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“If it wasn’t so sad it would be comical. But what we’re really worried about is that this will further destroy the momentum for gun control here in California.” – Courage Campaign executive director Paul Song in Gun control advocates: Lawmaker arrest is setback [at]

[h/t Harold R.]

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    • NO H8- Duct tape across the mouth,= NO Hate speech.

      Or you can say it is the way people like Yee; Statist control freaks,(but I repeat myself) want all of us “common people”, Shut up, shut down, unarmed and in bondage,

    • NO H8 on his cheek and duct tape across the mouth. It could mean NO Hate speech. ( PC is all about thought and speech control)

      But it is also the way these hate filled people like Yee; Statists, control freaks; (but I repeat myself) want all of us “little people”; shut up, shut down, powerless, helpless and defenseless.

    • Wonder how much time was spent trying to think up that highly deep and meaningful shot. If only that time would have been spent on critical thought about gun control.

      • It perfectly describes the agenda of the liberal/progressive left. A picture can be interpreted many ways. This picture; to me, is a perfect image of what is the end game of the Liberal/progressives/statists mad vision. The picture of the hands crossed in front as if they have chains on the wrists and tape over the mouth.

        This is the wet dream of all statists, which includes a number of Republicans; that is to put everyone in chains by disarming us, muzzles over our mouth through “hate speech” laws and the government with complete and total power over us all.

    • Unfortunately, unless something has changed since I was there, California elects its legislators in odd-numbered years.

      It may, on the other hand have a salutary effect on the congressional races, which are this year.

  1. Any politician that supports gun legislation is currupt. Whether flat out criminal like this guy, or just an elitist, these people know that gun control does no good and only tramples constitutional rights. Politicians do not get the “just ignorant” pass that the average soccer mom does who simply has given the issue no thought and thinks guns look scary.

    • Salvatore,

      While your statement is true, it will not sway hardcore supporters of their favorite politicians.

      We have to exploit former Senator Yee’s situation to full potential. Tell people flat out … politicians like Yee want us disarmed because they are working with violent criminals and criminals don’t want armed citizens.

      In other words show people in a palpable way that politicians like Lee who push gun control are douchebags. Once the people realize that politicians who push gun control are douchebags, the people won’t vote for them. It really is that simple.

    • You underestimate the ignorance and lack of critical thinking skills among our political leaders. I assure you that many very intelligent and highly educated people sincerely hold extremely ignorant about firearms. I grew up in a major city, and the only exposure anyone I knew had to firearms was movies, reports of crime, and anti-gun propaganda. No direct experience, just hearsay. Few people raised in an environment like New York City, Los Angeles, or the capitals of Europe are open-minded enough and curious to seek outside sources of genuine information about firearms, and discerning enough to know the difference between truth or fiction, relevant and misleading facts or statistics. Most people have difficulty distinguishing between people that know what they’re talking about, the ignorant, and bullshit artists like Leland Lee.

  2. I don’t find it sad or comical. I find it as yet another example of a corrupt hypocritical politician who feeds off the power of living by a different set of rules than the ones they make for us common folk. Well, at least this one is learning quickly that the same rules apply.

    The only sad thing I see in this is that we keep sending people like this (from both sides of the political aisle) to represent us in our state and federal capitals. It is our fault people like this hold offices of power.

  3. It should & will be a set – back because it shows that those given the ability to act in disdain of the Constitution are of a special breed of deceptive & maniacally hypocritical existence.

    They abhorrently oppose individual freedom because it threatens their paradigms of self inflicted control in the face of adamant contractually bound system of restraints.

    This is going to be the splinter in the side of illegal gun regulation we need to use to fester public disdain for power & money hungry career politicians.

      • “Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war!”

        —Deadite captain, “Armies of Darkness”

        (Who would have thought that a Deadite would be well-read enough to slightly misquote Shakespeare hundreds of years before he was born?)

        • It did come from Star Trek. Captain Von Trapp said it while he was blowing up the Enterprise from his Klingon Bird of Prey. (also just kidding)

        • You have not experienced Shakespeare until you have heard him sung to the tune of “Edelweiss”.

  4. If irony could kill a person then I would explode. Except instead of guts, smiley faces and AR-10s and sunshine would come out.

    The amount of joy this situation gives me cannot be measured in words…

  5. But there not worried what could of happen once these weapons were in the wrong hands? These are the same people who pass crappy laws an order to save lives. But all they care about is momentum of gun control? Tells me alot about them and there real agenda. EPIC FAIL in my book.

  6. You’re damn right its a setback for gun control. Hate speech isn’t all that different from hateful actions.
    Try not to get confused Mr. Song…you can’t be against one form of hate and for another. That’s called HYPOCRISY

    • if they resign, doesn’t Moonbeam get to appoint their replacements (ie, cronies) until special elections occur?

  7. Now, this is a great way to start one’s day; a good cup of coffee and this laughable quote! What a jackass!
    “Hmm, thith could pothibly make uth look bad! I think they migh be on to uth!”

    • You’re a jackass.

      His gayness is irrelevant to his stance on guns. What’s the point of making fun of his sexuality unless you WANT to drive people like him into the Left Wing camp out of disgust at the idea that gun owners are stupid and intolerant like you?

  8. What’s funny is that the gun grabbers are more interested in their cause than in the act of treason by one of their own. Islamists are a declared enemy of the People of the United States. Giving them weapons is assisting their efforts to make war against us and our allies.

    I seem to recall the arrests of “American Anti-war Activists” in 2010 (the Freedom Road Socialist Organization) that ended up being tied to FARC guerrillas in Columbia, to Palestinian Islamic terrorists, and to the Irish Republican Army. An SEIU union steward in Chicago was one of the first people arrested.

    Does hypocrisy not register with these people?

    • Good point. If any situation calls for the president’s use of executive authority to drone U.S. citizens, this would be it. (/tongue-in-cheek, but only because it would be a gross violation of due process)

    • Giving them weapons? The Moro rebels were the ones SELLING the weapons in order to generate cash. The ultimate buyer was neither identified nor existed–since the “buyer” was a figment of the imagination of the FBI undercover agent. Yee merely suggested that the arms being purchased might find a good market in North Africa.

      [Where the Moro were going to get the weapons is a whole ‘nother layer of corruption that I would like to know more about. The affidavit says they were going to get them from a Philippine Army officer, but it was unclear whether he was stealing them or it was official corruption.]

  9. So sad. What normal people are most worried about is defending themselves from the criminals this politician armed.

  10. If it slows or derails gun control in CA I see that as a bonus. Watching Yee twist until his former partners jimmy hoffa his ass is the main course. Damaged gun control efforts are the desert.

  11. Back when I was stuck at an uppity ivy league school there was an Onion-esque article in the school paper about “yellow fever.”

    To protest the sexualization the Asian women on campus walked around with ball gags in their mouths.

    Needless to say it backfired.

    I’m not sure protesters ever think through their symbolism or slogans.

  12. I’m not sure that this picture is appropriate for this article. It isn’t humorous, its from a serious campaign to stop discrimination in its tracks.

  13. Bruce Rauner is the worst example of a RINO I can think of. Only slightly better than Quinn. I don’t trust him at ALL on gun rights. He’s more vague on 2A than any other position. I agree with Curtis. Yuck.

  14. They aren’t worried about the corrupt politicians in their ranks, or the innocents that could have been killed because of his actions…. they are only worried about their agendas…. It’s almost like they have no conscious at all…. like they are sociopaths or something..

  15. “I feel very dismayed and upset,” said Amanda Wilcox, an advocate for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, whose daughter was a victim of gun violence. But, “his actions don’t make what is good policy any less good policy,” she added

    Well, sure – policy supported by a hypocritical, criminal, lying scumbag is something the Brady Campaign can really get behind. How’s that go? “You can judge someone by the company they keep.”

    • Or, as the Spanish say, “Digame con quien anda, y le digo quien es”–Tell me who he walks with, and I’ll tell you who he is.

  16. Sanctimony laid bear. It’s okay for me (and Yee), but not for thee. And you know? It hurts their other causes, too. How can you trust anything these people say or do, no matter what the issue? Of course, I suppose the same can be said on both sides of the fence. Politics, man.

  17. Wow… it only took “you people” how many years to discover the NOH8 campaign.

    The NOH8 campaign is simple – Stop The Hate Against People That Aren’t Like You whether they are gay, straight, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, crossdressers, fat, skinny, bald, tattooed, etc.

    In regard to the ProRKBA community, I wish you all would find something as simple as NOH8 to get our point across to the anti-gun activists that was as simple and direct. Gun owners are all across the board, and there is no real focus. Conservative Religious pro-RKBA people hate on gays, yet Pink Pistols is all about non-100% Hetero people supporting the RKBA. There are pro-gun democrats, yet the republican party and died-in-the-wool republican voters would never support a pro-gun democrat.

    You all need to find a way to drop the prejudice and preconceived impressions of what a GUN OWNER REALLY LOOKS LIKE. Not all gun owners look like the guys on Duck Dynasty or some kind of psuedo black ops weekend warrior.

    The media outcry over the Zimmerman (hispanic) shooting Martin (black) incident was HUGE, but can you imagine if a drag queen shot some milita-looking guy? I’m willing to bet the Conservative Religious nutjobs would start hanging out in parking lots outside drag clubs just to physically assault the men in drag, if not many of the patrons.

    Sigh… sadly many in America will never move beyond their narrow little world.

    • many in America will never move beyond their narrow little world.

      “Conservative religious nutjobs?” Oh the freaking irony of ironies, you proved your own point.

    • Did anybody ever find a me a real pro-gun Democrat in a national office? One that will vote or otherwise use his/her office against the gun-grabbers when it actually counts, and not just when the Dem leadership gives them the OK to make a show vote because the issue has already been decided anyway? Once more, if somebody has and I missed it, I apologize, just let me know and I’ll quit asking. Unless you count Baucus, I’m already of the impression that he was one such Dem ( I’m not entirely certain, but at this point i’ll give him the benefit of the doubt).

    • “…yet Pink Pistols is all about non-100% Hetero people supporting the RKBA.”

      1. Pink pistol are marketed for woman, sexual preference doesn’t play into it. But, if “non-100% Heteros”, whatever the hell that means, wants to own one, that is perfectly fine. Though, I’m pretty sure no one at Taurus was saying, “Hey, lets a pistol just for the gays.”

      2. What the hell is a “non-100% Hetero?”

      Sexuality fits into 4 distinct and separate categories, asexual, heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual.

      It’s a pretty black and white thing, once you have crossed the boarder into another category, you are 100% there, it’s not percentage based.

      “Is Bob homosexual?”

      “Bob, no, he is like 77% Hetero, you remember that weekend in Tijuana.”

  18. Leftists have always justified ends with means. The fact that Yee is a corrupt criminal means absolutely nothing to them.

  19. Leftists have always justified ends with means. The fact that Yee is a corrupt criminal means absolutely nothing to them.

  20. What I find most sad about it is that these people think the setback to their agenda is the worst thing about Leeland Yee’s arrest (which is where the quote came from).

    But how about the fact that an elected representative of the the People was not only misusing his power for personal gain, he was also helping criminals import illegal machine guns into our country. That’s the worst part of the whole thing, but the anti-gun side is so stuck in their small thinking that they can’t even see that.

    • Nailed it. but go even farther and state outright that while he is spousing children’s safety using his right right, his left hand is a proxy on the trigger of a machine gun which has probably killed more children than the right has “saved”.

    • The defect in your statement is that the machine guns (Tavors) were not intended for resale in the US. Importation into New Jersey was merely a transshipment local where the undercover agent claimed to have control of “most of the waterfront.”.

      • If I drove through to NJ today with a stack of 30 round Pmags, even if I was just moving to New Hampshire and NJ happened to be in my way, the state would have no issue locking me in a cage with a large angry man who’d like nothing better than to try and make me his girlfriend. Why shouldn’t the same standard apply to a corrupt politician?

        But you’re right that Yee apparently wasn’t trying to peddle illegal MG’s at a gun show. He wasn’t really “importing” them, he was only kind of trafficking them a little and the U.S. just happened to be between point A and point B.

  21. So many things I’ve never understood about gay culture. One of my closest friends is openly gay and anti-2A. Why? Bear arms and defend your constitutional GAY rights from the corrupt media, legislature, and lobbyists.

    • And bear arms to protect yourself from people who would like to drag you to death behind a pick-up truck.

      But some people view the state as the only thing that can protect them. They’re unwilling to act in their own defense. I don’t understand it, but that’s how it is.

    • Because Gay people are told to follow the Progressives because the Progressives are the only people who are interested in them as a group. They are also told that the right are all homophobic jerks who don’t want them to be able to get married.

      So they reject everything on “the right” thinking they are bringing solidarity to “their side”.

      This is how the Progressives work: Accept the platorm end to end or you are one of those right wing racist homophobes.

  22. +1 Ralph. It’s OK if you call ME a white rightwing Christian gun toting nutjob. Don’t forget old & fat. Legislation of the thought police. How quickly America has completely gone to hell.

  23. Paul Song like all typical liberals are more concerned about their own agendas. As a Asian American he should be more concerned about how a prominent Asian American political figure was so corrupt.

    As a fellow Korean American I’m ashamed of Paul Song. He knows that Korean Americans had to arm themselves during the LA riots. He also lived in the Washington DC area. Many Korean American business owners in the DC area have been victims of criminals with guns. Yet they’re not allowed to protect themselves because of DC’s unconstitutional gun laws.

    He’s also on the board for Liberty in North Korea. He knows first hand how North Korean citizens are helpless against a tyrannical government. He also happens to married to Lisa Ling whose sister was held by the North Korea several years ago.

  24. /sarcasm on

    The family of the robber is, of course, correct. The store owner and the customers should simply have helped the man rob the place, shook his hand, and helped him to his escape. The police would have caught him anyway. As it is, what happened has deprived Mobile, Alabama of another fine, upstanding citizen.

    /sarcasm off

  25. Another example of how minorities and homosexuals support the Second Amendment? I would call this another Rainbow Coalition for the Second Amendment fail…total fail.

    Time to get with the program. Homosexuals, blacks, Asians, immigrants, etc. are opponents of the Second Amendment. Time for People of the Gun to get in the homosexual marriage fight, the affirmative action fight, the immigration fight. The Second Amendment is on the line in all those issues. The People of the Gun just don’t know that.

    Remember Leland Yee was an immigrant, a minority, and an advocate of special privileges for homosexuals.


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