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“As the largest grocery store chain in the country, Kroger has the responsibility to keep its shoppers and employees safe with a uniform national policy. It’s currently letting both groups down. In the past two years, there have been at least 16 shootings and gun-related threats at Kroger stores throughout the country. To me, it doesn’t seem that Kroger is living up to its corporate promise of maintaining a “safe and secure workplace and shopping environment. Until Kroger decides to get some gun sense and demonstrate corporate responsibility by prohibiting the open carry of firearms in all Kroger brand stores, I and a lot of other moms will be shopping elsewhere.” – Moms Demand Action Michigan chapter member Linda Brundage in We need groceries, not guns at Michigan Kroger stores [at]

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    • Indeed…

      My take is the handful of ‘moms’ that are believers and not personally bankrolled by mini mike fundamentally don’t understand the issue, and even worse they fundamentally misunderstand their enemy (us)

      That is a poor strategy. They think they are backing a winner by going after an open carry strawman, but I don’t think it will last them.

    • No, she’s talking about criminals. Studies* show that the modern criminal does research before committing his crimes. Most will determine if the target area has an anti-gun policy, and if so, will choose a different target. So if Kroger implements a “no guns” policy, the criminals will respect that and go elsewhere.

      * These studies can be viewed by sticking your head up Michael Bloomberg’s butt. But be forewarned, with his head and Shannon Watt’s nose up there already, it’s pretty tight.

    • Exactly. What I am wondering is, just how many of those “at least 16 shootings and gun related threats at Kroger stores across the country” had absolutely anything to do with those store patrons who open carry? My guess, excluding ninnies who may have called the law because they saw someone with a gun on his belt, is zero, zilch, nada….

  1. Okay, so if you ban people from open carrying a firearm, all criminals will stop bringing them in…..face palm!

    • That is the part that I really cannot understand no matter how hard I try.

      Someone who is willing to rob a store and/or assault/murder people is going to be stopped by a “no guns” sign?


      • Sure. And if the sign is violated by a a gun totin’ scofflaw who has taken a shine to your stuff just call a cop and wait for assistance. Be prepared to wait forever because the Court of Supremacy has ruled cops are not required to protect the citizens who pay them. Welcome to Granny World.

      • It is no dumber than someone viewing a concealed carry permit holder as a dangerous potential murderer yet that is the story that is dished out by the media daily.

    • It’s the logical equivalent of, “People are being attacked by pit bulls. To prevent further pit bull attacks, we are asking that people are no longer allowed to have cats.”

      • That’s because they see all guns as bad and anyone who would own one or carry one as also bad. This is their emotional reaction, based in the brain’s “fight or flight” center, the amygdala, an extremely primitive part of the brain that bypasses all reasoning processes.

  2. Why not just refuse to leave your house until the police end all crime? Really, the only actual way for krogers to keep all their customers safe is to have more guns in the store, not less. Does she also want the security guards disarmed? After all, it’s unlikely they stopped any of those shootings, so maybe it’s actually the bad example they set by carrying guns that caused them in the first place?! My brain hurts.

    • More guns, less guns, it doesn’t matter – there is really no way Kroger can actually guarantee your safety in their stores. If someone shoots or stabs you in there, it’s not Kroger’s fault, no matter what their policy is. It’s the fault of the person who attacked you. Why is personal responsibility such a hard concept for these anti-gun people to understand?

    • This, this is why, since I was but a lad, have maintained that age does not always bring wisdom. She may bake tasty cookies, but her logic is ‘gefickt’.

  3. Look at the comments in that article. Even more libtard ignorance. I never thought I would be able to find so much BS in one single website, but antis are hell-bent on proving me wrong.

    • And speaking of ignorance, do they really expect us to believe that EVERY OTHER grocery store except Kroger brands has a “No guns” policy? How much research have they actually done regarding the policies of the stores they intend to choose as alternatives? Maybe going to be crowded with crabby old nags at the local Trader Joe’s.

  4. I’m glad Ms. Brundage will be shopping elsewhere. I won’t see her or her fellow cult members at the grocery store.

    • Ha! Laugh!

      “…I and a lot of other moms will be shopping elsewhere.”

      Tell you what Ms. Brundage, let me know where you would like to go and I’ll call ahead and let them know you’re coming…so they’re prepared.

      Oh wait, what, oh all the other stores follow state law too? Well, who would’a thunk.

      Oh just darn. I guess you’ll just have to get a cow for milk, start growing your own veggies, and learn to slaughter chickens, pigs, and cows and hook fish if you want any kind of meat for your table. Let’s see how that works for ya’.

      Wait! Why don’t you and your fellow “mom’s” all get together and start a collective. Bloomie can be your cult leader, Shannon his onsite disciple, and the other 49 of you can be the…sheeple.

      • “…I and a lot of other moms will be shopping elsewhere.”

        Good! You were probably in my way anyway.

      • Dam Roscoe, I’m cleaning up coffee from my keyboard ilmao

        The only thing you missed was them opening their own grocery store, the name of.___________…um I got nothing here anyone else want to try?

  5. Oh no… all the mom’s that penny pinch and shop with 8 billion coupons (tying up the register – which means less customer throughput) and personal checks (that bounce) and infect all of the produce looking for the perfect cantaloupe won’t be shopping there anymore.

    Meanwhile, more firearm owners (typically men with disposable income) will be there loading up the high margin steaks, drinks, and snacks with no regard for the best “unit pricing” on their way to the range or a camping trip, blowing through the register with cash in hand.

  6. You drive past them on the road.

    They’re inside the waistbands or in the purses of people, even in places where carry is prohibited.

    The places that don’t prohibit carry number in the thousands.

    If you don’t want to be near a gun, stay home. And don’t call the police if stuff goes wrong, because they have guns too.

  7. Methinks an MDA boycott has very little clout compared to a gun owner boycott. Glad to hear that I wont see this busy body at my local Kroger.

  8. I’m confused as to the article’s title. Does Krogers sell gun and groceries? Are the grocery shelves bare while the gun shelves full?

    More strawmen from a lady that feels and because she feels, she must be right. Some banger, domestic abuser or punk kid decides to perpetrate an armed robbery or assault on estranged spouse in the public parking lot of a Kroger’s store has nothing to do with Kroger’s policy on carry. But when you’ve got nothing but your irrational hatred, fear or both, you try to defraud the public by linking unrelated crime to the policy of the store.

  9. I think we’ve hit that point where I don’t even want to debate these idiots any longer. Where once I wanted to convince them the err of their ways, all I got left now is this.

    Back off, bitch. Go shop at Costco instead.

    • Gun control is a passing fad for most people (except the very few rabid anti’s) where gun ownership and pro-2A sentiment is a way of life with deep respect for the founding principles of this country for some other people.

      There will always be these illogical rantings from MDA, etc… but honestly I think the vast majority of people (aside from gun owners) simply look at them – maybe not even that – and say “meh, whatever… I wonder what Kim Kardashian is up to tonight…”

      So, in short, your suggested response is about all these people deserve.

      • I couldn’t agree more. The commitment this woman has to her Kroger boycott will last right up until there’s a good sale on brussels sprouts, or she needs milk, and the other grocery store is two miles out of her way. They are not as committed to taking away our rights as we are to preserving them.

      • They are very new to this, yet they have succeeded in having guns declared unwelcome at several major chains, and here we are saying how they totally lack traction. Underestimating the opposition may not be such a great idea – there is no need to panic, but ways must be found to counter them.

        • Agreed Dave357!

          Exposing the anti’s false rhetoric every single time helps with that and gives innocent businesses context with which to realistically evaluate these “mom’s’ unreasonable demands.

        • Pointing out fallacies in their logic is useful, but not enough – the response has to be as public as their efforts.

        • Even those victories are very hollow. Target and Starbucks? All they did was issue press releases. They didn’t change a thing about their retail operations from what I can see. If that’s their victory that cost them so much time, money and political capital then I think they should definitely keep on with this strategy.

        • They also have the press on their side, so hollow or not, these announcements from major corporations get publicity and help them grow in stature. I think it would be time well spend to find a way to persuade the corporations to stay out of this issue.

      • Yep.

        It’s just like Prohibition in the 20’s; quite many people imbibe from time to time, most all people don’t care if people imbibe as long as it doesn’t interfere with their own day to day lives, and a few judgmental holier than thou ‘I know what’s best for you’ controlling busybodies try to create a dust storm by kicking sand in the face of anyone who doesn’t agree with them that alcohol must be banned, and go along with their will. Same concept, only…guns.

  10. And prohibiting open carry would prevent armed robbery how?

    I guess she’s from the following school of thought:

    • This video is awesome! We should post this in the comments of every Demanding Moms article, everywhere. Maybe it won’t get deleted right away because it appears to be anti-gun on first glance. Thanks for this!

  11. I doubt she realizes that any store she goes into will have at least one person carrying a gun in it. Shhh. Let’s not tell her…

  12. Wow what are they going to lose 2 customers. Stop ccw’s and empty the store. Kroger is doing the rite thing. You have to give them the cred if due them by not folding to Bloomberg’s puppets.

  13. I suggest that a move to the Middle East to shop a Kroger may be in order.

    “Give me Liberty or Give me Death.” Patrick Henry.

    Hey Grandma, why not look up the words Liberty, Freedom, and Justice. If you don’t agree with the definitions, stop using hollow words when you say the pledge of allegiance to the United States. Our Leaders already have made their oath’s of office meaningless, so you would be in not such good company.

    Molon Labe’

  14. More proof that these deluded “moms” can’t tell the difference between legal and illegal activity. Their paranoid obsession is affecting their perception of reality – and I hope they seek the professional counseling and psychiatric treatment they need to better deal with society.

  15. I like how she thinks that banning open carry will somehow stop all shootings at Kroger, as if implying that the 16 shootings were carried out by law abiding citizens.

  16. I used to live in Cincinnati and shop at Krogers down the street all the time. I have never seen an open carry nor felt any danger going in or out of a Kroger, even the one on the other side of the track I used to deposit lots of cash at for my job. Granted my head was on a swivel during the latter times.

    It seems to me this is media Russian roulette. Keep pulling the verbal abuse trigger until the fearful give in and then on to the next corporation or business. The problem is, they’re playing with cylinders empty. They have no real power only vitriol and paper signs that demand action while taking none themselves.

    • they have no real power

      MDA can’t get traction in MI. We have three strong gun groups here. Meijer is a huge grocery store chain here and they also allow OC and CC guns. If demanding moms refuse to shop at stores that allow guns, they’ll starve.

  17. You can’t win with these idiots. In comment threads I constantly see gun grabbers calling us fearful for wanting to carry at the store, then when we provide examples of crimes committed at grocery stores, they try to imply we’re the ones committing the crimes?!? It’s exasperating. I take it very personally too, since I was attacked decades ago outside a Skaggs Albertson’s, which is why I bought my first handgun. Those MDA persons (I’m self-censoring my language here) are my personal sworn enemies for life. They do not speak for this mom.

    • “They do not speak for this mom.”

      Bang on.

      Women are the front line of the current gun control fight. Every meme they have tried to sell about us gun owners is completely neutered (yes, pun intended, sorry…) by every single female gun owner and shooter.

      Women gun owners, and worse, women gun rights supporters, stand every argument they currently make on their heads and utterly destroy them. They don’t get to call women misogynists. They don’t get to say it’s about their penis. They don’t get to talk about pretty much all their talking points.

      I beg all of our female POTG to be vocal and constantly remind them how wrong they are.

    • They confuse “fear”, Juliesa, with pride of ownership of one’s self-reliance, responsibility, self-determination, and refusal to be intimidated by a loud extremist anti-gun minority given a bullhorn in the form of the legacy liberal MSM and a couple of rich billionaires, Bloomberg in particular.

  18. Please take your crummy business elsewhere. Is calling this woman a vapid fool an ad hominem? Can it be an ad hominem if it’s true?

    I have never seen a group of people more wilfully ignorant than Moms Demanding Action. I am pretty sure that some fact checking will reveal that absolutely ZERO of those shootings had jack shit to do with either open carry or CHL holders. Unless, of course, it was a DGU in which case it was a justifiable homicide and not a criminal act. Of course, you’re inability to distinguish between the two and your eagerness to create victims underscores how absolutely despicable your movement is.

    • “Of course, you’re inability to distinguish between the two and your eagerness to create victims underscores how absolutely despicable your movement is.”

      And this is precisely why I keep banging on the “OC activism is not really hurting us” drum.

      They don’t care. They don’t care if someone uses a gun legally and morally to protect life. It still gets lumped into “gun violence” and all that other nonsense.

      They will twist the facts and outright lie. They will accuse us of being misogynists and stalkers. They cast aspersions about personality and psychology.

      They don’t care. Even when we are right, we are wrong in their eyes.

      To them, we are all evil. We are all murderers. We are all domestic abusers. We are all whatever they have to paint us as to justify the claim that we must be controlled.

      From the sloppily dressed unkempt Open Carry activist to the best dressed, most articulate among us, Open Carry, Concealed Carry, Home Carry, no Carry, Sport Shooter, Hunter … they hate us all.

      Because it’s not about that gun. It’s about control. Our guns symbolize to them that we are not theirs to be controlled. THAT is why they hate us.

    • You can bet that if the numbers were reversed, not only would there be no caution that the poll was not scientific, they’d be treating it as if it were engraved on a stone tablet by the finger of god..

  19. Most of these moms are simply not very bright, but they are led by people that know better and have an agenda. It’s a common political structure.

  20. “I and a lot of other moms will be shopping elsewhere.” So, they are going for a boycott to get what they want. Well, if Kroger caves, and we don’t respond, it will get a lot worse. Perhaps it’s easier to encourage it not to fold in the first place.

    Also, it is about time to wrest the term “moms” from this group of know-it-alls. Moms aren’t created equal, and by allowing them to refer to themselves generically as “moms”, sooner or later the public consciousness will identify them with all the moms in the country. Which would not be true, but politics trumps truth whenever allowed.

  21. “Personally, I don’t feel the need to bring a gun to a grocery store. And neither do more the than 130,000 people throughout the country who have signed a petition asking Kroger to follow the lead of Target, Starbucks, Chipotle and other retailers who have asked customers to leave their guns at home.”

    Is this an online petition? Is there a counter-petition one can sign?

    • It’s not the point if you have that chain of stores in your state or not. The so called “MOMS” are going to big corporate company’s they figure it will have the trickle down effect and they for the most part are correct. SO STAND UP AND BE HEARD EACH AND EVERYONE OF US. JUST SEND AN EMAIL OR LETTER TO COMPACT THAT STAND NIST “MOMS” THANKING THEM FOR NOT GIVE I AND TO THOSE THAT DO CAVE TO THEM. STAND UP BE HEARD DONT BUY THIER PRODUCTS LET THEM KNOW THAT SLANG AS THEY HAVE THESE NO GUN POLICY THAT WE WILL NOT SUPPORT THEM AND WILL ASK EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO DO THE SAME AS LONG AS THEY HAVE A NO GUN POLICY THEY HAVE A NO GUN OWNER POLICY!!! I have been sending corporate emails they DO LISTEN THEY DO RESPOND to them. So folks it’s time to take a few minutes to send the corporate offices a thank you for standing up and doing the constitutionally correct thing or in the other side like Target that as long as corporate has a no gun policy that they have a no gun owner policy. PLEASE STAND BUY IT and DON’T GIVE THEM A DIME OUT OF YOUR POCKET.

  22. Well, well, we’ve gone from “16 shootings and demonstrations by gun extremists” to “16 shootings and gun-related threats”…statistic manipulation continues apace at MDA…

  23. One of the few constants in life is that if a liberal uses a statistical number it will be devoid of context.

  24. Why are these little old ladies so afraid of a good guy with a gun??
    Do they in their hearts and what little closed minds they seem to have. Really believe a posted sign will stop a criminal??
    No matter how many times I read about posting a store.
    None will stop a criminal from walking in with one.
    Knowing more then likely it’s a store full of potential victims.
    Since I wont spend my cash anywhere that is posted.
    No help from me and no sweat off my back if a criminal shoots one of these closed mind little old ladies.
    Do they really not value their own lives that much??
    All Moms is telling me is they don’t value human life.
    Especially not their own.
    So foolish in todays world.

  25. Moms were a clever resource for Bloomberg to tap. If you can tap into people who haven’t moved on from their emptied nest and give them a project to occupy their time and a sense of purpose or importance along with it, they will fight tirelessly at their keyboards. If the project has colors of care-taking and moral superiority, and if it patronizes its participants as elite and wise, they’ll dance for you all the better. The way Bloomberg has manipulated and exploited these women’s psychologies is very anti-feminist!

  26. “Instead, shoppers are left to determine whether the person in aisle five with an assault rifle is a ‘good guy’ with a gun or a ‘bad guy’ with a gun. How would someone possibly know the difference?”

    Ohhh…..I think when the time comes you’ll be able to figure it out. I’ve seen numerous videos of active shooters. I’ve read numerous first person accounts of them, as well. The bad guys almost always come in guns blazing and screaming. When they don’t they at least still come in with an obvious evil silence, a wild vacant stare; presenting an instantly terrifying visage. Then they open fire.

    The guy “perusing the aisles” while open carrying, as this demanding mom refers to, is just one of a million other armed adults going about his routine business in peace; perhaps reading nutrition labels because, you know, he’s watching his weight and cholesterol.

    These moms don’t really want action, and who knows, maybe they don’t even really want civil disarmament. What they definitely do want, however, is opacity. To live in the blissfulness that is ignorance and blindness to reality, that would suit them just fine. To conscript others into collective self-delusion? Even better. MDA is quite cult-like in that regard, and perhaps just as dangerous.

  27. Shannon and her misguided, malicious moms are just like one of those old hens that throws a fit when little Suzy doesn’t get the lead part at a school play. She goes to a PTA meeting and raises Cain, threatens to sue, and weaker minds capitulate, if only to get her to quiet down. That’s exactly what’s happening with Kroger. She didn’t get her way immediately and is currently throwing a huge fit about it. Good on Kroger for choosing something as crazy as say… following state laws when it comes to OC/ CC.

  28. It doesn’t matter if MDA boycotts Kroger. The company can make up the loss by keeping Linda Brundage away from the free samples.

  29. I think maybe the fear of guns has the to do with the image one conjectures up when the word is mentioned. Probably the Non POTG picture an AR-15 with a 30, or even a 100 round magazine. “Wow, that’s a scary looking gun”
    It’s the same thing when the word “abortion” is mentioned. People see a mass of blood tissue in a lifeless form. Just the word “abortion” sounds scary!
    No, I’m not going to get into any discussion about abortion.

  30. These idiots can’t seem to understand that while guns may be common to gun violence (duh), they are not unique and in fact are far more common to non violent events.

    The cliche response is that since drinking water is common to all criminals, to a higher degree even than gun use, that water is a much more likely cause. This argument ignores the principle that if one factor is common to an event, but not unique then it is unreasonable to assume that factor to be the cause, not a new concept.

    If it applies to water, it applies to guns. Logic is independent of content, it always works the same regardless of the topic. If you ever find yourself applying different rules of logic to different topics, it means you are holding onto a comfortable lie.

    Bah. Sometimes it feels like trying ti carve the grand canyon using only the erosion caused by whistling Dixie.

  31. lol… fred meyers (owned by kroger) sells gun stuff. In Alaska they sell handguns.

    I don’t think Kroger is too concerned about legal gun owners.

    My guess is if Kroger was going to ban anyone, it would be teenage girls. I know, this sounds strange. I worked at a Kroger owned place long long ago. Number 1 stolen item BY FAR was make up (and it wasn’t even close, my understanding from talking to people who work there now and at Kroger owned places–which I talk to everyday due to my current job at place that supports some equipment many retail chains use–is its the same now in most places) . Stolen by teenage girls. It’s probably the same just about everywhere, but I COULD BE WRONG!~ I’ve never heard about a legal gun owner causing any problems in any Kroger or Kroger owned stores, ever. Maybe it’s happened, but if so the problem is so non-existent that Kroger corporate wouldn’t be worried about it.

  32. So let me get this straight… Ms. Linda Brundage thinks that if a no-guns allowed sign is placed on the door of all Kroger’s nationwide criminals will be swayed?

    The only thing it is going to sway is law abiding citizens from assisting in a real gun related threat should one occur.

  33. Did some research. I can find two shootings inside a Kroger. One, just before a storm, was between two customers having an argument. The other was a robbery where the criminal said he had a gun, then grabbed a female and pushed her into the office. There a manager shot him.

    The rest included a drive by at the parking lot and an employee that got off work and was ambushed as he walked to his car.

    Then of course there was the gang of youths that assaulted customers at a Kroger.

    Best guess is if a gun is fired three blocks from a store it’s a “Kroger shooting”

  34. “Until Kroger decides to get some gun sense and demonstrate corporate responsibility by prohibiting the open carry of firearms in all Kroger brand stores, I and a lot of other moms will be shopping elsewhere.”

    So, just a couple of dozen hormonal lunatics then!

    Good luck getting everything you need at Panera Bread, Starbucks, Chippotle and Target. (Remember that in a Gun-Free Target … the Target is YOU!)

  35. I am a regular reader of TTAG. I have commented on multiple articles, but for this I’ll remain anonymous. As a child I was exposed to two forms of gun violence. My mother shot my father in the head with a .22 cal. automatic handgun. He survived the incident, but has no short-term memory capabilities. My brother shot and killed himself with a .45 cal. automatic handgun. I witness the aftermath of both of these events. Traumatic?… of course it was, and always will be. So given the horrific things I saw as a child, I should be anti-gun, right?

    Wrong! I have enough sense to know that a firearm is a tool. It is a long-range hole punch, and nothing more! A firearm cannot hurt me without someone manipulating it. So my short and sweet message to MDA is, STFU!

  36. Good! I’m glad that you will be shopping elsewhere because I will be able to get through the checkout line faster! Again, thanks for helping the rest of us by making our shopping experience better! If you want to live a safe gun free life, move to China!

  37. Four days late and a dollar short, I’ve posted this response:

    ” In the past two years, there have been at least 16 shootings and gun-related threats at Kroger stores throughout the country.”

    How many shootings?
    Of these, how many were done by legal open-carriers vs. how many done by criminals?

    How many “gun-related threats?”
    Of these, how many were actual _threats_, in which some person was threatened by another person, and how many were nothing more than some hoplophobe getting her knickers in a bunch at the sight of a legal open carrier?

    I’ve bookmarked it and this, and will report back

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