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“I give him the answer I usually give, which is the right number of guns is always one more.” – US House of Representatives candidate Greg Gianforte in Mont. candidates choose weapons: guitars, guns and Trumps [via]

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  1. Need has sweet fuck all to do with it. I neither need nor want a machine gun. But anybody who does want or need a machine gun should be able to purchase one. Or as many as they can afford.

    K. Maybe a sub gun. In 9mm. I’d still bitch about the ammo cost. I’m a tight bastiche.

    • Indeed. It is a common trend for Progressives to judge the way things should be by their personal limit of needs. “I don’t need anything more than a break-action rifle and 100 rounds of ammo a year, why should you?” It’s all rooted in petty jealousy, that others have the power and ability to own and do things they’re too weak to do themselves. Its one giant perpetual game of playing the sore loser.

  2. I need a Mk19 machine gun. It’s for my gender reassignment surgery. As I mentioned elsewhere, I sexually identify as an AAVP7A1. Quit oppressing me.

  3. So called flash mob swarms bart train in Oakland, Ca and robs passengers. Gone in thirty seconds. This is what happens to a disarmed people.

    • Or just brainwashed people. Not that everybody in California is, but they sure seem to love bringing their liberal bs into Utah when they flee their liberal bs in Commiefornia. A fair amount have damn near begged to be defenseless.

  4. Larry Potterfield quote. Nice. : )

    Yep. One more.

    People don’t need to worry about one person owning many weapons until they start growing more appendages to hold them.


    W E I R D H U N H ?

    • But we’re “paranoid” if we say that our ahole neighbors who needed a job are “coming for our guns”.

      “Poop to that!” – Marvin Boggs

  5. Reminds me of the last time I listened to an interview with a Bernie Sanders supporter – college age dood. My wife had some choice comments about the gent’s ideas and work ethic.

    My only comment was “No, you can’t have my stuff.” Mrs. C just about busted a gut laughing, I’m proud to say 🙂

  6. How many cars do you need? How many dishes do you need? How many Chairs, Bedrooms, Superbowl rings, shirts, shoes, lawn darts, bottles of wine-beer-whiskey-coke-pepsi-root beer, do you need?

    …The correct answer is,

    As many as you want and can reasonably afford and store.

  7. Gianforte had a good answer. I’m always amused, in a contemptuous way, at socialist/progressives’ ideas about what I “need”. If I didn’t want more than I “need”, I wouldn’t “need” to work hard enough to afford it.

  8. Is everybody going to ignore the fact that Gianforte is a religious nut who is only talking about guns because he’s running as a Republican? The guy has no principle to stand on here.

  9. How many I Need is calculated by:
    1 for me
    + 1 for every able bodied member of my household
    + 1 for every able bodied neighbor that is too short sighted to foresee and prepare for WROL/SHTF (includes sufficient ammo and mags to match)

    I still have a lot of buying and building to do. I could say that I won’t get into Want territory in this lifetime but I cheat a little: I fill out the neighbors’ allotment with things I find interesting in the meantime.

  10. Unfortunately if you ask Greg how old the earth is he is going to say “five thousand years”

    As a montanan, I’m not sure which one of them is actually worse.

  11. The government has no right to limit the quantity of something I want, just because the number I want exceeds the number I need.

    How many shoes does your wife/girlfriend need? How many ties/shirts/etc. do you need? You only wear one (pair) at a time, so why do you need more than one?

    When someone gets to the point that he asks, “How many guns do you need?”, he has ran out of intelligent arguments, and he is starting to use the ridiculous ones.
    “Name calling, slander, and HYPERBOLE are a sure sign that the other person has lost the argument and has nothing else to say. We see this all of the time.” — unknown TTAG commenter, a few years ago

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