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“I was infatuated with a few classic Americana images that were a little skewed and maybe not as beautiful or as comforting as they might seem on the surface. One of them involved the shattering of the idea that it’s cool to play with toy guns and little kids grow up thinking that’s going to protect and empower them. We kind of take that idea and go, ‘Actually this is something else that could happen,’ and that needs to be considered by people who might not think about that kind of thing.” – Kristen Stewart in Chelsea Handler, Kristen Stewart Urge Public to Stand Up Against Gun Violence [via]

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  1. I know when I’m searching for an expert opinion I look to alcoholic tramps and wannabe vamps.

    • Another victim of celebrophrenia, which causes idiots to believe that being well known gives their opinions meaning.

      • In a PR game where size of megaphone matters being well known does give their message meaning. All the more so with a population disinclined to critical thinking.

        Does not mean their message is factually correct or morally supportable.

    • There are people in the world who have lived in one form of privileged status or another their entire lives, have never faced real adversity, never been even mildly threatened or, really, had someone get very mad at them, who are also not especially well educated and yet, who, because they have a popular talent have decided that their opinions about things are important and should be shared with the rest of us. In this woman we have yet another vacuous twit trying to convince us that she actually knows something. Scheech.

  2. Kristen, you should try smoking less pot and living more in the real world. Then maybe we won’t hear such god awful stupidity coming out of your mouth. The fact is, a gun will protect you in that darkest moment when you need protection the most. I wonder if you have ever thought about how often you, as a rich and privileged person, have been protected by guns? Your wealth assures that there are usually hired people with guns nearby to to keep the bad people away from you. The 99% of us who are less fortunate than you have to do it ourselves. Maybe you should contemplate these facts the next time you light up a doobie and wax philosophical.

    • When your dealing with inane dolts there is NO point in presenting a logical argument as you did. The Dems have an agenda, disarm the populace, so they cannot resist, I say this because there is no other sane reason for their agenda. Take our Tax Money, pay off the loafers to vote for them, Steal everything they can, like the furniture from the Whitehouse & then go write a book for $85 million like the last guy in the office of the Presidency. AND remember when you accidentally drive through that red light or stop sign just tell the Officer YES you did it BUT you had NO INTENT, worked for Comey & Hillary.

  3. How do you expect to stand up to ‘gu n violence’ if you’re not armed yourself? What do you think, you’re going to fight back with feelings?

    • +1….. she wants to “teach” children a different way. I hear that and I think force options (which is great to teach kids)!…. but then i look at the world through her eyes, i see that hair cut and that emaciated frame, then I think that she wants to train the next generation of kids who will obediently walk off to the gas chambers…. I think shes trying to make that “slave laborer” look she has going trendy er something.

  4. How many armed guards do you have around you at any time, hm Kristen? More than the people you’re talking down to can afford, I’m sure. Normal folk can only afford to watch their own back and their family’s back; outsourcing personal responsibility like self defense doesn’t quite work in the real world outside Hollywood.

  5. Voted world’s worst Actress(and lesbian). And hangs with the Handler critter…

    • If she was average looking. working at Walmart no one would give a rats ass what she thinks or says.

      Anyone can be idiotic and clueless if they really try.

  6. The easy part for the Brady bunch is to find vapid Hollywood types who wish to say something they view as profound. The hard part is finding one that can say anything, without sounding less sophisticated than a child on the cusp of entering into middle school.

  7. I’m glad that I don’t know who most of these “stars” are. Someone give that girl a sandwich, she’s so skinny I’d guess she’s from Somalia.

  8. Well, it’s obvious that she didn’t grow up in the 1950s when mothers and fathers had zero problem with their kids playing with toy guns. In the 1950s, they didn’t grow up to take to the streets with real guns and commit criminal acts. Indeed, I was one of those kids among throngs of those kids. I grew up to fight for the Constitution against the commie hordes who openly stated their intention to dominate the world no matter how much blood they spilled. That was followed by law enforcement.

    I didn’t commit crimes with or without guns. None of the many I played with committed crimes with guns that I am aware of, although more than one did get nailed for drugs and low level crimes; joy riding, DUI, etc. Some of them, like my brother, became anti-war activists. Even so, he liked his 1911 time at the range. He also taught martial arts at the University of California, owned a business and raised a family. He said his range time improved his hand eye coordination, accuracy, and relieved the stress of his days.

    The problems arose when the do-gooders turned their kids into namby pambys and tree huggers. And with that change went patriotism and other ideals which had been considered noble throughout the centuries. So, too, went respect for authority, respect for parents, cops, politicians, etc. And look who is acting as the authority figures of today and tomorrow; those same namby pamby kids and their parents. The Clintons, Gores, Kennedys (after JFK and RFK) and so many more.

    • When I was 8 my father got a WW II Springfield ’03 training (dummy) rifle, complete with a ceramic bayonet, in trade for some mechanical work and that was my play rifle for years. When I was 10 I got a Crossman BB pistol (the one that looks like a 1911) for Christmas and did Mexican carry all over the neighborhood every summer.

      So far I have yet to go on a killing spree.

      • You sure it was a Crosman?
        I got a Marksman 1010 (tip up barrel, feed 20 BBs in a chamber above the barrel or load one pellet directly into the barrel) for Christmas when I was 9, and my mom made a custom holster for it.
        For a scrawny 9 year old, cocking a 1010 is as difficult as racking the slide on a 1911.

    • I am not sure there has ever been that much respect for politicians. I get that notion from voracious reading of history not TV or movies. People only tend to respect politicians that they agree with and don’t harm them too much.

  9. Next up, standing up to house fires by urging everyone to get rid of their fire extinguishers!

  10. Oh look, another person trying to tell the crowd that isn’t contributing the problem, to stop the problem.

  11. I see she still wears that same expression I remember seeing on posters for the Twilight series, that look that she’s just about ready to throw up. Well I guess it’s our turn now.

    • A friend of mine actually figured out why that is. He said when they made the twilight movies, they stuffed all the actors and actresses into closets, fed them high fiber diets and forced them into sleep deprivation. That way they’d all have that constipated raccoon look.

  12. She was born with that expression. Teenage angst.
    Shes a poor excuse for an actress, literally can only play a moping teenager.
    She also somehow becomes more and more unattractive every time i see her.

  13. I don’t even know what she is talking about. A lot of generalization with nothing specific given and not implied with clarity. Stewart should learn to articulate herself better. Completely dismissed on this basis. No rebuttal required when she can’t even formulate an argument.

  14. Standing up against gun violence is a bad idea…

    You’re just making yourself a bigger target. You gotta get low and behind cover.

    D*ck in the dirt, Kristen, d*ck in the dirt.

    • Come on hell child, let them give peace a chance…we’ll just provide overwatch from a safe distance in case things get pear shaped.

  15. That little boy isn’t very smart is he? Didn’t your mother tell you dresses were for Scotts and women?

  16. Actually RF The Twilight Zone frequently showed guns in its episodes. They were depicted as neither positive or negative kind of like cars, suits, trees, etc. just kind of there cuz late 50’s early 60’s 🙂

  17. Perhaps if Ms. Stewart had been armed with a firearm and a more mature view of firearms utility, she could have defended herself against whomever attacked her hair with a weed eater.

    It should have been a defensive gun use.

  18. We must use a non-binary in reference to Kristen so not to offend. Faker is now the preferred title for someone who can’t act and then comments/lectures us on any issue.

  19. A disjointed collection of brain farts that lack cohesion or relevance. MOMs should be ashamed of attempting to exploit an obviously mentally ill former actress. That she is also the least talented performer of her generation is also further reason to leave her alone. This is simple cruelty.

  20. Is she still around ?

    I thought she’d be working a drive through window by now.

  21. Kristen Stewart is a beautiful and sexy woman, but when she, and other Hollywood types open their mouths on issues such as Second Amendment rights, they just expose themselves as weapons grade morons.
    My advice to her and the other Hollywood types, both male and female, (this also goes for sports stars) play your sport, or make movies or music, look good on screen, entertain me, and otherwise shut your mouth. When I want political or social commentary or information, I will look to the people whose job it is to do such things, or better still, I will read, research, think, consult my own heart, and make up my own mind.

  22. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people! I have carried a concealed gun with me since the age of 16. My daddy started teaching me how to shoot a gun when I was 8. Guns DO protect you if you know what you are doing. If it comes down to blowing someone away or getting raped, then I am taking them out! I am so sick of celebrities running off at the mouth when they have never even dealt with a situation in which they are speaking on. Have you ever fired a gun? Have you ever been in a situation where it is you or them? Have you ever even seen a real gun? I did see your interview about AMERICAN ULTRA and you said you loved the guns??? (WHICH OF COURSE WERE NOT REAL) Most of us have to depend on ourselves to protect us and the ones we love; not our bodyguards. You don’t take a buzz cut to a gun fight but the real lesson for the day that you should have said is “DON’T EVER POINT A GUN AT ANYONE UNLESS YOU INTEND TO SHOOT AND IF YOU ARE GOING TO SHOOT; AIM TO KILL BECAUSE AT THE END OF THE DAY WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO WHO IS GOING TO WALK AWAY; IT BETTER BE YOU!” Kristen, stick with what you know and it isn’t a damn thing about guns.

  23. Actually teaching kids to point toy guns at each other is asinine and ignorant beyond belief. Yes in the 50’s we all had toy guns and later we all had bb guns and what did the average kid do, why he shot his playmates with them sometimes putting out their eyes and later with the advent of magnum pellet rifles he killed them and by the thousands.

    I have never allowed my kids to touch a toy gun or a bb gun and ditto for pellet guns. All firearms were treated as deadly weapons and children were supervised by adults when they did have them in their hands. All deadly weapons including knives were locked up in a safe to prevent accidental deaths. Kitchen knives were locked in a drawer. This is the intelligent and civilized way to do it. KIds will be kids no matter how much training they get and adult supervision is needed until they reach adulthood as I have found out that many times even teenagers do even more stupid things than younger children do. That’s the reality of living with deadly weapons now for over 68 years. I think that counts for something that’s for sure. And by the way no kids or teenagers ever were hurt or killed in my home that’s proof enough for me.

  24. My son has about a dozen toy guns. He and his sister know those are toys and cannot do anything but make a plastic-y click when the trigger is pulled, and because of that, I don’t care where they point them, as long as it not at people who aren’t aware it’s a toy, especially from the car window when we’re driving around (yes, my son did that once. ONCE.). When my son got his airsoft pistol, I sat him and his sister down and explained that while his toy guns were harmless unless they clubbed someone with them, his airsoft could actually hurt someone. I gave a similar speech when he and his sister got their bb guns, and when he got his Henry .22, but those speeches included death, especially the Henry speech. My son doesn’t listen to much of what I say, and rarely retains what he does hear (he’s a teenager with a touch of ADD), but when we talk guns, he listens, and remembers every word. Rarely ever do I have to remind him of any of the safety rules, and when I do, all I have to do is say “hey” and point at what he’s holding, and he instantly knows what he’s doing wrong and corrects it. If only that worked for doing his chores…

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