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“So it seems to me that gun control can’t be solved because Democrats are using guns to kill each other – and want it to stop – whereas Republicans are using guns to defend against Democrats.” – Scott Adams in Why Gun Control Can’t Be Solved in the USA [at]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Here's That Gun Control Slippery Slope You've Been Talking About">Previous Post
Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Judge Andrew Napolitano Sounds the Alarm!">Next Post


  1. I get that is comedy/sarcasm, but he’s right.
    Oh, and at the bottom…
    ” Comments temporarily disabled”

    • Comedy and sarcasm require an element of reality/truth in order to be funny. This example is no different.

      And before anyone starts hyperventilating about how Republicans commit violent crimes, the obvious reality is, of course, they do too.

      Having said all that, it is a FACT that the overwhelming majority of violent crimes occur in urban population centers. It is also a FACT that the overwhelming majority of people in urban population centers identify politically with Democrats. Ergo, the overwhelming majority of violent crime perpetrators and victims are Democrats. ‘Nuff said.

    • Comedy is always putting the truth in a way that all can understand.

      Or people getting hurt, that’s usually funny too.

      • Comedy USED to be about putting the truth into terms everyone could understand. Now it’s all jokes about Amy Schumer’s vagina.

        • “…Amy Schumer’s vagina”

          A horrible dark place where no one wants to visit. I wouldn’t even drive there with someone else’s car wrapped in two layers of plastic film.

        • Amy Schumer’s vagina. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.

    • I’m not surprised about the comments being disabled. Given the usual responses to his blog posts, I’m guessing the vitriol on this one would have corroded the server’s CPU.

  2. Huh. The blog had some good points that got me thinking…

    Left views guns as a threat (to personal and/or public safety). Right views guns as protection against a threat (personal safety and basic freedoms). Left tries to limit freedom to reduce the threat. Right sees this as a threat to both personal safety and basic freedoms. Right sees threat and tells the Left to piss off and buys ever more guns and ammo. Left sees the threat and gives the House of Representatives a time out by sitting on the floor and whining.

    I’d rather this wasn’t the case, but I can live with it.

    • ALL (Left & Republicans NOT Left & “Right” as there are not enough Conservatives in the mix for (R) to claim to be “Right”) are just your stupid neighbors who needed a job and went to work for our government. They are NOT solving the problems/doing the tasks that they were sent to do, they are attempting to write their own job description so that it somehow comes out like “KINGgodDUKE” and they will NEVER GET THERE BECAUSE THEY JUST DON’T RATE.

      Gun control isn’t just anti-Constitutional, it is making up a bogus solution and then looking for a problem. LIKE SATAN’S OBAMACARE, it is not a guaranty of ANY PROTECTION it is merely the taxation to extinction of your ability to do it for yourselves. THAT IS COMMUNISM.

    • Mark, the only part I disagree with is where you imply that shutting down the house is a bad thing. In my view the less they do the less damage gets done to the freedoms we have left and the country as a whole benefits from the House being in recess.

      Too bad the Speaker didn’t shut off the AC on the way out.

  3. The anti gunners refuse to live in, nor accepts a real world. They cannot grasp love ones calling or texting cell phones as investigators mulled around the dead in Orlando. Not the fact that armed patrons would have shot the shooter.

    Pro gunners embrace the real world, understand that evil exist. And take steps not to be a victim.

  4. I read Scott Adam’s blog daily for a long time. The guy has some goofy views about a lot of stuff, but there are some gems if you dig deep enough.

  5. Scott Adams comes so close and yet he is so far.

    He correctly recognizes that gun-grabbers and gun-rights supporters have different interests and mindsets regarding personal risk and the best way to manage that risk. What he fails to recognize is that it is an insult to our humanity when one group tells another what they can or cannot do to manage their own conclusion about their own risks.

    And that is where gun-rights supporters have the moral high ground. We choose to own and carry firearms so that we can decrease our risk of a bad outcome when evil strikes. Note that the gun-rights solution to evil does not directly force anyone to do (or NOT do) anything. Gun-grabbers, on the other hand, choose disarmament as their idea to decrease the risk of a bad outcome when evil strikes. Note that the gun-grabber solution to evil FORCES EVERYONE to to do something — namely give up their firearms and go about their business defenseless.

    The end result: gun-grabbers want to directly force gun-rights supporters to do something against their will — just like the evil attacker who forces their victim to give up their money, body, or life against their will.

    • Well said. That sums up Democrats as a whole. Demand that SOMEONE ELSE do something against their will, so THEY feel good.
      They never want to take responsibility for themselves or their actions. The facts and realities of life in this world be do not matter, as long as the FEEL something.

  6. That was a pretty good read. If I hadn’t sworn to never post on FB again, I might make a few of my leftist friends and family member’s heads explode with it!

  7. Of course, it is wise to understand your opponents perceptions and motivations. I’d quote Sun Tzu but he exaggerates a lot and sounds like a bit too much like a self help a self-help author.

  8. One day Dogbert will simply decree that all social justice warriors are illegal immigrants, and must be thrown over the Vicente Fox memorial border wall and tacqueria.

  9. Meh-this OFWG is outa’ the loop. Don’t care about dilbert and don’t care about his opinion. Fine if he makes some pro-gun/liberty points. Are there even readers of the funny papers anymore?

  10. Here is Adams’ last paragraph:
    “So stop acting like one side is stupid. Both sides of the gun issue are scared, and both have legitimate reasons to be that way. Neither side is ‘right.'”

    Sorry Scott. The left thinks my gun(s) make them less safe. That’s stupid. It’s completely devoid of logic. They are wrong. I am right.

  11. He may have a point on broad Left/Right terms, which, in fairness, is all he claimed. However, the issue has a critical vertical dimension, too, contrasting leadership and citizen level views, which he misses.

    The risk profile he attributes to the Right would generally only apply to regular citizens on the Right. The GOP may reach the same decision on guns, but only out of electoral fear, not constitutional conviction.

    Very few GOP members of Congress (and none of the leadership) genuinely and passionately support the Second Amendment. They only vote that way because their constituents demand they do. Those are only their constituents through happenstance of wherever these politicians were raised or made their careers after college. Insulated from electoral fallout, most would compromise away our rights without a thought.

    On the Left, again, his risk profile of fear of gun violence applies to the rank and file, not to party politicians. Democrat politicians, with vanishingly few and inconsequential exceptions, all shelter statist ambitions.

    They want more and more control for its own sake, not to help the masses. They want to dictate the course of our lives and, yes, if they could get away with it, end our lives, or at least see them exist only in prison camp conditions. Privately held firearms obstruct those designs directly, but do so indirectly, too, by fostering an ethic of individuality and self-reliance.

    Attempting to apply the basic Left risk profile specifically to the Democrat Party’s vile desires to dominate the citizenry is a bridge too far.

  12. Look at the Demobrats and their squat-in on the floor of the House and tell me again how and why we should all get along.

  13. A Gulag may be in the future for Scott Adams in a Hilary administration.
    Humor will not be tolerated.


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