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Mike Malloy (courtesy

“The NRA members are the current incarnation of the brownshirts from Germany back in the early ’30s, late ’20s, early ’30s. Now, of course, there came the Night of the Long Knives when the brownshirts were slaughtered and dumped in the nearest ditches when the power structure finally got tired of them. So I look forward to that day.” – Radio host Mike Malloy [via]

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  1. Who the hell is Mike Malloy? I am a talk radio junky and have never heard of him.

    • Mike Malloy is a talk show host that has had little success in his chosen profession. He tries, much like Piers Morgan, to gain some visibility by making outrageous statements and insults but with little success. Hopefully he will retire soon. I like hearing well reasoned arguments that challenge my own thoughts but he fails to reach that standard.

      • okay, morons like all of you on this site are the very reason that a Mike Malloy is on the air… First of all to the guy who stated he for your services… You’re a sucker for doing so in the first place… I never asked you or your stupid children who are smart enough to get an education to fight my vice for me… I’ll have to hide behind the NRA to kick your ass… I have never seen a member of the IRA that wasn’t that stupid and was asked I couldn’t hit within 30 seconds… I have been fighting professionally all my life and the the biggest cowards I have ever run into in a hand-to-hand fight are conservative is and conservatives with the moniker of the NRA… Also I have never met a bigger bunch of cowards and intellectually challenged jerks that in red State USA… And as far as that tough guy from the military talking about putting his life for us… It is something how you and your military case you too stupid to understand it are fighting for a country that was stolen at gun point over 200 years ago from the original landowners… Diet… And that’s when you that I see walking down the street with your stupid hunting shirts and hunting cats undertake a rifle at hand and shove it up your ass… You got that?

        • There are many safe, sane, reasonable gun owners and NRA members. If you look in a mirror, you may find where all the rage is coming from. Get help.

        • He grew up without mass media so he never go the chance to incubate plans for a mass murder/suicide the way boys like him have in a more recent generation. That’s how.

  2. Three things.

    1) The NRA (and by extension, the POG) are not running around behaving as the brownshirts did.
    2) Does Mr. Malloy know who the “power structure” was that rose up and replaced the brown shirts?
    3) Mr. Malloy is trying to sound clever and witty with our thinking through what he is saying or he is openly advocating for the rise of Neo-Fascisim/Nazism.

    • You have hit the nail on the head or maybe more appropriately hit the bullseye. He isn’t projecting, he is inverting. The last time I checked it was his side of the aisle that is engaging in Brownshirt-like tactics not only on Second Amendment issues but on every issue.

    • Mr. Malloy has it all wrong. The brownshirts were purged from the Nazi machine because they had outlasted their usefullness. The brownshirts were nothing but pawns that thought (erroneously) that they were insiders. If we want to draw a modern day parallel, the brownshirts will be all the liberal/progressive bloggers, activists, and talking heads. People like Piers Morgan , Ariana Huffington, and Shannon Watts, for example. They think they are on the inside and that they will rise with the “power authority.” Mr. Malloy undoubtedly falls into this category. One day, if (and more likely when) the elite leadership of progressivism seizes total power, these people will be cast aside and destroyed because they are no longer needed and because they know too much about the truth. So, Mr. Malloy, this “power authority” that you speak of will try to kill off the POTG and the NRA, but they will not go without a fight. You, however, will most likely find yourself in a ditch with a knife in your back and a surprised look on your face.

      • Your answer was researched and well thought out. You have explained what their future is likely going to be and like the Brownshirts they have their eyes closed to the bigger picture that will engulf them. Kudos!!!

      • “The brownshirts were nothing but pawns that thought (erroneously) that they were insiders.”

        Exactly. They think they have latched onto the coat tails of the side that will win.

  3. as one of the brown shirts to whom he refers, I am often given pause to reflect on the irony that I served in the armed forces in order to protects this his, and skads of idiots just like him, right to free speech.


  4. Since it was the Nazi’s who killed the brown shirts I guess you and your kind are also Nazis

  5. Last time I checked the POTG are in the business of preserving rights, not taking them away

  6. Sooo he looks forward to nazis stabbing people and taking over the country? Yay him

  7. The SA (Brownshirts) was effectively superseded by the Nazi SS – is that what he wants?

    Not sure what is worse, those who ignore history or those who do not even bother to understand it or this just another elitist telling a lie.

    I tend to believe gun owners are more Browncoats than Brownshirts but perhaps that reference is to smart for the elitist radio host

      • While I do love the sentiment of that part of the quote, everyone seems to ignore what happened to Mr. Universe…

        “Guy killed me Mal. He killed me with a sword. How weird is that?…”

        • But the signal still got out. It was not about Mr. Universe anyway. He was a soldier in the battle, and got his part of the job done.

        • The signal got out, but had the Parliamentary Operative struck sooner, or been more thorough, it wouldn’t have.

          My point was just that without (very rare) guys like Mr. Universe and Edward Snowden, the signal does get stopped – or at least filtered to the point the masses don’t believe the reality. And the messenger almost always gets killed, or locked up so that he wishes he had.

        • “And the messenger almost always gets killed, or locked up so that he wishes he had.”

          That’s the risk we take, even in culture wars.

          In recent years, I’ve found a new respect for what was always called “political prisoners.” Of course, we don’t call them that here, we just make up new laws to make the felons. But, the idea fits.

          As for the signal…I do believe it gets out – eventually. Maybe the Operative would have gotten Mr. Universe, but we don’t know what other alternatives Mal (and crew) MAY have been able to pursue in that ‘universe.’

          Or, maybe I’m just an optimist. I try to be a realist, but …

          Interesting points, though. Cool discussion (and probably more interesting than whatever is going on that blowhard’s web pages).

  8. Graphic example of the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. Lautenberg looked better in his casket than this guy does walking around. The crypt Keeper is dead! Long live the Crypt Keeper!

  9. Off topic, but what is with these noisy ads that just this morning started popping up on your site…some damn cartoon thing, advertising I don’t know what.

  10. You’re gonna need more than a microphone to slaughter this NRA member, buddy.

    FYI, I have military training and I frequently go out into woods on foot to kill wild hogs for fun. And, I regularly pay professional instructors to train me how to shoot sh*t, also for fun…

    Sorry, but you and your uber sensitive, anti-gun, liberal hoards don’t scare me.

  11. Obviously, some commenters here know their history better than this radio bloviator. The Night of the Long Knives was largely a purge WITHIN the Nazi Party, that had the goal of consolidating Nazi power. And the murders of the SA members were largely conducted by the SS and the Gestapo. So, Mr. Malloy seems to endorse politically-motivated murder carried out by secret police and paramilitaries in the name of deepening an immoral tyranny. Charming.

  12. IIRC this guy is part of the “white rose society”, who fancy themselves to be the ideological heirs of the German underground resistence. As I recall, this was a response to the Bush administration faking 911 or something. All heard on Air America Radio.
    They will always be crazy.

  13. How do you expect to kill a bunch of armed people using only knives (he mnetioned slaughter, which means knives)?

    You don’t like us, I get it but use some logic.

      • I don’t believe in a fair fight and I am not above spitting or throwing sand in someones eyes while I punch them in the kidney, but his case is just sad. I expect them at least to put up a fight or else I can just leave my door locked and giggle as they try to come through.

  14. There must be some sort of mental defect with these Liberals/Socialists/communist, their answer seems to be when they loose the argument is some sort of violence or killing (or at least wishing it). It is no wonder that they do not want anyone to have guns as they usually project their behavior or wishes on the rest of us and conclude that if we get angry we will just pull out the gun and start shooting people who disagree with us.

    Another example was the article here about the political beliefs of past presidential assassins.

  15. He rewrites history in his own fashion. The Nazis disarmed their soon to be victims. Those who want gun control want the government and only the government to be armed (and themselves). Gun control is all about control.

  16. It’s all about projection with liberal/ progressives/ statists; he is talking about himself; he wants to put shut down, shut up and murder anyone that disagrees with him and his beliefs.

    Yep; it’s why I carry a gun. This is also why I don’t worry much about a common street thug; with good situational awareness and a gun, I can take care of most situations. The problem with this wanna be tyrant and people like him is that they will use the power of the state and the state enforcers to implement his mass murder and tyranny wet dream.

    Hopefully there will enough that believe in freedom that we can stop what this …..person, so desparately wants to happen.

  17. Ahhhh, a line right out of the liberal play book. When attacking someone, call them fascists.

  18. Another “Malloy” who’s anti-gun. You’d think the Irish with their history would see the benefit of an armed society. Oh well!

  19. Ahhh Mike Malloy … that name brings back memories. He was on WLS 890 AM in Chicago for a few years back in the late 90’s and was canned because what few listeners he had were constantly verbally abused on air. Its sort of sad but gratifying to see what he has degenerated into.

  20. Some of these people say negative things about NRA members, have they even met one? Talked to one?

    Groupism against the NRA is the new racism.

    • Yes they have, they just don’t realize it. The bloodlust they see in NRA members/gun owners is within themselves, much like the tweety bird painted on granny’s glasses so she always sees him safe.

  21. I’m not sure what he was going for here. I think a new clause to Godwin’s Law is needed: All arguments end at Nazi Germany, especially when you do it wrong.

  22. “The NRA members are the current incarnation of the brownshirts from Germany back in the early ’30s, late ’20s, early ’30s.” Radio host Mike Malloy.

    Then what are all the black-rifled, black-uniformed, black-vehicled police, Mr. Malloy?

  23. Truth be known this would be the ultimate torture for him, like the twilight zone where the guy wants to be alone to read and then his glasses break and he doesn’t have anyone to fix them.
    So let me propose the senerio. Someone walks up to a group of gun loving Americans and kills one. The remaining members of the group open fire and kill the murderer! He is happy that it happened but can’t share his joy with others for the off chance someone, who is dumb enough to listen to this guy, connects the dots and says “so guns saves lives?”

  24. I am really, really tired of these people threatening me and then having the balls to call me the bully.

    • That’s the thing, though – they DON’T have balls, and they don’t want any of us to have balls either.

      Their vision is a collectivist utopia where the government is the only one allowed to exert any force at all. Where even military personnel on base have to “shelter in place” and wait for the police to come save them.

    • ….. or threatening us by openly admitting they want us all dead and then calling us paranoid and crazy for holding that belief.

  25. Sigh.

    Perhaps it’s an echo-chamber or selection bias, since I get most of my gun-related news here. But it seems to me the “disarmament” crowd is a lot more rhetorically violent than most gun owners. Besides this, there’s the whole I-wish-your-child-was-dead thing, the whole die-of-cancer thing, and so on.

    When was the last time you heard a pro-gun commentator wishing that gun owners would, say, kill all anti-gun politicians? Can you imagine the reaction?

    Of course this jackass could say “well of course I’m not serious.” But he did say what he said.

    If these folks abhor violence so much, where’s the public censure for comments like this? Oh, wait … they’re not anti-violence so much as anti-gun. I think I get it now.

    • I would refine that second-to-last sentence. They are not anti-gun, since they are all for our government overlords having at their disposal hordes of gun-carrying enforcers.

    • “Violent political rhetoric comes almost exclusively from the political right.” Just ask Eugene Robinson. It’s incontrovertible. ( do I need to put the /sarc tag here?)

  26. Well, his comment just strengthens our argument. We have to defend ourselves against people like this nut job. If he had his way, then we would be exterminated. Never mind that his history “lesson” is not analogous to the current situation.

  27. Wow, you know, as a serving patriot, as much as I hold sacred the defense of my countrymen and our sovereign rights, I find growing portion in whom I’ve no interest in protecting. This type of fascist rhetoric I find nauseating, and while my political ideals are largely unorthodox, I take offense to being compared to such a historical precedent. The simple fact of the matter, is that as armed members of the republic, our enemies thrive on ignorance, stoking the fires of irrational thought and fear mongering, appealing to knee-jerk reactions and emotional overture. The concept regarding the cornerstone of a citizen-soldier being the foundation of a free people outdates our nation, and so long as Americans wish to be free, that freedom must be jealously guarded by those citizens willing to shoulder arms, only this is liberty preserved. Disarmament is the first step to subjagation.

    • Thank-you, sir. Very well stated.

      I take great comfort in seeing well spoken, reasoning serving patriots as yourself. You certainly give lie to the picture the anti’s (and statists in general) want to paint of you.

      Big plus to your comment AND the reasoning that led to it.

  28. Anytime anyone labels their opposition with the Nazi word it creates a feeding frenzy among the news reading consumers. TTAG is providing free publicity to Malloy and playing right into the outcome he dreams of achieving.

  29. So Arron, how does shining the light on the sick imaginings of mass murder, tyranny and utter oppression fantasized by people like Mike help to create said scenario?

    I see this type of exposure as showing what we as a free people are facing and helping us to awaken others to the danger we face from the typical liberal/ progressive/ statist belief system.

  30. Malloy is a hateful clown who has called for the MURDER of his ideological adversaries in the past.

    • Worse yet he doesn’t even have the stones to do the killing himself. Malloy is just another bitter, cowardly, hate-filled “culture-warrior” with absolutely no willingness to stand up and solve his own problems.

  31. Yet another leftist yob making death threats and comparing people he doesn’t like to fascists.

    In other news, water is wet, grass green.

  32. The night of the long knives was when Hitler basically opposition to his power through a series of political murders. Yes, many of those killed were members of the paramilitary brownshirts, but keep in mind their murders benefited Hitler and the Nazi’s.

    His quote is very disingenuous as he is trying to evoke feeling of the NRA being related to Nazi Fascists, yet the facts tell a different story. The Nazi’s were the ones responsible for killing the brownshirts, so I guess that makes him the Nazi supporter.

  33. Malloy is another proof that the radical left and clueless progtards whose little bobble-heads shake yes-yes-yes to the familiar hate speech are simply losing touch in their desperation. The “vast silent majority” as pollsters and demographers called them in the seventies have become the Tea Party today. And big swathes of the Millenials who are hip to media marketing and know how to Google search for facts and think for themselves are awakening as well. When they get hit in the pocketbook next year by Obamacare and other taxes they will be voting as independents…not Dems. We will see more of this kind of hysterical invective cuz thats all the progtards got…we only need to punch back twice as hard with the moral narrative infused by passion and the facts (Ben Shapiro) to make the contrast most obvious. And Mock Them…it drives them nuts and sets off more b1tch-fits.

  34. PS: perfect examples are Charles5, db, Mike H, tdiinva, ThisGuy and others.
    Bravo Zulu and Press On.

    Nicks pageview stats prove TTAGs pageviews are growing grometrically while sockpuppets like MDA struggle to muster a handful of real people. People are coming here for the Truth.

  35. Oh yeah Mike H. Vaguely remember this putz. I still don’t understand threatening millions of people who are ARMED.

  36. I’m having a hard time finding pro-gun people in the media calling for the death of anyone and everyone who have a different opinion than they do. Oddly enough, I’m not having that trouble finding gun control Nazis who advocate the death and murder of dissenting opinions. What am I doing wrong…?

  37. Well, gee golly gosh there, Michael…. why don’t you do it yourself, big man? C’mon, I’ll be waiting for you.

  38. Problem is, Chas, he’d take the coward’s way.

    Bomb in your car, cyanide in your shower head … Or just a laugh while someone went out and did the wet work.

    • Yeah, progressives have violent power fantasies all the time, it’s just that when they imagine the cleansing of those they think deserve to die, they see themselves as being Michael Corleone at the end of The Godfather, not Rambo at the end of Rambo. They abhor all that icky violence and gunplay and would never soil their tender, latte-sipping hands with it, but at the same time they love the idea of someone else kicking down your door and slaughtering you on their behalf.

      It’s tempting to call them bullies, but they’re even lower than that… they’re toadies. They’ll only confront their enemies from behind the safety of someone else’s gun barrel.

  39. Actual quotes from Mike Malloy:

    “[Former Vice President Dick] Cheney, by the way, looks very ruddy. I couldn’t get over that. Like, he must have feasted on a Jewish baby, or a Muslim baby. He must have sent his people out to get one and bring it back so he could drink its blood.”

    “[T]hese Tea Bag bastards . . . I just wish they would all just go away — or, like in Passover, I just wish there was an angel of the Lord that would pass over — instead of killing the first born in all the households of Egypt, just wipe out all the Tea Baggers. Just, you know — the terrible swift sword — just lob their heads off!”


  40. That crazy talk, that ghastly visage, this guy’s a dead ringer for Marshall Applewhite. Guess he never caught that comet, after all.

  41. Also from Mike Malloy:

    MIKE MALLOY (30 September 2013) “they’re religious psychopaths; they are neo-fascists of the religious stripe. They don’t care!”

    MIKE MALLOY (16:50) “we want women to get cancer, ovarian cancer. We want – we want girls to get sexually transmitted diseases. Yes, we do. We want all of this because that will make Jesus happy and the rapture will come that much quicker! Now if we can just get the Jews to kill everybody in the Middle East, uh, we know that would bring Jesus back!”


    Here he is mocking dead tornado victims:

    “Their God, if this is the way they want to look at it, keeps smashing them into little grease spots on the pavement…”


    Something even crazier from Mr. Malloy:

    “What’s next? How long before there’ll be a “Stand Your Pregnancy” law passed where any woman who starts menstruating can be shot dead because she wore a hoodie when she went out to buy a box of tampons? What? Wait. Everything’s getting confused. Everything’s getting all jumbled. No, no, no, no, no, you can’t do that. You can only shoot a 17-year old black boy. But if it’s a white girl and she’s menstruating – how do we know that she’s not aborting?? SHOOT HER!”

    Malloy finds that devastating Colorado fires and Florida floods are well deserved:

    Mike Malloy blames the Family Research Council for the man who tried to murder them:

    John McCain deserved torture, says Malloy:


  42. The Night of the Long Knives was actually motivated by the fact that many leading members of the SA were homosexuals. It was a purge of openly gay men from the Nazi party, that gave rise to the SS. It was disingenuous too, because they had never hidden their sexual orientation and nobody had cared up to that point. It was a convenient excuse to destroy working class, left oriented elements within the party.

    So Mike Malloy is pretty tasteless, calling for hate crimes against gun owners.

  43. Ah! There’s all that “love”, “tolerance”, and “understanding” that the Left is always preaching about!

  44. Is it wrong of me to point out that since he’s a liberal/progressive pimp, that I look forward to the day he gets stabbed by another liberal pimp and they write a new version of the ‘Horst Wesel’ song about him?

  45. The brownshirts were the community activists for the Nazi party. When things were coming together for the party and the community activists were looking to reap the reward of their hardwork, they got the shaft.

    Beware ye, Obama for america groups! Hear the lesson of history!
    Oh thats right, you get O care too!

    As for the threats, lets have some more action, words are cheap.

  46. It is kind of pathetic that this guy, obviously past his prime, can’t do anything other than spout this kind of stuff, to try to gin up interest in his little radio talk show enterprise.

    Oh, well.

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