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The mainstream media and politicians on both sides of the aisle are bemoaning President Trump’s Twitter attacks on MSNBC anchors Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough and CNN. The constant refrain: the President is “lowering the tone of political discourse.” Well, after listening to the “experts” CNN trotted out yesterday to “analyze” the President’s tweets I’ve got this to say about that . . .

While the POTUS’ tweets lack a certain elegance — “dumb as a rock” is not what I’d call an imaginative metaphor — the CNN talking heads (in that segment and a dozen others) lacing into the President were right down there in the gutter with him.

They wasted no time launching vicious, demeaning, ad hominem attacks. They called President Trump mentally unhinged, moronic and more. The language was different, but the game was the same.

And really, hasn’t it ever been thus? When President Obama slipped into his Reverend Wright-channeling call-and-response preaching mode, whipping the crowd into self-righteous fervor, his attacks on conservatives and Republican policy were no less mean-spirited than President Trump’s tweets. They were simply more rhythmic.

While I admired former President Obama’s style — on those rare occasions when he wasn’t as stilted as a Disney audio-animatronic display — I believe President Trump’s tweets are far more effective. In the sense that they de-mystify the office, signaling a welcome end to the imperial presidency that has plagued this country since Franklin D. Roosevelt. Or maybe before.

Bush the Younger made some inroads in that regard with his plain-speaking style (punctuated by worrying pauses, caused by his need to circumvent his stammer, which was mistaken and mocked for stupidity).

Trump’s limited, common vocabulary — perfect for Twitter — shows him to be a man, not some sort of political demigod. It reveals the entire political process to as nothing more or less than a bun fight.

Make that a bar fight. And here’s where President Trump’s non-style style helps The People of the Gun . . .

At some point, one of the two bills legislating national concealed carry reciprocity will make it to a vote — most likely after some heinous terrorist attack that highlights American civilian disarmament in many urban areas. Gun control advocates will, as always, ramp up their “blood in the streets” rhetoric to new levels.

President Trump, though, will not engage in any kind of rational appeal for its passage. (Some might say he’s incapable of such a strategy, but I couldn’t possibly comment.) If he weighs in — and I pray to God he will — his remarks will be visceral. Personal. And those attacks will help galvanize support for the Bill.

Let’s face it: the average American is unwilling or indeed incapable of high-minded, high-toned rational debate. Seriously. Check this out [via]:

Total vocabulary size varies greatly from person to person, but people typically use about 5,000 words in their speech and about twice that many in their writing. A college-educated speaker of English could have a vocabulary as large as 80,000 words.

Wharton-educated though President Trump is, his vocab lingers toward the bottom of that scale. (Remember “bigly”?) So when President Trump makes the case for national concealed carry reciprocity, he’ll use the words and bare-knuckled strategy that put him in the White House. And it will be effective.

Well, that’s my take. But honestly, does it matter?

Despite his remarks above (an echo of then-prospective Justice Elena Kagan’s prevarications about “settled law”), with Justice Gorsuch now on the Supreme Court bench, gun rights restoration — for the disarmed denizens of blue states — is only one Justice away.

If Trump and his fellow Republicans elevate another conservative to the Court, Americans’ firearms freedom will be assured. Or at least as assured as they can be. And certainly in terms of carrying firearms outside the home.

Everything else — including Trump’s tweets and federal action or inaction on gun rights legislation — pales in insignificance. It’s all just noise. And, I have to say, music to my ears.

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  1. The highlight of Mr. Trump’s Presidency will be his Supreme Court appointments, a campaign promise delivered.

    • This is pure truth, this is the real lasting impact of a President. President Hilldabeast would have either turned me into a criminal or started a civil war.

      • Rachael Maddow to Madame President Clinton : “Your wonderful Executive Order requiring firearms owners to carry $50,000,000 liability insurance for each firearm and $1,000,000 liability for each bullet will make us truly safe !!!”

    • Plural… I think that may be optimistic at this point. The liberal members will hang on until they are carried out rather than be replaced by this President.

      unless you’re assuming 8 years in office, which is optimistic for entirely different reasons unless the dems are stupid enough to let hillary run again…

  2. Trump is brilliant. His tweets keep the liberal heads preoccupied with bullshit and confuses their thinking with the outrageous tone and quantity of it all.
    Always keep the enemy confused and reacting.

    • Keeps them preoccupied to what end? Is he distracting them while he does something productive he would otherwise not be able to do?

      Please explain to me this brilliant strategy.

      • The time and bandwidth the media waste responding to his tweets would be much better spent opposing his agenda. His productivity has nothing to do with it. He probably composes his tweets while he is taking a crap.

      • It seems like every single group, whichever the side, is focused on the fight rather than any sort of resolution that would come from it. I think it’s a product of the unmasking of political proceedings: it’s just a bunch of assholes that can’t hide the fact that they’re assholes anymore. It’s devolved into a food-fight. Everyone is dropping snarky Twitter comments like they’re 13 year old girls calling out “Becky” for being a slut.

      • “I’d much rather have bad tweets than bad policy”. Dennis Prager. The choice was between Trump and a Liberal Terrorist™. We now have Gorsuch and Kennedy is retiring. Not to mention the impending deaths/retirements of RBG and Breyer along with the 110 federal judgeships that are currently open.

      • “Is he distracting them while he does something productive he would otherwise not be able to do?”

        In a sense, yeah.

        Did you know he got that Kate Steinle and Sanctuary City bill passed on to the House recently? Didn’t hear too much about those, even though they deal with punishing illegal immigrants and cities that house them. You just know the anit-American media would whine about it and try to dogpile on it to stop it from happening since they love illegal immigrants, safety of citizens of this country be damned. But they didn’t. Why? Because they were too busy crying about Donald’s WWF tweet and his “mean words” about that MSNBC floozy.

    • Agreed. While they’re distracted by their feelings and reporting on their feelings, he gets stuff done. Personally, I love watching him disembowel the media talking heads. It’s long overdue.

      • Such as? People say this all the time, but he’s not getting things done. His administration is still having problems staffing up, so a lot of positions are filled with hold-overs. He lacks people to do the grunt work to push his agenda through. Why do you think he has so much trouble with the “deep state”? A lot of it has do with the fact that that they haven’t made the second, third, and fourth level hires they should have by now to put their own people in charge.

        That’s a huge, on-going unforced error. He should be focusing on fixing that, on passing pro-gun legislation, on immigration, and not Mika’s face.

        • You REALLY need to stop getting your “news” from the libtard MSM. If you did, you would have heard about the things that have been happening that the MSM dislikes and thus have not reported.

          Most recently, revoking the unlawful EPA “Waters of the USA” regulations. This was one the most outrageous marxist overreaches of the obumaturds.

        • There is very little a president can actually do. Congress makes laws and the Executive Branch puts those laws into action. Short of drafting the budget, vetoes, and simple Executive Orders, presidents can’t do much and are not kings or dictators. Presidents have little effect on the economy as Congressional legislation and regs control the direction of American business. .

        • Exactly, Ollie, which is why he should be using his bully pulpit to push legislation forward, not have mean girls style spats with irrelevant airheads.

          Trump has things he wants to get done. Twitter fights worthy of a 13-year-old girl are not helpful.

        • Ignore the Fake News/Liberal Media propagandists/hacks, talking heads, activist guests/commentators/contributors and DNC stooges including those on your “local” stations, they are ideologically opposed to OUR president and will misrepresent and/or lie about everything he does.

          If you want to know what President Donald J.Trump is doing and what he has accomplished (he’s signed 39 Bills in addition to revoking many Obama “Executive Orders” by signing his own “EOs”) just visit it has everything The White House has done and what they are planning on doing.

        • You know what would be a great way to let people know what you’re accomplishing and how much you’re doing on their behalf? Twitter. If he’s really cranking out legislation and achievements like a frickin’ machine, then tweet that, instead of the dumbass slap fights.

        • Carlos T,

          You either aren’t politically savvy or you are watching CNN. Perhaps both. Trump has done a lot, and could do much more of the hyperventilating “Resist!!!” crowd was not opposing his every move, and every appointment.

          I gotta say I’m pretty tired of “pro gun” TTAGers who can’t be bothered voting pro gun.

    • Indeed. What’s ironic, however, is how ignorant the media of the fact that Obama used to do very much the same thing, only with issues where the media agreed with him.

      Go back and look carefully at Obama’s presidency. In his second term, any time the media started asking questions about his feckless and borderline treasonous foreign policy, or when Obama would be asked “Hey, where’s the economic recovery been?,” Obama would somehow start talking about gun control, and the press, adoring anti-gun lapdogs that they are, would charge off on a giddy gun control tangent, much as you can distract most any Labrador Retriever by throwing a stick “over there.”

      Same with the press. The press has sexual fantasies about gun control, and all Obama had to do in order to get the press off his case was to mention ‘gun control,’ and they would happily bound off, over hill and dale, to chase their favorite stick. Obama catered, cynically, to the press’ fetishes, so the press didn’t get all huffy and resentful that Obama manipulated them like toddlers chasing a lollypop.

      Ah, but Trump isn’t being nice – but he’s playing the exact same game. All Trump has to do is make a personal attack on these pompous oxygen thieves in the media, and they dissolve into blubbering, solipsistic high school girls, who privately wonder “Why doesn’t the star, hunky quarterback like me? I dress nice, I talk smart, everyone tells me how pretty I am… but he treats me like I’m one of those plain, homely girls who has to put up with the attentions of nerds!”[1]

      Trump then gets policy advanced and undoes Obama’s grand plans – while the press is too busy getting offended to even notice what Trump is doing on policy.

      Put another way: Obama was cynical and aloof as he manipulated the press.

      Trump is engaging and personable on one side, and devastatingly sadistic on the flip side. He has a personality that can embody both attributes at once in public.

      [1] Look at Megyn Kelly’s transformation last year during the election – before and after she went on her two-week “vacation.” There’s an example of a woman with far too high an opinion of herself (brought on by lower-status men who obsessed over her and kept telling her how ‘smart’ and ‘beautiful’ she was) who was then undone by a high-value/high-status man who knows how to get under women’s skin. I saw this scenario play out dozens of times when I lived in LA.

    • “I’d rather have bad tweets than bad policy”….Dennis Prager

      “Everybody is a package….President Trump is a package….the good and substantial things are far outweighing the bad”

  3. I much prefer Trump’s Tweets to Obama’s vile rhetoric against anyone who wouldn’t bow to his agenda.

    Talk about mentally deficient… Obama, like Gore, Hillary and Sanders, often let his hate filled words fly when he didn’t get his way… remember gun control? His narcissism was out there fore all to see. It was pathological elitist.

  4. Another SC justice might secure gun rights … for the time being. What one court does, a later court can undo.

    What we need to do is to start really winning the culture war. And by “winning” I don’t mean that just over half the country agrees with us. When it’s reversed we call it the tyrrany of the majority and I don’t want that in either direction.

    We need to start taking back the schools, from K through postdoctoral. Welfare reform needs to happen. Not everyone needs – or should – go to college so we as a society need good, meaningful ways of employing non-college-educated workers without being condescending or treating it as a handout. (I look to Germany’s industrial apprenticeship programs here.) And so on.

    It will be a generations long process, just as getting into this mess took generations. But changing the culture from the roots takes time.

    • “We need to start taking back the schools, from K through postdoctoral.”

      Agree on that.

      The only way it can happen is if we have conservative teachers in those schools, because they aren’t interested in applying.

      How do we get them to apply? At this point, bribery is the only option. OK, what do we bribe them with?

      Affordable housing. That’s gonna get *very* expensive, and it risks Leftists ‘gaming the system’ by lying about their political proclivities.

      The only *possible* way is to have a massive conservative ‘ground game’ in finding and recommending applicants for the program.

      Funding it. How? Public money is gonna be out, so we are gonna need the very wealthy like the Koch brothers to step up in a big way.

      What we really need are conservatives that want to be teachers in the first place. In eye-watering expensive Leftist strongholds like NYC or San Fran, that’s gonna be a very hard sell…

      • Breaking the stranglehold the Left has on education is something that requires and aggressive multi-pronged approach.

        The first thing that needs to happen is that on some level standards need to be raised to the point that Schools of Education are irrelevant and go the way of the T-Rex or are forced to change their entire model to something rational to stay relevant. Standards such as a “If you can’t do pre-calc you can’t get into college regardless of what degree you wish to pursue” type of thing. I don’t care if you want to study Art or English. There’s a floor for math (and everything else) that you must be above or you’re not getting in. Let the failing schools try to explain that they “can’t” get kids up to speed for college to the parents and watch the bloodbath.

        The second thing that needs to happen is that teachers unions need to be exterminated. Flat out scorched earth on them. This can probably be accomplished by having very high standards and good pay for teachers outside of the union BS. Don’t have a Masters in the subject you teach? Well, you ain’t teaching. States would also have to “bust” unions or maybe have the feds do it (I don’t know all the legal technicalities of this.) Meritocracy is the only way to go here. The unions will fight and fight hard but ultimately if #1 is effectively implemented they will be fighting a losing battle because they simply can’t win that argument against angry parents.

        Third, there needs to be a hard line drawn here when it comes to what is taught. No Left or Right wing indoctrination. I don’t want a Leftist teaching my kid Marxist economics or Social Justice any more than I want a Conservative teaching my kid the “young Earth theory” or Creationism. Facts and life skills. Truth, as best our species knows it, is the motherfucking agenda. Sure, this will produce people who don’t agree with each other on everything but done right they’ll be free/critical thinking people rather than the dumbed down drones the system expressly tries to create today.

        Forth, there are a ton of things that I’m not qualified to discuss here but Betsy DeVos can find the people who are and hire them or use them as contractors. People like Eva Moskowitz know how to run a tight ship.

        Fifth, again with standards. There needs to be another line drawn here and that line is that standards will not be lowered. Special teaching accommodations will be made for those who have a problem or a disability but, whenever possible, those students will be brought up to speed. No more lowering of standards to the lowest common denominator and then whining that the kids don’t know anything upon graduation.

        Sixth, this needs to be formulated and fleshed out ahead of time with an aggressive timeline to roll it out/phase it in. Ready to roll like a drop in trigger pack. Let’s say that the national Department of Education is the way to go with this. (I have doubts about that but this is a thought exercise not a fully fleshed out plan.) Trump get’s reelected, well DeVos needs to have a comprehensive package to kill all of the Left’s Medusa’s snakes and do it quick because this is gonna ruffle A LOT of feathers. The package drops on Day 1 of Term 2 and is rolled out at a speed which means that by the time Trump is done with Term 2 much of the package is already implemented and now nearly impossible to get rid of in case some Leftist wins the next election. These people spent 40+ years taking over education, they know what they did and they’ll see gradual change coming and they’ll stop it. This needs to be a pretty quick and absolutely devastating series strikes from multiple avenues of attack if you want the take education back from the Left.

        Seventh, PC has to die. Schools simply have to stop sheltering “snowflakes” and snowflake parents. Those that continue to do so lose funding. No more goddamn safe spaces. If it’s not a threat, sedition, slander or other serious situation then free speech and free inquiry, even into currently taboo subjects that make people uncomfortable are fully allowed and even celebrated. No more bullshit lines about “acceptance”. If we’re gonna discuss polyamorous, pansexual, gender fluid fox-kin furbabies then we’re not going to say that questioning the lifestyle as a potential mental illness is off limits because it hurts feelz. That’s a valid line of intellectual inquiry and it shouldn’t just be allowed it should be championed because, as a guy in a youtube video pointed out at Oxford, our cushy lives are the gift of those who gave offense.

        Sorry, /end rant.

    • Agreed about career paths. There’s a huge skills gap in the trades because too many kids are convinced that it’s “beneath” them to work with your hands for a living, and most have to settle for service industry work to make ends meet when they graduate and it turns out the ratio of qualified candidates per open position is 50/1 for their dream job. I started at $19/hr. plus bennys when I worked as an apprentice fitter, and knew plenty of guys on those jobs who pulled down an easy six figures with the right certifications and training.

      If you have a kid who’s getting ready for college, this is a great video to show them:

  5. America has a long history of gutter-sniping press and politicians. After WWI, things took on a more respectable tone, but I consider it part of the Grand American Tradition.

  6. “need to circumvent his stutter”
    He had a stammer. A ss ss ss stutter is ww ww when the tongue repeats a sound over and over, like Mel Tillis. A stammer is when there is a need for pauses between sounds, and then pick back up with a repeat of the previous sound, like Bob Newhart. Newhart covered his stammer so well that most didn’t even hear it, unlike Bush.

  7. It’s not BIGLY, it’s BIG LEAGUE which is a common colloquial expression out east. Also remember he has a genius level IQ; he speaks at the level the greatest number of people are capable of understanding … he is being INCLUSIVE.

    Your fact-free, poor understanding of Trump is both retarded and hilarious. He’s going to be one of the best Right Wing presidents we have ever had in modern memory for gun rights and you can’t take the ridiculously tiny amount of time in research it would take to understand him? Lame.

    • “He’s going to be one of the best Right Wing presidents we have ever had in modern memory for gun rights”

      LMAO. He hasn’t done a thing for 2A. Are you freaking kidding me? He could easily appoint a Scott Pruitt to head up the ATF… for example… but NOPE. Too busy doing stupid sh*t that will end his presidency.

      • Right. Nominating Gorsuch and seeing to it he was confirmed was stupid sh*t and does nothing for gun rights. Gotcha.

        • Collateral benefits. Gors was the appointment to make for the GOP, this was not to specifically address 2A issues.

          I will take the win, but the issue is Trump still has not done anything to help the 2A. He hasn’t stuck his neck out in the least for the 2A lobby, etc. Just bunch of talk.

      • I agree a Scott Pruitt type would be great for heading up the ATF, but the Scott Pruitt we have is the right job. He can and will do more for the United States, especially the economy, than he could as head of the ATF.

    • Mina must be the type of prole who feels intelligent when they get to compare themselves to Trump.

      When are you people going to get tired of having to make excuses for President Man Baby?

      Even if you agree with Trump’s rhetoric, he and his staff are doing an abysmal job at implementing it.

      *Nina, abysmal means really bad. Didn’t want to leave you confused.

      • What is it they say about people who fail to address the substance of the argument and instead attack the person who made it? I remember now – Cucks.

    • Wow, did you put that together nice. I love it when some jerkwater do nothing criticizes a self made billionaire that made the White House under insurmountable odds. I thank God everyday for preparing this man to save us. We had absolutely nothing going for us but annihilation and he swept the field. Thank you for your comment. I hope the masses that voted for him relish in the fact knowing how pitiful the bed wetters and safe space people have become/

    • I’d rather have good tweets and good policy, wouldn’t you? Even if Trump gets a second term, that’s not an infinite amount of time to get things done. Fighting with media celebrities about trivialities might be entertaining, but it doesn’t get anything useful done.

      • What some friends have been telling me is that while this media war is going on, it is distracting the media from interfering with the useful things happening in this administration. Trump does have some good people appointed to run things. I’m not sure who actually came up with the nominations but someone knew what they were doing. I just hope my friends are right about President Blutarski.

        • His cabinet is good, but there’s a lot more to an administration than a cabinet. It gets pretty thin below the top level, and that’s holding him back.

  8. It’s me Austin!!

    Ahh, son of a bitch!

    You know as I watch the MSM go into apoplectic meltdown mode over this meme I’d point out that I’d rather have a life time of Trump’s memes than seeing one more image of the media fawning over glammer shots of Obama using a selfie stick in the Oval Office.

  9. “Let’s face it: the average American is unwilling or indeed incapable of high-minded, high-toned rational debate.”

    And so our president sinks to the lowest common denominator. This is his base, incapable of anything else, and unwilling to evolve.

    At least it isn’t Hillary, amirite?

    • As Dennis Prager said, “I’d rather have bad tweets than bad policy”. The choice was between Trump and a bona fide Liberal Terrorist™.

  10. You’re overthinking the WWE tweet. It was funny. Just funny. Unlike Kathy Griffin’s ISIS beheading video.

    • The fact that you called a PHOTOGRAPH an ‘ISIS beheading video’ tells me all I need to know about you. You’re one of Trump’s beloved ‘poorly educated’.

      • Remember, Comrade. When the Communists took over in Cambodia they killed anyone who wore glasses because they believed it indicated education. One of the beauties of the leftist indoctrination system, aka the education system, is that while it fails to provide children with the ability to read and write, they do at least learn how to to be good little Marxists, just like the Bernie Bros a few weeks back, one of whom stabbed people on a train, and another shot Republican senators.

        Trump loves the idea of America, and he loves American citizens, whatever their level of academic achievement. He doesn’t pour scorn on those who have not been to college, unlike Hillary Clinton and your good self, as those are the people he has worked around for most of his life. He has the common touch, unlike the shrill harridan whose only marketable feature during the election campaign was that she possessed a vagina.

        Based on his history it is reasonable to assume that Trump is a master-troll, and the obsession of the mainstream media with him provides him with a captive audience, something every troll loves. He can misspell a word, deliberately or not, and the media will still be trying to analyze it a week later. Since it costs him nothing to flick out 140 characters in a tweet, that is a wonderful return on investment from his perspective. The way to avoid being troll-bait is actually very simple. Put up your hands, say, “darn, you got me that time” and pointedly ignore anything more said in a similar vein. However the Democrat dominated media, so oblivious to how Donald “trumped” them, lack the self awareness and humility necessary to do that.

  11. I will say one thing for sure, Trump has made it clear that the media is in bed with the democrats, and how vile the media really is. Every time Trump says something mean spirited, the media doubles down with something even meaner (then claim to be the victim/good guy – Kathy Griffith for example). KEEP EXPOSING THEM FOR WHO THEY ARE, whether he knows it or not, they have been coming out of the shadows to publically try to tarnish him (republican and democrat), and it is making it easy to figure out where the swamp is and who lives in it.

    • ^^^^^^This^^^^^^^^
      We never could get em all to where the special hats, now, thanks to the magic of the internet, we dont have to. They self-identify with such overstated shrillness, that its impossible to miss them.

  12. I’m getting used to the idea that the president is going to be trolling the media as long as he is in office. I’m counting on RF’s opinion that this signals the end of an imperial presidency. We can only hope. I just wish his tweets were a bit more clever. I would find that reassuring.

  13. I much prefer Trump’s Tweet war vs Obama’s Drone war, but the Dems and Repub limpy’s are using this as the paper trail to push for impeachment of 45 for impairment.

    All I ask is that RBG decides she needs to quit, so we can get just 1 more Originalist in the Supremes, and then let the floodgate of 2A cases roll, baby!

  14. The number one thing about Trump, is he doesnt cower to the almighty media. He straight up punches it in the face. This is why he was and is still the best choice for president. Until he came along, the GOP was enslaved to the media and PC culture. He broke them, and he broke them hard. And they will continue to break. Because at the end of the day most Americans are foul mouthed, selfish, and brash. Just like Trump, but with less money.

    • We might be foul-mouthed, selfish, and brash, but mostly we don’t cotton to being told by effete snobs what we can’t or must say. Political correctness is a cancer on the republic that should be intolerable under the First Amendment.

  15. My dog has a larger vocabulary than President Trump. I still like the guy’s policies and appointments even though he sounds like an idiot.

  16. Am I the only person who regularly reads this site, loves firearms, believes firmly in the second amendment and am absolutely disgusted by Donald Trump?

    The opinion in the above article is failing to take into account the fact that less and less of the people that voted for him are paying attention to anything he says. Not because they disagree with him, but because it’s exhausting. I don’t know about anybody else, but I would much prefer him taking the time and energy he spends on lambasting members of the media, and spend it on restoring our constitutionally enshrined freedoms.

    I have lost complete faith the he will do anything for the 2nd amendment. He is looking more and more like a one term president and he will want some sort of legacy. Then during the next election it will be the same thing, “bring me back, and this time I will actually do what I said”. Trump hasn’t made gun legislation a priority because it doesn’t affect him personally. His son yes, but he personally doesn’t care.

    Am I the only person who wishes John Kasich were President?

    • No, you’re not the only person who wishes John Kasich were President. You’re just the only person who wishes John Kasich were President whose name isn’t John Kasich.

      • To be more clear: (and agree with Ralph which generates a full body shiver,) you may be the only person aside from John Kasich to Kasich was President.

        You are most certainly NOT the only person to wish Trump wasn’t at the helm, however…

    • Well if you were all dying of thirst everyone could be saved with one canteen. I would suggest lots of bug repellant while you are in the swamp. People that enjoy Trump hate the swamp more than anything on the panet. It takes awhile to sink in but if you give it a chance it will.

  17. Two things he did for the 2A:
    Corrected the issue of depriving certain SS recipients from buying firearma(does need to do the same for vets)
    Appointed Gorsuch and also a (small so far) number of Federal judges in lower courts

    If the RINOs would stand with him, much more woulda been done. Geez, he’s only been Prez for 6 months !

    Consider how far we woulda backslid with Hillary and be thankful.

  18. Both of the pro 2A actions that have taken place under this administration affect substantially less than 1% of gun owners.

    Regarding the comment about where we would be with Hillary, that fails to take in to account the republican majority in both houses of congress.
    Besides I didn’t vote to maintain the status quo, I voted for someone to take action and create positive change that would benefit me.

    As has been discussed on this site there is a ton of stuff regarding NFA processing that could be corrected via executive order. Am I the only one who sees the low hanging fruit he is just leaving on the tree while he spends his time picking unwinnable fights?

    I can’t believe “well he’s not Hillary” is good enough for anybody.

    • Short of repealing the NFA there is little that the President and Congress can do in regard to the Second Amendment, or gun rights, other than pass the HPA and National Reciprocity. An executive order could shorten the time line for permits, but little else.
      Even with national reciprocity individuals would have to adhere to the laws of the state they are in, rather than the laws of their residence state.
      The most restrictive gun control laws are State laws. They may or may not be Constitutional, but that would have to be determined by the Court system rather than the Executive or Legislative branches.

      “I can’t believe “well he’s not Hillary” is good enough for anybody.” May not be good enough, but thank God it’s true.

      • Horse Crap. He could easily, for example, appoint *A* Scott Pruitt type (aka Anti-ATF) to the had of the ATF.

        There are plenty of other things he could do, but he doesn’t because Trump is anti-Gun. I mean, the guy said so himself in a book.

        Fools will believe what they want when it comes to politics.

        • What, in your opinion, does ATF need to do, that they are able to do, except streamline NFA regulations to shorten the time for issuing permits?

          ATF can not repeal NFA. Currently it is the various states that have infringed 2A. This is a matter for the courts rather than Congress or the Executive branch.

  19. The media hasn’t respected the office for decades now. It used to be the case that the news wouldn’t even publish a photo of the president in a wheelchair. The times have changed and it’s time the office does as well.

    The ONLY reason presidents haven’t ever fired back is because they’re politicians. Trump isn’t a politician. He’s an American that got filthy rich, married a gorgeous woman, and lives in a place that looks like it’s made of gold. We knew he would do exactly this. It’s a glorious time to be alive.

  20. The problem with midwits is that when they don’t understand someone of higher intellect, they brand them crass, unintelligent, crazy or disorganized.

    With a single tweet, Trump exposes the commentariat for what is.

    All he does is win.

    • Your post was satire right?

      I can only hope so… By your satirical definition every high-school locker room hero of the last few generations would have been the perfect president.

      This guy is a caricature of the worst stereotype anybody could make of an OFWG. Too many seemingly honest people seem to think that a crass lack of social propriety somehow equates to integrity, unfortunately. I suppose we reap what we sow…

        • Thus far he’s managed to appoint a SCOTUS justice, which any “republican” would have done.

          I apparently haven’t followed the news, please list his accomplishments.

        • @Matt,

          Sorry if I’m a little confused by your 3% photo, because you’re starting to sound like a Bernie / Hillary supporter.

          Trumps accomplishments are significant in both what he is doing and what he isn’t. Trump is helping to get us out of NAFTA and TPP. He is reducing regulations, has signed numerous EO’s, and appointed some excellent cabinet members. He didn’t get us into the Paris climate accord, and didn’t import 650,000 refugees. He is putting pressure on NATO to pay more for defense, and has helped vastly to improve border security.

          Gas prices will be at historic 12 year lows this weekend will the Dow Jones is at record highs. (Now’s a great time to buy silver, by the way.)

          Trump should have tackled tax reform first, but got bogged down with healthcare because Paul Ryan can be borderline retarded.

          Our military, which suffered vastly under Obama’s douchebaggery, is being rebuilt.

          If you think Trump has not accomplished anything, I suggest you re-think your news sources. One America News should be able to help you out, as long as they aren’t too patriotic for your sensibilities.

  21. I would like trump to continue to distract these fools. I think he would have fired most of the Deep State but even the republicans are not going to support him reducing the size of government. That I realized when Obama was still President. And what does the Libertarian Justin Amash have to say?? I know he said he don’t like what Trump did.
    Does the libertarian support a CNN reporter who said Republicans should be raped?
    I hear crickets.

    Andrew Sullivan is a anti-gun, open homosexual ex-British, now an american citizen (that was a mistake!!), who says this is a “constitutional democracy”. It was a mistake letting this anti-liberty open homosexual to become an american citizen. The american news media is filled with foreigners who hate american values.

    And you don’t get to use your homosexuality as a shield to take away liberty. I would have no problem with President Trumps son, Milo becoming a citizen.

  22. When President Donald J. Trump is tweeting and the Fake News/Liberal Media talking heads/propagandists and Democrats are whining WE are “winning” with a capital “W”.

    I don’t know if I’m going to be able to last eight (8) years, I may overdose on laughter from all this “Winning”.

  23. As a non-democratic and former GOP voter I’ll confidently say that President Trump is “mentally-unhinged, moronic, and more…”

    Obamas demagoguery wasn’t any less distasteful than “grab-her-by-pussy” Trump, and they both just play to their base voting bloc…

    I am still disappointed in your willingness to forget principal for what you perceive as a short-term gain, Mr. Farago. What would your father say about your blatant disregard for the danger this man poses?

    • What exact danger does this man pose? I voted for Trump cause he wasn’t hillary. And we got the miracle we needed. hillary was ready to be annointed. She posed a real danger to our rights.

      Trump is a boorish asshole. Guess what, sometimes that’s what it takes in the real world. My wife voted for Trump cause he wasn’t hillary. And he was a boorish asshole.

      If he wants it, he’ll get a second term.

        • Wow, your britches are really in a knot. We don'[t like Trump we love him. If he can make misfits call him boorish, I can'[t wait to give him my vote in 2020.

      • I’m glad we agree he is a boorish asshole!

        Now; as a Californian, why wouldn’t you or your wife vote for a good candidate? Your vote is a complete waste given the fact that your state is a worthless pile of shit (so glad I left my home state) the rest of the country wishes would fall into the sea.

        You don’t get to self-deprecate when you knew ahead of time your vote actually counted for nothing and you could have stood for an honest candidate.

        GG’s though, thanks for playing

        • Boorish behavior??
          I did you support the rapist in chief Bill Clinton???
          You had a choice also.

        • So no answer? You’re another butthurt minion that can’t believe his queen got derailed on the way to her coronation.

        • Chris T: try harder… Your beef with me was the part where I agreed with the trump voter who called your messiah a boorish asshole.

          And I have never voted for a democrat in any election, all the way down to judges which aren’t even run on (or listed under) affiliation in my state.

          Read more before trying to white knight the p*ssy-grabber in chief please.

        • I apologize, jwm, you’re easily overlooked.

          The danger is the fact that the mindless masses are in love with the personality rather than principle. Your Emperor God doesn’t stand for anything aside from furthering his own ego. He’s done backflips before, during, and since the primaries to avoid being pinned down on any given issue but he is the one man who is going to save us.

          He isn’t dangerous, without his cult he’d been just another fat kid born with a silver spoon in his hand and no idea what real people are. Zealots like you are dangerous. Lazy people with no minds of their own who latch onto the idea of somebody who is going to solve all your problems because he said he would.

          I’ve seen this movie before, the opening scene was Hope and Change.

          Since you want to call me out, why not answer my question? If Trump is such a boorish asshole why didn’t you and your wife cast a vote that showed that you didn’t support him? The pimple on the ass of the nation that is your state was already going to vote overwhelmingly in support of a serial liar, (oh shit, we got one anyway!) and you could have shown a touch of integrity and voted for anyone who wasn’t a complete dirtbag. But you proudly wave the trump banner despite, yourself, saying he is a boor.

        • I get that you’re angry because he’s wealthy, Matt. That jealousy and butt hurt has led to as much trouble in the world as a cult of personality has. You know, redistribution of wealth. etc.

          Maybe I could have wasted my vote on another. Who? Who was this candidate that was obviously superior to the others?

        • Matt Richardson
          I don’t mind up setting any white homosexual who is working to take away my civil rights. As a black gun owner born and raised in California it is the white homosexual leadership that has lead the attack against gun civil rights in California. I know pointing out that fact up sets some white people. And I don’t care.

          The Log Cabin Republicans were the only pro gun-rights gay group in California. They were physically attacked at gay pride parades. Harvey Milk was the only openly pro gun gay elected leader in the 1970’s. He’s dead. Every single elected homosexual is anti-civil rights, when it comes to guns or free speech. Sullivan doesn’t like the free speech of the American President.

          I treat white homosexuals like the bigoted and intolerant Andrew Sullivan like any other pig who wants to take away my rights. Especially a homosexual who thinks he can come here and change american values. One of those values is the right to kill in self defense with any firearm I can pay for. A homosexual socialist from England wouldn’t understand that. He only came here for the money and to advance is career.

          White homosexual tyrants like Andrew Sullivan think they can use the force of government in America to deny civil rights to the people. Coming from England he has learned how to oppress the citizenry. We have already discussed on TTAG the numerous terrorist attacks in his former home country. Andrew Sullivan is a parasite who has every intention of make American just like his former homeland. He is just like the muslims who want to come here.
          He doesn’t want liberty. He wants obedience.

    • You have no clue what you’re talking about when it comes to mental illness. If you did, you wouldn’t be trying to diagnose someone you’ve never met. Now sit down and let the adults continue the conversation.

  24. Personally I rather doubt that Mr. Trump actually tweets most of this himself. He has minions for that kind of Charlie Work.

    Irregardless of who’s actually typing that stuff up; it’s absolute master level trolling of the highest order and the media can’t stop biting on the hooks. I love watching them freak out over this nonsense.

    • REGARDLESS of which pre-pubescent is actually spouting the nonsense, when its a representation of the leader of the free world it isn’t “master level trolling,” it’s window licking on a super saiyan level…

      • LOL. Preparation H brah, Preparation H.

        I’m not even a fan of Trump but I don’t have to leave 11 comments trashing the guy and poorly trolling a gun blog.

        • It’s odd that when someone doesn’t sing the same song around here they are a troll…

          I disagree with the majority in this thread, and many others, but I am no troll.

        • Do you have Alzheimer’s or something?

          11 prior comments, all trashing the guy and his supporters while lapsing into insults and asking what people are “on” when you can’t follow what’s been said… It’s either your first day on the interwebz and you’re scared and lashing out or you’re a poor excuse for a troll.

          Now, admit your ignorance and apologize to Chris T in KY or simply accept that you are, in fact, a troll and no less of a zealot than those you disagree with and decry. Oh, and Preparation H, you need it. The drug store has it. Cheap too.

        • Apologize to Chris for what exactly? His incoherent rant about homosexuals?

          And yes, I am openly anti-trump, tho no more so than the majority is pro-trump. It’s common practice here, and elsewhere on the interwebz to bash what you don’t like the only reason you’re not okay with it is because I am not saying the same things you are.

          Sorry, but no dice.

        • Yeah, see, there’s that ignorance I’m talking about. You have absolutely no clue what Chris was saying so you demeaned him rather than ask in a gentlemanly way to clarify his points which you didn’t understand.

          I won’t say his prose was perfectly structured but it’s clear that you have no idea what he’s talking about and that your ignorance of what he’s saying is the root problem because you don’t really know that much about Andrew Sullivan and what he’s done in the past while claiming to be advancing the mantel of Conservatism (I’m not a Conservative btw).

          Then there’s the fact that 3/4ths of the paragraphs in his post are not a “…incoherent rant about homosexuals…” but rather either not discussing homosexuality or are pointing out a difference between two very different, but both openly gay activists one of whom actually is Conservative and the other of whom is a shill and, quite frankly after what he’s gotten caught doing in his private life, a douchebag.

          You didn’t understand the topic due to your own lack of knowledge on the backstories and so you got nasty. That’s what trolls and scared boys teenage boys do.

        • His post was a rant about homosexuals and he justified it by saying he doesn’t mind the “conservative” token homosexual. We can parse words all you like but the dude was clearly on about them queers, but followed it up with an “I’m not racist cuz I have a black friend” qualifier.

          I’m still not understanding why you’re so insistent on insulting me, i am providing discourse but you continue to suggest I’m not looking to have a conversation.

          I do not and will not like trump and I will not abide a dude who takes the opportunity to go on a bizarre anti-gay rant for no obvious reason other than gays.

          Tell me more about my age please

        • Whatever brah, troll on as poorly as you do. Maybe in doing so you’ll level up your troll skills.

          Personally I have no fucks to give about your professed knowledge on whatever topic and really couldn’t give a shit about your opinion on the POTUS which, based on your comments here, is clearly not very informed. Nuance. Learn what it is and how to spot it. Or… just troll gun sites complaining about shit you don’t understand and make yourself look bad. It’s up to you.

          If you’re a gent you’ll apologize as I previously suggested. If you’re not then you won’t. You can’t buy class or intelligence and they can’t be taught either.

      • Matt, take a stroll up to a mirror. Name three things you have accomplished that gives you the expertise to comment on anyone, let alone Trump. You have to pack the gear, you are a disgruntled bully and do not. Your analysis of Trump is a weak metaphor. Listen to the man when he talks of grown-up conversation. You are not ready for the big time. Would you rather have an old rich white woman that lies, cheats and steals while hating guns and their owners? Or, a Porn writing queen that is a Commie and knows how to steal from kids? Come on man, we won, give it up.

  25. This is turning into a remake of Caddyshack; with Trump as Rodney Dangerfield.And with this stunt, he just turned up the stereo in his golf bag……

  26. strych9
    Thank you. I know Andrew Sullivans history very well. He has used his homosexuality just like blacks have used race to get people to shut up, and not defend themselves. He is just like Al sharpton only with better language skills and white skin. Claiming minority status gets him nothing.

    • No need to thank me. Sometimes I get my jollies trolling morons.

      The guy is just butthurt about the fact that he doesn’t actually get what you’re saying because he doesn’t know a damn thing about the context of your comment which makes him angry on some level. Like I said to him; it’s like it’s his first day on the interwebz.

      What he doesn’t realize is that I, quite politely, trolled the fuck out of him in return. He doesn’t realize that because, as I said, he doesn’t really understand a damn thing about what you said. He thinks he’s being all smart and articulate and shit but he’s like a freshman in physics 101 debating a nuclear engineer; he believes he’s making points when he’s so far over his head that he doesn’t realize it just how far out of his depth he is.

      Have a good 4th.

  27. How many times have you been called a “Trumpette”? “Trumptard”? “Trumpkin”?

    These people can go straight to hell. I want Donald Trump to say it again, only ten times more and 50 times louder. It’s about damn time we had a politician with the stones to tell the left to get f*cked.


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