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“We’re not taking anybody’s guns away, and we’re not infringing on anybody’s right to hunt or protect themselves in their home.” – Florida Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith in Gun safety bills withdrawn as Florida legislative session ends [via]

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  1. This never had a chance. Republicans easily control he House, Senate and Governor’s office. These bills were simply grandstanding by a couple of Democrats. Nothing but virtue signalling for their fellow Liberals. Though, this is a good lesson of what would easily pass along party lines if Democrats control a state. Beware, you gun-owning Democrats.

    • The South Florida “Republicans” cannot be trusted. The third generation Cubans, who have lived in the city of Miami their entire lives and are far removed from the experiences of their grandparents are NOT strong on the Second Amendment.

      When Florida’s status as pro 2nd Amendment fades it will be because South Florida Cubans sold us out.

      • It’ll be because we got flooded with Puerto Ricans who don’t give a crap about our history or constitution.

        • Sad to say but I have to admit you’re right to a certain degree. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico but as much as i love my little island the people and laws here drive me INSANE! If it wasn’t for the US we would have become a communist hellhole a long time ago. I really wish I lived in a free state.

    • “Carlos Guillermo”, need I say more?

      This is why we do not want or need 3rd world immigration, it brings in the same failed peoples, cultures, mindsets of their homelands.

      • Actually you do, cause as an immigrant, been here since 1979, a veteran (’89-’93), patriot and a constitutionalist, I think you’re talking out of you a$$.
        So we’re clear, I don’t disagree with you in that this unpatriotic a$$ hat is only working towards being able to live the rest of his life as nothing more than a career political socialist (leach), and live of the backs of the people he’s supposed to be serving.
        What i take umbrage with, is you ignorantly lumping all immigrants into one neat & tidy box.
        That makes you no better than the antis, because that’s the crap they do; which is to generalize and stereotype, and lump together anyone and everyone who disagrees with them. That’s the same type of idiotic knee jerk liberal reaction to call anyone who disagrees with them a racist or saying they’re in the klan.

        • True. The younger third gen Cubans do not remember that Castro told the Cubans to turn in their guns because “he” would protect them. Yeah! and who protected us from him? The younger Cubans are a product of the socialist inspired education system that is designed to produce more liberal socialists robots that do not remember history and will therefore repeat the errors of the past.

          Not all immigrants are bad. My father got here in 1961 with $10 in his pocket and was able to build a construction company within a few years that employed hundreds of people. We have been proud U.S. Citizens since 1973. We are very patriotic and thankful to this nation that welcomed us and allowed us to leave communism behind. A lot of us are patriotic, conservative, anti-communist pro 2A . As for the younger crowd, yes, some of them have been brainwashed. I guess it all depends on the values their conservative parents instilled in them before putting them through the liberal education system.

  2. This excerpt from the article shows the intelligence level of your common Democrat:
    “Co-sponsor Sen. Gary Farmer (District 34) said in a news release that if the ban had been in place, it would have stopped Omar Mateen from purchasing the weapons he used to kill 49 people and injuring 53 others last June.”

    That is some weapons-grade stupid right there.

    • Sen. Farmer is right, they would not have bought the weapons he used. However, he would have bought different looking guns that would have looked different but would have done exactly the same job as the guns he used. The end result would have been exactly the same.

      • But do you think is constituents will actual analyze the statement to that point?
        And his is NOT stupid, he know exactly what to say to get elected.

        • If explosives and flames were as easy to use as guns, people would use them like guns. They don’t. Explosives in particular are finicky, unpredictable things unless you know what you’re doing… and most people don’t.

          Now a truck? That’s pretty easy to figure out. But it’s only useful if you’ve got a lot of people on near the road…

    • The miracle law that would have stopped an aspiring murderer from obtaining effective weapons, but would not infringe anyone from obtaining an effective weapon for self-defense.

    • The guy was employed by a security company and was required to be armed for his job. So yeah this bill would have done nothing. With all the carve outs these days he probably would have been included in a cop carve out.

    • How is it that this law would have stop the attack but other attacks in France were not stopped with tougher laws than this? Could it be that gun laws, or laws in general, don’t stop criminals and terrorists from getting weapons?

      • and in Europe… it isn’t just the local cops on the streets. They have a national police force in places like France, decked out in combat gear, on constant patrol, manning intersection, etc.

    • I love how they never say LEGALLY purchasing the guns. Like he was gonna let an AWB stand in the way of him mowing down 49 people. “Oh. This gun is illegal? Better not use it to commit mass murder or I’ll catch a firearms charge too.” Mind boggling stupidity

  3. In case you’re wondering what the “gun safety” [sic] bill intended to do:

    “The Senate bill introduced by Sen. Linda Stewart (District 13) aimed to curb gun violence by banning the sale of civilian versions of military-grade assault rifles and ammunition in Florida.”

      • Ban 5.56, because it’s a military caliber. Ban .223, because it can be fired out of an AR, too. Ban 7.62, and .308 for the same reason, then 9mm. A lot of countries ban military calibers so they can control civilians, and Democrats would love to do that. Personally, I’d enjoy banning Democrats. Or maybe just walling off San Francisco and letting them live with themselves and their failed policies.

      • Grammatically, it is “military grade ammunition.” Which thus would include 45-40, .30-06 (and all of the European calibers in use before this cartridge), .30 Carbine, .308, 5.56, .223, 7.62 x 39, 7.62 x 51R, 9 mm Parabellum (“prepare for war”), .45 Auto, .45 Colt, .380 (used by various police agencies and some military officers), .32 auto (same), various 7mm cartridges, 5.45, .50 cal., and the beat goes on….Might as well ban guns. I think .38 and .357, as well as .44 and .44 mag are safe, as they were not originally designed for military use, but for civilian consumption. Which is good because he wants to ban all semiauto pistols, leaving us with revolvers and arrows.

        • Nope, the way the hoplophobes want things they make those type of laws encompass any caliber that is or ever was issued to any military. So things like .38 special and 12 gauge would be turned into contraband.

    • No, they understand the purpose of the 2’nd Amendment perfectly. That’s why they want to destroy it.

      • ALL gun laws are justified by these nitwits as a means of curbing gun “crime” and claim that it will not prevent lawful gun use and self-defense. What they don’t get is that not one gun law has EVER prevented someone from obtaining a gun or using a gun to commit a crime, those laws ONLY prevent law abiding citizens from ownership and LEGAL uses. The hidden agenda is “a little at a time” – ban this then ban that, in a few years everything is banned!

        NOT ON MY WATCH!!!!!!!!

  4. This was just an attention grab by democrats. They said at the time of introduction it had zero chance of passing so they decided to waste time. That “news site” to help Dems decided to entertain its readers on a withdrawn bill. The article itself uses the the term “civilian version of a military grade assault weapon.” Whatever that is. Yeah its obviously not unbiased journalism. The article wasn’t journalism it was entertainment.

    • It just easier to say than “a rifle designed for the civilian market that follows a military pattern”. Or in the case of the MCX he used, “a military firearm that as be modified for civilians sales with the removal of the full automatic function”. And if we want to be brutally honest, full auto function would not have been a benefit at all in killing as many unarmed people as possible. And to be just as honest, a firearm manufactured to actual military standards, will not have much of an effect on its use murdering a group of people.

      Funny part is that there are a lot of actual “military” guns are used by civilians but hose are the ones that are not on the ban lists. Semi Auto M14, M1, Mosin, SKS and all the other surplus guns on the market. Hell, the 1911 is a “military” gun as well as the S&W MP10 and Ruger Service 6.

      • The Mossberg 590 and Remington 870 are both military guns, since both issued in pretty much stock configuration by at least one branch. A similar thing goes for the Remington 700 and Winchester 70, as both are are accurized to become the military sniper platforms, but are still very much recognizably the same gun.

        • Yes, but in those cases, it was a civilian gun converted to military use. I know, the 38s I mentioned would fall into that category too. But then, so would a Thompson.

  5. It NEVER ends. The control freak lefty progressive A-HOLES don’t give a damn about criminals or nut jobs. Fact is, they put-up with what they do. Gives them any excuse to bring worthless laws, controlling the serfs.

  6. Liberal Terrorists™. The only party in the last 20 years to propose legislation to infringe on the rtkba

  7. JESUS!!!! Is ttag EVER going to get back to gun reviews and other crap NORMAL people enjoy or is it forever going to be this paranoid, martyred, political horseshit? Doesn’t ANYONE just have fun with guns anymore?

    • Gotta know what the enemy is planning, if you are going to effectively counter their moves.

      That said, I purchased my last pistol, 2 gun bags, and half the parts on my AR-15 based on the reviews from this site. Have been very pleased with all of the items.

    • Yeah because being informed of political moves that can affect our rights is a useless pursuit.

      Let me guess—–you own a bunch of Springfields?

      • I live in Illinois. And I come to TTAG every day precisely for POLITICS. I look for a big push to ban semiautomatic rifles in Illinois because some idiots can’t secure their guns in railroad yards and shops. The shite never ends…

        • Agreed. I don’t even click on the articles reviewing the latest plastic black .338 long-distance rifles or the newest AR-15 muzzle shroud whatever.

        • The push for the ban every year, and I has nothing to do with stolen guns, try straw purchases.

    • Bob,

      There is an extremely valuable proverb:

      You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you.

      Ignore your own government at your own peril. Just note that you only get to make that mistake once.

  8. Demonic-crats at it still more etc , gotta get name in the Marquee some how, gotta cater to all the Anti-American peoples in their Areas, {like Fienstein, Schumer,} or buy it like Bloomberg, or pervert it like Soros, or pass a few more crook protection bills or feed, clothe and house all the Illegals, diluting our countries wealth and heritage and increasing their power base to pass more unethical, immoral laws and wacko laws, persecuting the freedom of choice because of an individuals moral belief! Destroy our country vote the Demonic-crat party line!

  9. A ban on select-fire NFA items, along with the usual semi auto wish list and a NY style 7 round mag limit.
    I can’t find any reference to an ‘ammo ban’:

    SB254 and HB 167 would ban “any selective-fire firearm capable of fully automatic, semiautomatic or burst fire at the option of the user.” It also applies to semiautomatic pistols, shotguns, and rifles as defined within the bill, along with a list of other specified semiautomatic firearms listed by name. The measure would also ban large capacity magazines defined as “any ammunition feeding device with the capacity to accept more than 7 rounds and any person who lawfully possesses an assault weapon or large capacity ammunition magazine prior to October 1, 2017, would have to apply for “Certificate of Possession”.

  10. Assholes like this are one of the reasons I’m glad I don’t live in FL anymore. There are way too many transplants and S. FL libtards (as well as other major metro areas) ruining or attempting to ruin the 2A in that state.

  11. When somebody says they don’t want to take your guns… THEY WANT TO TAKE YOUR GUNS.

    He is what’s referred to technically as a “LIAR”.

  12. Assholes like this are one of the reasons I’m glad I don’t live in FL anymore. There are way too many transplants and S. FL libtards (as well as other major metro areas) ruining or attempting to ruin the 2A in that state. Eventually FL will turn solid blue and go the way of CA and IL.

  13. From the article: “The indefinite postponement eliminates any chance this session for changes to Florida gun safety laws” Gotta love the abject media bias in that sentence. That one sentence encapsulates an enormous portion of the reason the MSM has, to the great detriment of the Republic, become one of the least trusted national institutions.

  14. Such a law would indeed be infringing on our right to hunt and protect ourselves in our homes. It would also infringe our right to protect ourselves from foreign governments as well as our own government should they go rogue.

    Is it okay to ban the Press from using the Internet to distribute news because they can still print newspapers and sell them at stores and news stands? No? Then neither is it okay to ban “military style rifles” just because other types of firearms are still available.

    • Where do I look to find this “right to hunt” of which you speak? It isn’t in the Constitution, and last I checked, for the last 100 years or so the Government has claimed all wild fish and game is the property of the Sovereign, such that you need a permit to take some specified amount.

  15. infringement – see #2 below

    the action of breaking the terms of a law, agreement, etc.; violation.

    the action of limiting or undermining something.

  16. So, My Question….Is when is the Floridian voters going to get tough on these Militant Liberal left-wing DemoCRAPPIC, and RINO politicians! If you don’t…Your state will look like Massachusetts ! And believe me, you don’t want that !!!!

    • We have gotten tough. Look at Florida going for trump, and, it’s controlled by the GOP. There’s a HUGE problem though. Massive influxes of northern luberals and immigrants keeps taking its toll. The only hope we have is I’ve recently read that the liberal migration here has slowed in recent years.

  17. He’s already gone against the Second Amendment just saying that guns are for self defense and hunting.

    Paragraph 2 of the Declaration of Independence says that guns are for killing every swinging d1<K that won't leave office when you attempt "to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security".

    That takes arms, some of the arms are "guns", some of the guns are "A/R's" and all guns need ammunition of some kind.

    Tyranny has already taken hold if this communist (D) a-hole neighbor needing a job can even voice this stupidity. It's like California cities voting to allow Communists to work for government. The only reason that could happen IS IF THERE WERE ALREADY COMMUNISTS WORKING FOR THE CALIFORNIA GOVERNMENT.

    Git your KILL A COMMIE FOR MOMMY gear.

  18. Sherman had it right, total war is what FL needs in the next civil war.

    Others are going to think FL developed a sink hole.

  19. What have these a-holes given up? That should be the question at hand. We need to work on getting them to give up enough of what they care about so that they value guns more.

  20. Restricting arms won’t violate the ammendment that says the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. You know, for reasons.

  21. “The bill also said that anyone who possessed the banned weapons or ammunition could face criminal charges. The ban would not apply to guns previously purchased in Florida. ”

    This translates as “If we find your banned weapon, we’ll seize it. You can then spend time in jail, be required to prove that you bought the weapon before the ban (fat chance), and spend thousands of dollars doing this. Then after a year or so you’ll have to go back to court to get the weapon back. That will take some time unless we “accidentally” lose it or it gets destroyed by “accident.”

    • Silly you. Having to prove when you purchased the rifle after arrest won’t be a thing. You know why? Because owners of grandfathered weapons would be forced to register those weapons with the state, according to the proposed legislation. Just like commiefornia.

  22. Interesting, because said registration would be in direct violation of current state law, and anybody attempting to pass said legislation could face removal from office and jail time.

  23. “We’re not taking anybody’s guns away, and we’re not infringing on anybody’s right to hunt or protect themselves in their home.”

    Hey Carlitos, yer pants are on fire.

  24. We got rid of the RINO, Miguel de la Portilla who blocked open carry and campus carry last year
    This year the RINO, Anitere Flores blocked the same bills coming out of committee again!
    She is term limited out and will likely run for Mayor of Miami
    I e mailed and informed her that I will donate and help whoever runs in the primary against her
    Everyone else here should do the same
    We also need to let the state senate president, Republican Jose Negron, know that we demand a floor vote on open carry and campus carry.
    It is likely that he is against these bills as he appointed both these RINOs to the same committee

  25. In a rousing speech given Tuesday morning to her staff and constituents, Sen. Dianne Feinstein declared that the stonewalling Republicans have prohibited her ground-breaking legislation from making it out of committee.

    “We just don’t have the votes, the support for this bill,” the Senator said. “We need all Americans to embrace this bill: Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ’em in!” she shouted to the crowd, re-using her oft-quoted phrase regarding the Assault Weapons Ban she pushed through in 1994.

    This time, however, she’s talking about a whole new danger. Not guns, but alcohol. She believes that there is no need for the American public to have access to such high-alcohol content like rum, or tequila, or vodka. The senator also is looking to ban half-case and full-case packaging of beer.

    “There’s no reason why someone needs 12, 24, or 36 cans of beer when 6 will be enough to get someone dangerously drunk,” she said.

    Also on the bill is the regulation of alcohol based on volume, or ABV. For beer, Feinstein’s bill limits the ABV percentage to 3.5%, whereas today’s beers go up to 10%- almost as much as wine. She points to the US military as the catalyst for this limit.

    “US Military personnel are 42% more likely to binge drink, a rate that has only increased. Alcohol abuse is rampant in the military, and there’s no need for this strong alcohol to be in the hands of the American public,” Feinstein explained.

    Continuing on, the Senator added, “We’re not taking anyone’s alcohol away. You’ll still be able to buy hard cider, light beer, and wine. Certain alcohols will require citizens to complete a harmless breathalyzer test when purchasing high alcohol content products. Hard liquor will require a $200 tax stamp from the ATF, as it’s been proven that hard alcohol is dangerous.”

    The impetus of this bill was the Orlando shooting at the Pulse nightclub, and various shootings across the nation at bars and taverns. Senator Feinstein reasoned that if alcohol, specifically alcohol with high ABV percentage, were prohibited, these tragic accidents would not take place.

    “We’re doing this to prevent violence and crime. It’s a common sense measure, restricting these harmful alcohols. Communities will be safer,” she finished, drawing applause from the crowd that had gathered. “But I suppose the Republicans don’t see it that way, and will continue to let crime and death riddle this nation.”


    • “There’s no reason why someone needs 12, 24, or 36 cans of beer when 6 will be enough to get someone dangerously drunk,” she said.”

      Johnny has 5 friends. Each time Johnny and his friends drink, they drink enough beers to get dangerously drunk. If it takes Johnny and each of his friends 6 beers to get dangerously drunk, what’s the least number of beers will Johnny need to buy for himself and his friends?

      Bonus question: If 2 of Johnny’s friends are male, 2 are female and 1 is genderless, and each of his friends insists on a gendered bathroom, how many Porta-Potties do Johnny & his friends need?


  26. Telling Carlos Guillermo Smith to cierra tu chingata boca wouldn’t violate La Primera Enmienda. Would it?

  27. I am a gun owner. I carry for self-defense. I’m probably going to buy shotgun soon for home defense. I am also a lifelong democrat and a liberal. I think it is possible to have sensible firearms laws without trampling on the second amendment. I honestly do not Think that selling assault weapons with high round magazines indiscriminately To anyone who wants one is a good idea, or that it makes our society safer. The notion that people who think this way are involved in some kind of conspiracy to subjugate the citizenry to an oppressive government is ridiculous.

    • I’m not going to get into a debate with you, but obviously you view gun ownership as a privilege and not a right. You also have no understanding of what “shall not be infringed” means. The reason the 2A exists is so that if the need ever arises, we the people can efficiently kill whoever it is that needs killing. Whether it be invading armies, a tyrannical government or the scumbag down the street who’s decided to hurt my kids. I’m not a big tent guy. IMO, we don’t need or want people like you in the “gun community”. Truth is, I’d rather see you in a concentration camp lumped in with all the other Liberal Terrorists™.

    • I think it is possible to have sensible firearms laws without trampling on the second amendment.

      Please define a “sensible” firearms law. Please describe how such a law would prevent crime, without infringing upon the rights of the law-abiding.

      I honestly do not Think that selling assault weapons with high round magazines indiscriminately To anyone who wants one is a good idea, or that it makes our society safer.

      Please define “assault weapons”. Please explain how law-abiding people owning said “assault weapons” somehow makes society less safe.

      Please define “high round magazine”. Please explain how law-abiding people owning said “high round magazines” makes society less safe.

  28. “The bill also said that anyone who possessed the banned weapons or ammunition could face criminal charges. The ban would not apply to guns previously purchased in Florida.”

    1) So is there a grandfather clause or not? 2) What about guns purchased in another state prior to moving to Florida (if this were to have passed)? Whether they were purchased before the bill was passed or even after.


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