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“We cannot solve this problem by arming our children. We have to arm them with awareness and good sense.” – Georgia State Rep. Karla Drenner in Georgia House passes campus gun bill [via]

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    • She might as well arm the children with fairy dust when thet come face to face with an evil man. What kinfd of mother would deny her children their God given right to defend themselves? Sick.

      • Anti’s are all the same, a total disconnect with personal responsibility. She says “arming children” as if universities are going to hand out guns as the students walk in. And since when is a college student children? God forbid we allow others to protect themselves, because then someone might expect a fool like this to do the same.

  1. There are a lot of partisan positions that are debatable either way, and you can see how leftists come to the conclusions they do, even when they are dead wrong. But when it comes to guns, the left is so obviously full of complete bald-faced lies. It’s not even misinformation, they are plain lies, pure and simple. When a leftist politician or pundit can look at the camera with a straight face and say that a pistol grip makes it easier to spray-fire from the hip and therefore makes the rifle more lethal, or that the 2nd Amendment doesn’t say what it plainly does, how can any normal thinking person on their side possibly believe what they say?

    • I know your question was rhetorical, but I think the answer is that many have never held a long gun.

      A pistol grip is harder to use to “spray from the hip” than a traditional grip, as is clear from the ergonomics. However, the only way I managed to convince a quasi-anti friend of this, was to have her hold both an AR-15 and an M1 Garand at the hip, and see which one was easier to reach the trigger for herself.

      • You’re right, of course, but they don’t even have to handle a long gun. All they have to do is look at the pertinent parts of Army marksmanship doctrine to see that “spray firing” is not taught to soldiers, and that hip-firing only happens in 80s action flicks. I’ve often observed that proposed or enacted AWB legislation and the “justification” thereof appear to be based almost solely on 80s action films.

        • I would love to give an anti a .300 Win Mag or a 12 gauge and say “There you go! Shoot from the hip, just like John Wayne!”

          Only one round loaded, of course. I want then to hurt, not be wounded.

  2. I live in GA. I’m a professor at UGA. I’m surrounded by this kind of ignorance. The bill doesn’t “arm children.” It allows law abiding, concealed carry holders like myself to carry on campus. (BTW, I’m 55. I’d like to think I’m young, but not a child.) Furthermore, the bill would allow me to carry concealed when I teach my Saturday class, located in a remote building, without security. BTW, Rep. Drenner, I also use awareness and good sense when carrying a firearm.

    • It shows the true mind of the leftist-statist when they call college students “children.” They are adults. They can vote and fight and die for their country.

      • My “child” is a junior in an engineering school as a 21 year old. He owns a pistol and is legal drinking age. That qualifies him as an adult.
        This #LookAtThisBaby propaganda needs to be called out for what it is. Anti American unconstitutional tyranny. And even the Republican Governor is guilty.

      • It seems as of late that a great majority of the “children” on college campuses are the professors and administrators.

        • The majority? Doubtful. The vast majority go to class, study and then party and get laid as much as they can fit in. They get 0 news coverage.

          Now, is there a loud, obnoxious, self adsorbed minority of indoctrinated assholes? Most certainly and they get very nearly 100% of the attention.

  3. These idiots know that Utah has been doing this since 2004! Even California allowed it until some Democrat Lois Wolk found out in 2015…

    But muh feelings! Muh hormones! Muh teenagers.

    Get over your fee fee’s, mental midgets.

  4. This woman represents the area near Emory University(recall, needed safe spaces, trauma counseling after pro Trump messages written in chalk). 1/3 of her constituents are new urban snowflakes (hipsters) and the rest are caught up the the thug culture(either victims or perpetrators). She is surrounded by either outright dangerous people or mentally disturbed people that wouldn’t trust themselves with a gun(herself being the latter). All that typing when I could have just said : she’s a college professor with 4 degrees and no real world experience.

  5. I’m training my grandkids to use progressive’s grandkids as sand bags in the event of a shooter at their school. Put as many meat shields between yourself and the shooter as possible.

    • As my friend said to me in college right after VT; “We need to make new friends. Fat ones we can outrun or hide behind. I vote for fat girls that can cook and suck a dick real well. I bet that girl who was hitting on you the other night would stop 7.62 better than SAPI plates…”.

      I just laughed and nodded.

      Instead of doing that however, we made the decision that it was better to be judged by twelve after pleading your case in the media than to get perforated by some copy cat.

  6. Let me get this straight: a Progressive elevates altruism, fantasy, and emotion over reality again? This is my surprised face.

    Are that many people among us really that broken?

  7. Campus carry was passed before crossover day and so moves on to the GA Senate, but the real sticking point is Governor Deal. He is the clown who vetoed a near identical bill last year. I mostly expect that my daughter will remain disarmed when she is on campus due to a confluence of politicians, bureaucrats, and snowflakes.

  8. You can get farther with awareness and good sense and a gun, than you can with awareness and good sense alone.

  9. “We have to arm them with awareness and good sense.”

    Awareness and good sense are no longer in the curriculum at most schools and colleges in America. Got any other ideas?

  10. My awareness and good sense arm me with the notion that sometimes it’s wise to be armed, & should be my choice, as to when, where, and how.

  11. Does good sense include the wisdom to use a doorway to enhance your chances with a knife?

    I’m guessing not.

  12. I’m aware that forcing people to be pathetic, helpless, disarmed victims isn’t in any way good sense.


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