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“Ban assault weapons, not people. We are our own terrorists.” – Linda Stasi in Trump wants to keep terrorists out, but homegrown maniacs with guns are the real threat [via]

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    • And this is the mental illness that is cultural marxism, let in hostile aliens hordes, disarm your own people, and anyone who refuses this death cult is some how the problem.

      The answer to the issue of Islamic terror is total immigration bans, reparations, and banishment of Islam from the west. They have a place to be themselves, its called the Middle East.

      As for the open border/gun grabbers? Deport them to what ever gun free paradise they wish.

  1. 1. Kudos to Stasi for truth in advertising.
    2. NYDN is virulently anti gun.
    3. American liberals prefer foreigners to pro-gun Americans. Then they wonder why American unity is scarce.

    • “American liberals prefer foreigners to pro-gun Americans”….

      ….and that is why we have Trump.

      “I’d rather have bad tweets than bad policy”…..Dennis Prager

      • I have heard others echo Prager. One, who was very hesitant to vote in the fall, told me that she didn’t disagree with anything Trump has done, emphasis on “done.”

        • Prager understands the threat from the Left.
          During the Repub primaries Prager repeatedly said….

          “Trump is my #17 pick of the 17 candidates, however if he wins the nomination I’ll back him 100%”

          He kept his word…after the nomination he was part of a cross-country barnstorming tour with other prominant Trump supporters….Sheriff Clark, Hewitt, John Voight..etc.

          Pragers recent article about prominent Never Trumpers…

        • The thee L’s, Libertarians, Liberals and the Left are all the same. They totally support letting murderers and rapists into the USA. They don’t support national borders. They would gladly let every citizen be replaced with a foreign worker at the lowest possible wage, that would mimic wages in Bangladesh, if necessary. They always say,
          “Because human beings have a right to travel where ever they want to go”

  2. You are right….. we should stop homegrown terrorists first. BLM and antifa for starters. Then the rest of the liberal snowflakes.
    Sorry lady my weapons have never assaulted anyone. And anything from ny daily news or ny times is only good for lining the bottom of a bird cage.

    • ……………And starting bar-B-ques. We’re we serve lots of meat……dead animal meat that is so yummy. And maybe some corn on the cob, potatoes salad. All while we have our side arm on our hips(that way they can’t run away and “assault” some poor bugger) .

  3. Anybody who is going to commit a terrorist attack is already living here and is probably a citizen. Timothy McVey, DC Sniper, Orlando Night club….. You could go on for a while. I don’t see this travel ban as anything more then the president trying to do SOMETHING about immigration without Congress and as some.political deal to make his core supporters happy.

    • The point is to prevent the shit show that’s going on in Europe right now. They are up to more than one terrorist attack per week, one average.

      • Depends on where in Europe one lives.

        I’m Czech; we have shall-issue CCLs, next to no muslim immigration (hundreds of thousands of immigrants from other cultures, though), and next to no terrorist sttack 🙂

        • This is why Americans refer to the Czech Republic as that ‘island of hope in a sea of shit’.

        • Czech Republic: Cz guns, shall issue CCw, Ptacky, stunning Czech women, architecture, culture… If I had to move out of the country, this would be the place.

    • The Chief Executive has the right to stop ALL immigration. Between like 1924 and 1964 this country had NO immigration happening to allow the great wave of immigrants that poured into the US to assimilate. After world war II as President, Eisenhower deported 40,000 illegal immigrants – PER MONTH. The first and most important function of the Federal Government is to protect the Citizens of the US from all enemies – foreign and domestic. Yes we have BOTH right now – enemies foreign & domestic that seek to do the USA harm. We can thank the past administrations going back to LBJ in the 60s for all of it. Progressive policies foster 2 very dangerous ideas – 1) Open borders, 2) Taking God out of our schools and our American culture.

      America and our Constitutional civil society’s existence depends on respect for the rule of law (i.e. a sound immigration policy) and love, respect and fear of God which equates to love one’s neighbor and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We are losing BOTH respect for the rule of law and respect, love and fear of God as a society because of Politically Correct BS politics. Progressives want a 1 world order. Moving that way has never ended well – Just ask the victims of Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Hiro Hito, Castro, Che Guevara, Pol Pot and Idi Amin to name a few. Oh that’s right, you can’t… they are all mostly dead.

    • “I don’t see this travel ban as anything more then the president trying to do SOMETHING about immigration without Congress and as some political deal to make his core supporters happy.”

      Well, Obama did a lot of things without congress as sops to his core supporters … effective or not.

      Oh, wait.

  4. “Greeks bearing gifts aren’t the problem, swords are the problem.” – anonymous Trojan pundit

  5. Has she bothered to look up the number of people killed by homegrown maniacs with “assault” weapons vs the number of people killed by imported maniacs?

    However, we all know this was a rhetorical question; right?

  6. Haha did anyone else notice that her article scrolls right into an unrelated article about 2 members of the Kardashian clan hawking t-shirts? I can only assume that Comrade Stasi is the author of that too…kind of hard to take her seriously to begin with, but that really cinches it!

  7. ‘During that same time period, 90 people around the country were shot to death in 253 instances of g un violence. These weren’t refugee terrorists with agendas, just regular folks, some with grudges — and all with free access to g uns.’

    So now it’s not just ass halt weapons she wants to ban but all fir earms. I think I smell an agenda.

    And I don’t think gang turf wars are fought by ‘regular folks, some with grudges’.

    • If she’s not using suicide to pad her numbers, I’m going to bet that most of those “average people” were associated with the gang or drug trade.

  8. ‘…every single day we all have a 1-in-249 chance of being gunned down…’

    OMG! We all have less than a year to live!!!

      • Well, I suppose that if you are one of the 248 out of 249 people who don’t get shot to death on day one, the odds of being shot on day 2 is still 1 in 249, not 248 (and so on). So in that case there might be a handful of people who survive to see the next summer solstice.

    • With odds like that, wouldn’t that make the death rate around 1 million PER DAY?!

      Someone needs to teach this woman how statistics work. On second thought don’t. They’re easier to debunk when the numbers are so astoundingly obvious that they’re made up.

    • Exactly! This “yet every single day we all have a 1-in-249 chance of being gunned down” hogwash is only slightly less ridiculous than Virginia Governor McAuliffe’s “93 million per day” gaffe.

    • Wait, the number I heard was 93,000,000 every day. That would mean a 1:3 chance, not 1:249. Where the hell is she getting her stats?

  9. ‘The government won’t put tighter restrictions on g un sales, but will ban the entrance into the land of the free, home of the brave to refugees from countries like Syria, where nearly half a million people have been slaughtered for their religious beliefs and opposition to tyranny.’

    Funny, I don’t recall anything about the ‘land of the free and home of the brave’ in the Bill of Rights.

    It’s also notable that under her Teleprompter Jesus, it was the Syrian Christians (the ones being ‘slaughtered for their religious beliefs’) we were NOT taking in, but we were happy to take in single Muslim men of military age.

    • Also notable that the Constitution does not recognize the existence/relevance of aliens. PERHAPS they don’t HAVE Constitutional “rights”?

    • I also don’t recall our our government has any duty or obligation to people from other parts of the world. They have a duty to American citizens, on paper anyway.

      • Why is it that EVERYONE in the World that has drunk Coke or eaten at a McDonald’s think they are an American and deserve all the rights and benefits of such? I love my Lord my country and my family and will die on a hill of brass to preserve what our founding fathers intended for this glorious nation. God bless you all! And fuck you gill and Javier!

    • So, let me get this straight. We should risk letting in a bunch of people who may or may not have slaughtered people due to their religious beliefs while simultaneously curbing people’s ability to defend themselves if they do such? Man, that article that said Republicans view having guns to protect themselves from Democrats could have had a point.

    • “Syria, where nearly half a million people have been slaughtered for their religious beliefs and opposition to tyranny.”

      Five Hundred Thousand people…opposition to tyranny.

      How is it that a few tens of thousands of ISIS can manage to get all the guns and ammo they seem to need to massacre half a million people (with a little help from Assad, no doubt), but those half million people can’t find and AK-47 laying around anywhere to shoot back with? It would appear that just waiting for the government to help, or praying really hard, is not doing the trick.

      And if their government, and their God, won’t help, why do they always come asking us?

      • God helps those who help themselves. Since HE is their creator as well as ours, they have the same inalienable rights as we have, Assad or no Assad. They should pick up an AK and defend themselves and we should cheer them on….from here. The only folks in that part of the world actually being proactive seem to be the Kurds. to them I say,

        “GO KURDS!!!!”

  10. “but homegrown maniacs with guns are the real threat”

    But homegrown POS (D) maniacs with guns are the real threat and FING TERRORISTS. (there fixed ya)


  11. I was going to follow the link but honestly, it’s the New York Daily News. You might as well quote Pravda.

  12. The only ban we truly need is the ban on liberal nut bags having guns. There are three serious threats to our nation. The most serious is the broken mentality of the left that supports any and everything anti America. The second is the terrorist mentality they completely support, antifa, BLM, illegal immigration etc. And the third is islam. The last has destroyed and murdered their way through history with one goal complete subjugation of every country they infest. It is worse than a cancer because cancer sooner or later kills the host and the cancer dies with it.

  13. “homegrown maniacs with guns are the real threat”

    Let me translate for y’all: “We need to be afraid of conservative white men.”

    I know that’s what she’s saying, you know that’s what she’s saying and she knows that’s what she’s saying. She just wanted to clean it up a bit.

  14. ““…We are our own terrorists.” – Linda Stasi in Trump wants to keep terrorists out, but homegrown maniacs with guns are the real threat.”


    Whack-job Berni-bros who stalk congresscritters at baseball practice, for example. Police assassination rampages in cities mourning other assassination rampages. Gang-bangers shooting up street parties to settle old scores, where collateral casualties are a feature not a bug (that’ll teach them.) Target-focused assassins who go after office fronts identified by the SPLC. “Wild west” continuous free gunplay as just a cost of doing business in lucrative markets.

    We seem to have a problem with “home grown maniacs”, vs. the 10s of millions peaceful, responsible gun owners, using guns — er — maniacally, contra the 300,000,000-or-so guns citizens don’t use to shoot people up … ever.

    Maybe Enforcer-Of-The-State there should consider doing something about the home-grown maniacs & leave the peaceful people, and their guns, alone. What, she’s gonna come after 11-year-old Alaskans next? I’m sorry about her mascot, and all, but an 11-year-old kid stopping a bear attack on his whole family is about as iconic as it gets: good people able to protect themselves and others at need, because they have these machines.

    Let’s do something about the home-grown maniacs. Who? Maybe start with the people who behave like maniacs.

    • Hadn’t you heard that gun ownership is declining, and even though gun sales are booming, there are only five million gun owners in the whole country who own all those guns.

  15. There is fake news, there are sleazy tabloids, then there is the “NY Daily News”. It’s an environmental crime that any paper is wasted on that publication.

  16. I consider the above image as proof that little Linda is her own terrorist. I would not care to meet her in a dark alley, or anywhere else, ever, in this life or the next.

  17. “Stasi”, yeah, there’s a dead giveaway. What’s the matter, weren’t the names Cheka or Gestapo available?

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that absent the intervention of that illegal alien, Kate Steinle wouldn’t have been shot, by that gun or any other.

    These days all of the “domestic terrorists” appear to be Democrats and or islamists intentionally imported by Democrats.

    But hey, the party of the Klan has always had a fondness for political violence and terrorism.

  18. What a fucking load of old bollocks. More bullshit from a little shit communist shit twinkle toed cocksucking ibtard cockwomble scum fuck crybaby bitch snowflake.


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