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“You need a propellant, you need a trigger and you need a barrel.” – Detective Mark A. Garrett, quoted in Experienced with guns and plumbing, detective built air gun designed to kill [via]

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    • Last I heard it was 2 killed 18 wounded. It is being blamed on mental health just like every other similar incident.

      (I currently live in China and like normal local news isn’t really mentioning).

    • I was looking at that giant monstrosity (pre charged pneumatic??) and thinking “Designed to kill people? A knife would be so much easier.” then jwm posts about a knife attack.

      Can you imagine walking around in a Communist country like China or England carrying a pipe gun that’s taller than you are, as you stalk your victim?

      • Having walked around in China quite extensively I can assure you no one would so much as take a second glance at you if you were carrying it.

        • In the land of farmers cobbling together (functional!) planes and helicopters, not to mention architectural cat buildings, cup o’ noodles buildings, emperors as hotels, and art museums that look like a pile of beams, I can only imagine what it takes to get noticed…

      • This weapon serves a purpose. A different weapon could be constructed that would be more concealable.

        Consider a stick of wood, a bit of steel pipe, a grill igniter, some ground match heads and a fishing sinker. Cut it to fit your pocket or under your coat. It’s only got one shot, and you’d better be close, but anything that can blast a half inch hole all the way through someone at 20 or so feet trumps anything you’ll need to get closer with. Need more? Strap your ‘gun’ to a hammer or hatchet. That one round is just the opener….
        Want even more? These things like buck shot. More? They are cheap and easy to build. Make them small and carry a lot of them.

        In the land of the blind, a one eyed man is king.

  1. People figured out thousands of years ago they could sharpen sticks with the same result, this is far from special. They also figured out that same sharpened stick could provide food, protect life, and bring entertainment.

    It’s not the tool, it’s how it’s used

    • But but but we are civilized! There’s no need for those horrible instruments of death anymore! Think of the children!

      • there’s no such thing as “civilization”, just a thin veneer of people who play along to get what they want or need……take that away and you have the true state of humanity.

        • ^^^^^^
          Explains: Nazi Germany, Cambodia, Balkans Wars, Rwanda, Mexican Cartel Wars, Chiraq

        • Civilization is another form of people control, in this country it’s been relatively benign but there are plenty of examples where collecting weapons and potential weapons is closely followed by violent oppression and government attacks on the populace they deem less desirable

  2. Perhaps the resourceful detective should, ya know, solve crimes instead of tinker with PVC

  3. I’m the spokesperson for the reform organization ‘Former Plumbing Owners for Responsible Solutions.’ We must note that at the time of the drafting of the Constitution, the only options that existed were outhouses, and hand-dug wells with rope-raised buckets, or occasionally gravity springs using hollow logs for piping. The drafters of the Constitution could never have imagined the deadly effectiveness of modern plumbing. We at ‘Former Plumbing Owners for Responsible Solutions’ therefore urge that Congress immediately pass legislation requiring you must pass a background check before you can have indoor plumbing, or access to any parts to repair indoor plumbing, and that you be restricted to purchasing only one plumbing part per month. Existing indoor plumbing owners who do not submit to background checks will be entitled to a grace period, followed by a mandatory buy-back in which your domicile or other building will be stripped of all plumbing. We believe that these represent reasonable, moderate steps to head off the ensuing surge of plumbing-related violence.

    • Cute name, but you need to come up with one that lends itself to an acronym that makes you look like an arse.

    • ” We believe that these represent reasonable, common sense steps to head off the ensuing surge of plumbing-related violence.”


    • That’s it!!! I am proposing common sense Pluming paraphernalia laws:

      * No pipe shall be more than 2.0″ long, with restrictions on number of joints per foot not to exceed 3
      * Not greater than 0.25″ external diameter
      * Made of thin wall vinyl so as to not hold more than 10PSI
      * Plumbers to be federally back-gound checked
      * Anyone attempting to purchase plumbing related material shall have a UBC performed and must await for a POSITIVE approval from the government
      * No more scary black PVC allowed

      That should teach those home tinkering sheeple!!!

  4. But for one more law, but for one more tax, but for one more batch government overseers. This could have been stopped. Right?
    Hell, just look at commie kalifornia, where freedom and liberty is easily erased and crime comes to a stop! Well, the crime part, maybe not so much.


  6. If you want to ban guns you have to ban tools. If you want to ban tools you have to ban raw materials, and books.

    Anybody who says he “supports the Second Amendment, but…” has let that abnegatory but start him on a path that ends in a pile of blazing books.

    Or blazing people.

    Take our guns, we still have our tools. We will make new guns and take them back.

    Take our tools, we still have our books. We will make new tools.

    Take our books, we still have the knowledge in our minds. How do you propose to take that?

    Hognose-weaponsman blog RIP.

    • “People are difficult to govern because they have too much knowledge.”
      -Lao-tzu, The Way of Lao-tzu. Chinese philosopher (604 BC – 531 BC) .

      “Fearful of a rebellion here, Ra outlawed reading and writing.”
      -Dr Daniel Jackson “Stargate” Movie, 1994

      Still wonder why students can no longer read cursive writing, and we constantly fall behind in STEM subjects, or that
      the Constitution is no longer taught in schools?

  7. Seeing this rigged together crap makes me really want to build a new version of the old Caselman airgun.

  8. Hey, a potato cannon. Talk about reinventing the wheel. Good luck when you accidentally overcharge that PVC.

  9. I showed this to my buddy who’s been kind of over-celebrating Memorial Day, and he started singing…

    “And we’re killing in here in Allentown
    where there’s lots of PVC all around….”

  10. I’ve actually had anti-gun cultists tell me that machine tools (and this was LONG before 3D printing) should be strictly regulated to prevent people from making their own guns.

    Scratch an anti-gunner, find a Nazi… or a Luddite.

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