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Here’s something Will Hayden’s now done that he’s never done be-fo: been found guilty by a jury of his peers of raping two girls and is about the spend his remaining days behind bars. From

The 51-year-old Hayden’s accusers, a 15-year-old girl and a 37-year-old woman who both no longer live in Louisiana, cried and hugged inside state District Judge Mike Erwin’s courtroom as the verdicts were announced: guilty on two counts of aggravated rape and one count of forcible rape.

Hayden, of Greenwell Springs, will be sentenced May 11. Aggravated rape carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

But the former “reality” TV star’s courtroom appearances aren’t behind him.

Hayden also faces sex crimes charges in Livingston Parish, including an aggravated rape count involving the 15-year-old girl and a sex crime charge involving his oldest daughter and former “Sons of Guns” co-star Stephanie Hayden.

She appeared on the “Dr. Phil” show in 2014 and said her father entered her bedroom one night about two decades ago while intoxicated and pinched and kissed her while trying to disrobe her. She said she escaped and he did not touch her inappropriately again.

Will Hayden’s trial in Livingston is scheduled for July.

Given this week’s verdict and the mandatory life sentence facing him, the July trial won’t really be a game change-uh, but will hopefully provide some resolution for his remaining victims.

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  1. I honestly believed these charges were conjured up by his daughter and that meth head husband of hers in some sort of scheme to run him out of the business.

    Glad to see justice will be served.

    • They seem to pick the scummier people to represent on guns on tv. I don’t think it’s a plot. Usually the flashiest people who crave attention have a weirdness to them, this person criminally so. May God grant peace to the victims and healing to the perp. May the state grant justice to the victims, punishment to the perp and protection to society.

    • Yes. I’ve had the same thought too. It does great damage to the whole gun community. These TV producers MUST do a better job vetting their so called “stars”.

      • Things like this can’t really be vetted. Same exact problem we have with refugees and illegal immigrants. There’s simply no way to vet some one for behavior they’ve never been caught for. TV crime dramas have probably done more harm to our criminal justice system than any politician. The fact is unless they’ve had a recorded history of crime, there’s no real way to expose someone other than with exceptionally gross violations of their fourth amendment rights.

      • Drama is the name of the game in “reality” TV.
        Who wants to watch a completely drama-free TV show?
        The producers need the weirdos to keep the audience.

    • It has little to do with guns. It has very much to do with the law of averages. The disturbing fact is there are simply shit tons of dirt bags like this out there. I garuntee you know more than one, and have shaken hands with a few throughout your life. You likley have one in your family. I don’t say that to offend, but it’s just much more common than people believe. It’s the fact that these people occasionally become famous, get more of the spotlight, then their dirty laundry eventually is exposed. If you look at famous people across the board, you’ll see this type perversion come out commonly.

      • Let’s be honest. This is the first of two guys who got a gun show and then turned out to be criminals. Out of three total gun shows on a major network. Right now, we’re at coincidence and rapidly approaching enemy action.

      • A psychologist I know who worked with prisons shared that one of the greatest tragic ironies of prison society is that while convicted sex offenders are treated like garbage, nearly two out of three convicts is actually guilty of one or more felony-level sex crimes but just never got caught. So they’re publicly condemning the same thing they’ve done, which he says leads to internal issues that end up expressing themselves in violence. He proposed that every inmate with no chance of getting out should be subject to use of truth drugs to learn EVERYTHING they’ve done.

        • Roymond: “He proposed that every inmate with no chance of getting out should be subject to use of truth drugs to learn EVERYTHING they’ve done.”

          There’s that whole fifth amendment thing…

    • People who want to be on “reality” TV are motivated by some very different things than what motivates me. I don’t pretend to understand them, but it seems to me that TV attracts a-holes, period. The gay nudist that won Survivor? Imprisoned for taxes. The Kardashians? ‘Nuff said.
      Quick search got me this. I don’t know any of these people, in the blessed name of Elvis I shot my TV about 5 years ago. Fifty-seven channels and nothing on.

    • I think that’s like wondering why politicians are corrupt liars.

      Some of it is that the job selects for the qualities

      Some if it is that candidates self-select for the job.

    • The worst example of this is the show dooms day preppers. The people on that show are either basket cases with ptsd or just weirdos with no friends and too much free time.

  2. No beuno, I hope his victims can find peace, and he can find healing. That being said keep this monster locked up.

    • Yes… because clearly wishing for someone to be repeatedly and brutally raped is ok if they’re male…

      • I think “rapist” is the operative term there, not “male.” If this guy were getting locked up for embezzlement or tax fraud, you probably wouldn’t see many people wishing such bad karma on him.

        As far as I care, the evil bastard can toss so many salads in prison that his cellmates call him Ruby Tuesday. He can’t hurt any more kids, and that’s what matters.

        • I’m sorry, but I find all rape abhorrent. If you hate him that much, just put a bullet in his head and be done with it.

        • Pwrserge I agree you put a rabid dog down you don’t mal him to death. I understand the setiment but I am against rape and wanton abuse in all cases. Just shoot them/ hang them and be done with it.

        • the whole prison rape thing is a movie thing anyway. Yeah it happens some in prison but very rarely. He’ll end up in Angola in Louisiana and that place isn’t fun. That is one of the toughest prisons in the country.

          He could also be shipped out of state because he’s so notable as a prisoner.

        • Yeah, the old Shawshank trope is pretty much just that. Most people getting buttsecked in prison aren’t getting raped. There are plenty of willing people so a fella like this isn’t worth anyone’s trouble.

        • If he goes to Angola, maybe they can make a reality show about the prison rodeo and he’ll be famous again!

        • You guys are for the most part right. I work corrections and it’s fair to say that the whole “errbody gettin raped left and right” thing about prison is pretty much made up, these days at least. I’ve heard from older officers and inmates that back in the day rape and violence in general was much more common. Now, these days, at least where I work, prison is still a fairly dangerous place. Rapes still do occur, but assaults and beatings are more what someone should be worried about.

        • I also work in Corrections. Maximum security. And yes, actual rape isn’t really much of a thing. Most “prison rape” is actually consensual sex or sex in exchange for the settling of debts. The reason that the “prison rape” statistic is so high is that, by law, inmates are incapable of consenting to sex. So any sexual activity is classified and treated as a sexual assault. Actual forcible rape is extremely uncommon. Lots of deviant things happen in prison, but actual violent rape is a relatively uncommon occurrence.

    • I’m not cutting any slack for Hayden. He’s an SOB pervert. But I’ll let God sort out appropriate punishment! It’s his place to forgive or not.
      Hayden strikes me as just above retarded IQ

  3. I don’t know anything about this guy… and not going to read all the stuff about him. I don’t wish him harm… just wish all potential victims were armed and ready to defend themselves. Neither jail nor any indignity inflicted on them there does a darn thing to help the past victims, and torture by other inmates can’t do anything to reasonably protect other potential victims either. Probably just makes it worse with the endless revolving door of the “injustice system.”

    The best outcome for a violent, lethal attack is the death of the aggressor at the hands of the intended victim, or their guardians.

    • …Are you seriously serious?

      Look, we’re all very impressed with your misinformed, scattershot approach to empathy, but one of the victims here was his own young child, whom he was obligated to protect from such terrible harm. You’d know that if you read up on the case.

      • Yes, that really sucks. But jails, torture and such will never fix it. I’m wondering where the mother of that child happened to be. The fact is that both parents, and the extended family should be responsible for protecting children. They are all guilty of neglect to one extent or another in this case, seems to me. How does torture of the criminal change that?

        • Are you now back-channel blaming the mother for this kid getting molested?

          Look, when it comes to guns we all say– loud and often– that the responsibility for the crime lies with the criminal. Same goes here. No one is responsible for Hayden’s monstrous behavior but hissownself.

        • Good grief. It’s a matter of the responsibility of the parents, and others to protect children from crime as much as possible. Would you say that nobody had any responsibility to defend themselves and their children because the criminal is to “blame,” so nothing else is required?

          Do you let your children play on the freeway because if they get hit it is only the driver who is to “blame?” You have no responsibility for their safety then? Why would we carry guns if we had no responsibility for our safety?

          No, those who are raped, mugged, attacked in any way are not to blame for the actions of the criminal… but they are responsible for their own actions and choices, some of which might leave them vulnerable. The unarmed woman is not responsible for the rape, but she could have prevented it if she had taken responsibility for her own life and safety. Can you see the difference?

          I was raped as a young teen… and years later I had to shoot a man in self defense as well. I’m not speaking from emotion or ignorance here, but hard experience. I now am well aware that every choice and action has consequences. I choose to avoid danger and attack as much as possible. I carry a gun and I know well how to use it. Danger and attack may come anyway, but it won’t be because I’m blind to my personal responsibility for my life and safety.

        • Swarf, responsibility isn’t a matter of slicing a pie that totals 100%. Yes, this douchebag is 100% responsible for his actions, but that doesn’t mean that no one else is responsible for it happening. My favorite example is from when I was a lifeguard: if a kid ran on the pool deck, slipped, and got hurt, the kid was 100% for her misbehavior — but as the guard on duty on my side of the pool, I was responsible for it happening at all, her parents were responsible for not raising her better, her friends were responsible for not telling her to follow the rules, etc. So the total responsibility always totals substantially more than 100%.

          That said, some responsibility ends up being essentially hypothetical, since we aren’t omniscient and can’t know everything going on that would allow us to act.

          Another aspect of that is that if someone has a mental illness/disability that drove a certain criminal misbehavior, that person is still 100% responsible because the mental illness is his, not anyone else’s. And that helps enlighten the above, because given the mental illness he isn’t responsible in the same way as someone who is totally sane and actually freely chose to engage in the exact same criminal behavior. So while it’s correct to say that the mother had a responsibility, it isn’t the same sort of responsibility as the slimeball father: he is responsible for choosing his actions (or if alcohol was involved, responsible for knowing himself well enough that he should have known better than to get so inebriated); she isn’t responsible for his actions at all, just for protecting her children — and that is mitigated by her not being omniscient.


          I remember the Hedda Nussbaum case. This woman who was beaten by her boy friend and where never married. The boy friend beat their illegally adopted six year old daughter to death. The adult woman Nussbaum did nothing to protect the child. I have always thought she should have gone to prison like her boy friend did. The case got a lot of press because only poor black and white people do these things. Not a white jewish lawyer family.

          The press seems to be protecting the mother in this case.

  4. Help me understand, if somebody is already guaranteed to die behind bars why waste the time and money to continue trying him for other crimes? Like why the hell is Aaron Hernandez, serving a life sentence, on trial for yet again for more murder?
    Why do judges hand down absurd nonsensical sentences like multiple life terms + 100 years?

    Seems like a ridiculous waste of a lot of time and shitload of money chasing an artificial abstract concept like “justice.”

    • Why try someone who is already serving a life sentence?

      (1) New evidence could overturn their current conviction and set them free.
      (2) They could get out on parole.

      Serving time for additional crimes reduces the probability that the criminal gets back on the streets.

      • There’s also the ability to close the books on those other cases, rather than simply saying “well, it was probably this guy so we’re done”… Presenting evidence and testimony to prove that resolution is important.

    • Is Hayden guaranteed to spend the rest of his life in prison? The article said ‘life’ not ‘life without the possibility of parole’. Even if it’s the latter, it’s still not a guarantee. Primary witnesses could recant their story or be found to have perjured themselves, or new exonerating evidence could come to light. Appeals can be filed years later and convictions thrown out. If they really want to make sure he spends the rest of his days in prison it’s best to avoid having the entire sentence hanging on a single conviction.

    • Because when it is your wife or daughter or sister or son or brother or husband who is the “second or subsequent” victim, you are still entitled to justice even if the perp has already been convicted once.

    • As others have mentioned, convictions get overturned, sentences get appealed, and errors in legal procedure occur. Stacking concurrent sentences is a legal form of insurance, making sure that a multiple offender remains behind bars even if one conviction is overturned or reduced due to technicalities. It may seem superfluous to those unfamiliar with the process, but it is absolutely done for a reason.

  5. And I can’t believe anyone expresses sympathy for this POS. I don’t necessarily think he reflects ANYTHING on POTG.

    • Louisiana had the death penalty for child rapists but SCOTUS said it was unconstitutional to sentence someone to death unless it was for murder or treason. Not kidding either. I think the decision was 10 or 15 years ago, the 4 liberal and Kennedy I believe.

      • As someone who works with extremely violent offenders everyday, I strongly agree with the death penalty. In fact, I do feel it should be expanded. I’ve encountered violent offenders (often sexual offenders) who should be put to death, but will actually parole some day.

        To put it in perspective, if you shoot a man in the head you might serve the rest of your natural life in prison. But if you violently beat, maim, torture, and rape a woman you may actually be a free man again someday if she happens to survive the ordeal.

  6. Looking beyond this, are there any constructive firearms-themed shows at all on TV? Sons of Guns was a soap opera that had a superficial interaction with guns just as a scene setter. I enjoyed “Top Shot,” even with the obligatory reality show manufactured drama, and found it entertaining while showing guns used in a fun way.

  7. This one of the reasons I carry a handgun.

    Many years ago a girlfriend I knew was raped in her apartment by letting a guy in to “use” her phone. Early 80’s didn’t have cell phones like we have today. He raped her repeatedly and locked her in a closet. When she got out & knew he had left. Called me to tell me what happened and came over to spend the night. After going to sleep, my 15 lb. cat jumped up her side of the bed. She made a sound that was a primal scream.
    She was screwed up years. Finally after years she met a great guy who asked her to get rape counseling. What you need to understand is that rape kills the soul of a woman. For the ones whom spend years of therapy and fortunate to find a good, loving man to help. She never told other friends or family what had happened. Other than me and guy who became her husband.

    • Women who were abused by their fathers can easily be emotionally destroyed for life. I was intimate with a woman years back who never told me she had been abused by her father as a young teen. While intimate, I did something quite standard by today’s norm’s that completely flipped her out.

      Later she told me it was the something her father did to her.

      I wouldn’t have if I had known, but… *grrr*

  8. Newbys in prison are going to get tried. Thay are call “fish” and the veterans inside want to see what they can get. Rape in prison is about having control of the individual and does happen often enough. There is a reason that the “body cavities” can hold so much. From what I have read about it, taking someone’s manhood is the fastest way to break him.
    It doesn’t get reported, because the system can not save you, sooner or later they will get thier revenge and you will be dead.

  9. I will say it because nobody else will. Sons of Guns was a great show. Especially for a gun generation 2.0 like myself. Watching someone repair firearms was to me very interesting. The the idea of repairing all “Arms” not just guns on the show was a great display of the second amendment being for all Arms not just guns only.

    There are plenty of shooting shows on TV. But only one gunsmith show. This perv needs to go to prison. What a waste.

    • I agree on all points. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Many of the designs seemed impractical, but they were a lot of fun to watch.

      But this guy needs to go away for life, and I won’t shed any bitter tears if somebody slips a shiv into him.

  10. How has no one mentioned on this post that what he was doing with the Desert Eagle was actually illegal. Not that it matters now, hes got worse charges than that. But rigging a pistol to accept a stock is illegal. And before any mods can be done you must file with the ATF, not after you do it. Has to be done before hand. Just like SBR’ing a pistol or rifle carbine. before you legally are supposed to be in possession of the stock, you must file a Form 1 with the ATF. And i saw this episode and i never saw where this was mentioned to the viewers or not to try this at home. Again, at this point im sure no one cares. But at the time, if he was not following proper procedure, he was putting this lady at risk for being arrested. Guy was a dumbass

    • John, as is often in “reality” shows, the legal niceties aren’t always explained, not are they always shown as being done.
      But consider, the show is available to be seen by everyone, including the mental giants at the ATF. I feel pretty safe in saying that the proper permits were in hand before the work was done.

      • Well, couldn’t that same logic be used on the case of the guy with the other “family gun” show? You know, the one who had owned and operated a gun store, for years, broadcast on national television, meanwhile not being in possession of a federal firearms license? Only took them, what, 5 years or something to figure that one out?

        • I don’t know that situation; I also don’t know whether or not a FFL was possessed by someone else in the shop who operated it that way, and the ATF just decided they didn’t like that arrangement.
          Governments have ways of simply changing their minds suddenly. “Wipers” becoming silencers after years of being not silencers comes to mind.

  11. Hahahaha look closely she’s holding a Desert Eagle, but she is not actually shooting one, look closely at the camera angles! She’s shooting a Beretta 92/M9, which as we all know is a 9mm. Lol fucking fraud!

  12. Even placed into the protective custody area where the pedophiles and such are kept away from general population guys like Hayden are targeted by other prisoners for their crimes against children. Will Hayden will undoubtedly come to know exactly what it feels like to be raped. He’s about to become a human fluid receptacle and it makes me smile knowing the rest of his days will be spent trying to avoid being raped followed immediately by being raped.


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