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“When it comes to gun laws we either defend them or we let them fall apart like happened in the US. The US didn’t lose the war on guns and firearms at one moment. It was eaten away by the gun lobby with one law after another law after another law. What was billed as a minor reform after minor reform after minor reform and they finally got to where they are now, a society saturated in firearms . . .

“Those of us in the gun control [movement] in Australia see what happened in the United States, and that’s why we take a very vigilant approach to any watering down of our gun laws.” – NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge in Gun control advocates warn ‘chain reaction’ eroding Howard’s gun laws [via]

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  1. Yeah….. cause Australia is no a crime free paradise full of snowflakes and unicorn farts.
    These people are so incredibly stupid. When violence comes knocking, dont forget that it was your idea to be defenseless.

    • This guy is spouting perfect progressive twaddle. We didn’t see our “gun laws eaten away”, most Americans have never agreed with the notion that government should control the access to and us of private firearms in the first place. It is that core belief in RKBA that defeats gun control efforts at every turn.

    • I tell my liberal friends and extended family not to bother coming this way if SHTF or if they feel they are in danger. Hopefully strong language is enough to deter their threat. That goes to the people whose wife’s won’t let them have firearms too LMAO.

      • No woman will ever tell me I cannot have my guns! I had the “gun talk” with my second wife long before we got serious. She knew coming into it that my guns were not optional. I will NEVER allow ANYONE to tell me I CANNOT have my firearms!

    • Do not think he is stupid. The Greens seem stupid because they appear to be tree huggers and hoplophobes. They are, by and large socialists (yes, like Vladimir Lenin, Mao Tse Tung or Che Guevara, only maybe not so bloodthirsty. Maybe). Ecology is an excuse for extending government control over everything, and taking away guns makes that easier to accomplish. Their false fronts of ecology and anti-gun may make them look stupid to you, but they have larger, long-term goals. I recommend you take a look at a book called “Watermelons: The Green Movement’s True Colors” by John Delingpole. Just like most of the ripe watermelon is red, the Green leadership is far more socialist than truly ecology oriented.
      If you examine Jill Stein, the Green Party presidential candidate’s positions, they are socialist positions, extending the control of Big Government everywhere. Likewise in Australia.

      • And because of all this, our country is a lot closer to becoming a fascist state than we ever thought possible.

  2. Funny how all of a sudden the “slippery slope” and “incrementalism” are problems for the anti’s.
    They’ve been telling me for decades there was no such thing and I was just being paranoid.

    • Good call. It’s funny how one persons slippery slope is another person’s paranoid delusion. The truth is that social movements, be they good (the liberalization of gun laws, civil rights movement) or bad (the prohibition of drugs and alcohol) almost ALWAYS happen incrementally.

  3. This is what the NRA and the SAF don’t get enough credit for. As our vigilant Aussie friend accurately points out, they’ve played a very skilled game of legal and cultural chess for the last quarter century.

    And what happened? As America was becoming “saturated in firearms” (as if it wasn’t already) the violent crime rate…fell. Funny how our little green observer fails to mention that part.

    • “And what happened? As America was becoming “saturated in firearms” (as if it wasn’t already) the violent crime rate…fell.”

      Indeed. But you’re not using the proper ‘whistle words’ they respond to.

      That should read:

      As America was becoming “saturated in firearms” (as if it wasn’t already) the *gun crime rate*…fell.”


    • “Funny how our little green red (Communist) observer fails to mention that part.”

      There, fixed that for you.

  4. Humans can be vicious critters. The presence or absence of a particular type of weapon ultimately makes little difference in the end. Australia will be a Chinese province by mid-century so the should concentrate on teaching their children to speak Chinese.

    • Nope, the Chinese think they are playing the long game, but the Muslims are playing a shorter faster game. By the time the Chinese are ready to make their move, they will be trying to attack a Muslim majority country who will fight back, unlike the SJW dominated wimps currently in charge of Australia. That country will be lost to a soft invasion just like Europe, with a near identical outcome.

  5. He’s got it backwards. We aren’t supposed to have “gun laws”. Our rights enshrined in the BOR are prohibitions set upon the government against infringing on the People’s, God given, natural, inalienable rights. Essentially, every gun control law EVER passed, imo, is an unconstitutional, infringement on one of the most important rights, we as Americans have. Unfortunately, Australia doesn’t honor such rights, so those subjects are screwed.

    • TBSoL’s got the gist of it, actually. We started with NO “gun laws”, and we’ve seen our Second Amendment rights eroded over time. I believe the true “tipping point” here was Slick Willy’s ban on an entire family of firearms of the type that are arguably the EXACT type of firearms to which we are guaranteed access in the Bill of Rights. I know that’s when the whole “the gubmint’s comin’ for mah fawrarms!” thing first popped up on my radar! I was too young to realize what the GCA meant in the 60s, and too busy chasin’ tail & money to worry about the loss of my ability to buy affordable select-fire weapons in the mid 80’s.

      I will admit that seeing some leftard window-licker from some other country point to the USA as an example of the results of lax “gun control” ALWAYS tickles me, though! Sometimes I laugh so loud I have to readjust my EDC piece. 😉

  6. Children are constantly being eaten by dingoes because of Australian gun control.

    I’m not being funny. It’s true.

    Do these Greens, known far and wide as “watermelons”, even care?

    • True, I arranged for Gun Talks’ Tom Gresham to meet with him. Much dancing around ended in a phone hookup. Tom’s comment later was he was not interested in data, and he was wasting his time.

      The Greens just want to rule how you live your life. In every aspect.

      As for firearms,the declining death rate here has been the same since 1996 as it was before. Funny how it is identical in New Zealand, Canada and the USA. Yes our 96 Gun laws were so powerful they had an effect 20 years prior and in all those countries. John Howard is a wizard 🙂 (Yes sarcasm folks)

  7. The fact they deplore the proliferation of guns since the 1990s despite the massive drop in violent crime lays bare the truth: they don’t care about reducing crime. They never did. They’re not worried about what a small minority of antisocial predators might do with guns, they’re worried about what the great masses of honest people might do with them.

  8. “The US didn’t lose the war on guns and firearms at one moment.”
    We didn’t “lose” AT ALL. We’re WINING, one state at a time.
    Who knows, maybe some day New York City will ditch registration and be constitutional carry.
    That’s probably NOT what you mean by “winning”, but “freedom of religion” means something different in Teheran than it does in Tulsa too…

      • In Tehran your “freedom of religion” is the choice of Islam or die.

        In Tulsa you have the First Amendment that guarantees you have a choice of what or whether to believe,

    • So you think we are winning the war on firearms? Tell that to the people of Oregon, and I’m one of them. Also included would be Komifornia, and wishiwashi Washington.

  9. I love how this clown thinks that we’ve “incrementally” relaxed gun laws in this nation, when in reality we’re just going back to the way they used to be, after our rights were incrementally and unconstitutionally restricted.

  10. When it comes to gun laws we either defend them or we let them fall apart like happened in the US. The US didn’t lose the war on guns and firearms at one moment. It was eaten away by the gun lobby with one law after another law after another law. What was billed as a minor reform after minor reform after minor reform and they finally got to where they are now, a society saturated in firearms…


    1). Overall, the default in the US was freedom. And laws encroached on that. It wasn’t really the other way around. We didn’t have gun control first and slowly we worked that back. Nope. Not at all. We had freedom first and slowly that was taken away by people who didn’t like freedom in those areas.

    2). If there was anything that was worked back – at all – it was the Supreme Court decision on Heller. That paved the way for concealed carry all over the states.

    3). Culture has been changing and becoming more divided. Some states have enacted amazing numbers of nonsensical and retarded legislation over the most mundane and ridiculous actions and possessions, meanwhile a number of states have passed laws protecting the second amendment such as constitutional carry.

    Lastly, and most importantly, the author says things like “war on guns” and “a society saturated in firearms.” Both extremely biased statements that insinuate that guns and ownership of guns are the problem. Which is blatantly false. A gun is a machine and a machine can be used for good or evil and the operator/owner of that machine decides that. If you have a culture where people are killing each other left and right (with guns or otherwise), you have a people problem, not a gun problem. There is something culturally, morally, wrong with that populace. You can’t fallaciously blame that on guns.

  11. I didn’t know drugs and mental illness is such a problem in Australia. This individual is suffering from some sort of detachment of reality or maybe just drug induced delusions. Either way I hope he gets the treatment he requires.

    Americans need to keep people suffering from similar mental health diseases away from any positions of power. Or the inmates will run the asylum like happened in Australia.

    • We are talking about the Australian Greens here, and they are using the drugs they want to legalise. And they are the last refuge for the imploded Australian Communist Party. Here we have “The Left”, “The Far Left”, “The Progressive Left”, and “The Loony Left”. The Greens are somewhat in the Progressive Left but mostly in the Loony Left.

      The Greens pay lip-service to the environment as they are more concerned about Socialist policies disguised as “Progressive” policies. Although it is rumoured the Greens also advocate the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement but it is guaranteed they will not follow through with their convictions as they are too important to the cause. But it will not be voluntary for the rest of us.

      We like it when Shoebridge talks about firearms, because it makes him look like a real idiot. The level of hate and bile about guns and gun owners (with the exception of their fellow travelers in the criminal fraternity) is beyond anything you have seen with the stateside anti gun groups. In gallows humour it is joked the Greens have a “Final Solution” to the gun problem which will entail Rendition, Enhanced Interrogation (Socialists seem to be big on confessions, often under duress), and survivors hearded into the showers for delousing.

      • Progressives in America are usually dedicated communists (marxists) who’s goal is government overthrow. Their plan to reach that goal is to “progress one small step at a time in that direction”.

        They have been working toward that goal for about 100 years and have been making steady progress for the last 55 years or so and fast progress 2009-2016 during the Hussain administration.

  12. David Shoebridge has a odd outlook on human rights. It seems that in his worldview stripping of rights and dignity= good and restoration of rights=bad. He also seems to lack any knowledge of America, we have not” become” a nation saturated with firearms, we have always been a nation saturated with firearms.

    • I wish for super-saturation. Where no more guns will go into solution and it makes kinda like a gun ‘paste’.


      • “Where no more guns will go into solution and it makes kinda like a gun ‘paste’.”

        When guns fall like rain from the skies, to the shrieks of joyous delight for children of all ages.

        When thunderheads spawn ‘Gunnados’ in the Midwest in springtime…

  13. You’ll find communism and tyranny everywhere, but most often in your ahole neighbors who previously swore to god that that was not what they were about. “Green” is the same old communist red.

    F em all, they all sleep somewhere.

    • Remember kids, they can’t do communism while you can stop them.

      Think of it like this, when all of Australia’s citizenry is disarmed, I’m taking over. Please give in to my paid Green Party lackeys to get that done, I’m tired of waiting.

      Again, F em all. And get your damn guns back.

    • Missing posts back.

      It’s like unravelling a giant cable-knit sweater, that someone keeps knitting, and knitting, and knitting, and knitting. . . — Pee Wee Herman

  14. Meh. Nationally, there is only ONE major gun law that has been ‘eroded’ and it was the AWB which was passed with a sunset clause. Everything else has been state-level or Constitutional issue.

  15. MP Showbridge seems to be concerned with having less laws, not less violence, or more safety.

    If its about violence and safety, why not talk about that? Inquiring minds want to know.

  16. There never has been a “war on guns”. The war was against human and civil rights.

    Guess which side this fascist is on.

  17. The two, ultimate questions for hoplophobes (like this Australian) are:

    1) “Why do the areas of the USA that have the least restrictive gun laws also have the lowest crime rates?

    2) “Why do the areas of the USA that have the MOST restrictive gun laws also have the HIGHEST crime rates?

    • It’s actually even sadder than that, since such a correlation would suggest there *is* some link between crime & gun density (even a inverse one). The reality is there is no correlation at all. The only correlation is between crime & population density in this country…which should be enough to convince anyone the problem lies primarily with people.

    • Your comments are logical, sensible and intelligent, you can’t find one Liberal, Socialist, Commie, Progressive and whatever else we call them that has those qualities or understands that kind of thinking, they are mentally defective brainwashed, indoctrinated, helpless little victims !!!!

  18. Hasn’t this commie clown ever heard of the 2ND AMENDMENT? They had the right to bear arms from the very beginning you dope (ok so from about 4 years after the USA was formed to be more accurate).

  19. america has a bill of rights , australia has a constitution there isn’t a comparison
    legal firearm owners using their firearms within the law being continuously harrassed by vote chasing over educated fools

  20. This guy has it backwards. The US didn’t see an erosion of gun laws little by little, we saw an erosion of our Second Amendment rights eroded by gun laws little by little.

  21. I lived in Australia for years. They’re full of shit. they have shootings quite regularly. And guns? I can’t tell you how many people I knew that never voluntarily turned their guns in and have a stockpile. Just look at the Lindt Cafe attack in Sydney and go from there. They magically ignore or seem to forget every shooting as soon as it happens. Hypocrites.


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