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“Police shot and killed a young man in south Los Angeles at the end of a car chase on Saturday, sparking a protest after witnesses said the 18-year-old was shot in the back five times while running away with his hands up,” reports.

“The chase began when officers tried to pull over a car with paper plates, suspecting the vehicle may have been stolen, and the driver refused to stop, Sgt. Barry Montgomery said. He said the passenger got out of the car during the pursuit and ran into the back of a house, where he was shot. The driver fled the scene and remained on the loose.”

This morning, the LAPD said investigators found a handgun at the scene of the shooting. Somehow I don’t think that’s going to mollify Black Lives Matter protesters or their followers. BLM and their ilk are strangely immune to factuality, while many of their “followers” seem more interested in the art of looting than achieving “social justice.”

Witnesses told CBS Los Angeles the deceased man — believed to be [Carnell] Snell — was running with his hands up, and said he was telling officers he was unarmed, when police shot him about five times.

Here we go again? The media sure seem to think so, recounting a litany of controversial police shootings every time there’s a controversial police shooting, leading people to believe that they’re connected and “routine.” Stoking the fires of racial hatred or highlighting systemic racism? We report, you decide.

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    • So is this the new normal and police are just shooting willy nilly? Or does every police department suffer from the “Ferguson Effect” and refuses to engage black thugs at all for fear of career-ruining riots?

      I’d says it’s all nonsense and the old normal is the still the same normal. It’s just getting heightened media attention now because that drives ratings, gives do-nothing street hustlers and rioters a sense of purpose, and gives the race baiting “black leaders” another controversy to upon which to make a buck.

      • I really think you’re on to something. Cable news networks, always hungry for higher ratings are more than happy to ring every single ratings point out of an incident like this. If that means sensationalizing the event or putting a racial spin on it, they’ll do it in a New York minute. They’ll run this story into the ground until the next ‘ratings story’ comes along. And that includes our pseudo friends at Fox News. Then, you have the professional agitators and anarchists who push their narrative and whip the mob into a frenzy for personal gain and power.Lost in all of this is the truth which rarely drives ratings and personal agendas.

    • Yeah, a few of these recent police shootings have been questionable, but some seem to fall squarely under the category of “don’t start none, won’t be none”. Trying to run from the cops in a stolen car seems like asking for trouble, especially with the LAPD.

    • If you play, play to win. This dancing around is what’s getting blacks killed. If you REALLY think the police are there to kill you, get about 5 guys together, practice a little bit with some Ruger Americans with 4-16×44 scopes, and get to work. After you’ve fried a little bacon for a month or two, they’ll get so paranoid that they won’t get out of their squad cars. If they shoot another of your “unarmed” bros, make it a very special week and double your bodycount. The cops will fold because they are ultimately self-serving.

      But, they’re not going to do this because their cause is weak, their faith is weak (or nonexistent), the motivation behind most of them is to steal stuff. Most if not all of them you see on TV looting and throwing stuff are scumbags, and they don’t believe in anything.

      With that being said…

      The police are failing us entirely. Over the decades they have positioned themselves to where serving us does not serve them, and their advancement comes at our cost. I wish they would hunt down riot-arsonists and looters with the same enthusiasm they show when defending themselves and their conduct that got the rioters there in the first place. You can’t control when the rabble-rousers show up, but you can at least try to make the public think you don’t have anything to hide by releasing all footage you have.

      This is the opposite of what they have been doing for about a decade now. It is reasonable to expect everything that comes out of a police mouth to be a lie unless proven otherwise. When they refuse to release video tapes of encounters (which are public-owned property, not police property…who bought those cameras? Who pays for the upkeep of the storage system?) their credibility is the same as that of the “witnesses.” In fact, it’s less. Police have more power and money to protect than hobos on the street, and a far greater incentive to lie.

      • When they refuse to release video tapes of encounters..

        If your goal is to convict a bad cop, you don’t want to be making video public until the cop has given a written statement. AFAIK, I’ve read that many cop unions don’t permit cops to given a statement until 3 days after so the cop can get their story (or lie) straight. Something is going to have to change if people want video faster.

        • “Something is going to have to change if people want video faster.”

          Something, being to stop listening to “police unions.”

          As long as employers can listen in and spy on their employees, the public has the same right wrt their employees/servants. From beat cop to Obama. Every word, every conversation, every minute of the day, always.

        • Ehhhhhhhh…So are you saying that releasing the footage immediately would give the guy a chance to watch himself on video before making a written statement? I also remember that they have to wait before making any statements or writing accounts of what happened. It seems like you’re making a few erroneous assumptions though.

          You said

          “If your goal is to convict a bad cop, you don’t want to be making video public until the cop has given a written statement.” You’ll have to follow up if you want to convince that this has an impact on convictions because…

          1. You are assuming that the cop has to write a statement of events without seeing the video, or having it described, or taking advice or input from anyone who has seen the video or had it described to them. Hell will freeze over, and Heaven will be the streets of Chicago before I believe that for one instant. The statements are doctored with respect to every shred of information that the department has at its disposal. The lawyer or union rep helping the cop gathers everything, and the statement is written from there.

          An example of this system getting outted would be this story which you may remember.

          The reason that the “official statement” by the officer was such a blatant lie is that the video footage was not known to exist at the time of the writing. Anyone with a brain knows that they would have had to approach with a very different strategy if they knew they guy with the phone was filming. In this case it was a good enough video that it might have been hopeless to lie, but a little shaking or a blocked angle and we would have had a taser drop at the body that was questionable instead of being a clear lie. The lawyer would NEVER allow that guy to lie so blatantly unless the video was not a known factor.

          2. Police are not charged for lying to people or lying to courts. There’s a reason that lying cops are called “Brady Cops” instead of “Inmates.” Lying or not lying on a statement has no impact on the charging and conviction.

          3. You may be saying that releasing a video too soon biases the public and will allow the defense to claim that no unbiased people remain to sit on a jury. This has never stopped trials from taking place in the past. Sometimes they have to go elsewhere for the jurors, but it doesn’t stop the trial. If anything, it would force prosecutors to turn on their buddies the cops more routinely because the pressure would be too great to resist. Unlike enlisted soldiers, prosecutors, cops, chiefs, and judges are not loyal to one another, and will stab in the back at earliest convenience for advancement or a place on the lifeboat. If you need convincing, just pay attention to a department every time there’s a scandal, and notice there’s always a “fall guy”, willing or unwilling.

          Anyway, if you have any response to my opinion about the release of video, please share. I don’t like acting prematurely, but I just can’t see how delaying the release of video helps the public and holds the cop accountable.

        • Stuki; you are wrong about Slager. He knew damn well Santana was recording. He explained the taser in his report, BEFORE the video came out. No tampering charges could be filed, because of it. The video actually shows Scott “winning” a fight with (breaking free from) Slager, according to the FBI themselves, and he can be heard screaming “do not leave, I can shoot you,” establishing cause under Tennessee vs. Garner. Then there are Almon Brown’s remarks concerning SLED, and the prosecution’s refusal to release the interviews. And the massive cocaethylene content of Scott’s blood proves he was coked up like Rick James. Don’t fall for the BLM narrative in this case, because Andy Savage is going to nuke it from orbit and secure the acquittal for his client.

        • You’re really going to have to prove this if you expect me to believe it.

          This story says the video did not surface for a while after the event. Unless you can prove this as a lie, I don’t see your version of things makes sense.

          It requires a YUGE suspension of belief to accept that the cop shot the negro in the back because he could knowing that he would face consequences.

          You might be right, and he might get off on a technicality of “establishing cause” or whatever you said, but I saw this video before I saw a single spook looting a store, and it didn’t look right at all. It look bad. Really bad.

          Also, Tennessee v. Garner has the conclusion that an officer cannot use deadly force to retrieve a fleeing suspect unless “the officer has probable cause to believe that the suspect poses a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or others.”

          Thus, shooting someone in the back is not justified by first TELLING him you’re going to shoot him in the back, as you seemed to suggest. Despite any evidence of rowdy behavior by the suspect, I couldn’t convince a jury that resisting someone that fucked with him first is evidence of intent to do others harm.

          I am curious about the taser though. Please elaborate about how the officer is able to “explain” planting a taser next to the guy he shot in the back at 15 yards.

      • The police risk their lives every day to protect citizens and don’t receive support from many of them.
        They can’t just release video while an investigation is underway.

        • The police often release video while the investigation is ongoing. They don’t always wait until it is completed.

        • More precisely, they release video if it is self-serving. If it makes them look bad then getting it is like pulling teeth.

        • The police does risk their lives every day to protect citizens.

          Amongst other things…

          Their job is to enforce “the law.” As in, enforce 10,000 pages, of which the Ten Commandments make sense, and the remaining 9,999 pages is governmental overreach.

          In the course of enforcing one of those 9,999, sometimes mistakes happen.

  1. I have serious doubts about the “witness” recollections of this event.

    Related: Since the facts and reality of police shootings no longer seem to matter, is there any point in police wearing body cameras anymore?

    • I’m sure they will swear to Lawdy Jesus, then make an accurate account of the events. You know, like with Michael Brown and his hands being up.

      Meanwhile, back in reality, gangs of black teens are roaming the street and beating up white people for being white. Or trying to stop them from beating someone else up. If it gets covered at all, it’s in print media, and they are characterized as “children” and “kids”. Imagine for only a minute what would happen in opposite land….

      Soros and his ilk are looking for a race war. To what end I have no idea, but seen in totality, that’s the only logical conclusion. I hope some other murky figure is able to stop him before it’s too late.

      • Look at the end of that article for who we should blame for the “kids” running around assaulting people:

        “I think that a lot of people in the area are recognizing that it’s not the parents,” said Anne McCullough, a liaison with the Cherokee Street special business district. “It’s the racism and the institutions that aren’t supporting the well-being of its citizens. I think everyone recognizes that it’s something greater and coming from poor resources within the city of St. Louis.”

        I didn’t think stupidity could get so stupid.

        • The excuses that white liberals make for the animals boggle the mind, and are really a slap in the face to the majority of black people who have jobs, are responsible, don’t loot, don’t beat people to make WorldStar vids…

          I wonder if she’ll be so superior and generous as she’s getting her skull kicked in.

      • Well, a race war in which one participating race comprises only 14% of the overall participants, and the poorest 14% at that, could sensibly be expected to result in the obliteration of that race (genocide), everything else being close to equal. Could that be Soros’ goal?

        • Well, he Soros and his ilk certainly want to keep blacks down as much as possible. That systematic targeting of a single group can only be explained by racism, so I’d say you’re onto something. Taken to its logical conclusion, that seems to be what they want.

        • The people who pull the strings in our society absolutely do not want any group exterminated. They need a large selection of factions to choose from to keep setting against each other to keep us distracted while they hollow out the economy and chip away at our rights. Black vs. white, old vs. young, male vs. female, liberal vs. conservative, you name it, in every situation we’re offered a false dichotomy that only creates more strife and uncertainty.

          If you’re asking what the goal of a race war would be, the conflict is itself the goal. It offers a smokescreen that the powerful can hide behind while they enrich themselves and further erode our society.

      • When reading the St. Louis article, what comes to mind are all of the “leaders” so concerned that Constitutional Carry meant open season on blacks in Missouri. I wouldn’t be surprised if many residents and those enjoying the in the park in the Gravois Park area aren’t arming themselves right now. The 30-year old “child” in the group of “children” harassing a woman in the park, and ultimately the couple defending the woman, will likely soon face the business end of hand gun. This is exactly why the veto of gun rights legislation was overridden in Missouri – citizens implored their legislators to make it easier to exercise their Constitutional rights to protect themselves and their families from thugs like these roving gangs of “children.” Governor Nixon, with all of his armed protection, wanted to deny the rights of the citizens of Missouri to defend themselves by keeping a (relatively easy, expensive, but un-Constitutional) system in place that creates a burden for the poor while allowing those of better means to legally carry concealed. That barrier has now been reduced, and citizens of any race can defend themselves without the burden of a financial tax on their rights.

      • Soros made a good chunk of his cash by destabilizing currencies. What do you think mass riots and civil unrest will do to the value of the dollar internationally?

        • After the Cold War ended and we got a peek at the Soviet archives it was revealed that Armand Hammer was the Kremlin’s bagman. CIA analysts began looking for Hammer’r successor. Suspicion fell on George Soros. They never found any direct evidence and Soros behaved respectabiy during the early to mid 90s. Then Putin came to power and Soros went off the rails. My guess is that Putin reminded Soros that he was compromised and he’s better start doing Russia’s bidding or the information would find its way to the press.

  2. Maybe they’ll burn the place down. The country and the world won’t loose much if they did. Besides what are the good people of LA County going to do against armed thugs?

    • Blow their whistles? Offer to become their allies while not speaking over their oppressed voices? Quietly vacate the premises while deciding that letting their positions be stolen is just providing appropriate reparations? Perhaps throw themselves to the mob so that their bodily sacrifice may be seen as one small step to balancing the scales for hundreds of years of oppression?

      Nah they are probably going to just squeeze and run while completely missing their connection between voting for the politicians who enable this cap and the people ransacking their home/business/body.

  3. Running away wif his hands up in the air. Not the fastest way to run. Cali need more firearm laws, that is the ticket. Maybe stay in the car with his hands in plain sight, not moving around or even getting out and laying down vice running home. Then again he would not have gained any skreetcred.

    • The car was stolen or it wasn’t. He was shot 5 times in the back, or he wasn’t. The gun is a different question, since the cops involved could have placed a gun there which he did not have. Body cams could tell us that. Even better, after all the zillions we as a nation have spent on serializing firearms and maintaining records, if the powers that be cannot *tell* us whether the boy was in possession of this gun or not, then let’s call it a day and stop pretending they will ever be able to, and shitcan the entire “tracking” system.

  4. Here we go again. The “witnesses” were likely not even there and I’m sure the looting, I mean uprising, will commence shortly followed by talking heads and BLM crowd chirping about the “war on black men”. Meanwhile, law abiding citizens are left defenseless against the marauding hordes of savages.

  5. They could be armed with RPGs and flame throwers and after they get shot every “witness” will say they were unarmed, probably sitting calming reading their bible. -.-

  6. Ya’ know this happens all the time in Chicagoland-like last night. Are they too lazy to riot?!? Seriously…?

  7. You’re losing me here… Do you have statistics to support your claim of “many”? Or did you just make that up because that’s how you “feel”? Talk about “factuality”……….. This country is screwed because so many people – on both sides – are more worried about how they “feel” than what is true. You, Robert, are just as guilty.

    “This morning, the LAPD said investigators found a handgun at the scene of the shooting. Somehow I don’t think that’s going to mollify Black Lives Matter protesters or their followers. BLM and their ilk are strangely immune to factuality, while many of their “followers” seem more interested in the art of looting than achieving “social justice.””

    • Consider recent events and I think you’ll find that statement is firmly rooted in reality.

      • You got your “facts” from TV (or some other anecdotal source) and had an emotional response… It’s like saying many Republicans are racist because some are. Just as guilty when it comes to “factuality”.

        allowing emotion to overwhelm reason is a normal human response. It’s gotten so out of control, however, that we civilization is in danger because of it.

        • So you are claiming that all the videos of looting, burning, “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon”, “what do we want? Dead cops! When do we want ’em? Right now!”, “Hands up! Don’t shoot!”, assaults, screaming obscenities and threatening bystanders, all of that is just made up? Falsified? It’s our imagination? Do you have any evidence to back *that* up?

    • John – not to be contentious, but it does seem that the BLM “protesters” that did all the looting in Ferguson, Baltimore, Milwaukee,Charlotte, etc., number in the “many.” I don’t know the number of people you would consider “many,” nor how often a protest needs to end up in the destruction of property and looting of businesses for you to acknowledge that the BLM movement is more about social disruption (violence) than it is about peaceful pursuit of the truth in any of these shootings of black men.

  8. Racism exists. I don’t believe in a deliberate systemic racism. Segregation was systemic racism. Police kill about 1,000 people a year. Police lie, police cover for other police. Those are facts. The vast majority of those killed by police are white.

    The problem is police harass black Americans too frequently. A study examining stop and frisk in NYC found they harassed a disproportionate number of Blacks. There is a problem with our police, but excessive force towards blacks is a symptom of a larger problem in some police departments. bad training, bad leadership I don’t know, but if you think everything in our police departments are fine and dandy keep your head in the sand.

    • Jay, am I mistaken, but this seems to be a problem mainly in the urban, progressive and democrat controlled communities. How is this possible?

    • There are thousands of independently managed police departments in the US. Just because police department that are usually led by Democrats have issues with police training and discipline does not mean it represents all police departments and police officers. The problem we have with these recent events is that the accusations that motivated these riots were often based on lies. Unfortunately, after a while, people of reasonable intelligence cannot trust accusers to tell the truth.

      • Hey when Chicago had Laquan Mcdonald’s video with held who did it? The mayor and the prosecutor. Who got fired? The chief of police.

    • Look at who most of the victims of shootings are and who most of the perpetrators in Chicago that get caught are. Look at the demographics for where those “bad neighborhoods” are. Perhaps there’s an underlying reason that there are more minority stops.

    • “A study examining stop and frisk in NYC found they harassed a disproportionate number of Blacks.”

      No kidding. Police also “harass” a disproportionate number of men. Know why? Because men are committing the crimes. So are blacks in these cities, at least when it comes to murder. Nationally, the perpetrators of homicide are approximately 50% black. These are facts, but feel free to be harassed by the inherent racism of apparent reality.

      Or consider that the socioeconomic problems that plague black communities in the inner city are reflected by the high homicide and crime rates there and the police are responding to that- the crime- and therefore there is more aggressive policing in black neighborhoods because that’s where the crime is.

      • Ah yes. Simple statement of facts, of reality and a simple correlation easy to prove. Just look at demographics of crime in mostly white dominated cities versus black dominated cities. In a city with almost all white with only single digits of black population, the crime rate is significantly below the national average. As the black population increases so does the crime rate, until in primarily black dominated cities, the crime rate is way above the national average.

        But to acknowledge such facts, reality and statistics, is “racist”.

  9. “He was a good boy who just fell in with a bad crowd – but he was turning his life around and was gonna go to college and study nuclear physics.”

    • And in a straight line. If your going to run..with hands in the air…black men have to up their zig/zag game.

      • Agreed. If they would work diligently at that, on the football field and/or basketball court in High School and college, I’m betting the number shot while running from police would drop dramatically.

        • Ask the deeper question….how come more black men play college ball than white men? Answer blacks are physically faster than whites, because their muscle mass is denser. It’s genetics people…why is there not affirmative action on the grid iron? Nobody wants a losing team. Makes the diversity argument moot.

      • A zig-zag/serpentine pattern… Is this a joke or intentionally bad advice?

        Yes, by all means, double the amount of distance you have to cover and the time it takes to get to cover thereby increasing the time the shooter has to actually score a hit. This has been studied to some degree and the zig-zag actually increases the chances that you get hit vs running away in a straight line. It’s 52%-54%. This advice, where ever it comes from is bad advice.

        Think about this. Turning like this makes you much slower and the pattern increases the distance you have to cover. Distance is your friend in this case. The longer it takes for you to put distance between you and the shooter the more time they have to shoot more bullets at you increasing the chances that they hit you. Yes, now you’re moving left to right making it a “harder shot” but we can see from the data that the shooter gets off more rounds and actually scores more hits. The only thing worse is running away crouched because it makes you even slower.

        Zig zaging gets you hit more often and makes you look like you’re half-retarded. If you zig and zag all I have to do is approximate the center of your pattern and wait for you to cross it while I’m firing and you’re done. No need to follow you left to right, I know you’ll come back right to left so I just wait in the center and pop you as you cross it.

        I hate to get all TV about it but…

  10. According to the CBS article, the woman said “she believes the victim is her son, 18-year-old Carnell Snell Jr. “. I know that there is a whole segment of our society who do not know who their fathers are, and there is a segment of fathers who do not know who their sons or daughters are, but it seems that we have now progressed to a yet another segment – mothers that do not know who their children are.

  11. …after witnesses said the 18-year-old was shot in the back five times while running away with his hands up.

    Yeeeeeea…. I’ll wait for more details on this one.

  12. BLM and their ilk are strangely immune to factuality, while many of their “followers” seem more interested in the art of looting than achieving “social justice.”

    Silly Robert, looting is social justice. Direct redistribution with the added benefit of burning small businesses in your community to make those entrepreneurs just as unproductive as the looters.

  13. It has gotten to the point where if a black man or women claims they were the victim of police brutality, I cannot believe it. Fundamentally, If a Democrat calls someone a racist, it cannot be believed. It is like the Democrats want to destroy decades of progress, to create some sort of race war, in order to gobble up more political power over the American people.

    • “It is like the Democrats want to destroy decades of progress”

      They do. The goal is to create the division, make themselves be seen as the only ones who care, who “understand”, and then own the vote for that portion of the population. It’s not about the justice; it’s about the power.

  14. I will wait for the facts to come roll in before rendering judgement. (Unlike I did in the Washington State mall shooting)

    But I ran across this video that may explain why the police shoot unarmed people. Perception and reaction time seem to be the major contributing factors.

      • Duh, but the video gives and indication of why that is true. It takes more time to react then it does for the threat to shoot if you wait until a real threat presents itself. If you wait to see a gun then you are already dead.

  15. Establishmentarians can say what they like about Alex Jones. A conspiracy theory is just a theory that differs from the government’s or their media’s. But he is correct here: Every shooting that is justified is stoked by Soros and the media. Every shooting that is not justified, is quickly glossed over. With the Charlotte rioters being shipped in from out of state, we now know what’s going on.

    • That simple fact has been brought up here in TTAG comments quite a few times.

      The question that remains, though…is why. Why gloss over the ‘bad’ cop shoots? What is gained by that?

      It seems like at least mixing in the truly bad ones with the misrepresented goods ones would give their lies credibility.

      What is the point, the end game, of leaving out the cases that prove the allegation?

      • Many of the ‘bad’ shootings result in the officer being fired and prosecuted. That would mean… justice? And therefore peace? Can’t have that.

        I do know of a couple of shootings I consider horrible where the officer wasn’t prosecuted but the victim wasn’t the right color.

  16. The point I will ultimately pose is how sad it is in society when we don’t even understand that a person was doing something bad that hurt other people and yet they’re the victim.

  17. The absurdity of the statement running away with his hands up. Anyone EVER see a black man running away with their arms in the air? Perhaps an LEO can chime in…throughout your career, what percentage of drivers or passengers run after a traffic stop are innocent of criminal activity?

    • Actually I have seen a black man running away with his hands in the air, they were holding the flat screen tv he had just liberated from white oppression of Wally World.

  18. Running away with his arms in the air? Maybe he was a Pee Wee Herman devotee. I am and I run that way too.

  19. *sort of off-topic rant*
    I once heard someone say “You can’t question affirmative action because it keeps black folks from rioting on their blue-state plantations.” I was surprised by this at first, but over the years I’ve realized it’s true. The Dems, in their quest for a permanent support block, lured generations of traumatized southern blacks to their urban ghettos with promises of free stuff in the 60’s and 70’s, promises that have been engineered to keep everyone content in exchange for votes. Anyone who educates themselves and rises above the ghetto is one less “proper” vote that allows the lazy, criminals, and criminally lazy to keep getting everything for nothing. But there is a more sinister motive.

    I guarantee you low-level Dem party reps have told (and still do tell) black community leaders behind closed doors “If you ever stop pushing your neighbors to vote for us, we’ll cut your funding.” These riots are being funded and encouraged by those same apparatchiks in the news/social media. For nearly two terms, America told them where to shove their Marxist equality of outcome, and now the gloves are off because they didn’t get what they wanted. Their game plan is: Silence electoral opposition by blaming their rhetoric/supporters for “causing” the riots; Intimidate the rest of America to vote D so the riots will stop; Use the riots as a justification for sweeping increases of state power and the shredding of civil liberties. This is just the sort of “Fundamental transformation” Obamski was talking about.

    • It’s far deeper and more sinister than your commentary. First Democrats see how well black families are doing in the 50″s, racism drives banks to only offer mortgages in clearly defined areas. So while white families investment is appreciating, black investment hold or decline. British brain drain in the UK to the US in early and mid sixties, voting conservative in early drove democrats in 1968 to change immigration laws limiting Europeans and opening the southern border. Poor Mexicans, Central and South Americans overwhelmingly are Catholic, vote democrat and have large families. On passing the Civil Rights Lyndon B. Johnson said he would have niggers voting democrats for 50 years, but lamented that he turn southern states republican. Meanwhile, to your commentary, in the 70’s the grand bargain with black leadership and changes in welfare laws allowing single mothers payments, more money for more fatherless children. Step in Plan Parenthood lobbying for more abortions in the black community for funding democratic candidates, then incarceration or murder of 1.5 million black men (killing each other) in the last 20 years. Add the education industry is democrat and refuses to allow funding for private schools.

      What were witnessing is, whatever the good intentions the results of 50 years of democrat policies decimating blacks in this country while banks, teachers and unions profit, no wonder BLM, poverty pimps, and lawmakers enjoy the murder of police…it covers their complicity.

      • There’s something fundamentally different this time ’round:

        The Democrats have written off and abandoned the white middle-class / union voters. Their supposed ‘base’.

        They are now the educated elites and urban blight party.

        • NOPE…Unions, school teachers, blacks and immigrants are ALWAYS their BASE. The MONSTER vote is coming (folks who normally don’t vote). It’s eight years of progressive taxation, double the cost of health care, passing bills without reviewing them, Obama bypassing Congress to fix Obama Care, continued funding of solar & wind causing poor people to pay 3x as much as before. Blatant LIES by the administration, covering for Hillary, though the rats know her ship is sinking. It’s republicans supporting Hillary to keep the government money trough full for them. It’s Hillary telling her people republicans are deplorable and Bernie supporters are basement dwellers. It’s democrats selling the lie that you can be anything, after you get a worthless degree and make a living at it. Hillary telling hard working people they’re racist.

          Normal people experience this nonsense and vote, it the only thing that will shove our will up their asses.

      • Close, but LBJ’s “niggers voting democrat” quote was 200 years, not 50. Not too dumb, LBJ, it has been 50 years and they haven’t caught on to the scam yet.

  20. Who wants to start a Go Fund Me to rebuild LA after it’s burned down? I’ll contribute the first dime.

  21. I don’t buy the witness statements for a second.

    Running with your hands in the air unbalances you. There’s no way you can really control yourself at full speed with your hands up. Therefore it can safely be said that it would be extremely unusual for someone to attempt to evade the police with their hands up. If their making a good faith effort at escape they’re not putting their hands up.

    If they’ve got their hands up they would seem to be actively surrendering and giving the cops no reason to fire.

    The story doesn’t add up at all.

  22. Obama and the Democrat Party keep telling the nation (and the world) how “race relations are getting better all the time”. Who? Where? What?

    Why was the young man running with his hands up? If you are running, you are attempting to escape, not surrender. This makes no sense. It is nearly impossible to run and have your body under control with your hands fully raised. This must be a case of “Black Legs Matter”. The burning question remains: Who is telling the truth?

    Someone, or some group, has a long-running agenda in this situation. Would you care to guess their identity? You have three guesses… (the first two don’t count)!

  23. Well if they’re going to burn down a city LA is a good pick.

    Watch as the media doesn’t inflame this because they actually care what happens to LA.

  24. The facts don’t matter. There will be ‘protests’ and likely riots. The cop who shot him should worry that even if he did nothing wrong, he will be targeted for violence and lose his career (i.e. Darren Wilson) .

    Next time, don’t bother chasing unless he’s white or possibly “white hispanic.”

  25. When is the media going to held accountable for their role in this cycle:

    1. Shooting happens between police and citizen
    2. False narratives are aired on the news before facts are established
    3. Stories proclaiming innocence based on false narratives are aired
    4. Police and/or any white people involved are blamed and vilified
    5. Officers are socially victimized, attacked, and put on leave or are fired
    6. Months pass and finally the fact is the person shot had a long rap sheet, had an illegal firearm, was a felon, or was not complying with numerous commands

    So, do away with false narratives and don’t involve the “victim” families until the facts are known. How hard is that?

    Until the media holds public safety above their ratings this sort of irresponsible journalism will continue.

  26. If the guy was running away, it doesn’t look like the cop’s life was in threat, so why shoot?

    • Let’s start with that “If”

      Michael Brown was alleged to have been doing the exact same thing… running away “with his hands up” (yeah, try that) by ‘witnesses.’

      Guess how true that turned out to be?

        • Maybe. Given the quality of reporting on these issues that I’ve seen in the last couple of years I’ll give it a week to see what comes out.

          That said, I can think of plenty of reasons why the police would shoot someone in the back. Someone once got an earful from me once when he said ‘we can’t shoot people in the back.’ You better damn well shoot someone in the back if you’re behind him and he’s shooting at me.

        • Another question, pretty obviously, would be “how does CBS know he was shot in the back?” Did his Mommy tell CBS that? We haven’t even heard how many times he was shot.

  27. I find the witness claims that he was running away with his hands up just as valid (or invalid) as the LAPD’s claim that they recovered a weapon. Both are allegations that need an independent investigation to verify.

    Body camera footage would be great here. In Fresno, I was honestly shocked when camera phone footage showed the officers shooting the guy on the ground. Yet when the body cam footage came out, it clearly showed the idiot continuing to reach for his waistband.

    The witnesses very well may believe that they saw Snell running away with his hands up. The officers very well may believe that Snell was an imminent threat to them or others. Until an investigation is complete, I can’t find either side credible.

    Just like the rest of us (at least in theory), it’s up to the officer to justify his use of deadly force.

  28. I would not take a job as a policeman in any, even remotely, urban center without a unbreakable ironclad employment contract with a 1,000,000 dollar severance package that was held in a bank that no US government could legally seize.

    That job has become non-viable.

    • Its a good job…know going in management and city officials, in order to save their jobs, will chuck you under the bus in a heartbeat.

      • Any job where you can be thrown under the bus and be prosecuted for doing nothing wrong is no longer a good job. The Baltimore 6 is the best example so far.

        The irony is that all the politicians demanding such prosecutions are going to create a create a self-fulfilling prophesy. Seasoned cops in places like Chicago and Baltimore are either looking forward to retirement (if they have less than 10 years left) or are looking for another job- either at a better department\locality or outside policing entirely. So retention will erode further… and as departments struggle to find good cops standards will be lowered even more (I say even more because in many places standards for clean backgrounds have already been relaxed).

        • Hannibal, I doubt there will ever be a shortage of Chicago coppers. It’s around $65K – if you’ve been there for a minute, and with ot, bonuses, and the rest it’s a $100K gig. Not $200K like in parts of CA or East Coast, but it pays pretty darn well for needing to barely scribble your signature in crayon.

          Last time I heard anything directly, you still needed to be connected to get on at CPD.

        • 16V
          Scribble in crayon?
          You are a moron.
          Police go through a detailed vetting process and receive significant training.

          Only to be undermined by syncophants like you.

          Try putting on the uniform and hitting the streets one day.
          Do it knowing that thugs will try to kill you and others will celebrate your murder.
          Do it knowing that people will not comply and if you take action, you’ll be labeled a racist.
          Do it knowing that others will judge your intelligence and motivation.
          Then wake up and do it again and again and again.

        • Lou,. I know cops in a few metros across the country, several generations of my family were cops, one of my grandfathers was CPD. I did ride alongs in North STL 25 ish years ago. It’s a boring and routine job, not in the sense of working an assembly line, but in the sense of working in a high volume restaurant. I also know this from my friends and aquaints who do the job – in some active areas.

          So please holster the attitude Ricky Ranger, it’s a job. One that generally pays better than median. You are less likely to die on the job than the millions of people who drive for a living delivering your beer, and fully half of all police deaths are traffic accidents. Does it have it’s unique challenges? Of course it does. But with the exceptions of the BLM nonsense the pols and the brass have allowed to get out of hand, you go to work with body armor, a sidearm, a shottie, long gun, and an armed group of guys who come runnin’ if you call on the radio. Truckers, and delivery drivers don’t get to do that, nor do the rest of the tens of millions who work a job where they are less likely to “go home to their family” than you are. If you don’t realize that it’s a job, you’ll be crawlin’ into a bottle, or stealing blow from some dealer to soothe your unfulfilled Superman status.

          There are some good cops here, I support good cops. But if you think CPD is much more than the connected guys who no longer have manufacturing jobs, you’re talking out your ass. Like most departments across the country, now they won’t even hire you if you’re more than even a little too smart, and if you really believe cops get some super intense training, I guess you’re mad that I know about your crayon.

        • Lou, let me get this straight. You are claiming to know the vetting process and standards for every police department in the nation? And follow that calling others morons? I think you should reevaluate.

        • 16V I suggest you read secondcitycopblog a bit… the problem isn’t necessarily even finding good cops (though that IS a problem, I’m just not sure about Chicago) it’s keeping them.

  29. As much as I tend to mock the tinfoil hat crowd, I’m seeing a lot of theories here that make a fair amount of sense about the endgame of these strings being pulled behind the scenes. Here’s my $.02. We’ve all noticed that legitimate shootings of blacks get inflamed and result in riots, while blatant murders of blacks (yes, I know that cops blatantly murder people of every race, but in this case, I’m specifically talking about blacks) are forgotten in a week. I think it’s part of the ongoing, systematic changes that we’ve seen to law enforcement in last last couple of decades, and it’s yet another way to root out good cops who might object to acting as state-sponsored brown shirts.

    Power is the ultimate goal, of course, and law enforcement has been and will continue to be the sword of the legislation. But there’s still no shortage of cops who would put their foot down and say “no, this is wrong, and I won’t enforce it”.

    • Really? So ‘they’ found a gun on Michael Brown? So ‘they’ found a gun on Akai Gurley? How about Alfred Olango?

      Hmm… no, ‘they’ didn’t find guns in any of those cases. So maybe they find guns because the bad guys had guns after all.

      Of course it’s LA so it’s possible a gun just happened to be there…

    • And, spoiler alert..

      “Los Angeles police have released surveillance video showing a suspect holding what appears to be a gun just before he was fatally shot Saturday by officers. The footage posted Tuesday to LAPD’s YouTube channel shows a man in grey sweat pants and a blue hooded sweat shirt crouching behind an SUV and pulling a handgun from his waistband. He puts the gun back into his pants and runs around the corner of a strip mall as officers pursue him…”

  30. Someone posted earlier about the lack of objective thinking. The use of anecdotes as
    evidence. Using subjective experiences to reinforce a world view is EXACTLY what is wrong in this country.
    I have been paying attention to this mindset grow ever since 2003.It is being taught
    on college campuses through out the U.S. they have a name for it its Called Stand
    point theory, part of the Critical Theory. Since institutes of higher learning are churning
    out indoctrinated college grads, they just don’t get a job at a B of A or walmart. They are flooding into jobs such as teaching, the courts local state and county govenrments.And there first indoctrinated inclination is to spread this garbage
    into the greater society. That is why we are seeing so many instances of complete
    cult like lack of critical thinking.

    • There are only two type of workers….your either task complete or observation & correction. There is NO other category.
      Task complete have an elevated sense of what they are worth, the market says otherwise.

  31. Yep, it was a really “beautiful” night in the “City of Angels” yesterday. Obama has done “wonderful things” for race relations. I ordered another 1,000 rounds of 9mm / .22 LR / 300 BLK mix and a 55 gallon water barrel to go with my order of JM Bullion silver bars.

    The demonstrations weren’t too bad since LAPD Metro and others are pretty experienced. That might not be the case in the next big city if cops actually do make a big mistake in a shooting.

    I like what other have said about body cams, videos, and facts not making a difference. A lot of the “protestors” are straight up angry thugs and act accordingly. They can’t wait to handicap police rules of engagement even further. I recommend investing in precious metals like copper, brass, and lead.

  32. Think it’s bad now? How much of an economic collapse or slow down will it take to completely fire up the social unrest?

    It’s going to happen soon, within a year. Prepare.

  33. I doubt the circumstances solely because BLM are protesting. Their track record is a perfect inverse. There have been a few legitimate cases, where there is clear evidence of police wrongdoing that get national attention, and each one has been abandoned immediately upon public recognition while lies about Michael Brown are regurgitated.

  34. “A handgun was found at the scene”, is hardly proof. I’ve known maybe a dozen cops in my life. Two of them used to carry “drop guns” with them.

    We need body cams. Period.

  35. Every time someone says “unarmed kid shot with hands up while fleeing” my bull plop-meter immediately goes off.


    One of these days it’s going to actually happen and I won’t be able to believe it. Which makes me angry that these people are being so callous and stupid and pushing false narratives.

  36. Enough is enough! The deep divide created by this president and fostered by his lapdog media is tearing us apart at the seams. I will not say that there had not been injustice in certain socioeconomically depressed areas. Anywhere there is someone holding power over others, there will be corruption! However, the overwhelming majority of whites are not racists and are beginning to have deep resentments over the assertion. Whites see things that the blacks don’t. For example, the racism places on whites when discriminated against by the government and corporations when they lose jobs or access to various programs when they learn they were more qualified, but a quota had to be filled via the enforcement of affirmative action policies. Whites also, often feel disgust and anger when told they should pay reparations for slavery. How much is the blood of 400,000 of our familial ancestors worth? 400,000 Americans died in order to free the slaves. Furthermore, in the decades past into the civil rights era, it was whites (Republicand too) that were the driving force in equality for all. Blacks alone, could not have accomplished it without compassionate whites that rose to the occasion to standing side by side with blacks to rise up against the evils of the time. Moving past the civil rights era, most parents have done a great job raising a new generation of kids that see Americans as Americans without qualifiers. Now, we are right back where we started. Years of progress erased.
    Why? I know blacks feel wronged, but they are misdirecting their anger. It’s NOT whites that have done them wrong. It is their government. And, not the entire government either, just one party. They need to direct their anger at the Democratic Party. LBJ was a hardcore racist. He has been recorded and quoted using the “N” on a casual basis. Most importantly, he was quoted while developing and promoting his “great society” (which was anything but great) as saying that he wanted to give the “n” words a handout, not enough to make a difference, but enough to get them voting democrat for the next 100yrs. Don’t believe me? Look it up. The democrats have single handedly destroyed the black family unit by incentivizing multiple births out of wedlock. He knew he could give them just enough money from the treasury to break their (obviously I’m speaking in general terms) humanity making then completely dependent on the government and keep their loyalty by the constant fearmongering that if they vote republican, republicans will take away their money and place them back in chains. The whole problem with that is that LBJ simply shackled new chains, but instead of the plantation owner, the master is the democrat party. It disgusts me that this history is not taught. It pains me to see this country devolving into chaos. The government/media is doing a fine job of distracting everyone with this false racism narrative so that they don’t see the powder keg they are sitting on top of. The global economy and global political climate is perilous. We are headed for dark times, but instead of us all coming together to find a solution to this madness and preparing our families for this near certainty future, we are at each other’s throats.
    Wake up America! Quit putting pronouns in front of your Americanism citing some damn ethnic group. We ceased to be those ethnic groups when we became Americans whether by birthright or naturalization. Great, hold onto your heritage and remember your ancestors, but WE ARE ALL AMERICANS! Wake up dammit before the America is gone forever!

  37. The pure authoritarian boot licking going on here by the same people that defended Cliven Bundy is disgusting. Do you people even see your hypocritical insanity anymore?

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