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Correlation does not equal causation. But the fact remains: Americans have purchased millions of guns in the run-up to and during the Obama administration. It’s safe to say there are more guns in circulation in these United States now than ever before. And the homicide rate for 2014 was at a 51-year low. According to . . .


Over a recent 20 year period, the number of new guns in the US that were either manufactured in the US or imported into the US increased 141 percent from 6.6 million new guns in 1994 to 16 million in 2013. That means a gross total of 132 million new guns were added into the US population over that time period.

While the Pulse nightclub massacre was a deeply horrific incident, it will have little to no effect on America’s overall homicide rate for 2016. Just as the addition to Americans’ gun supply has had little to no negative impact on the U.S. homicide rate.

Now you could say (and our gun-grabbing friends no doubt will) that the U.S. homicide rate would be even lower if fewer guns had entered the body politic, but that’s just silly. Meanwhile, bookmark this bad boy and send the link to a firearms fence straddler you know. Do it for the children!

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  1. Suggestion: Focus on DGU’s. Add a running total of lives saved to your DGU of the day posts. The antis focus on lives lost. We need to show the counterbalance of potential lives saved.

    • EXACTLY .
      I have for some time , suggested here and on other popular gun friendly web sights , like The Blaze , to make a running tally of all the lives saved and crimes averted by everyday citizens with their firearms , much like the NRA does in their magazines . I guarantee the scales would be tipped in our favor even if you counted in the mass shootings , guns save more lives than they take .


    Kentucky owes us for Mitch “Hey, let’s vote again on gun control” McConnell. May your foals drown in your whisky, and your ground swallow you.

  3. You can’t use facts to prove your point!

    You can’t use facts at all for any reason!


  4. What this data shows is that crime rate is not correlated to number of firearms in the US. There are other factors.

  5. We all know that guns in the hands of honest citizens reduces violent crime. You can argue is ad nauseam about which stats prove it or not. Even when all your evidence is circumstantial, there is a point where the preponderance of circumstantial evidence proves a fact. BUT, the Progressives could care less about the evidence. They have an agenda, and they are going to use whatever lie they can muster to reach that agenda. Their agenda is not about safety or security, it is about people control. If it were, they would have voted with the Republicans a few days ago on that gun law that would have denied people on the no fly list the right to buy guns. The Democrat Party voted it down because that bill had due process constraints in it. In fact, one of the Democrats claimed that due process was killing people claiming it had to go. This should tell everyone in the country what this is about. This is not about gun control…this is about people control. This is about the Democrat Party wanting to create a single party, tyrannical government.

  6. Assault Women (AKA “single mothers”) are responsible for most gun crime. And abortions. And accidental child deaths of all kinds. And it isn’t just cosmetic features, this weapon was literally designed to kill as many people as possible in the shortest time. Who else is wiping out 650,000 babies a year, and laying waste to the finances and sanity of American men?

  7. But this graph i got from mother Jones/vox/quora proves, proves i say, that gun violence us worse in states with inadequate gun control. The ad guys all drive down to Vermont/Texas/Florida and just load up on assault weapons with unlimited clips and zomg! a shoulder thingie!


  8. These charts are nice and I appreciate them.

    The problem is facts don’t matter to the left. They have an agenda and will “never let a good crisis go to waste” to further their cause. The useful fools listen only to the progressive media, the “Pravda” arm of the left.

    Notice, I didn’t use the label communist any where in my comment. 🙂

  9. I would like to see an update on the estimated total number of guns in circulation every year. It’s set to top 400 million soon, right?

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