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With another entry into a segment populated by a number of very worthy competitors (think guns like the Remington 700 5-R and Bergara B-14 HMR as two examples) jumps Christensen Arms with their new Mesa Long Range rifle. You can get one chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win, 7MM Rem Mag, .28 Nosler or .300 Win Mag with an MSRP of $1,595. Here’s their press release:

Christensen Arms Releases New Mesa Long Range Rifle

Gunnison, UT – (August 9, 2017) Building upon the successful Mesa line, Christensen Arms is expanding their steel-barreled offerings with the Mesa Long Range. The new Mesa Long Range rifle was created to offer both precision shooters and long range hunters the ideal, long-range precision rifle.  The medium Palma stainless steel barrel mated with an adjustable carbon fiber composite, long-range stock, offers shooters a sturdy, ergonomic platform, guaranteed to perform.

Jason Christensen, President of Christensen Arms stated, “the new Mesa [Long Range rifle] fills the gap between the Mesa and our dedicated long range precision rifles, the ELR and BA Tactical, and at a great price.”

Other features include a familiar Tungsten-Cerakote finish,  seamless side-baffle muzzle brake (removeable), skeletonized bolt handle, and an oversized fluted bolt knob. The Mesa Long Range rifle weighs less than 10 lbs, and is guaranteed to shoot less than 1 MOA.

Initial caliber offerings include 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win, 7MM Rem Mag, .28 Nosler, and .300 Win Mag.  The Mesa Long Range rifle is expected to hit dealer’s shelves within the next 8-12 weeks and has an MSRP of $1,595.

Visit Christensen Arms’ website for more information.


About Christensen Arms

Founded in Utah in 1995, with roots in the aerospace industry, Christensen Arms developed the first carbon fiber rifle barrel. This patented technology resulted in one of the most innovative advances in firearms within the last two and a half decades. With more than 20 years of firearm experience focusing on incorporating top-tier aerospace materials and processes, Christensen Arms manufactures some of the most lightweight, precise, and accurate firearms in the industry and around the globe.

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    • Aren ‘t those MOA guarantees just a way to buttress the price tag?

      Without ammo specs and round count, it is marketing tool.

      • Without a decent shooter, it doesn’t matter what the ammo or guarantee is! Since any 1/2 moa depends on who is pulling the trigger, the greatest rifle, with the greatest ammo, and the greatest scope is all dependent on the shooter.

  1. They guarantee MOA. I have two of their AR complete rifles and two uppers. The .204 is a gunuine 1/2 moa shooter and I don’t mean sometimes. The 6.5 CM has one load averaging 0.68 but I haven’t shot it as much as the .204. The uppers in .300 BLK and .223 Wylde I haven’t shot. Based on that experience, expecting 1/2 moa from the bolt action mesa doesn’t seem unreasonable..

  2. I have a Christensen Arms Mesa in 6.5 CM and with 3 different brands/ weights of factory ammo 2 were at MOA or a little better, 1 was 1/4″ over during break-in. Pretty good but not historic. Then I started developing a hand load for this years season. Trying 4 different bullets and 3 different powders I have 3 loads between 1/2″ and 3/4″ AVERAGE, and the load I will be using this year that is between 1/4″ and 1/2″ AVERAGE. The worst loads were between 1″ and 13/4″. Best group was .16″! Maybe I got a good one but for my money I am very happy.


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