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“Legally obtained or not, whether by ‘good guys’ or ‘bad guys,’ guns are the problem. If we’re serious about saving lives, we need to build a bolder, broader movement that finally tackles the problem at its core. We need to go after guns themselves.” Don’t Take Your Eyes Off the Issue of Our Time – Gun Control [via]

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  1. Telling good guys that they’re going after guns… Hasn’t anyone learned? They’re basically just advocating that Americans stock up even more.

  2. If you are really, really serious about saving lives, you will have automobiles, all tobacco products, and all young black males totally done away with!

    Almost as stupid as the original proposal!

    • No, white people commit crimes also. As do Asians, Natives, and every other color.
      No, I’m afraid if you wish to rid the world of crime, the only way is the people. But after we destroy ourselves down to the last man, Just bask in how little crime there is.
      Thus, in effect, is the most heartfelt wish of the liberal/ progressive retard. The end of everything because they hate both their neighbours and themselves so intensely. It would be sad if they weren’t so serious and doing so much damage. In a sane world they would all be locked up in padded cells where they couldn’t harm themselves or others, but instead we put them in charge. And then wonder why there is so much crime and violence.
      Beam me up Scottie, there’s no intelligent life here. -James Trafficant

      • Yeah, but black males seem to commit a hell of a lot more of it. Absolutely and per capita. 6% of the population and they commit almost 50% of the homicides.

        • How about white people stop voting for other white people that give welfare to blacks. There by destroying the black family structure. If white people would do this it would help lower crime rates.

          Also if white people would end the gun free zone policy in federal and state public housing projects, that would help as well.

          How about it white people????????????????????

        • I don’t think you’re going to find anybody who’s not a crazy leftist who has a problem with the above.

      • “No, white people commit crimes also. As do Asians, Natives, and every other color.”

        True, but at nowhere near the same rates. It’s a complete cop out to claim that since every demographic commits crime, that we must ignore the elephant in the room, which is young black males and the urban gangsta culture. Remove their crimes from that statistics, and America has a less crime than Europe.

        It makes no practical sense to treat every problem identically. After all, homes are destroyed by all manner of perils. Yet, if you’re not in California, you face only remote risk from earthquakes. So you probably do not have earthquake or volcano coverage for your home, do you? Likewise, there are near infinite potential threats to your health. Yet, if you’re in a long term monogamous relationship, I doubt you’re one bit concerned about STDs. So you don’t defend against them.

        So, yes, all groups commit crimes, but the ones you should include among your particular plans are those with the highest risks.

      • If blacks(13% of the population) are removed from the murder numbers, the total drops by 51%. If you remove non-white Hispanics(who for some reason are classified as white for crime numbers), the number drops dramatically again.

        White people, actual Caucasian European-derived whites, commit very little violent crime.

        • Because they have access to an education that teaches them useful skills. Absent that, given no options, people turn to crime.

  3. I Googled “The Advocate” and it’s described as “Gay news – commentary, arts & entertainment, health, parenting, and politics.” Predictably, the authors of that screed are gun-grabbers associated with Bloomberg’s “Everytown for Gun Safety”. Their “bona fides” are at the bottom of that piece of crap. “IGOR VOLSKY is director of GunsDown, which is building a movement for dramatically fewer guns in America. MARK GLAZE is former executive director of Everytown, the nation’s largest gun violence prevention group, and a senior adviser to GunsDown.”

    • “for dramatically fewer guns in America”

      I wish everyone understood exactly how extreme this ideology is.

  4. Interesting the article cited only two shootings, the Ft Lauderdale and Pluse night club terrorist attacks and blames both on Donald Trump even though both were perpetrated by ISIS members and happend under Obamas watch. It makes you wonder if these people even read what they write before publishing.
    The other interesting thing the article points out is that both shooters were not prohibited persons and could legally own guns, but it fails to point out that both terrorist were investigated at least THREE SEPARATE TIMES by Obamas FBI between the two of them, who’s fault is it really that they were not taken seriously by the FBI when they made death threats to relatives and co-workers on behalf of Islam? I know! The NRA…. these people are either dumb as hell, or intentionally lying.

    • Oh please, stop with the investigated and let go crap. Unless they have hard evidence, do you really want the FBI, just arresting people? Do you know how hard it is to stop the Feds from gathering evidence on you. It’s easy, just request that a lawyer is present for any questioning and shut up.

      • “Investigated and let go” is crap? Really?

        These antis hold up universal background checks, whose NICS database is administered by the FBI, by the way, as the panacea for “gun crime”, whatever that means. Well, not only did the killers cited pass the standard background checks and meet legal conditions for gun possession, but they were subjected to additional, personal, individual investigation by the FBI.

        No one is suggesting that the FBI arrest everyone, except you and your straw man. The argument being advanced is that background checks and gun control, among the numerous other futile measures constantly pushed by antis, accomplish nothing. Even would-be spree killers specifically investigated by the FBI, not just run through a database, can waltz right through the scrutiny and commence their carnage.

        That’s hardly “crap.” That’s pretty much a slam dunk refutation of the entire article.

        • J-H, I think you forgot the punch line. Your statements about FBI “investigations” is spot on, but what, then, is the correct solution? Answer is, carry your own gun. Everywhere. Then you have a chance to pick up the slack left by the FBI.

        • “Even would-be spree killers specifically investigated by the FBI, not just run through a database, can waltz right through the scrutiny and commence their carnage.”
          WTF Sound like you want the FBI to just put people on a list. Or are you suggesting that background checks don’t work because they don’t stop people from buying guns because they have not been convicted of a crime yet? Or are you just like the anti-gunners and believe that the background checks do something other than what they do?
          Let me give you a hint. They only thing that background checks do is prevent a list of individuals from legally purchasing a firearm from a federally licensed dealer (or individual, depending on the state). That is it. They will not stop anyone from getting a gun, much like laws don’t stop underage drinking.
          As for putting people on that list, or even if that list should exist. And if it does, should the government enforce sellers to use that list are all matters of debate. One that I think you will find that you and I agree on.
          But to say background checks don’t work because they don’t something they are not designed to do (keep “bad” guys from getting guns) is stupid. And to suggest that the FBI put people on the list just because they were “investigated” at one time is reckless.

        • “Or are you suggesting that background checks don’t work because they don’t stop people from buying guns because they have not been convicted of a crime yet?”

          That is clearly his point. Jonathan – Houston said, in his third paragraph, “[t]he argument being advanced is that background checks and gun control, among the numerous other futile measures constantly pushed by antis, accomplish nothing.” He basically said the same thing in the first sentence of his second paragraph.

  5. I like my guns, my freedoms, my personal safety, and my Constitution.

    You think I shouldn’t have any of those things? Molon Labe!

    • No kidding, and the fact that they don’t recognize it makes it even funnier. Never interrupt your enemy while they’re making a fatal mistake.

  6. Homosexuality is a death cult. Why else would Big Gay walk arm-in-arm with Muslim organizations who hate them?

  7. Well then, lets start with the cops first and see how that works for them since ‘guns are the problem’ whether they’re in the hands of good guys or bad guys. If the cops find out that getting rid of their guns keeps them from encountering violence then I’ll think about giving up mine. Otherwise, ES&D.

  8. “Amid the chaos of this administration, more guns are getting into the wrong hands. We’re often the target.”

    Evidence, please.

    Although vague enough a statement to be true (i.e., some criminals/terrorists certainly have obtained firearms illegally since Jan 20th), we PotG know that it’s just a scare tactic.

    And, of course, as noted above, some LGBTEIEIO folks are tooling up rather than wait for Big Brother to “do something”.

    (Those people in the photo are standing “wery wery still”.

  9. Well, the Nazis didn’t like gays having guns either.

    They also thought that theirs was a perfectly reasonable position.

    • As did Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, and any number of other tin pot dictators that always have the same agenda: “Too many people around, let’s kill a whole bunch of ’em”! Its simple, and apparently catchy enough as mass crowds of ‘humans’ seem to follow these idiots whenever they rattle the sabre. Perhaps something other than politicians suck here.
      Perhaps… its the people. There’s a winning slogan; “The public sucks, f**k hope!” -George Carlin

    • The open homosexual and Chief of the SA or “Brown Shirts”, Ernst Rohm, would disagree with you. He and his 50,000 man private army was larger than the German army in the 1920s. The leadership of the SA was mostly open homosexual men who loved to fight, break things and kill people. They hated sissy men. They hated Christians as well as Jews.
      The socialist leader Adolf Hitler did not suffer from homophobia. He knew exactly who Rohm was and who he was recruiting for the SA. The SA overall was filled with tough homosexual men.

      And I’ll say it now. If you deny this you are just like those who deny radical islam is the cause of terrorism. It was only when Rohm publicly challenged Hitler for leadership in Germany, is when Hitler had him assassinated at the “Night of the Long Knives”.

    • The Weimar Republic instituted gun restrictions. The Third Reich actually loosened them. You should look it up sometime.

  10. The government is free to disarm any time it pleases, if guns are really the problem, “Legally obtained or not, whether by ‘good guys’ or ‘bad guys’.”

    • If it were bolder, it wouldn’t fear their law-abiding neighbors and their guns. If it were broader it would have to expose itself to dissenting viewpoints that debunk their nonsense.

      I think the words they were actually looking for were “whinier” and “better funded”.

      • Follow the money.

        It’s a pretty good bet that if they whine loud enough and protest often enough against guns eventually some of those Bloomberg bucks will wind up in their organization’s bank account.

        And by the way, while it is the nut-job pulling the trigger who kills (not the gun), it is the nut jobs who make no effort to protect themselves that allow the killing to go on unanswered and unchecked.

  11. We all know that the bitter-clinging gun culture here in the US is being fed in large part by nefarious sources offshore. Wouldn’t it be more effective in the long run for the anti-gunners to eradicate guns in the rest of the world first and thus dry up our supply? 😉

  12. The
    “We’re F’d up (on purpose and we religiously F’d with all things good, and right, and just, to get here) we need to ‘fix’ you.”

    sh_t has GOT TO stop.

    F the Advocate, and the fake news stupid sh_t the attempt to foist upon us.

    Stupid mf’s claiming 1st Amendment privilige of freedom of the press, to shout down your 1st Amendment freedom of speech, can F off quietly.

  13. “We need to go after guns themselves.” Good luck with that. Just once I want one of these clickbait screeds to illustrate how the U.S. is going to make 300+ million guns vanish (bloodshed or no).

    People like Volsky and Glaze are living in a fantasy land.

  14. So, these anti-gun nuts want to send their good guys with guns to take the guns away from other good guys with guns.

    Y’know, the term “cognitive dissonance” is overused and frequently misapplied, but I honestly think this is a textbook case here.

    • How many cops do they want to die?

      Of course, I wonder how their trust of cops versus Black Lies matters’ distrust of cops can be reconciled.

  15. I read something a while ago about this cat named Cain killing this other cat named Abel with a rock. A rock? How primitive! So like when do the anti-rock laws start circulating?

  16. No.

    “… understanding that rights and civil liberties are something that we protect is also understanding that they have consequences that are also protected, or tolerated. The exercise of civil liberties is antithetical to the idea of a completely totalizing state. That’s just the way it is.” – Cody Wilson

    The occasional criminal empowered by a firearm and the occasional loss of life caused by the actions of criminals is not worth the freedom of all individuals in the United States. You want to lower crime? Talk to your kids. Teach them values, morals, and nurture them to adulthood with the knowledge and experience that you learned passed on to them. Mentor them, and make them people of great character – and stop bothering everyone about their guns.

      • Yeah… I was a 1371. I just have a low tolerance for blatant bullshit. I’m a big fan of Milo, but the “gay rights” groups have gone completely off the deep end in the past few years. They don’t have a battle to fight anymore, so now they are just like any other form of commie scum.

  17. Judging by the comments section under this article on the advocate website, this article went over like a turd in the proverbial punchbowl there, too.

  18. Gay hating Islamism isn’t the problem, it’s guns?

    Must be why so many Mormons are shooting up gay nightclubs and the NRA advocates pushing homosexuals off of buildings.

    The editorial board of the “Advocate” must envision emaciated men with pink triangles sewn to their rags, starving to death behind barbed wire and get a hard-on. Thank goodness none of them had guns. It would have “escalated the violence”…

  19. The progressives go after guns because they cannot figure a way to eliminate what scares them silly, free will. The free will to disagree with everything the modern progressive believes.

  20. Why is the Advocate writing articles about guns. Its a one issue publication, and its issue is LGBT rights. They’re alienating those of us that arent a bunch of sheep

    • Same reason they no-platform and demonize Milo and other gays who step out of line. They don’t have a battle to fight anymore. The “gay rights” issue is settled. All they have now is the same radicalism that caused the “pro-choice” brigade to go off the deep end.

        • But without abortion, how are teenage girls supposed to fit into the dress that they want to wear to the prom if pregnancy happens to them?

  21. As a reader of the Advocate I can say they never supported the second Amendment. When the Pink Pistols formed they thought they were cute, and acting like straights with guns. They were against them marching in gay pride parades.

    The homosexual leadership has always been anti-liberty. State senator Tom Ammiano who became president of the California Senate is a great example. As a proud gay white man he wrote the law saying you had to wait up to ten extra days to get a gun. He and his homosexual supporters have “proven” they are so much smarter than a stalking victim or your average rape victim. Robert Moon, mayor of Palm Springs California and a proud gay navy white man, passed gun restrictions in that city with the help of several proud homosexual city council members.

    The Log cabin republican have been pro 2A since the 1970s. I am still a supporter of Milo. But most homosexuals are socialist and totally support only the police having guns. The proud gay mayor of Lexington KY is a local example of this freedom hating homosexual leader. Jim Gray said in the Advocate last year he liked having his father’s guns. He just wanted mine and every other citizen in Kentucky their guns too.

    Gay people do need guns. But they don’t say, act or vote like they do.

  22. “Guns are the problem no matter what!”

    Well, get back to me when you disarm the police, national gaurd, and armed services. Good luck with that.


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