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Governor Jerry Brown (courtesy

“What can laws do to solve immediate problems? . . . I want to say that laws have their role, but in terms of crime and guns and violence, we’ve been at this thing for more than 50 years on this very topic, and we’ve passed a tremendous number of laws. There is something else, it’s called administering the laws we have and working together in a community. That is where the greatest yield can be found in terms of making Oakland a safer place.” California Governor Jerry Brown, quoted in Brown: Another gun law won’t solve Oakland violence [via] [h/t DrVino]

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  1. “Also” he didn’t add, but should “our drug laws are bullshit in the exact same way. Now let’s unite, despite our political differences, as Americans and fix these messes together.”

  2. Did President Jerry Brown (who’s Aura smiles and never frowns) just say something that made sense?

    I feel like Rufus Sewell in Dark City, or Jack in Lost.

    This obviously isn’t the real world…..

  3. Even the new ‘moderate’ Governor brown would never consider that California gun control laws might make things worse and were never designed to make people safer but to control them and consolidate political power by pandering to the uber left

  4. Wait a minute…. a politician from CALIFORNIA said that?

    Surely I must stop calling it “The people’s republic of Kalifornistan” now and upgrad it to simply “The land of civilian disarmament”…

    Big improvement!

    • Nonono…. see, you haven’t got the whole gist of it. “-istan” is usually applied to places that tend to follow Sharia law… whereas communist regimes generally adopt longer and more formal sounding names and bigger and fancier symbols as they rot from the inside and become crappier places to live.

      It is known on formal occasions as “The United People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of California.”

  5. Oakland (as well as many other major cities) has cultural problems. In the past generation or two, parents worked double-shifts of low-paying jobs to pay the bills associated with living in a metropolitan area. Unable to spend enough time with their children, the kids were left to raise themselves. Those kids, left to their own devices, often do not develop a strong moral foundation, and they may gang together and eventually develop individualized mob mentality (which is, frankly, a made-up term to describe applying learned mob mentality to an individual’s behavior outside of a group setting). These kids grow up to have kids of their own, and the percentage of parents that simply don’t care to raise their kids properly increases. So you see a bunch of kids whose parents are either too busy or too self-centered to raise them properly; and without a strong ethical and moral foundation, violence seems like a more acceptable option to resolve disputes.

    It’s not the prevalence of guns that leads to violence, but immature behavior resulting from a lack of decent role models during a person’s upbringing … Usually.

    • This is why when a society gives up “old fashioned” taboos like it being shameful to have a child outside of marriage; the society begins to fracture; a society is only as strong as the family. The family socializes and teaches civilized behavior to the children; without that guidance; Oakland, Chicago, the feral packs running loose in inner cities committing random violent acts are the result.

      Now that the traditional married family is now in the minority; we will see this feral behavior continue to grow; like a cancer.

    • I might be going out on a limb here, but I’d guess that for every child who had parents working double shifts there were probably three or four who never once in their lives saw a parent get up in the morning and go to work. People who grow up that way usually believe flipping burgers for $7.25/hr. isn’t nearly as smart as dealing drugs on the corner.

      • The “war on drugs” and the “war on traditional family values” the perfect formula to create a feral class that is rewarded by criminal behavior.

        So between those that support the war on drugs and those that fight for alternative life styles; we have a perfect storm of destruction against a “civilized” society.

        • There will always be uncivilized people among us. If society lifts the prohibitions on consentual behavior and the black markets disappear the delinquent will choose to rob people on the corner rather than flip burgers. The key is that work is not innate behavior, it is learned.

          Not that I support the ‘War on Drugs’. It’s a tremendous waste of our resources. I’m just saying there’s no utopia on the other side.

        • All through human history there have been those who work to produce for themselves, their family and their community, and there have been others who thought this was stupid and waited until the time was ripe to just come and steal what others had produced. This works on an individual level and for tribes, gangs and nations.

          The only reasonable solution (“The Magnificent Seven/Seven Samurai”) is situational awareness and armed resistance (Mexico today). The right to keep and bear arms is the right to keep what you have worked for and produced.

      • Perhaps Gov; but there is a reason why every advanced society has collapsed into a dark age; something builds them to a height of civilization; and then they fall into darkness.

        Those forces were at work in Greece; in Rome; there was a “traditional” society focused on a strong family, civic duty; being a citizen soldier with a personal duty to provide protection for ones family and society; that built them to heights of accomplishment that we looked to for guidance in our own culture.Then those traditional values become “quaint”, the family, personal responsibility, being a citizen soldier all is placed on the state; and the free citizen become a servant to the state leading to a massive growth in government, a growing dependent class, a growth of a large military, and ultimately a police state. Sound familiar?

        My proposal is that those same forces are at work now; that what caused the collapse of all civilizations in history are the same forces we see now all around us today in the continued attack on “traditional” values. Those values that created the society we take for granted are the very values that are under attack today; with a growth of government, a growing dependent class, a fracturing of the family, a growth of a militarized police and of the surveillance society.

        I don’t believe we are immune from the forces of history and human nature. And that those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  6. As a Hispanic voter of which the left tries so hard to get my vote; gun control has NEVER worked to solve any problem not facing a fascist if u support anything others than repealing gun laws you will never have my vote as far as I’m concerned the second ammendment is the only gun law that makes sense and most on the left and right ignore that

  7. My guess is 2014-2015 will be the years anti-2nd poli’s realize they’ve reached too far, lay low letting folks like Watts do their groundwork for them and attempt to re-brand their extremist views as the new moderate by not pushing, conceding tiny meaningless defeats that don’t change their overall course and regrouping for a new push if 2016 pulls their way.

  8. Heresy! Racist! Gun Nut! Governor Brown wants children to die! /sarc/. This is too much common sense so it has already been disregarded. Maybe Governor Brown was off meds.

      • Or maybe instead of meds, he wants to run for the presidency in ’16. He is pandering to moderate voters and trying to step away from policies that would imped that goal. I agree with his statement, but have zero faith that he feals that way. This statement and probably most for the next 2 years are going to be careful crafted to create an image.

  9. Man, people sure like to talk crap about Jerry Brown in here. All I’ll say is this; I don’t agree with most of his policies but he’s a real,real smart guy and most importantly he’s that most rare of creatures, an honest politician. Who works his ass off. America needs alot more politicians like Brown if you ask me.

    • I say this for Moonbeam: He learns from his mistakes.

      When he was mayor of Oakland, I was shocked to hear common sense coming out of him more than once. And more than once, he took some serious heat from his “base” of loopy lefties for his common sense.

      For example, he proposed an educational academy in Oakland that would be similar to “boot camp” – staffed with people who had served in the military. Kids would live in barracks, be forced to hew to a uncompromising schedule, be accountable for real work, etc.

      It was, IMO, a fine idea to deal with the problems in the area.

      Liberals absolutely lost their minds at the proposal.

    • I have to say that I am a fan of Jerry Brown. level headed and commonsensical, he gets the job done. He balanced the budget, something no governor in the last twenty years had been able to do, and it was passed by the statutory deadline, not months later with massive bickering and arm-twisting that characterized the process before him. While he has signed some gun control legislation, he has vetoed the worst of it, and when he was AG, wrote an amicus brief to the Supreme court (can’t seem to recall if it was Heller or McDonald, probably the latter) supporting the 2A, something his successor Kamala Harris will never ever even consider–in fact, her staff is reportedly working on the petition for en banc hearing in Peruta in an effort to reverse that decision.

      In short, Jerry Brown is an effective administrator and an adept politician who gets the job done, a rarity in California politics. He can run for re-election to one more term as Governor, and then he is done–and I dread what will happen afterwards when the real liberals finally get total control. [The leading candidates to eventually replace him are Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsome, both raving lunatic anti-gun progressives from San Francisco.]

  10. Wow, what happened to Jerry? He’s still signed a bunch of gun control laws but he said above about Oakland and veto’d some bills also. The Dems aren’t going to like this. I wouldn’t be surprised if some Federal money aimed at CA might have some strings attached to going forward.

    “…In a message to the legislature, Brown wrote he didn’t “believe that this bill’s blanket ban on semi-automatic rifles would reduce criminal activity or enhance public safety enough to warrant this infringement on gun owners’ rights….”

    • What happened? Well, the FBI released the newest crime stats and Oakland just barely squeaked past Flint to claim the prestigious title of “Most Violent City in the US”.
      With the ‘Worst City’ champion now in his state, the Governor has to say something. If I recall, the rest of the top five are Flint, Detroit, St. Louis and Memphis, in that order.

  11. Funny what a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision can do. Politicians are experts at sensing which way the winds are blowing. I suppose that is their most valuable attribute in getting elected.

    • Given that he vetoed a bill last year that would have given Oakland a much freer hand in regulating/banning guns, I don’t think that Peruta had anything to do with this press conference–instead, it is a reaction to yet another bill seeking to exempt Oakland from state pre-emption of firearm regulation. Which, fortunately, just ain’t gonna happen.

  12. So it took them 50 years to start to get a clue that laws only really apply to law-abiding citizens, which by and large are not the major source of crime (golly gee). Maybe Feinstein will have an epiphany now too? You can legislate away reality.

  13. He’s not a smart guy. Political pandering and voting booth circle me with the no.2 pencil. For example…

    5 years ago State of California legislators decided that school busing was taking up to much of Federal attendance money and passed the “not our responsibility to get your kids to school” words. 90% buses cut. Combine mega schools (multiple schools at single location) and now 5000 parents in cars dumping off kids in residential streets. Now gov man wants a billion dollar boondoggle train to route through the desert and into NV and the justification it will reduce carbon emissions of cars.

    Let’s do the math. 10,000 schools x 1500 cars (average per school) twice a day. How much carbon would you save by bringing back the bus fleet. How many jobs would he create?

    He’s a silly rabbit.

    • Five years ago, Brown was the AG and had nothing to do with the busing issue. Seems to me that Arnie was The Gubernator then. So your point is?

  14. It’s all just chit-chat until he pushes a bill through the legislature and signs something into law which rolls back the massive, and massively unconstitutional, state apparatus out there that deprives Californians of their God-given right to keep and bear arms.

  15. I understand the shock that many of you are expressing at Governor Moonbeam’s recent comments … and rightfully so after decades of hysteria being fashionable among the civilian disarmament crowd.

    But I am telling you ladies and gentlemen, the civilian disarmament crowd is in serious trouble. From 1960 through something like 2010, gun grabbers asserted many claims — claims that seemed to be somewhat sensible on the surface. However, every day experience and history has proven otherwise. And many citizens as well as politicians who were on board the gun control bandwagon or at least indifferent to gun control, have learned the truth and now oppose gun control as a magic solution to violent crime.

    Here are a few now-debunked gun control fallacies:
    (1) Constitutional and licensed concealed carry has proliferated. And the “Wild West” characterizations of prolific concealed carry never materialized.
    (2) The number of privately owned firearms far exceeds private ownership in 1960. While the violent crime rate steadily increased until its peak in 1993, the violent crime rate has since plummeted and is almost back to the levels that we experienced in the early 1960s, even though privately owned firearms has almost doubled again since 1993 and millions of citizens now go armed into public.
    (3) We have seen through incredibly painful loss that “gun free zones” are utterly and totally ineffective — they are a complete failure.
    (4) Gun control paradises like California, which should have much lower violent crime rates than “shall issue” concealed carry states like Maine, in fact have much higher violent crime rates.
    (5) Legal scholars, historians, and our United States Supreme Court have stated emphatically that our Second Amendment states an individual, not “collective”, right to keep and bear arms. And our courts are issuing rulings which say that individual self-defense is the core component of that right.

    I could continue but I think you get the idea. These truths are dawning on millions of people and they are embracing our Natural, civil, and Constitutionally enumerated right to keep and bear arms. That is why firearm sales are through the roof the past 8 or so years. That is why ammunition is often in short supply the past 6 or so years. And that is why even politicians are now taking notice.

    Keep sharing the truth with everyone that you can. Take as many friends, coworkers, and neighbors to the range as you can. Support as many gun rights organizations as you can. We are winning. It may not seem that way in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Hawaii, and California (although that recent 9th Circuit Peruta decision is about to turn California upside down), but we are winning. And as we see in this article, even Governor Moonbeam is indicating change. Keep up the pressure.

    • Very few states compare to California when it comes to size, population, racial, ethnic, social, and economic diversity. Maine is not one of them. Texas and Florida are the only states I can think of that even come close. They have decent gun laws. Why not compare those two states to California? It would strengthen your argument.

      • GoldiGlocks,

        Geographic or demographic differences between California and Maine are completely irrelevant because the gun grabbers emphatically stated that violent crime would soar if citizens go armed in public. And gun grabbers emphatically stated the corollary: that violent crime would all but disappear if we pass their gun control laws.

        Experience has utterly and completely debunked those assertions. In other words the gun grabbers are intellectually bankrupt. Years ago, they used to have the appearance of an intellectual argument (it sounds somewhat logical that if we eliminate guns, violent crime will decrease) … and of course they had emotion on their side as well. Now, the only thing they have left is emotion and millions of people are soundly rejecting it.

        Getting back to your specific concern, the gun grabbers lose either way. If they claim that guns are inherently evil and corrupt society, then Maine and California expose their lie. (Maine == high firearm ownership and concealed carry license rate and few gun control laws; California == low firearm ownership and concealed carry license rate and many gun control laws.) On the other hand, if the gun grabbers want to argue that geography and demographics dominate violent crime rates rather than firearm ownership and concealed carry license rates and “tough” gun control laws, we have no reason to give up rights for gun control laws.

        Again, people in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., or New York City may still be clinging to gun control, but the masses are not. And I just explained why.

    • @ uncommon_sense:
      All of your points are well taken however there is one major element that is missing.

      National, intermediate and local overwhelmingly left leaning media outlets, particularly in the large metropolitan areas (think voting base), are uncompromisingly on board with the antis’ disarmament philosophy proclaiming the virtues of the antis mostly debunked rhetoric and propaganda, and blatant statistical half-truths and lies, all the while ignoring or dismissing any pro-gun pro-Second Amendment challenges to the antis’ message. The general public is constantly barraged with media propaganda of all sorts (even at the movies), and the anti-gun message is a notable part of that barrage.

      Challenges and alternative views to the antis’ message don’t even get air time. If it weren’t for the internet, we’d be sunk between the leftist Medias ownership of American airwaves and Herr Bloomberg’s financial clout.

      You are absolutely correct that we must keep up the pressure. Thankfully we are fortunate to have the likes of Herr Bloomberg, Barry, MAIG, Shannon T Watts, Feinkenstein, Democrat run legislatures, and all the other grabbers to remind us we must keep doing so.

      • Nevertheless, in spite of the fact that gun grabbers dominate academia, urban politics, and mainstream media, we are winning. Why do you think that is? I’ll tell you why: because academia, urban politics, and mainstream media are much less relevant than many people realize. Rather, people are honestly starting to see the truth and they are embracing it.

        Take a look around. Almost every Sheriff in the state of Colorado publicly declared that they refuse to enforce recent unconstitutional gun control laws. Not to be outdone, Colorado constituents recalled two Senators and forced a third to resign. Five states are now constitutional carry states and more are introducing legislation to do the same. States are eliminating concealed carry “restrictions” left and right. Several Sheriffs and now a large city Police Chief (Chief Craig of Detroit) are vocally encouraging responsible citizens to arm themselves. The Sheriffs in the state of New York publicly advised the New York legislature that they refuse to enforce most provisions of New York’s SAFE Act. And we defeated all the recent attempts at federal gun control legislation.

        These sorts of actions and responses from citizens, politicians, and law enforcement were quite literally unimaginable 15 years ago. Today, they are becoming more and more common.

        I realize the gun grabbers have made some headway in Colorado and the California and Boston – Washington D.C. megalopolises. But that is all the gun grabbers have left. They have lost the entire rest of the country. (I believe the gun grabbers will lose Colorado in this year’s elections as well.) And the way it looks right now, the gun grabbers have suffered a stunning defeat in California thanks to the recent 9th Circuit ruling. Even more encouraging, that 9th Circuit ruling will likely force the U.S. Supreme Court to codify our core right to self defense outside the home and mandate that states either allow open carry or “shall issue” concealed carry once and for all. Bonus: once the U.S. Supreme Court mandates some form of carry in all of the U.S., that effectively forces national reciprocity of concealed carry licenses!

        That is reason to be very optimistic and push forward — and push HARD.

  16. California Governor Jerry Brown is NOT to be trusted, he’s giving lip service, do NOT be fooled and/or taken in by his well timed words…get out and vote, vote for conservatism, got pro-gun, vote California Governor Jerry Brown OUT of office…

    • “…his well timed words…get out and vote…”

      Shoring up his re-election prospects may well be part of the equation, but any Democrat alternative will be far worse.

      Any conservative alternatives will not stand a chance given the body politic of CA, given the lack of notable, widely popular and unassailable *viable* conservative candidates who will stand and be counted as pro-gun.

      To be electable in CA, a pro-gun conservative gubernatorial candidate will have to be all three.

      • Agree. At this point in time, there is no viable republican candidate for governor, and the last three republican governors were abject failures because of their inability (with a legislature stacked against them) to achieve consensus on the most critical issues of the day. Unfortunately too, there is no moderate democrat that is a viable candidate to replace Brown when he terms out.

        There are only two viable republicans running for governor a the moment, Tom Donnely and Neel Kashkari. “Neel Kashkari said Wednesday that he owns four guns and supports gun rights but is “not running on an agenda of the Second Amendment,” highlighting a contrast with Tim Donnelly, the other main Republican running for governor.

        “If you’re a single issue voter, and you just want someone to give you a full capacity assault rifle magazine, God bless you, you can go vote for somebody else,” Kashkari told a group of college Republicans at California State University, Sacramento. “I’m not your guy.”

  17. Brown is right on what he says about gun control laws. But he’s doing a bunch a yaking to look good. Now if he is in support of the 9th court decision and wants to change the gun laws in Commiefornia so the people can exercise their right to keep and bear arms, then he’s got my attention. Until then, I’ll take this quote with a grain of salt.

    • I don’t know that as governor he has a whole lot of input on what happens with Peruta. That belongs to Kamala Harris ( a separately elected politician who does not answer to the Governor), who is of course appalled by the decision.

  18. When he was Attorney General Jerry Brown, he wrote a brief supporting certiorari in the McDonald case – – and he vetoed some really bad bills in CA last year that he had no discernible political reason to veto, so one should give him credit where credit is due.

    The concern I have is that while he seems to support the RKBA at some level, he supports way too much regulation at the same time. It has been reported that his office is working with Senator De Leon on a bill De Leon has been pushing to have background checks on ammunition in CA. One can assume Gov. Brown is thereby pulling the strings to prevent the bill from being outlandishly silly, but will sign it otherwise.

    • Yep- give Brown credit where due- he’s a smart attorney, and veto’ed the legislation that would have undoubtedly been reversed in court, which I doubt he’d like as a legacy.

      According to one poster in Calguns about that time, he is a ranch owner, with property nearby the poster, and owns long guns.

      Brown has also pushed back, to the extent he can, on unions and teachers, to come up with a budget, which despite budget tricks is showing a slight surplus.

      So California could be doing a LOT worse, given that we’ll probably not see Republicans control in the state assembly or house for a generation, and our last Republican governor was a doofus, RINO at best.

      The PR on working with De Leon on the ammo background check bill- now that is troublesome, and that unwinds all the good things I said, above.

      A background check proposed two years ago led to Walmart deciding not to sell ammo, in CA, just because of the paperwork involved- and that lasted a year in some areas, as I recall, so we’d see the net effect of higher prices and even less supply, as distributors simply sell elsewhere.

      And, yes- and dont count Ms Kamela Harris out just yet-
      remember- Obamas “most attractive state AG”, and a product of inbred DiFi style San Francisco politics- her brother in law was a campaign bundler for Obama…remember the “bitter clinger” quote in the private fundraiser in SF? Who now works for Mr Holder.

      She didnt shy from “executive action” over-reach by imposing the stupid microstamping requirement for new handguns, based simply on two flawed studies, that I believe Robert debunked lately in another post.
      One could argue micro-stamping has the effect of a ban, in the effect of fast reducing the Roster of Guns one can legally buy in CA, to a limited number of older weapons, that grows shorter with each update, yearly. And that Roster is a subject of a CGF lawsuit- so if you care about what happens in CA, remember where to focus doing what you can- money talks and you know what walks for politicians…

      The Anti-gunners havent quit, they’ve just gone low profile…
      and if you think the 9th’s decision has humbled them, think again.

  19. Really? You people are falling for this shit? Glad I live in Tennessee, the only thing we really have to fear is something at the federal level, but after the failure of the Toomey-Manchin sellout, maybe not even that. Some of you guys sure are funny.

  20. And all the Democratic gun grabbers in the CA legislature, and DOJ head Harris, are aghast! “How could he SAY that; quick, someone walk up behind him and poke him with a pin – see if he’s still feeling anything.”

    Brown has had plenty of off the wall ideas over his political life and I find myself in disagreement with his initiatives often (Bullet Train, anyone?), but on firearms he has been center right toward mitigating and in some cases blocking the Democrat antis’ outrageous legislation. He has offered some shelter in the shit storm being thrown our way.

    I stated in a comment earlier this year that given the current state of politics in CA, Brown would probably have my vote in the next gubernatorial election for the reasons above. His statements as noted in the article above only confirm my previous assessment, particularly since I am a focused voter who will favor anyone who protects gun rights in the current CA anti-gun political landscape. With his position, office and notoriety, he is right now about the only light of hope and logic in this states 2A barren political landscape.

  21. I disagree. There are gun laws that could be passed that would address gun violence.

    Shall issue concealed carry.

    Eliminate the LEO exemptions from the CA gun laws. Ergo, the police state agencies can only have those weapons that are available to the general public. Their performance requirements in a self-defense shooting are the same as the general public. Let the LEOs make the case as to why the current laws are or aren’t acceptable for enabling access to weapons suitable for self-defense.

    CA needs to fix their prison system, i.e. overall costs are considerably higher than other states. Salaries and benefits are too high to be able to build/staff sufficient facilities for the number of prisoners. The three strikes law was instrumental in lowering crime, keeping the repeat offenders responsible for the majority of violence off the streets. Now, thats’ been relaxed, judges have ordered the release of large numbers of prisoners.

  22. Actually, a new gun law WOULD have an effect in Oakland, if that law made it easier for law-abiding citizens to obtain a carry permit for their own self-delfense.

  23. I live a stones throw from the battleground in Oakland and rarely does a night pass without the local news posting another shooting, stabbing or killing. Now that the 11 District Court of Appeals has voted to revised the carry laws in CA, hopefully the “common citizen” can better protect themselves and give the gangbangers pause. It will definitely be interesting to see if the crime rate is affected…

  24. Brown was enough of a established tax-and-spend left wing liberal to do what no conservative had a chance of doing: starting to balance California’s budget, being willing to make cuts. If he could even start that ball rolling, maybe he’s lefty enough to start exorcising gun control from the Democratic platform, even a little. Every step that direction, even if it’s small, is good for us.

  25. Somewhere Beelzebub is putting on a fur coat. I don’t get it, except I do: Somewhere they peered into the tea leaves and realized this would hurt them at the polls. Don’t worry, the other side of the mouth works too.

    • Brown has nothing to worry about at the polls. There is no one who can possibly run an effective campaign against him. 60% of voters state-wide are registered Democrats. I predict he will win in a landslide. It doesn’t get interesting until after his next term.

      • Brown has been trying very hard to keep the Democrats from overreaching with their super-majority in CA, as politicians are wont to do. He has repeatedly warned Democrats that overreach will make their reign brief. So long as he keeps doing what he’s doing, he may win. But, the bad news for the Democrats and Brown is that because they have a supermajority, if something goes wrong (it always does since politicians are humans), they have no one to blame except themselves. The winner of every election thinks they will win forever. That rarely turns out to be the case. The cycle of the Democrats returning to their 1970s platform is almost complete. The Democratic party will eventually split like the republican one, between its progressive pro-union very blue camp (Elizabeth Warren) and its somewhat pro-business centrist camp (Billary Clinton). The progressives will “tea party” the primaries, saying that Democrats are not winning because they are blue enough. It’ll be 1984 all over again.

  26. Come on jerry, your not trying. Shirley beating up on law abiding citizens will make criminals think twice. Damn the naysayers jerry…or… congrats for pulling your head part way out of your A

  27. Passing laws will get you no where, Moonbeam.

    What needs to be done is to instill confidence in the people that their own politicians aren’t robbing them blind. As it is, the politicians have done either one of two things. Either they are brain dead, totally ignorant of the corruption in Washington and government in general, OR they are aware of the corruption and have sold their souls to the devil as long as they believe the devil will take care of them. Oh, and by the way, while they are being taken care of …….. everyone around them is expendable fodder.

    So, Moonbeam, which one are you?

  28. I’m starting to think that everytime Moonbeam makes a lucid statement there is a doctor somewhere who makes a note to up the dosage.

  29. I really don’t trust CA dems any further than Chicago or DC dems. Why should we?

    Kamela Harris brother in law got a cushy job in Holders DOJ, in exchange for raising a very large amount of campaign cash in San Fran.

    Do you think Mr Blum, DiFis husband got the sole source contract for the bullet train for being the most competive bidder?

    Do you REALLY think the CA DOJ didnt have some clue what was going on when Sec State Clinton started propagandizing the already discredited 90% of guns from LGS end up in Mexico, after President Obama’s promise to the Brady Campaign to be patient, we are doing something under the radar screen?

    If it hadnt been for David Codrea, Mike Vanderboegh breaking the F&F ATF leak, and Robert himself helping to spread the story- later bravely taken up by Atkinsson at CBS, to her everlastinng credit, we might never have gotten that truth about guns, and the massive lie perpetrated on the US, and Mexico, that this administration is stonewalling TO THIS DAY, with Holder in contempt of Congress…

    So, noooooo… keep the steady pressure on for 2A rights- right now what works is education, and patient lawyering, until the incompetent corruptocrats are gone from Sacramento and DC, and that wont happen overnite.

  30. Brown is fairly centrist. I think the left went left of him a while back. But more important, he likes to be viewed as a centrist, as a moderate.

    Veto half of gun control, sign half. Things like that. He wants to be seen as moderate, and he wants a legacy, like his father had. Whatever advances either, that fits him.

    ETA: One can hope that facing our severe drought and specifically opposing those who created the magnitude of the problem, namely a federal judge, Pelosi, Feinstein, etc would be a good way for a legacy. His father gets the California Aqueduct, the son defends the drought reserve system from his fellow Democrats who have raped it.

    Drive the 5 in CA, between the Grapevine and the Bay Area…you will see signs. Anti-Pelosi, anti-Feinstein. They blame them and that stinking tyrannical judge for an artificial drought Now that we have real bad drought, and these tyrants interfered with the reserve system, we have a crisis…precisely the kind the system was designed to handle.


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