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“Not sure where self-serving politicians hone their skills but Olympic shooters don’t just practice at formal ranges… But always happy to teach you about the guns and ammo you don’t trust me to own.” – Olympic champion Kim Rhode in Gavin Newsom duel with Olympic shooter over gun control initiative [via]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Let's Make it Easier to Find and Confiscate (Stolen) Guns">Previous Post
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  1. In the typical liberal mindset, we simply need a special category of “good” people who don’t need to comply. Of course the cops don’t. Maybe 6 time Olympians don’t either. And there is the problem with special carve outs. Why is anyone better than another, ever?

    • “In the typical liberal mindset, we simply need a special category of “good” people who don’t need to comply. Of course the cops don’t.”

      Not necessarily true. It depends on the particular group of individuals you are commenting on and which protest they decide to back on that particular day. See, on the one hand, if they are backing an Anti-2A protest on that particular day, then you would be correct since we obviously don’t need guns when all we need to do is call the police. On the other hand, if they are backing a BLM protest, then the police have no business having guns either since they obviously haven’t learned to NOT make kill shots.

      I find that everyone can find something to fit their own particular gripe on the progressive buffet. The only rule seems to be that you are not allowed to comment, or even recognize the incongruity of the various dishes being served.

  2. The bigger question, why dont normal people leave Commiefornia to the leftists and let it sink into the ocean with their mindnumbing stupidity?

      • No, that’s how you accelerate the fall. California is a socialist’s dream. Unfortunately for them, one of the problems with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money. The faster the good Californians leave and take their wealth generation abilities with them, the sooner that place will collapse and be forced to reform.

        I know, I know, the Californians flee to other states, including Texas, bring their miserable policies and their failure to learn with them, and promptly vote Democrat. Well, we’ll just have to deal with that as best we can. Regardless, propping up California is never going to change anything. The place needs to crater completely and be rebuilt.

    • Because every parasite needs a host. Read up on the Russian Revolution, NKVD, and global KGB operations. 3,000 book pages later, and I’ve learned just how little has changed in the progressive/SJW world since that tyrant Karl Marx got his work published

      • I wonder how much good weather and family are worth by themselves, because it seems like the jobs won’t be a draw much longer, as employers are fleeing the state in droves, thanks to Sacramento’s terribly policy-making.

        • As long as the Fed keeps robbing productive people in “flyover states” blind to prop up “asset” prices for those primarily on the coasts, California won’t fail until the rest of the country does. If those who are being robber would just realize this and act on it, instead of clinging desperately to the Fed’s breadcrumbs, in the form of cheering them on for propping up their meager poppeti vaijuus too, California, New York (especially, as there is nothing productive at all being done there anymore), Massachusetts etc. would collapse almost overnight.

          Cali will always have the weather. And they have entrenched high value add industries in entertainment, tourism and tech. But, like other liberal bastions, the vast majority of their outsized incomes, now comes not from any of the above, but rather from simple debasement and legal mediated theft, in the form of “asset appreciation.”

          Get rid of the Fed and all that it does and stands for altogether, and the opportunities for well connected liberals to rob the country’s ever more marginalized productive class, will shrink dramatically. Follow up by getting rid of income taxes, and it’s a virtual slam dunk. Of course both of those were prominent features of not one, but two consecutive Ron Paul campaigns. And yet, the level of indoctrination amongst even self proclaimed “Conservatives”, have now obviously reached a level where even hose guys are nothing more than petty patsies for the progressive elite. Mindlessly and childishly parroting the party line that Massa knows best, and that anyone who claims otherwise, is “irresponsible.” It was sad when Ron Paul ran, and I’m sure nothing has changed now, after even more years of indoctrination.

    • Because we are rooted here by jobs we cannot get in free states (e.g. Silicon Valley for instance) or our spouses careers. But trust me, we will leave as soon as we can.
      This commie state is a lost cause.

  3. Newson is the male equivalent of Hillary Clinton, a tyrant, and if you’re a Republican, wants you out of the state.

    • I’m pretty sure he’s a lizardman. Sucks Cali is probably stuck with him for decades. Hopefully he at least doesn’t escape containment there.

    • *800* rounds a DAY!

      Her UPS driver must hate her.

      At 800 clays a day, how much on average does her practice area rise in elevation each year, with all that pulverized clay?

      • LOL

        That brings back a memory: there’s a parking area that serves both an old quarry where people do a lot of shooting and lave mounds of clay fragments and an unofficial hiking trail off into the state forest. I was there one day with a friend for the purpose of accustoming my service dog to the sound of shooting, and we found a three-foot-deep erosion cut through the parking area. Our method of dealing with it was to rake up clay fragments and fill the slot. Next time I was there the clay fragments had been mostly buried by dirt and gravel caught in that orange and black matrix.

        Recycling at its best…..

  4. Newsom, A corrupt FASCIST TYRANT. As are most of his followers. He and his ilk are more dangerous than ANY firearm. Kalifornia is a lost cause. Yeah I live (if one can call it that) in this cesspool of blue fail. I caution America. This state is like an STD. Infectious and spreads. Don’t think so? Look at Washington, Oregon, Colorado and soon, Nevada. Oh yeah, lets not forget that nasty liar and criminal running for POTUS, who will advance the same agenda.

    • Don’t forget Montana. We have a bad infestation of Californians invading the Flathead Lake areas. Its the root cause of Missoula city voting to break the law and inact gun controls illegally, as reported here, and elsewhere, a week or so ago.
      Ofc, It won’t stand, both because its against State Law, and because this IS still Montana, but the Missoula City Council is full of coastal citidiots, voted in by other citidiots, which is the only reason such insanity was ever brought up in the first place.

      • Missoula used to be on my retirement list (4-6 years away) as was Eugene OR, and Washington state. Not any more: I don’t plan on spending my retirement years fighting for my inalienable rights.

  5. The parallel would be to restrict politicians to speaking in government facilities and nowhere else, right?

  6. RF: Don’t you think that the word “expert” in the headline, “Noted Gun Expert Gavin Newsom”, should have had the ‘error’ single quotes around it, like this; Noted Gun ‘Expert’ Gavin Newsom?
    Just how expert can a guy be who says things like: “‘Easier to Get a Gun Than a Happy Meal in California”? -
    Expert liar, maybe…. but certainly no expert on guns, nor even the laws of the state that he is the ‘second in command'(or so he believes) of.

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