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“It’s unfortunate. I think people have been scared into feeling they have to buy guns now, and having another 100,000 guns in Maryland is not necessarily a good thing. But ultimately the law will make people safer.” – Maryland Senator Brian Frosh in In Maryland, gun buyers busy before new law kicks in [at]

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    • I went from 3 guns in Nov 2012 to 12 guns in sept 2013, before the law took place. My business is in MD, so I’ll be sticking it out here for a while.

  1. Laws make people safer???

    Funny, because I sleep well knowing that if somebody breaks into my home, a Mossberg 500 is close by, not a book of laws and statutes.

    • I don’t know…. if you have seen the Book of Statutes for your average town you could do some real damage throwing it at someones head. And most are thick enough that they could make a pretty decent ballistic shield (except for the small coverage of course).

      • Just keep one loaded in a trebuchet rigged up to your doors at night. It’ll destroy a home invader faster than a fat guy takes down the dessert bar at golden corral.

    • I don’t know about you, but I’m going to stick my head between my legs, cover my head with my hands and wait for the MRAP to show up….

  2. TTAG, please do not host pictures of excrement on your page. I’m eating breakfast…

    Seriously, this guy is an asshat and one of those largely responsible for the disarmament laws that just went into effect here. He’s running for AG here next year.

  3. It is unfortunate. People are scared. You scared them. The law will not make them safer. They’re still scared, but now it’s a lot harder for them to do something about it.

  4. The new laws in Maryland will make people as safe as the old laws in Chicago. And It’s All On You, brian.

    • Good point.
      Like the definition of insanity being doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.
      What is it when after seeing someone else’s insanity and then you declare it to be the prudent path to take, certifiably fruit loops, bat guano crazy? Is there a step worse than insane?

  5. Laws do not make people safer. They create an illusion of safety and superiority. In reality when the illusion fails and the SHTF, the shock alone may kill the victim if not the violence. Then you have a bunch of useless laws on the books no one wants to admit are wrong, but they won’t do away with.

  6. Frosh is such a douchebag. The real shame though is that he is running unopposed [by republicans] for Attorney General, because the GOP in this state is inept. You better believe you will need those weapons to defend yourself, crime is going up.

  7. Frosh is quite correct.Another 100,000 guns in Maryland is an unfortunate event .

    That number should be one million even.Then we may consider matters satisfactory.

  8. I don’t think people realize how fragile the civil peace is. There is really nothing stopping a group of criminals from sacking your neighborhood just like a bunch of Viking raiders. There is little the police could do about it. I always find it amazing that the criminal element hasn’t figured this out yet.

    • they have, they just dont call them what they are, a mob rioting they now call it ” a group of teenagers”

    • The criminals in Chicago already have.That’s why the Magnificent Mile is in 2013 called the “Muggers Mile”.

      Scumbags openly assault tourists in broad daylight,knowing the understaffed CPD and the crooked City Attorneys Office won’t lift a finger to stop them.

      • I really wasn’t talking about places like Chicago or Detroit where civil society has collapsed in all or part of the area. I am talking about middle and upper middle class suburbia like Arligton Virginia. There are places where the police are few and the money is plentiful. It wouldn’t be hard for a group of thugs to go door to door and looting an entire neighborhood before the cops ever got there. To me that is simply amazing.

        • You have obviously never seen the Magnificent Mile. It is a mile long stretch of nothing but high end top dollar shops, restaurants, etc. Money is VERY plentiful there, which is why the muggers are going there (duh!)

          This is not a part of Chicago where crime is a way of life.

          Try doing a small, tiny bit of research before posting garbage statements that compare the Magnificent Mile to ANY neighborhood in the city of Detroit that has experienced civilization collapse (pretty much all of them.) Please.

        • Until 1967 when I went off to college I lived at 1412 W. Jarvis. That’s right around the corner from the Frank Lloyd Wright house on Sheridan Road between Jarvis and Fargo. Would you like to revise your statement?

      • You have obviously never seen the Magnificent Mile. It is a mile long stretch of nothing but high end top dollar shops, restaurants, etc.

        This. You could have picked my tongue off the floor when I heard there were monthly ‘flash mobs’ on the Mag. Mile. It’d be like teenagers doing the Central Park wilding thing up and down Rodeo Drive, for those familiar with So. California. People I know in Chicago claim that such mobs are a somewhat frequent occurrence, and that Chicago P.D.’s main response is to funnel the thugs to various CTA train stations, not to arrest the lot. Crazy.

        Oddly, this phenomena of a mob of muggers taking over an area doesn’t seem to happen in the wealthier suburbs of Northern Virginia, Highland Park, Texas, or in the Houston Galleria area. (Though there have been a few pretty brazen smash and grabs in the latter.) Wonder why?

        • We started having that problem in Milwaukee during the summer of 2011. There were three or four very large and well covered incidents (one at the annual state fair). We have not had a single “wilding” incident since the summer of 2011. You know why? CCW went into effect in November of 2011. Funny how that works. Now that Chicago folks can finally CCW, I predict that these “wilding” flash mobs are going to stop.

        • Perhaps you should learn how to read. What part of “in part” in reference to Chicago don’t you get? And what part of “I always find it amazing that the criminal element hasn’t figured this out yet” don’t you understand?

  9. I’ll be sitting here with popcorn and a huge smile on my face when people are less safe in MD as the crime rate goes up. Tough love baby.

    • Here ya go:

      Democrat, District 16, Montgomery County

      Miller Senate Office Building, 2 East Wing
      11 Bladen St., Annapolis, MD 21401
      (410) 841-3124, (301) 858-3124
      1-800-492-7122, ext. 3124 (toll free)
      e-mail: [email protected]
      fax: (410) 841-3102, (301) 858-3102

      7315 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 800W
      Bethesda, MD 20814 – 3412
      (301) 652-2888

      Another brainless MOCO Liberal telling the rest of the state how to be “safer.” Figures.

    • This video is great. Saw it a while ago when the NY Post published all the gun owners’ addresses, but it’s worth watching again. Shows the anti-gun journalists for the spineless hacks they are, and the reaction of the guy at 4:15 who isn’t a journalist and actually happens to be a gun owner is priceless.

    • we also need to target Moms Demand Actions leaders, esp Shannon Watts. It would be PRICELESS to have her on camera rejecting a sign

  10. Why are the gungrabbers usually ugly beyotches and pencil-necked geeks? Is it a requirement that a ‘grabber must be ugly and stupid?

    • Ugly is only a bonus. In the gungrabber job application, it sits right next to “day job as an academic” and “journalist” in the list of preferred (but not required) qualifications.

  11. That guy looks like the definition of a coward! Let me guess, he is a democrat right? Can you picture this loser standing up for his own life or the life of his family? He is the type of coward that is happy to outsource his safety to the government.

  12. When God made him a fool, He gave him the face of a fool. Frosh probably smells of Brie and stale urine.

  13. This “senator” does not deserve to sport facial hair which signifies identification with the male of the species. He should have his epaulets ripped, his sword broken, his mustache shaved off, then be shipped off to Devil’s Island. Au Revoir!

  14. Mean while, in Ohio . . . Yesterday I accompany an old friend who is an firearms instructor and RSO for a range operated by a LGS. We open the range at 4:00PM, close at 7:30, and have 4 visitors, 2 are women with their very first guns who passed their CCW classes Sunday and have never owned or fired guns before with the exception of their CCW qualifier. One is a 21 year old guy from their CCW class who says his parents would ‘freak’ if they knew he had tooled up and gotten a CCW permit, and one is an older fellow who said that despite the fact that violent crime is down all the media reports frightened his wife and she want’s him to get a permit to carry and he want’s to brush up his skills in advance of his class next week.

    People, none of them “Gun People” . I mean to stay an hour, ended up staying the whole time to help out with the new shooters on the range. It’s a shock to my system, teaching people how to load magazines and reminding them to keep their offside thumb out of the path of the slide isn’t something I’ve had to do on my range in so long I have to really pay attention to keep everyone safe.

    My friend says it’s like this every day the range is open. New gun people, many straight from the CCW class with their first ever gun, showing up wanting tactical training when what they need is fundamentals. I’m racking my brain trying to sort out what will be confusing or dangerous for them and what is going to help them learn the skills they actually need.

    All have similar stories, they fear crime, they cite MSM reports of crime, and they feel some responsibility for themselves and their loved ones defense.

    As I talk to a pair of middle aged women about holster to conceal their pistols with the fashions they prefer, I wonder again just how much the media focus on ‘gun crime’ and the civilian disarmament industries noise about bans is driving the most unusual people to the LGS, the CCW class and the range.

    My friend says that the ones who come to a second range session (many or even most don’t) are usually carrying their guns on them, where at their first session they bring the gun in a box, still unsure what to do with it.

    The women shoot up the 100 or so rounds they’ve brought and my friend sells them more from the back of his truck. They shoot until we lose the light, improving rapidly in accuracy and handling skills, but also visibly relaxing and becoming comfortable with the weapon and it’s operation.

    Hail PoTG! Hail liberty!

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