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“If it weren’t for the British, we wouldn’t even have to have protections to carry guns. It was the British way back when they founded America. They were running through all of our homes trying to take our stuff. So we’re protected under the Constitution. So it’s not really right for a Brit to jump up and start talking to us about gun control.” – Nancy Grace to Piers Morgan in Is CNN’s Piers Morgan Shooting Himself in the Foot? [at]

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  1. Let’s just say if I said that in my more choice words to PM and quoted it here it would get FLAME DELETED!

  2. Oh not him again. How is his 15 minutes not up yet? He is so obsessed with this. He clings to the anti-gun argument like a drowning man to a life preserver. He should thank POTG for keeping his ratings alive.

  3. Normally I can’t stand that harpy woman, but I gotta say she’s right about this one. Piers just simply needs to disappear from this country and turn up on an operating table somewhere in ye merry old Eengland. Just like whats-his-name did down in Sudan….you know, that Carlos fella.


        • That clever old saw.

          More accurately: “The enemy of my enemy is not my enemy, for now.”

          Or how about: “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies, and the enemy of your enemies, closer.”

    • I’d rather he wind up on an operating table somewhere in Mexico City. There are a lot of sweet, innocent little sick kids who are far more deserving of the perfectly good organs he continues to waste.

        • Yup. I’d recommend the same for Nancy Grace, but any poor child who received one of her organs would just repeat Revelation 6:8 over and over in a demonic voice until he eventually screamed and jumped out a window.

  4. PM can jump up and down about gun control until he is blue in the face, his opinions about gun control are irrelevant…

    You want to see what PM is all about, watch the show with Ben Shapiro. Ben calls out PM and breaks his entire argument down to parade rest, PM doesn’t even know what hits him.

  5. On Piers Morgan:

    “A fanatic is someone who cannot change his mind and will not change the subject.”

    — Winston Churchill

  6. Piers and Nancy are both reaching to keep their meager ratings alive… Hopefully they will both find somewhere else to reach their limited audiences.

  7. Matthew Quigley said it best.
    “We already run the misfits outta our country. We sent ’em back to England.”

  8. Yes, now they cut each other up with knives in old blighty. Those Europeans, they sure are sophisticated.

      • During the Bataan death march Japanese soldiers in the trucks passing the marching prisoners would hold their rifles out the sides to catch the marchers in the face or shoulders. They thought this was great sport.

        The only people who would do this today are criminal sociopaths and they are generally cowards with unfettered access to firearms, so why would they bother to take the risk of getting this close to a victim?

  9. Well, it’s not as if we’re lucky the Brits overreached in their tyranny and oppression, like if they had not, we would not have been motivated to codify the RKBA. They had to attempt to disarm the colonists, just as every oppressive government always has done. It never not happens.

  10. It still happens today.

    President Yanukovych left Kiev for his support base in the country’s Russian-speaking east, where lawmakers questioned the legitimacy of the newly empowered parliament and called for volunteer militias to uphold order.

  11. +1 Nancy Grace. Never thought she’d come out pro gun after all the Trayvon crap. She is risking her job on her s##t network. I guess everyone hates piers morgan(NOT WORTH CAPS).

    • She’s a prosecutor. What did you expect?

      One thing the Brits still do better than us is protecting the rights of the accused. There would have been no coverage of the Zimmerman case beyond the publicly released facts if we operated under UK rules. Any reporter who did not preface Zimmerman’s name with alledged or accused would become a guest of the British government after being cited for contempt or obstruction.

      • Not a huge supporter of the Brown Stream Media, but are you saying that we should come here and support the Second Amendment but value the First Amendment?

        In the area of personal liberty on free speech, freedom of the press, or guns, Britain is hardly a shining example.

        • No, I am just pointing out that the UK has a superior implementation of the innocent until proven guilty system of justice. A British jury consists of randomly selected individuals and short of a serious illness or death you can’t get out of it. There are very few reasons for exclusion. The Jury is questioned by the Judge not the prosecutor or the defense consul. If you lie to get out of serving you can be held in contempt or prosecuted for perjury. A British Jury is truly made up a randomly selected cross section of the community.

          A British jury can only make a decision on facts placed in evidence and the law. Jury nullification is a no-no. You might not like that but if I were wrongly accused I would much prefer being tried in the UK then the US. Had the State of Florida used British procedure in the Zimmerman case instead of the our own, the judge would have directed a verdict of acquittal after the prosecution rested.

  12. I’d no idea who Nancy Gace might be, but following a quick perusal of a few spots on ‘te intertubz,’ I can say that she is certainly noone with whom I should wish to break bread.

    The enemy of my enemy might have uses, but she sure ain’t my friend.

    Anyway, Piers Morgan is more a tragic, psychically-misshapen clown than an enemy. I respect my enemies.

    • Former prosecutor, her fiance or husband was murdered (i’m not sure if that drove her to become a prosecutor or if it happened later) now a pundit of sorts who’s show covers the popular criminal trials in the US. Both myself and a friend who is an actual lawyer, after watching her show and seeing how she handles things like facts and uncertainty, would like to see the cases she prosecuted re-examined.

  13. When Nancy “GUN-Freaks!!11!” Grace attacks your anti-gun efforts…. you just might be doing it wrong.

  14. Two TV personalities that I wouldn’t mind seeing entirely less of. Piers for his ignorance and need to express it, and Nancy for all the same, except she isn’t measurably more attractive than he is.

    The line about British people not knowing anything about guns is technically true, but it’s fluff at best. Using his nationality as leverage is just prejudice, when there are plenty of Americans who know just as little (and still feel they need to have a say about it).

    I have a problem with fat, ugly people who call an entire contingent of Americans fat and ugly because they choose to smoke weed, or drink beer, or be gay, or be female, or worship their chosen deity. Nancy Grace can FOAD.

    • I am no fan of Nancy Grace, and even less of a fan of Piers Morgan. But I have to voice my disagreement with your point. I think it is completely justified to discredit Piers’ stance on AMERICAN gun control because he is British.
      I think that is COMPLETELY justified because he is NOT and American Citizen. He has no right to lord over us all, the way he does, with his fatherly tone of voice and tell us Americans how are laws “should work” and what our government “should do” especially when many would argue the only reason he spends so much time here is to avoid being investigated by his own government. I think its absolutely disgusting that he feels he needs to come over here and enlighten us all to our barbaric ways. If we wanted the Brits advice on how to run our nation we would have stayed part of theirs.
      I think it’ great for Americans to have opinions and debates on American government and laws. I think its great that anyone from any country can come to this country and become and American citizen and experience the freedoms protected by Our Constitution. And I think that Piers Morgan personally spits in my face, and my ancestors’ faces, every time he comes on an American news show and says, “but WHY do you need guns, when they so obviously are destroying your country because everything everywhere else is just fine and dandy?… Oh BTW, next week my show will be covered by another anchor because I have to go back to the UK long enough to renew my Visa. K, THNX, Bye.” Disgusting.
      And on the note Piers, since you only seem to have one question as the heart of your gun control argument: “Why does anyone need guns?” Thankfully I am a Citizen of a nation where the government can’t take things away from people just because someone doesn’t think I “need” them.
      His question is invalid because he doesn’t understand our nation, and his position is indefensible because he is not a citizen of our Nation.
      He needs to get out of our politics and go home and face the music for all the reprehensible things he did at News Of The World. And no I don’t think any of that represents prejudice.

  15. Oh look at that, a broken clock (i.e. Nancy Grace) just hit 11:36 AM Eastern time. That must mean it’s actually right about something for once.

  16. Oh God, oh God, oh God!!! I actually LIKE and AGREE with something Nancy Grace said! No wonder New Jersey, er I mean hell, is freezing over!

  17. Once upon a time, Nancy Grace was hot enough that defense attorneys used to file motions asking the court to keep her from wearing a certain outfit… Seriously! I’ve seen the motion.

  18. Even the poster child for prosecutorial misconduct can be right once in a while. I don’t think he’s ever been sanctioned for professional misconduct (well, an appeals court chewed her out).

  19. This is great! A celebrity death match between two of the most loathsome, vile creatures on television. I can only hope that it really is a match to the death — of their hideous programs, that is.

    A word of advice to Pierced Organ — don’t look at Nancy Disgrace directly. Use a shiny shield as a mirror.

    • Yeah she’s a terrible open sore on the posterior of cable that does nothing but hurt our justice system and culture… but at least she’s not coming over here from another country and trying to make us more like them.

  20. Nancy is an opportunist, she smells blood in the water. According to the Variety CNN is loosing viewership with Morgan’s show right at the top, or the bottom depending on your perspective. Shows like the Independents on Fox Business are starting to nibble at their share.

  21. Don’t forget that nancy doesn’t believe we should be able to “stand our ground” because the laws are “racist,” harping on that Zimmerman should be in prison despite being acquitted. She’s no friend of the 2A

  22. I can’t believe you guys are agreeing with this statement…..

    If it weren’t for the British, we wouldn’t even have to have protections to carry guns.

    Really? The British were the be all and end all of evil? ….Nope it’s regular old born every day man. As long as there are people walking this blue orb there will be certain evil people who will want to assert their control over other people. The 2ndA will be as relevant 1,000 years from now as it was 200+ years ago.

    • The statement that she made that I agree with, which I hope others do too, is this:
      “So we’re protected under the Constitution. So it’s not really right for a Brit to jump up and start talking to us about gun control.” It’s not.

      Concerning: “If it weren’t for the British, we wouldn’t even have to have protections to carry guns.”
      Maybe I don’t understand the problem you see with this line. Ultimately there would be no America without the British, so she is right. Further, The Bill of Rights was not some magic document written for the betterment of all mankind. The rights listed in The Bill of Rights did in fact come directly from abuses the British Government visited on Colonists. The Second Amendment was not written because people might rob or shoot at each other, it was written because one of the things the British did before The Revolution was take Colonist’s guns and lock them up in armories. Thus, to prevent that government intervention again it was written to protect the people, not from other people, but from the government.
      Every Right in The Bill of Rights is a laundry list of stuff the People have a right to that the government cannot trample on. No the British were not evil but they were abusive, and the Bill of Rights was written to protect people from government abuses not from abuse by other people. The Bill of Rights does, but it was written because of the way the British treated the colonists.

    Further more he can FLAME DELETED!
    Even the good folks of the UK don’t want your FLAME DELETED back!

    Whew ok glad I got that off my chest. 🙂

    • Instead of making fun of someone based on how you think they look how about just telling the woman thank you for supporting gun owners.

      Even if you mean no harm and thought you were being funny it is just another thing gun grabbers use to make law abiding gun owners look bad.

  24. Piers Morgan is simply an opportunist. He thought that he could get fame and fortune from pumping the Newtown and other shootings. I wish he would back to the UK and that Jeremy Clarkson would slug him again and this time around also kick him the nuts because that is pretty much what he deserves.

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