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Wisconsin tools-up (courtesy

“[Wisconsin] Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen announced Tuesday that permit number 200,000 was printed Monday at the Department of Justice’s secure processing center in downtown Madison,” reports. “Wisconsin became the 49th state to license people to carry concealed weapons in 2011 with the passage of Act 35. The law took effect Nov. 1 that year and Van Hollen announced extra staffing to handle the expected rush of applicants. Van Hollen said the DOJ continues to receive 500 to 1,000 applications a week. ‘The dedicated staff is able to process the majority of these applications in less than a week’” he said in a news release. As TTAG commentator CJD observes, “If Wisconsin has 4,000,000 adults, give or take, that’s about five percent of the adult population in less than two years.”

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  1. As one of those 200,000, we may have been late to the party(49 of 50), we’re catching up fast. Also still waiting for promised armageddon/wild west/dystopian wasteland we were supposed to become the very second someone applied for a permit. I was promised bullets would fly with such frequency, they would black out the sky by all the local newspapers like the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin State Journal, Appleton Post Crescent, et al. The main stream media wouldn’t lie to me, would they? (He said with sarcasm dripping)

    • DODGE CITY!! IT WILL BE DODGE CITY if you pass those “shall issue” laws!!!

      The media never gets tired of their lies, do they?

    • Having defected from IL eight years ago I was waiting for the same thing to occur. I’ve also been waiting for my carry piece to jump in my hand and start killing people like I am often told will happen. Somehow disaster has been averted and being around firearms has not instilled a murderous mindset.

      As for a post apocalyptic world it seems NYC already has the biker gang part covered.

    • I’m continually disappointed by the lack of gunfire in the streets and parking lots in my town — I’m armed and ready, but for some odd reason, people seem generally unwilling to shoot each other. Very perplexing.

  2. To be honest, I’d rather be the 50th state instead of the 49th: Vermont, the land where you don’t need no stinking permits.

    • Bad thing about VT. Is that they don’t even have optional permits, which makes out of state travel a little more problematic, many states only recognize resident permits so that Utah permit isn’t that good.

      Alaska, arizona and Arkansas have optional permits but aren’t required

  3. Act 35
    Signed July 8, 2011
    Nov 1, 2011, 115 days later, permit #1 issued to same J.B. Van Hollen
    In the height of initial rush, my app dropped in the box in the capitol on a Tues, my card number 109,*** arrived in my mailbox that Friday.

    Not , in a “Da Bearss” accent “We’ll see where we are in 180 days, then take another 180 day to process, and heck doncha ya’know the mail is slow so that will take another ten days, and for Dika’s sake what’s your hurry anyways.”

    The question is, are they corrupt south of our border or incompetent?
    Replace the “or” with “and”, make it a statement, not a question.

  4. This is one of the reasons I’m looking at moving to WI. I’m probably 3-7 years out, though. Scott Walker and Paul Ryan are legit. I’d rather have them over Brown and Feinstein. Pity. There’s beautiful land in CA, but not much in the way of politicians.

    • If I had grown up in the scenery and weather that is California, I don’t think I would ever adjust to Wisconsin. Winter (by California standards) is at least 5 months long. And the Dells are nothing compared to Big Sur. On the other hand Wisconsin’s woodlands are a beauty to behold — especially when Autumn colors are in full swing.

      Nevertheless, if I could choose any state in the U.S. to relocate, I think I would choose southern Missouri or southern Kentucky for their great scenery, short winters, tolerable summers, excellent outdoor recreation opportunities … and most importantly shall issue concealed carry.

    • We’d love to have you. And the deer hunting is probably the best in the nation. I looked up last year’s numbers, and the state issued close to 800k individual gun deer licenses. I think there are only about 1.1 million enlisted service men and women in this country. That gun free paradise that the antis always dream about is just that, a dream.

  5. Only 5% of adults in the state huh. Hmmm, wish it was higher. But still, good job Wisconsin, and keep it up. Hopefully the pro Constitution crowd can get that up to 50% of the population.

    • When you consider the general population….5% is a pretty astounding number in itself. The denominator includes felons, mentally unstable, geriatric, and otherwise unfit to own any firearm.

      If they refined that percentage to be X permits / number of people who would even federally qualify to own a firearm… would be surprizingly high for just a 2 year window.

        • “… mentally unstable, and otherwise unfit to own any firearm.” That covers the Madison “progressives”.

  6. Wisconsin’s concealed carry law has nearly the fewest restrictions in the nation — at least as far as “shall issue” states go. Other than Utah (which has absolutely no concealed carry restrictions) and Mississippi (which has no concealed carry restrictions with an “enhanced” concealed carry license other than courts and police stations), I cannot think of any states with fewer restrictions. Are there any other shall issue states with almost no restrictions?

    • Wisconsin prohibits carrying in a tavern if you’re consuming alcohol. Minnesota allows it, if the BAC is under .04. MN allows carry in state university buildings (but enrolled students and employees can be prohibited by the institution). WI state university buildings can be, and usually are, posted prohibiting carry.

  7. I am not aware of any state where more than about 7% of the adult population has concealed carry licenses or carries concealed via “constitutional carry”. Is there any state approaching 15% or more?????

  8. Sigh. How much to rent the WI DOJ and send them to IL for a year to handle what is sure to be the biggest fustercluck in CCW permits the nation has yet seen?

  9. There are only about 250,000 active licenses to carry in MA, and we’ve had legal carry since forever. Cheeseheads already have 200,000 issued permits in just two years? What can I say except On Wisconsin!

  10. there are few dumb gun laws in WI they have been getting better the most interesting one i think is no magazine restricting well hunting

  11. ‘Bout that WI sign . . .
    Pennsylvania had a huge billboard ust as you entered from the people’s republik of NY, that said:
    “Welcome to Pennsylvania. America begins here.”

    How very true. But it’s not there anymore. I imagine the then guv of the republik of NY got a case of the ass and PC won out. Too bad, ’cause truer words were never spoken. If I knew then what I know now I never would have come back to NY from the ‘Nam – never.

  12. Sconnie through and through! Living in Fla most of year now, but miss the people of Wisconsin and Midwest have our own way we need to keep it that way! Ya know what I mean about sovernity. Let’s keep it that way . No Nwo!!!!!!

  13. This the sort of sign we need in the state of victoria Australia at the moment car jackings home invasions criminals running riot thanks immigration department your real champs …… PORNO COMMENT DELETED


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