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“If the resources spent on developing and implementing gun policies would be directed toward addressing the root causes of school violence, our students would be far better served. Otherwise, another gun is just a ‘Band-Aid.'” Pittsburgh School Board Member Kevin Carter, Violence at schools can’t be solved with more guns [via]

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  1. Addressing the “root causes of school violence” will require a very painful examination of the root culture that drives that violent behavior.

    And as we have been told, criticizing one’s culture is unacceptable, if not outright racist behavior…

    • A percentage of the population do not abide by laws, want other people’s things and don’t care about harming others to get what they want.

      Now you can deposit a hefty sum into my bank account for stating the obvious so the govt won’t have to waste millions of taxpayer dollars on “studies” for ignorant leftists that won’t like the findings anyway.

      You’re welcome.

    • A lack of personally responsibility of black people is part of the problem. The other part is white progressive social policy that replaces a black father with the white liberals welfare system. The welfare system is as destructive as the KKK. Both of them are supported by racist white people.
      The soft bigotry of low expectations is the definition of the white welfare system.

  2. How many resources does it take to simply stop infringing on the rights of the people?

    • He was also referring to school Resource Safety Officers and their expense. Even just focusing on allowing faculty, staff, and parents to carry on campus still requires some resources. There’s school board approval involved. There’s community imput required. There’s an assessment of the impact on recruitment and retention necessary. There’s an overall risk management plam that must be developed.

      I know, these are B.S. concerns, but they are real life details to address, which is exactly his point.

  3. When I was in school examining the root cause was difficult because of the various factors nobody really wanted addressing ranging from tangible difficulties such as poverty to abstract rewards like “street cred.”

    Today it’s even more difficult thanks to SJW garbage making any examination of anything at all offensive/sexist/classist/racist/______phobic/whatever.

    Feel free to oppress everyone equally with the coercive power of threats of violence but god forbid you take a step back and ask a question. That would get you hate-spammed on social media.

  4. …because we all know that throwing ever larger amounts of other people’s money at false flag “problems” is the cure for everything. Not. Ordinary people are already robbed of at least 70% of their productivity, or prevented from becoming productive at all. There is never enough of “other people’s money” and if any problems might actually be solved with it in the meantime, they are sabotaged immediately, since those who spend and enjoy “other people’s money” certainly wouldn’t want to reduce their potential loot and power.

    The real answer starts with actual adults teaching (by word and deed) that integrity, personal responsibility for all actions and choices, meaningful work and frugal use of what one earns, are necessary for any rational or peaceful society. None of those things can be gained with either force (cops/laws) or bribes/welfare transfer payments. And none of those things will happen while ordinary people are helpless to defend themselves.

    Grow up, Mr. Carter, and BE the rational, honest change needed, not more of the pandering socialism that created and prolongs the problems.

  5. If the resources spent on developing and implementing gun policies would be directed toward addressing the root causes of school violence, our students would be far better served.

    Exactly how I feel about all gun control. Worry about the actual problem – not guns or weapons.

  6. The problem of violence in school’s is directly related to parenting or better yet the lack of parenting in this nation. Parents spend to much time wanting to be their kids friends instead of the parents. Another factor affecting the violence is the social service system that punishes parents if they discipline their children to aggressively (Spanking). Kids know this and use it to there advantage. Once this nation returns to the parenting practices of the 50’s and 60’s you will see a more civil and less violent society. As was said when I was growing up ” Apply the board of education to the seat of learning. Respect will soon follow…Guaranteed

  7. Wait a minute…. You mean the Gun-free-zones didn’t fix the problem?

    And the zero-tolerance policies didn’t fix the problem?

    But we can’t spend the time or effort to remove those ineffective and dangerous policies because that would somehow be a disservice to the students?

    How do you, a supposedly educated man, not see the double standard you are creating?

    • Because he was ‘educated’ in the premier skool for idiots and fools, called US universities.

  8. If the resources spent on chemotherapy would be directed toward addressing the root causes of cancer, our patients would be far better served. Otherwise, chemotherapy is just a ‘Band-Aid.’

    Makes about as much sense. If you could fix the ‘root causes’ of violence you’d truly be deserving a Nobel peace prize and should go down in the annals of history as the greatest man to ever live. But in the meantime…

  9. When I was in grade school, guns were delivered mail order; COD. No one died. When I was in High School the guns were in our $50 cars and no one died. Most black and white TV dramas were morality plays. You learned ethics watching TV even if you were an orphan.

    Then liberals took over the schools with socialist ideas; now people die daily.

    I wonder why?

  10. Socialists will always spend more and more until there is no more. The nature of that beast is to destroy everything around it. True charity comes from giving of your own time and resources, not someone else’s wallet!

  11. The Secret Service study om K-12 violence and shootings he cited had an ininteresting finding.: “most incidents were rarely sudden, impulsive acts. Most attackers had engaged in behavior that caused others concern or indicated a need for help. Most felt injured, persecuted or bullied.”

    The argument against college campus carry is always that students, with their roller coaster love lives and super heated classroom debates, are constantly primed to freak out at any second and blow someone away. So they shouldn’t be allowed to carry firearms.

    Yet, in the case of kids and teens who actually do shoot up a school, it’s not typically an impulsive act. These are even younger kids, less mature, and presumably no more adept at impulse control than college age men and women. So where’s the reasoning for banning college campus carry?

  12. I’m sorry, but some of you people are off the wall with some of these comments. I was raised to the best of my parents’ ability and I still have done things that wasn’t right…It’s not their fault. Hell I’m grown now and still do some things that their not proud of or approve of. At a certain age, you’re responsible for your actions, not your parents. There’s people who are raised in what society say is right but some of those kids grow up to be assholes

  13. Adam Lanza, Harris and Klebold, And Seung-Hui Cho, all were in treatment for years. This included, medical, psychiatric and court ordered treatment. There were, in hindsight, many warning signs.
    Point is, had any of the various agencies taken decisive action, the shootings might have been avoided. It’s not an issue of money.

    There is also the “17 hour” fact. Children are out of school 17 hours a day and 48 hours on weekends. This time is not the school’s responsibility.

  14. Solving the issues that drive violence would require intervention in families where parents don’t know how to raise kids or just do it badly. That raises the question of who is qualified to do that, and what agency has any business doing so in the first place.

    It used to be done through churches, but these days churches are pretty much despised by the secular authorities, plus being effectively neutered as far as disciplining members because people can just hop over to a different church. So we’re left without any effective institutions for such intervention — and turning to the government would be eminently foolish.

    So unless he has a brilliant idea for a not-for-profit organization that can deal with proper raising of children, and a plan for funding it, he’s S.O.L.

  15. I’m not sure exactly what he means by his comment (making gun policies costs nearly nothing- maybe he’s including armed security in the price?) but yes, guns are a bandage and we wouldn’t need them if we were able to FIX (not ‘address’) the root causes of violence. If tomorrow I wake up and there is magically no violence, I won’t feel the need to carry a gun to the mall, ect.

    But over 5,000 years of human history tells me that isn’t gonna happen, so I’ll keep my band-aid in the meantime. Band-aids are useful.

  16. Nope – more guns will not eliminate violence in schools, or anywhere else for that matter.

    More guns in the hands of the good will enable them not to become victims of the bad – or the stupid.

  17. Love all the bubble folk talking about “culture” when they refer to blacks who haven’t gotten down WV to see the violent poor white people, my cousins. Only cultural issue is the culture of Americans who don’t give a hoot about Americans who are poor.

  18. The Left has a 100% batting average of destroying everthing it touches.

    The education system from kindergarten throught graduate school is high on that long list of destruction.
    Also at the top is the soft bigotry of low expectations for minorities.

  19. In the full article, Mr. Carter asks, “But are more guns really the solution to school violence?” I agree that more guns are not the “solution” to ‘gun violence,” but they are a logical and effective response to ‘gun violence.’

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