’s a freedom… that goes along with other mundane real life concerns, such locking your doors at night and not leaving your keys in the car, you nitwit. Stop trying to overanalyze it with flowery prose and nonsense analogies in a sad attempt halfway intelligent.

  29. “It’s Really Hard to Stop a Bad Guy With a Gun License.” Hmmm…..OK, two questions:

    What bad guy with a gun license?

    Decades worth of legal records from around the country clearly and convincingly demonstrate that license holders as a group have far, far lower conviction rates than their peers in the general population. That includes all crimes, not just those that are related to firearms and the license.

    Stop him from doing what, exactly?

    It can’t be stopping him from committing crimes, as we already know that’s largely a nonissue. Maybe he means hard to stop him from peacefully excercising his God-given right to keep and bear arms and from fulfilling his God-mandated obligation to defend himself and his family? Well. If that’s difficult today, I pray for the day when it becomes impossible.

  30. Spoken like a true fascist who wishes to crush all those he doesn’t understand. The Constitution and the 2A were painstakingly created to protect us from people like you.

    Fascists projecting their own insecurities and desires for violence upon other people. The usual mantra of the anti.

  31. “It’s Really Hard to Stop a Bad Guy With a Gun License.”

    Only if you don’t have a gun yourself. That is how massacres occur, after all. History is replete with unarmed or ill-armed peoples against State-sponsored hatred being slaughtered in hoards. Mr. Weinstein might want to exercise his Google-Fu, for once, and look for a relatively recent term that’s been coined: democide. You and your fellow neo-liberals have the audacity to piss and moan about a police state and the military-industrial complex and openly denigrate and besmirch the men and women who have sworn their lives to protect yours, while simultaneously bellowing that they are these mythical “Only Ones”.

    Your Newspeak should deeply disturb anyone with even a passing knowledge of history, or skimmed over George Orwell’s “1984”. That was supposed be a warning, not an instruction manual.

  32. “It’s Really Hard to Stop a Bad Guy With a Gun License”. So why bother I guess? Shouldn’t I have the freedom to try?

  33. First off, if the guy didn’t have a gun, he’d probably have killed those people by some other means, just like the Santa Barbara killer stabbed his first three victims to death.

    Second, in the article, he says that CCW holders have killed 722 people over the past eight years. That’s an average of 90.25 per year. There are over 11.1 million CCW permit holders nationwide. If we were a country on our own, we’d have a homicide rate of 0.8. That’s lower than most of Europe, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

      • Also, how many were suicides? At least in the US, a suicide is considered to be a homicide, as an intentional death occurred, so suicides will almost always be included in such stats. Even though that is technically true, to lump these in with the intentional murder of another is obviously wrong headed, both ethically and statistically. It is simply too different to be included that way. While it may still be a murder, it was not invading the freedoms and/or the rights of another. Only the suicidee was involved.
        But one will get you five that with justified homicides and suicides removed, the number would be so low as to not support the antis agenda, thus they MUST be included, ethics and accurate statistics be damned. They have phoney baloney jobs to protect.(harumph, harumph…)

  34. It’s not hard to stop a bad guy with a gun license at all. Obviously, the guy is in a land of guys with gun licenses. That’s a self-solving problem that never even starts to exist.

    Also, the fact that he has a CCW means he wrote this for pagehits from like-minded clickbaitables.


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