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“In China, nobody has guns, and we [were] used to the environment [in which] nobody has a gun, everyone will be safe. But once you come to this country, you realise that this is not China.” – Zhiling Lan in Chicago’s Chinese Gun [via]

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    • My employer has hired a large number of Chinese people and I work with them every day. I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked in the last year, “Why do you let these Communists get away with this stuff?”. And it’s not just the Chinese. I frequently have lunch with a tiny Cambodian woman, at least 75 years old, who had to hide under the bodies of her mother, sister and friends for three days and then walked over a hundred miles to flee the Khmer Rouge. She hisses at the mention of Hillary. We need them.

      • And then there was the night in our cafeteria when a left wing talking head started spewing Hillary’s talking points on Fox News. When a lefty at the next table started cheering, an 80 year old lady who had fled East Germany stood up and through her thick German Accent, pointed at the television and screamed, “F him, F them” and then pointing at our own little leftist “F YOU”. She then stormed off, leaving our little domestic man-bun wearing communist in shock.

        • That is one thing our side fails to exploit.

          We need to produce videos of these people from brutal communist regimes telling average Americans what it was *really* like to live in that worker’s socialist *utopia*.

          And end them with them looking the camera straight in the eye (so to speak) and saying “I’ve seen what this leads to. It must never be allowed to happen here.”

          That could be some hard, pipe-hitting propaganda for our side…

        • “…80 year old lady who had fled East Germany stood up and through her thick German Accent, pointed at the television and screamed, “F him, F them” and then pointing at our own little leftist “F YOU”.”

          I would have paid money to see and hear that!!

        • The article is on AL Jazeera with **zero** comments folks. That’s a pro gun article by a LEGAL immigrant to the US esposing the virtues of our gun rights to international audience. HIT THE COMMENTS OVER THERE!

      • I once worked with a woman who had grown up in Poland under Nazi occupation, then under communist rule. According to her, the commies were worse.

    • Well for certain…. most Chinese not having guns made it a lot easier for Mao to kill 80+ million of them.

  1. Plenty of criminals have guns in China. Trouble is too many Chinese don’t recognize their politicians as criminals. Even the ones who left China. As if they don’t really understand why they left China in the first place.

  2. Safe? I was pretty sure there were still criminals in China who didn’t have any real inhibitions about using knives, matches and gasoline, bare hands to harm others. And I’ll bet dollars to donuts that the government there, and the uppercrust criminal elements, have no trouble whatsoever getting and using as many guns as they want. Just none for the peasants, of course.

  3. If you watch the video and read the actual article(not implying that no one will, or hasn’t) it is really a great story about a man who came to America to realize the American dream, and also realized his and his families own rights in the process, as well as him helping many others to come to the same conclusion. They are trying to paint it negatively, however, it is a very positive story.

    • I did. Between the lines. I did not take away the message they wanted me to take away, however.

  4. Was in China in May 2015. Read a few copies of China Daily News. They have stabbings, beatings and “road rage assaults” on a regular basis. To imply China is “safe” because “no guns” is a laughably false narrative.

  5. Along with Fake Food….Like Fake eggs, and Fake rice…You may even get sick or die just trying to safely eat something !

  6. This woman is as stupid as she looks. My mother-in-law is Chinese my brother-in-law is Chinese and he just came to this country and got his citizenship after three years of going through all the hoops and loops. I’m Scotch-Irish I was born here in the United States and I have discussed this with my brother-in-law and he has told me there are a lot of guns in China. The problem is it’s all the military law enforcement and criminals that have guns not the common Folk. Because of this there is no positive gun culture in their country. Every time they saw a person with a gun usually he said it was a criminal organized crime. When he got his citizenship I took him to the range and we shot a couple of my AR-15 so couple of handguns he enjoyed it and learned very much from me and the others around that were also shooting. He told me after we got back from the range that that was the most fun he’s had in a very long time. He also told me that he can see why people own guns and shoot them the answer is they’re fun to shoot. This woman is making this comment from Chicago like that’s any different then a socialist country LOL.

    • “The problem is it’s all the military law enforcement and criminals that have guns not the common Folk.”

      And that is a perfect summary of where the “progressives” in America want to take us.

    • Story is that there are no guns in Japan, either, even the police are unarmed. Fine and dandy, but the Yakuza equivalent of “made men” carry their guns openly, as a badge of honor, and will use them at the most minor slight or disrespect. No one has a question, not the people, not the police, not the government, not the damn army!

  7. Guns may not be common in the hands of the ordinary Changs and Engs in China, but knives certainly are! Around the same time period as the theater shooting in Aurora, CO, a Chinese criminal attacked a bunch of people with a knife, and killed almost as many as James Holmes did (IIRC, the death toll was around 10 people, plus more injured). Time to ban those eeeevil assault knives!

  8. One of the reasons our country is being flooded with immigrants is that most people coming here, legally or not, have very low expectations of rights. Over time an increasing portion of the country has these low expectations.

  9. Yeah I agree with you on knives not the Banning Park but The lethality of a knife can be far more deadly if used by a person knowing how to correctly use a bladed weapon than a gun. The police department training officers will tell you time and time again that a man woman or young person with a bladed weapon in close-quarter combat can be a hell of a lot more lethal then you’re ordinary handgun. I remember that goofball cutting up a bunch of people in China. I also remember some fruitcake I believe it was New York or New Jersey that stabbed a bunch of people on a Subway or something like that not too long ago. It’s the person that’s evil it’s a human being that actually takes life not the object they used to take it with. Yeah I’m talking to you liberal Progressive out there. I believe that the liberal Progressive Democratic party in this country is pro socialism with a touch of fascism. Like this last president we just had complete waste of space and time. There’s something wrong with someone that takes an oath to defend the Constitution and then wipes his ass with it in the same sentence.

    • Which seems to include every Democrat politician and jurist in every state and DC. They all seem to forget the words of their oath of office faster than they can speak them. In California, every public servant takes the same oath of office, and that oath includes the words “… to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California against all enemies foreign and domestic…”. That oath is contained IN the California State Constitution. They all push the socialist agenda of the nanny state, where nobody is responsible for themselves.

      The words are “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” …a well-known phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence. The phrase gives three examples of the “unalienable rights” which the Declaration says have been given to all human beings by their Creator, and which governments are created to protect. Nowhere does it say anyone is guaranteed happiness. Nowhere does it say the government is going to take care of all your needs. You are only guaranteed the freedom to pursue happiness, along with the right to your physical life and your liberty.

  10. China does have some stiff penalties for unsanctioned crime. Maybe that helps keep the murder rate down a little. Or maybe they just don’t publish the real numbers.

      • The difference being that the government allows one, and doesn’t allow the other. However, both remain technically illegal.

        Happens in the US all the time. We just have these people called “lawyers” who come up with ways that something the law says is illegal, “really” isn’t. At least for their client. Another client, without said “lawyer”, doing the exact same thing may spend a decade in the clink. Or, despite the thousands of cases every week of blatant discrimination against white men, good luck finding a lawyer who’ll touch a suit with a ten foot pole – even with a barrel of your cash.

        The sad part is that our laws are laughably terrifyingly open to interpretation, and the whim and caprice of prosecutors. And we’re on the good side of the median. Central/South America? Africa? China? Eastern Europe? Good luck.

    • I currently reside in China and have been told that the murder rate in China is probably similar to that of the US (any official numbers from the Chinese government are suspected to be false even by the locals).

      Unlike the US they tend to have a lower gang related violent crime rate but a much higher domestic violence rate.

      As others have pointed out the use of knives/swords to kill with is a pretty big issue here but rarely mentioned in the media due to gov. censorship.

    • 214 crimes are capital punishment worthy. Trials last about 2 weeks, execution right after.
      They put a bank robber on TV to apologize to the nation then shot him the next morning. Crime committed and dead in 2 weeks flat.
      The Chinese government doesn’t fuck around.

      • but with only 2 weeks till you’re dead –you have to wonder what the ‘whoops’ factor is? As in whoops shot the wrong guy or we beat him till he confessed or ‘sign here or your family is strung up next to you!’

        our system sucks –but it has to be better than that?

        • Not sure what the “whoops” factor is but the conviction rate for crime across the board is about 90%. They do knowingly charge and convict people for crimes that did not necessarily happen, their ambassador to S. Korea was tried and convicted for corruption several years ago because they did not want the public to know that he was selling state secrets.

        • Due process and appeals are things lost on their government. Then there was the “bullet fee” levied to families of criminals who were taken to an open area and shot immediately after a guilty verdict; the family had to pay for the ammo and disposing of the body, something that Iran is now mimicking. If China and Iran are doing it, it must be great!

  11. I seem to remember a photo from a while back…

    A Chinese student in a big public square was facing down a column of tanks. AIR, each tank had a really big gun sticking out the front.

  12. This is the part that jumped out at me and made my day.

    “Before getting his licence to be a gun coach, Wang had already started his teaching at home. His first student was his oldest son, 13-year-old Alan, who has now mastered the use of many kinds of pistols, rifles and shotguns. When Wang teaches Alan how to shoot, his younger son Aiden, 7, is allowed to observe and recite the safety rules along with his brother.”

    • I liked that too. I could tell the article was going to a good place when I read the subtitle quote:

      ‘Unless you can take away all the guns from criminals, I will not give up my guns.’

  13. China has violent crime too. There are fake cops too who rob people on the road. Don’t think for a minute it’s utopia of 1.3 billion people.
    I worked the region for years, believe it.

  14. In China it is illegal for any person to post in social media about any crime that has not been reported on state run media first.
    The government under reports violent crime. But the people know where it is not safe to go at night.
    Ironically, foreigners, particularly Americans and European, are safer than the Chinese.
    I was told that this is because the government comes down much harder on crimes against foreigners.
    I carry a tactical knife and an aluminum case flash light when I’m walking around in China.

    • I’ve heard Americans in the country usually aren’t hassled if they have modest pocket knife that could get a Chinese in hot water, but it’s not smart to pocket clip them…

  15. My wife is Chinese born and came over after college when we met. I asked her why she came to the US? She said, “At least here, I know why i am going to die”.

    You see we have school shootings, they have school stabbings. They have uyghurs attacking train and bus stations and we have our own islam extremists. The difference there is the social mentality. If you’re knocked over on the street here and in need of help, people will generally give a hand. There, if you see someone knocked over, you step over them in fear they call police to blackmail/sue you. The sad joke in China is ever telling of the cost in life there, it goes: “What do you do if you’re driving and hit somebody?….. You back up!”.

    The hospitals are a shake down, you can’t trust the products on the shelves, street police are jack booted towards locals, and anything is possible if you grease the palms with a red packet.

    By the way, even though she was taught to fear guns and wondered what the hell she was doing with this crazy Texan… she can almost outshoot me in sport trap and is one hell of a shot on any rifle that’s put in her hands.

  16. My brother has Lived in China for two decades and says gun ownership in the urban areas is uncommon. Rural areas are very different.

  17. In R.J. Rummel’s “Death By Government,” I read that Mao killed about seventy million Chinese people. The Japanese and Chang Kai-Shek’s Nationalist government killed tens of millions of Chinese also. So, yes, the Chinese should have a fear of guns.. a fear of getting caught without one!

    • During the Japanese occupation, from what I understand, a favorite weapon of the Chinese resistance was the dadao (heavy chopping sword). Nearly silent, no moving parts, almost no skill needed to use effectively, and no ammo to run out of. And any village blacksmith could make them.

  18. Zhiling Lan, if you believe that I must say that I have a bridge to sell you… cheap! Honest!!


  19. I have a friend whose Father survived Auschwitz as a teen. My friend was taught (1) always have a gun, indeed , several and (2) take as many of them with you, in death, as you can.

  20. I remember a news article a couple of decades ago where some workers at a factory in China were found to have knowingly produced hundreds of bad refrigerators. They were executed by firing squad. That to me is unspeakable “gun violence” we have nothing like here.

  21. “Everyone will be safe” until the Communist Party’s police officers take you into a house with blacked out windows, pry off your fingernails, electrocute you, and sell your organs. And that my dear little collectivist sheep is why Glorious Chairman Mao said “political power grows from the barrel of a gun.”

  22. “But once you come to this country, you realise that this is not China.”

    Hmmm . . . that does raise a few interesting questions. If you thought America could be China before you came, then why did you come? Also, once you arrived here & realized it wasn’t China, why are you staying?

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