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Looking for a way to carry a whole heck of a lot of backup shotgun shells on your person? Well, Mossberg Gear has you covered with their new Bandolier and Belt. Press release follows . . .

Mossberg® Gear Announces its New Shotgun Bandolier and Shotgun Belt

The Mossberg® Gear Shotgun Belt and Shotgun Bandolier keep your shells within reach for fast reloads.

Nampa, Idaho (May 2017) – Mossberg® Gear, a creator of top-quality licensed outdoor products that mirror Mossberg’s tradition of design innovation, performance and reliability, is pleased to announce their new Shotgun Bandolier and Shotgun Belt.

“When you’re out in the field, you don’t have time to fumble around hunting for shells in boxes, pouches or your pockets. The Mossberg Shotgun Bandolier and Shotgun Belt put the shells at your fingertips and make reloading quick and easy,” said Gary Cauble, Mossberg Gear VP of Sales.

The Mossberg Shotgun Bandolier stores up to 45 shells. The shells are in easy reach and stay in the same place and in the same orientation, making for quick reloads. Designed for heavy-duty field use, the bandolier is constructed of durable nylon with reinforced stitching and nonslip elastic storage loops that can hold 12, 16 or 20 Ga. shells. The bandolier has a heavy duty tri-lock buckle that ensures a strong and secure latch. The bandolier’s over-the-shoulder design is fully adjustable from 48″ to 58,” accommodating any size shooter and includes a removable five shell storage pack. MSRP $29.99.

The Mossberg Shotgun Belt keeps up to 25 rounds ready-to-go at your belt line so you can quickly reload. The belt is adjustable from waist size 27″ to 44.'” This heavy-duty and field-ready belt features a durable quick-release tri-lock buckle, reinforced nonslip elastic storage loops that can hold 12, 16 or 20 Ga. shells, reinforced stitching and heavy-duty webbing. MSRP $26.99.

Mossberg Gear is now accepting applications from qualified dealers and distributors. To learn more about how you can become a dealer or distributor of Mossberg gear, send your inquiry to [email protected]. For more information on Mossberg Gear, visit

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  1. Allrighty I’ll have to get one for my Mossberg Maverick88. Can’t have too many shells when SHTF 🙂

    • “Anti-gun groups are going to be downright apoplectic. Nice.”


      No, the ‘Social Justice’ warriors are going to demand those are sold only to people of Latino decent.

      OFWGs (and anyone else not Latino) wearing those will be pilloried as stealing “Cultural Appropriation”.

      You do realize, taken to its logical conclusion by them, “Cultural Appropriation” should be deemed a felonious criminal act, no different than an actual violent physical assault hate crime, with hate crime sentence multipliers applied for ‘racist’ behaviors.

      I expect to see whatever they see as racism deemed a felony and a publicly searchable hate crime registry created.

      Whoever they label as a racist will have all civil rights permanently revoked…

      • As soon as Latinos, blacks,Asians, and hell, everybody who isn’t French, or American since the 1850s takes off those damned jeans because that’s cultural appropriation….Throw away their cell phone, computer, mail, car…

        Such an easy Maguffin to utterly slay, I have no idea why anyone lets the snowflakes get away with proffering this merde.

        • Oh man… my son and money go to an ACC school.
          He’s a language major. Speaks 6 languages, including French.
          YOU just taught me a new word.

        • If I don’t learn something new everyday, what’s the point?

          Glad I could provide the impetus for your daily discovery. 🙂

        • Why bother slaying a maguffin?

          Just look them dead in the eye and ask “Why are you judging me based on the way I self-identify?” and watch them fall all over themselves trying to apologize to you for their insensitivity.

          If it walks, talks and acts like a luzcow then milk it like a lulzcow.

        • “…Throw away their cell phone, computer…”

          I hear ya, but I suppose the Asians can claim cellphones and computers as part of their ‘culture’, since it’s their sweat-shops that a cranking them out. (Yeah, I know semiconductors are an American invention…)

          Have you seen this story? Two Caucasian women had the nerve to open a Burrito joint in Portland, Oregon:

          “Two White Women Forced To Close Burrito Shop Because Of “Cultural Appropriation””

        • Ugh, yeah I saw that. I used to travel to PDX regularly and it was on the edge of Californication way back in the day. Shame, great city otherwise. I’ve eaten at dozens of restaurants there, and every single one ‘stole’ their recipes and modified them, it’s how the biz works. Short of those in the far reaches of molecular gastronomy, there are no new recipes, and haven’t been for hundreds of years – it’s all borrowed and modified.

          Social media is a dangerous thing when weaponized. You saw little of this SJW crap on Six Degrees, and it really started in My Space. But that slimy Zuckerberg not only encouraging it, but actively silencing all voices to the contrary, I have no idea how anyone will stop his nightmare.

          Didja catch his commencement speech at Harvard? Socialism for everybody! That POS really is pure evil.

      • My naturally blonde wife feels her culture is ripped from her bosom by every non-European bleached blonde

    • “Anti-gun groups are going to be downright apoplectic. Nice.”

      I have a bandolier. And I’ve seen the belts.
      These aren’t new, they’re just new from Mossberg.
      And anti-gun groups are already apoplectic.

  2. I can’t decide which – so I think I’ll get both. This would go nicely with any of my 12s, particularly my 930 SPX.

  3. How is this new? Seems to me it’s been around at least since Mexicans figured out that they don’t need no stinkin’ badges.

    • It’s new because it holds 10+ fewer shells than the ones you’ve been able to get on eBay/Amazon/Wally for years….

      It’s an improvement. Or something, Despite the extra $7-$10…

      • I use a hunting vest for my shotgun shells. I have a hunting partner that insists on wearing one of those wally world belts.

        I sometimes drop in behind him on the trail to pick up the free shotgun shells I find on the ground.

        • Well, it’s a Mossberg licensed product, and Copper Basin looks to be a designer/importer. There’s no ‘Made in the USA’ emblazoned anywhere on the site, let alone a picture of a factory, or workers who make more than a dollar an hour.

          I’ll go $20 that it’s cranked out by the same factory that cranks out everybody’s. To be fair, this may be spec’d out better, and they saved some money with the fewer shell loops. We’ll see if it ever gets reviewed.

  4. This kind of accessory has been made by countless makers for decades. I’m kinda surprised the only company making a pump-shotgun worth a damn (or at least the only one sold for a reasonable price to US civilians) for the last decade took this long to make them themselves

    • They were busy making GUNS not sewn BS?

      Where is it MADE? Country of origin is not mentioned so 90% it’s Fing Chicom/PLA.

    • Nanashi – regarding your comment about slings holding shotgun shells being an easy way to keep wheels and gun together: that may be true in a literal sense, but consider that the weight of such a sling hanging underneath your shotgun is going to definitely affect your ability to aim the gun as the sling waves back and forth underneath it (not all shotgun engagements are at close distances, and even if they are, you still need to aim), and the weight will also keep you from being able to gather up the sling in your support hand to keep it from hanging up on furniture, etc. Also, have you tried to quickly extract shells from that type of sling with one hand while maintaining a good grip on the gun with the other? That’s the same problem I see with the bandoliers – they can end up swiveling around your body when you try to get shells out of them quickly. So for a defensive shotgun, make sure your primary spare ammo (to include a 2-3 slugs) is on a side saddle. That’s by far the best place to carry it, and the fastest place from where to reload. For more spares in a defensive scenario, go with the belt – it’s much faster to reload from by feel while keeping gun up and eyes on target, and it doesn’t take that much longer to grab and snap on your waist. Although bandoliers have a higher cool factor …. Also plan to replace the belt every so often as the elastic loops will grow tired and shells will fall out.

  5. New from Mossberg…something the Sportsmans Guide has been selling for years for half the price. The innovation shown here is amazing.

  6. Sigh.. No .410, oh well.
    But then what i really could use is a bandolleer for .410 speed loaders.. and enough speed loaders to fill it.

    One can dream.

      • Oh.. it isn’t that we don’t have any other shot-guns, but due to arthritis, It doesn’t hurt but with my fingers twisted I am afraid the shotguns will jump out of control. So I haven’t been able to shoot the shotguns we have safely in a while.
        But it is extremely funny when one realizes one of the weapons i can fit in my left hand is the Raging Judge Magnum Which can shoot .410 shells.

        This one came with the seven shot cylinder designed for the CCW version. So it can only shoot the .410 and the .45 long colt.. not the bigger rounds the 6 shot can.

        They actually make .410 speed loaders for the judge both 6 and 7 shot, but I have been looking for a belt that would hold .410 shotgun shells.
        I probably could by a gun belt with .45 bullet loops but i’d bet it would cost more just because.

  7. Hey, it’s a press release and today’s a holiday. Free copy/filler. Give the guys a break now and then.

  8. thanks, but … how about a Kalashnikov Concern KS-12 (featured here not too long ago, I think?) plus some spare magazines instead?

  9. As if we don’t have enough crap on ourselves when out in the field, what the hell is the use of a belt you can’t put through belt loops?

    If Mossberg really wanted to fill a niche the belt would have velcro and two straps, one to thread through belt loops and another that adheres over it that contains the shotgun shell loops.

  10. I have to admit it — I use a shotshell sling on my wall leaner. I keep a 12 gauge pump cruiser-ready with another fifteen shells on the sling. That’s a whole lot of rock and roll. More than I’ll ever need (or so I hope).


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